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A Pig Latin Translation Microservice

Project description

A flask-based microservice to translate english text to pig latin. Wikipedia Link.

Pig Latin is a language game in which words in English are altered. The objective is to conceal the words from others not familiar with the rules.

Pig Latin is simply a form of jargon with rules. The Rules are described later


You can try your own examples at a web form here.

Example Usage

The fastest way to get started is to request this service from the demo api


curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --form 'text=How do you say ... in Pig Latin?'


import requests
url = ""
payload = {"text": "How do you say ... in Pig Latin?"}
response = requests.request("POST", url, data=payload)
print response.text

You should see a response like

  "text": "Owhay oday ouyay aysay ... inyay Igpay Atinlay?"


If you would like to run the service locally, there are multiple ways


docker pull ja1chaudhary/pig-latin-translation-service
docker run --name pig-latin-service -p 5000:5000 -d ja1chaudhary/pig-latin-translation-service

Python Package

To install the python package, simply

pip install piglatintranslation
python -m piglatintranslation


git clone
cd pig-latin-translation-microservice
python install


If word begins with consonant sound, all letters before the initial vowel are placed at the end of the word sequence. Then, “ay” is added.

  • pig => igpay

  • banana => ananabay

  • trash => ashtray

  • happy => appyhay

  • duck => uckday

  • glove => oveglay

If word begins with vowel sounds or a silent letter, one just adds “yay” to the end.

  • eat => eatyay

  • omelet => omeletyay

  • are => areyay

Silent Letters

In order to infer silent letters cmu pronunication corpus of 134K words was used( The words with silent first letter were filtered into silent_words.json. Among them the most common prefixes were chosen as approximation of silent words. These include ( “pf”, “ph”, “ps”, “pn”, “pt”, “wr”, “ts”, “gn”, “kn”, “jo”, “he”)


API documentation is available at


To run test cases, simply do


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