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MyProxy Client

Project description

MyProxy Client Package

This a pure Python implementation of a client to the MyProxy Credential Management Server ( It provides both a Python API and a command line interface.

  • i.e. MyProxy C client libraries are not required for this package.

It uses pyOpenSSL to make an SSL connection to the server following the messaging interface as outlined in:

The code is based on an original program myproxy_logon by Tom Uram of ANL.


These show how to retrieve a certificate bootstrapping trust in remote service:


>>> from myproxy.client import MyProxyClient
>>> myproxy_clnt = MyProxyClient(hostname="")
>>> cert, private_key = myproxy_clnt.logon(username, password, bootstrap=True)

Command line interface

$ myproxyclient logon -s -l <username> -o creds.pem -b




  • Refactored package hierarchy - myproxy.client is now a package
  • fixed six package dependency


  • Default to TLS v1.2 for security


  • Added new command line option -e which will force output of any error trace. The default is now that the error trace is not echoed. Instead only the message from top-level exception is included.
  • Fix for certificate DN list for Python 2 version. Thanks to Lukasz for reporting the bug:


  • Updated hashing algorithm to sha256 after reported errors interacting with some servers


  • Ported to Python 3. This version is dual compatible with Python 2 and 3.
  • Minor fix to script to improve error reporting
  • Added Vagrantfile to enable provisioning of test myproxy-server for use with the tests.

Tested on CentOS 6.8 and OSX El Capitan


  • Minor changes for ready for inclusion in conda-forge. Thanks to Alex Goodman.


  • Fix for SSL to use TLS instead of SSLv3 to address POODLE vulnerability
  • Fix for SSL verification for PyOpenSSL version 0.14 - v1.3.1 was broken because it passed the call back method to OpenSSL using verification classes' __call__ method.

Tested on CentOS 6.4


  • Fix to MyProxyClient.writeProxyFile and MyProxyClient.readProxyFile to correctly pick-up overridden file setting. Thanks to Nicolas Carenton, IPSL.


Unit test module with test files is in test/. See the README in that directory.


Sphinx generated documentation is available in documentation/. run the Makefile to regenerate if required.


  • to OMII-UK (Now Software Sustainability Institute) for funding development of NDG Security (2007-2008)
  • Tom Uram who wrote the myproxy_logon program on which this package is based.

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