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NCBI_Companion assists you to build a reference database with a fasta and a mapping file through Genbank

Project description



NCBI_Companion targets to construct databases, generate a fasta file and a taxonomy mappingusing by using Genbank Entrez utilities.

Biopython copyright belongs to Biopython teams Entrez copyright belongs to NCBI entrez teams


class LoadSpecies

This class is to used fetch species name contains in csv file, text file, excel or fasta file.


function names parameters Return
LoadSpecies species_input, species_output, ifout initialize
ReadSpeciesFile_text None a list (if specified, a table in local directory)
ReadSpeciesFile_excel sp_col, sheetname, header, fullname a list (or a local file)
ReadSpeciesFile_csv sp_col, header, fullname a list (or a local file )
ExtractSpeciesFromFasta ranges, delimiter a list (or a local file)

all those functions return a list of species names or ID list


species = LoadSpecies(input_file, output_file, ifout = True)
species.ReadSpeciesFile_excel(sp_col='act_sym_fullname', sheetname = 0, header = 0,  fullname = False)

class NCBI_Tools

This class implements Biopython Entrez to interact with NCBI/Genbank API to either get accession id, taxonomy id, sequences or taxonomy ranking, or converting them. Some of core functions return a tracker flag that can trace which functions have been called. This order will be used by Sqlite_Dumps class to generate fasta file and mapping file


Functions parameters return database table name Tracker Flag
NCBI_Tools ncbi_key, ncbi_email, sqlite_db, ncbi_db, idtype initialize None None
Update_API key, email updated key and email None None
getTracker None a tracker list None None
ncbi_Species2Genome species list accession ID list Sp2Genome P9
ncbi_Search2Acc search terms, howmany to quire Search2AccIDs Tracker P1
ncbi_Species2Acc species list, more terms (optional) Sp2AccIDs Tracker P2
ncbi_GetSeqsFromAcc table_name, column_name Acc2Seq Tracker P3
ncbi_GetTaxIdFromAcc table_name, column_name Uid2TaxIDs Tracker P4
ncbi_eAcc2Seq accession ID Tracker Acc2Seq P5
ncbi_eAcc2TaxID accession ID Tracker Uid2TaxIDs P6
ncbi_Species2Taxa species list, style, levels_n Tracker Sp2Taxa P7
ncbi_Id2Taxa style, levels_n Tracker TaxId2Ranking P8


Example 1: Known species list and search for its trnL gene

Tracker Flag: P2---> P3 / P4 ---> P4 / P3 ---> P8

from NCBI_Companion import NCBI_Companion
companion = NCBI_Companion.NCBI_Tools(key, email, 'databasename', 'nuccore', 'acc')
companion.ncbi_Species2Acc(species_list, 'trnL')
companion.ncbi_GetSeqsFromAcc('Sp2AccIDs', 'acc_id')
companion.ncbi_GetTaxIdFromAcc('Sp2AccIDs', 'acc_id')
companion.ncbi_Id2Taxa(style = 'qiime', levels_n = 7) # 7 levels of taxonomy ranking qiime style D_0_..;

class Sqlite_Dumps


functions parameters return
Sqlite_Dumps sqlite_db, output_prefix, tracker, header_type = 'acc' initialize
sqlite_dump None a fasta and a mapping file in local


# get tracker
tracker = companion.getTracker()
dump = Sqlite_Dumps('database constructed by NCBI_Tools', 'fasta and mapping file name, not extension', tracker, header_type = 'acc')

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