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A pluggable command-line frontend, including commands to setup package file layouts

Project description

This is a pluggable command-line tool.

It includes some built-in features;

  • Create file layouts for packages. For instance, paste create --template=basic_package MyPackage will create a setuptools-ready file layout.

  • Serving up web applications, with configuration based on paste.deploy.

The latest version is available in a Subversion repository.

For the latest changes see the news file. This package requires Cheetah

Changes in 1.3

  • Fixed an exception being raised when shutting down flup servers using sockets.

  • Fixed the CherryPy 3 WSGI server entry point’s handling of SIGHUP and SIGTERM.

  • The CherryPy wsgiserver is now available at paste.script.wsgiserver (no longer requiring CherryPy to be installed).

  • Added entry point for twisted server.

  • Made paste.script.pluginlib:egg_info_dir work with packages that put the Package.egg-info/ directory in a subdirectory (typically src/).

  • Remove Cheetah requirement. Packages using Cheetah templates should require Cheetah themselves. If you are using paster make-config and you don’t want to use Cheetah, you must add use_cheetah = False to your Installer subclass (it defaults to true for backward compatibility).

  • Make scripts work when there is no (if you aren’t making a Python/setuptools package).

  • When using paste.script.copydir.copy_dir (as with most paster create templates), you can raise SkipTemplate (or call the skip_template() function) which will cause the template to be skipped. You can use this to conditionally include files.

  • When using paster serve c:/..., it should no longer confuse c: with a scheme (such as config: or egg:).

  • More careful about catching import errors in websetup, so if you have a bug in your app.websetup module it won’t swallow it.

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PasteScript-1.3.tar.gz (106.7 kB view hashes)

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