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A GUI program to login the FTP system and a background program to manage FTP file downloading

Project description



A pygame powered GUI program to login the FTP system. It's open source, unlike any other distribution in TG. Feel free to edit its looking.


  • pygame
  • pywin32
  • PyYAML
  • python-box
  • tqdm


TOTALLY open source

Licensed under AGPLv3

thus TOTALLY free

Only installation fee is charged if you turn to us for help.

TOTALLY offline

Perfectly solved the server breaking down problem as former distributions do.

Script language

It means once python and some packages are installed, only KBs or a few MBs for brand new features and programs.

Changable whenever you want

Not onlyvdo we offer config.yaml and Styles/*.yaml to edit its behavior and looking, those who also love python can also edit the source file and PR via github.


Quick Start

  1. install python 3.X. (check add python to PATH)

3.6+ if you want keep dict in order.

  1. run pip install NewFTP
  2. Double click the link, and after two seconds or so, a blue window will be there on the left side of the screen, displaying the default teachers and blank one. Click one to log in and show the content via explorer. And the window will be minimized on the left side but somewhat upper.
  3. Click the mini window or double click the link you created to maximize the window.
  4. Dive into the directory ~/.NewFTP, open gui_config.yaml with your favorite text editor (or simply notepad) and edit the first chunk from --- to .... Especially note that the colon must be followed by space.
  5. Edit ftp_server.yaml to config your FTP server.
  6. Save and close it. Right click at the mini window to quit, and double click the link to restart. If no message box or nothing happened, you're supposed to have an FTP shortcut just for you. If something bad DOES happen, check your gui_config.yaml and log_*.txt.


Touch control

  • tap the square block to login
  • slide up and down to turn the pages
  • slide towards left to minimize
  • tap the minimized floating window to maximize
  • drag the minimized window to put it any where
  • right click to quit

Remote control

  • press <F3> to start (depend on the hotkey you set)
  • press the number corresponding to the block to login
  • PgUp and PgDown to turn the pages
  • press <F3> again to gain focus or show window
  • Enter to maximize
  • left arrow to minimize
  • press <Esc>, namely Back to quit

Keyboard and mouse

  • I think you know it

Advanced Usage

All the examples here are included in the default gui_config.yaml.

  • Run Command From It

Replace the user name (e.g. zxs) with command you want starting with a dollar sign. ($)

  • Open local directory or file from it

Replace the user name with directory or file you want

  • A teacher with an abnormal combinations

Edit the second chunk of gui_config.yaml.

Why minimized floating window

As you know, python is a language for the 21st century, and easy to write, read and mantain. However, it takes ages to start. To cut down the waiting time, the minimized window is the best option.

Why pywin32

The smoother, the more win32API should be used. (please do not complain my abusing win32API)


To take over the FTP file transfer when double click the file.


  • a simple FTPDownloader CLI
  • watching while downloading
  • regular expression powered file sorting

Quick Start

  • pip install as said above
  • In the directory /.NewFTP, edit 'ftp_server.txt' to config your FTP server; edit download_config.yaml to config your download directory.

Note: if you wrote

鐗╃悊: zxs

in your 'gui_config.yaml', the by default, the handler translate it into

'zxs/(.*)': '鐗╃悊'

as part of 'download_config.yaml', and there is no need to write it again. But you can override this by writing something like:

'zxs/(.*)': '鎴戠埍鐗╃悊'
'zxs/(.*)': ''

You could see more example in the default configuration.

  • Then, when you double click the file in the explorer ftp window, the handler will automaticly copy the file to the specified directory, and open with default application.


Black Magic

  • Important Ones
    • Find the better way to register PyFTPHandler.(current implementation is somewhat tricky)
    • Test on the 32 bit Win7, which seems different from the 64 bit ones.
      • if the 32 bit Win7 does not provide password in the address bar, read the config file to get it.
    • Support mixed underscores and spaces in the file name. (Win7 replaced spaces with underscores) Done with the help of difflib
    • Maintainers please!
  • Less Important Ones
    • Add action config of the gui program:
      • HideOnMini
      • MiniDelayOnFocusLoss
      • OnAltF4
      • MiniAfterLogin
    • Support regex match with file name included.
    • Support break points for big file downloading.
    • Trace the opened file, if modified, ask if upload.
    • If local file is newer, ask upload.
    • Add title bar to the gui program to display custom information, such as:
      • CEE days
      • Class Status
    • The CLI.

Good-looking Themes

It is obvious that we are using Microsoft Windows7 theme. What if Linux theme or other awesome software, organizations?


  • Good things should be shared.
  • An experienced maintainer is welcomed.

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