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Backtesting framework of the OctoBot Ecosystem

Project description

Octobot-Pro 0.0.10

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OctoBot Pro is the backtesting framework using the OctoBot Ecosystem

OctoBot Pro is in early alpha version

Documentation available at

Install OctoBot Pro from pip

OctoBot pro requires Python 3.10, 3.9 or 3.8

python3 -m pip install OctoBot wheel
python3 -m pip install octobot-pro

Example of a backtesting script


import asyncio
import tulipy    # Can be any TA library.
import octobot_pro as op

async def rsi_test():
    async def strategy(ctx):
        # Will be called at each candle.
        if run_data["entries"] is None:
            # Compute entries only once per backtest.
            closes = await op.Close(ctx, max_history=True)
            times = await op.Time(ctx, max_history=True, use_close_time=True)
            rsi_v = tulipy.rsi(closes, period=ctx.tentacle.trading_config["period"])
            delta = len(closes) - len(rsi_v)
            # Populate entries with timestamps of candles where RSI is
            # bellow the "rsi_value_buy_threshold" configuration.
            run_data["entries"] = {
                times[index + delta]
                for index, rsi_val in enumerate(rsi_v)
                if rsi_val < ctx.tentacle.trading_config["rsi_value_buy_threshold"]
            await op.plot_indicator(ctx, "RSI", times[delta:], rsi_v, run_data["entries"])
        if op.current_live_time(ctx) in run_data["entries"]:
            # Uses pre-computed entries times to enter positions when relevant.
            # Also, instantly set take profits and stop losses.
            # Position exists could also be set separately.
            await, "buy", amount="10%", stop_loss_offset="-15%", take_profit_offset="25%")

    # Configuration that will be passed to each run.
    # It will be accessible under "ctx.tentacle.trading_config".
    config = {
        "period": 10,
        "rsi_value_buy_threshold": 28,

    # Read and cache candle data to make subsequent backtesting runs faster.
    data = await op.get_data("BTC/USDT", "1d", start_timestamp=1505606400)
    run_data = {
        "entries": None,
    # Run a backtest using the above data, strategy and configuration.
    res = await, strategy, config)
    # Generate and open report including indicators plots 
    await res.plot(show=True)
    # Stop data to release local databases.
    await data.stop()

# Call the execution of the script inside "" as
# OctoBot-Pro runs using the python asyncio framework.

Generated report


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