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A pluggable command-line frontend, including commands to setup package file layouts

Project description

This is a pluggable command-line tool.

It includes some built-in features;

  • Create file layouts for packages. For instance, paste create --template=basic_package MyPackage will create a setuptools-ready file layout.

  • Serving up web applications, with configuration based on paste.deploy.

The latest version is available in a Subversion repository.

For the latest changes see the news file. This package requires Cheetah

Changes in 1.6

  • Added commands paster request config.ini URL and paster post config.ini URL < post-body, that allow you to do artificial requests to applications.

  • Check the writability of the pid and log files earlier. This caused particular problems if you started it in daemon mode, and the files weren’t writable. From Chris Atlee.

  • Start the monitor (when using --monitor) after daemonizing, so that paster serve --monitor --daemon works (before it would constantly restart).

  • In Paste Script templates, you can give should_echo=False in variable definitions, and if the user is queried for the variable then the input will not be echoed (as for a password). From Dirceu Pereira Tiegs.

  • Added a method paste.script.appinstall.Installer.template_renderer, which can be used to override template substitution with paster make-config. The function is similar to the same function used with paster create templates.

  • Remove --daemon option from Windows, as it depends on os.fork

  • When using paster create and inserting text with a -*- marker, multi-line text will no longer be reinserted.

  • Improved output when skipping templates with paster create.

  • When starting a server with paster serve --daemon and the pid file exists and describes a running process, do not start another process.

  • Added umask option to egg:PasteScript#flup_fcgi_thread/fork.

  • Deprecate the flup entry points, as flup now has the necessary entry points in its own package.

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