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ATSchemaEditorNG is a framework to provide flexible schema editing for AT content-types

Project description


ATSchemaEditorNG is a framework to provide flexible schema editing for AT content-types.


3.x (for 2.5.x use version 0.5.x)


See docs/INSTALL.txt.

Short (buildout): Add Products.ATSchemaEditorNG to eggs= section and in the context of your instance to zcml= section. Goto portal_quickinstaller and install ATSE. If you want to have demo types go to and enable them.

Current Maintainer:

Simon Pamies (spamsch) EMail: s.pamies at banality dot de

Original Author:

Andreas Jung, ZOPYX Ltd. & Co. KG D-72070 Tuebingen, Germany


ATSchemaEditorNG is (C) by Andreas Jung, Simon Pamies, Rob Miller, and contributors, and published as open-source under the GNU Lesser General Public License V 2.1 (see LICENSE.txt). If this license does not meet your requirements, contact the maintainers for releasing ATSchemaEditorNG under a suitable license.


NOTICE: Please notice that since 0.4 objects that get created no longer automatically sync schema with editor schema. If you have changes in your editor and then create a new object this object will not get changes unless you call self.updateSchemaFromEditor() in manage_afterAdd. Please make sure the call is the first one before you call things like BaseContent.manage_afterAdd

Example for initializing content object based on ParentManagedSchema or such:

def manage_afterAdd(self, item, container):

self.updateSchemaFromEditor() BaseContent.manage_afterAdd(self, item, container)

Look at the examples directory and make sure you read docstrings in Also read the howto (doc/HOWTO.txt).


Thanks to gocept for sponsoring some work in 0.4.5

Thanks to Aaron VanDerlip for useful hints about portal_factory failures in 0.4.1

Many thanks to coreblox ( for sponsoring all work on 0.4.0

Whit Morriss: examples and tests

Rob Miller (rafrombrc): Maintainership until 0.4 - much work for 0.3.x line.

Simon Pamies: fixes, code cleanup, schema update mechanism

revisited (and most of the stuff in V 0.2 and 0.4)

Sasha Vincic: storage registry implementation

0.6 (unreleased)
  • Eggified completely [spamsch]

  • REST fixes [ajung]

  • Various Plone 3 fixes [macadames]

0.5.1 (24.03.2010)

  • change atse_updateManagedSchema so it’s waking up only objects that need to be updated [amleczko]

0.5.0 (16.03.2010)

  • Added Select to the StringField selection [spamsch]

  • Fixed #13: Error during tool access via ZMI. [spamsch]

  • Get rid of CMFCorePermissions [naro]

  • Added new atse_addOrReplaceField method. [spamsch]

  • Added more configuration options for text fields and for storage selection. Look at [spamsch]

0.4.7 (01.10.2007)

  • Added schema template editor - allows defining re-usable schemata. [mkoch,ctheune]

0.4.6 (never released)

  • Fixed #12: isEmpty always shown als activated validator. [spamsch]

  • Fixed #11: ReferenceBrowserWidget was not available. Thanks to Alexander Pilz for finding this. [spamsch]

  • supplied missing import: this fixes #9 Broken uninstall method [lzdych]

0.4.6rc1 (17.08.2007)

  • Started writing some simple howto (doc/HOWTO.txt) [spamsch]

  • Added new feature flag HAS_MANAGEMENT_UI_FUNCTIONALITY that can be used to control if management functions are displayed. [spamsch]

  • UI p0rn (much more to come) [spamsch]

  • Fixed bug where a security check did not success for TTW added schemas. Thanks to Hedley Roos. [spamsch]

  • Added a patch for Products.validation.RangeValidator to relax the max value check (instead of value < maxval we check value <= maxval) and added there tolerance to string typed max and min. [spamsch]

  • Extended editor so that you can pass your own parameters to each validator that supports parameters (like inNumericRange). Also added a bridge to non-registered RegexValidator so that users can input their own regular expression. [spamsch]

  • Extended editor so that you can now upload a file to each field. Usecase: Fields based upon editor defined fields want to have a template.


    atse_config.field_registry.update({‘ExcelField’: {‘field’: ExcelField,

    ‘allowed_widgets’:[‘ExcelWidget’, ‘FileWidget’, ], ‘post_method’:’atse_attachFilePostMethod’, ‘post_macro’:’here/fileattach_macros/macros/upload’}})

    Simply define post_method and post_macro as defined here. For this example an excel file can be uploaded to excel fields and serve as template. You can then access the attached file: schemaeditor.atse_getAttachedFieldFile(<fieldname>). [spamsch]

  • Revamped validator selection so that it shows a list of available validators instead of having the user input them. [spamsch]

  • Added support for ATVocabularyManager including UI selection of vocabularies. [spamsch]

  • Introduced new flag HAS_FIELD_VISIBILITY_ENABLED that controls if the UI should show the visibility controls for a field. [spamsch]

  • Introduced a new flag HAS_SECURITY_MANAGEMENT_ENABLED that controls if the UI shows field security management related stuff. [spamsch]

  • Introduced new method atse_hasFeature(name) that can be used to check if a given feature (defined in is available. [spamsch]

  • Fixed field->widget associations defined in The complete select line (like Flex or Radio) were not included. [spamsch]

  • Added methode atse_reinitializeRegistries because upon fresh registration of fields and widgets instances do not get the changes. [spamsch]

  • documentation updates - clarify maintainership and add contributions [spamsch]

0.4.5 (never released)

  • Fixed uninstall procedure - CMFQI does not remove configlets Thanks to IOhannes m zmoelnig for the fix. [spamsch]

  • Added permission handling for fields. For each field you can now select the permission from an predefined list (from site_properties/atsePossible*Permissions) [spamsch]

  • Added some constraints for allowed widgets. Look at to see what changed (allowed_widgets). For each field we now define a set of acceptable widgets. Now you can’t select an IntWidget for a ReferenceField anymore :-) [spamsch]

  • Added type support for DataGridField. That means that you can specify a types for each of the fields you define. Needs patched version of DataGridField! Please make sure to apply the included diff (in doc/datagridfield-validatecolumn.diff) to a 1.5.0 version of DataGridField (MoreFieldsAndWidgets/DataGridField/tags/1.5.0). If you don’t do this ATSE will not include DataGridFieldSupport!

    Do the following to patch correctly: $ cd <path_to_DataGridField> $ cat version.txt 1.5.0 $ patch -p 0 < ../ATSchemaEditorNG/doc/datagridfield-validatedcolumn.diff [spamsch]

0.4.4 (18.04.2007)

  • Fixed DataGridWidget failure [spamsch]

  • Fixed references to zLOG replacing with logging package [spamsch]

  • added MultiCheckbox widget - defined as MultiSelectionWidget(format=”checkbox”) [naro]

  • added vocabulary proxy method and option to use python scripts as vocabulary source. Additionaly to key|value and method:methodname as vocabulary source, there can be ‘script:’ (without script name). Script name is computed automaticaly as atse_<portal type>_<fieldname>Vocabulary.


    Portal type: 'Target 1', field countryType::
    atse_Target1_countryTypeVocabulary - this is name of the python script or external method
  • portal_status_message is encoded to utf8 before sent to browser. Plone 2.5 returns translated strings in unicode. [naro]

  • made use of FD in atse_update consistent. Now you can always use dictionaries. [spamsch]

  • added one more test that uses atse_update to create field [spamsch]

0.4.3 (10.10.2006)

  • more tests for portal_factory madness [spamsch]

  • fixed DataGridField templates related to atseng: schema editor template was broken after DataGridField was selected as field type [lzdych]

  • ATSE tool is no longer implicitly available [spamsch]

  • fixed broken schema editor template after new schema is created [lzdych]

  • Added one more check for portal_factory types. Could not model a test for parent of a folder being TempFolder when using PortalFactory but it seems that it fixes some errors on other instances and has no impact on running ones [spamsch]

0.4.2 (27.06.2006)

  • disabled automatic creation of backup file. This configuration is done over property atseAutomaticBackupWhenUpdateSchema in site_properties. If users want to have automatic backup then this property needs to be enabled. [spamsch]

  • disabled installation of example types in If types should be installed then enable property in [spamsch]

  • some bugfixes to make ParentManagedSchema play nicely with portal_factory managed types. Bug reported by Aaron VanDerlip [spamsch]

  • added support for DataGridField/Widget (if DG is available) Please read doc/DATAGRID.txt [naro]

  • updated i18n, updated Czech translation [naro]

  • fixed minor bug in ReferenceField/Widget handling [naro]

0.4.1 (08.06.2006)

  • Fixed some documentation lack: Newly created objects not longer automatically update schema from Editor since 0.4. Added extensive documentation about this change. [spamsch]

  • Added tests to test changes since 0.4 [spamsch]

0.4 (19.05.2006)

  • SchemaEditor:
    • Added xml import and export functionality

    • Bugfix for non working ordering mode

    • Fixes for schema syncing - Schemas are now never synced w/o explicit user action

    • Added dynamic object registering support

    • Added role based field permission settings [spamsch]

  • reworked some of the template stuff to make dynamic registration of types possible [spamsch]

0.3.3 (02.04.2006)

  • added support for ImageField max_size and sizes properties

  • added support for AnnotationStorage and MetadataStorage

  • moved “Create index” checkbox from widget setting so the field settings (field is indexed, not widget!) and renamed to “Searchable”

  • installation of ATSchemaEditorNG now installs the schema editor tool. Additionaly, a configlet is registered that makes the schema editor available in the Plone control panel.

  • use prefs_main_template macro (instead of main macro) when rendering schema editor

  • handle the absence of a default schema gracefully by displaying a message instead of raising an exception

  • handle more ReferenceField properties like ‘vocabulary_display_path_bound’, ‘multiValued’, ‘allowed_types’ and ‘checkbox_bound’.

  • allow setting ‘startup_directory’ for ReferenceBrowserWidget.

  • Fixed bug when computing default value for field.

  • Allow selection of ReferenceWidget in addition to ReferenceBrowserWidget for reference fields.

  • added support for allowable_content_types, default_output_type and default_content_type in TextField

0.3.2 (24.09.2005)

  • SchemaEditor now overrides __setstate__ to do instance variable initialization, if necessary.

  • added special edit accessor for ReferenceFields

  • schema selector bug fix

0.3.1 (unreleased)

  • added support for sync’ing unmanaged and new fields from the source code, to bring cached ATSE schemas into sync w/ any changes in the source. NOTE: must run schema_editor._migrateObjPtype() for each schema editor to convert the _obj_ptype attribute from a list to an OOBTree

0.3.0 (unreleased)

  • added field, widget, and storage registry functionality

  • added support for atse_managed field attribute

  • schema editor now honors accessors and mutators explicitly defined in python schema, but only if the methods are actually defined on the object

0.23 (unreleased)

  • fixed handling of

0.22 (08.01.2005)

  • schemas can be exported as text

  • Schemas can now be managed through a tool ( and not only through a folder.

  • new client mixin class ToolManagedSchema

  • persistency fix in schema registration

0.21 (2.11.2004)

  • added support for validators

  • fixed some missing parameters in redirection URLs

0.2 (1.10.2004)

  • Added developer mode: Look @ for information

  • Beautyfied view a little bit

  • Added a selection box where you can select registered objects

  • Added methods to register objects not only schematas

  • Moved updateSchema method to

  • Fixed bug that caused the objects’ id to be saved in unicode

  • Fixed tests

  • Added some field to control if widget is visible

  • added schema registration infrastructure (support for multiple schemas)

  • lots of API changes

0.1 (17.09.2004)

  • initial release (backport from PloneCollectorNG)

  • refactored

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