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A central pluggable vocabulary library for use with Archetypes based products

Project description

ATVocabularyManager: a vocabulary managing portal tool for Plone


* ATVocabularyManager offers central through the Plone management of
dynamic vocabularies.

* This product is based on Archetypes and made to work with Archetypes as well
as with other Products. It is intended use is within Archetypes Fields.
Using it as a vocabulary provider for CMFMetadata worked out fine too.
Integration with different other products will work as well.

* to use a managed vocabulary simply add the term
'vocabulary = NamedVocabulary("myvocabulary")' to the fields of your
Archetypes Schema, import NamedVocabulary from this Product and create
your vocabulary with id myvocabulary in 'portal_vocabularies' tool
(available through Plone Site-Setup).

* ATVocabularyManager supports:

* simple flat key - value vocabularies,

* tree like hierachical vocabularies (see Limitations),

* IMS Vocabulary Definition Exchange Format (VDEX) aware vocabularies
with XML Import and Export. VDEX is i18n-aware by its nature and does
not need LinguaPlone!

* Vocabularies are pluggable types. ATVocabularyManager is prepared for
extension with your special vocabulary type. ArchGenXML will help you here.

* Each vocabulary term needs to be an CMF aware content type. Reuse normal
rich content as a vocabularies.

* ArchGenXML 1.4+ code-generator does full integration of ATVocabularyManager:
via tagged value defined named vocabularies are registered transparently,
VDEX-XML files are imported at install-time, stub vocabularies are created
at install time and custom types are registered by just providing appropriate

* ATVM is Linguaplone compatible (only tested with SimpleVocabulary, and TreeVocabulary)
Add a simple vocabulary with some items, install and configure Linguaplone,
translate the vocabulary to the language(s) of your choice, translate every
item to the language(s) of your choice. NamedVocabulary() will return the vocabulary
as usual, the keys will stay the same disregarding language settings, the values will show
in the currently selected language.
VDEX vocabularies are not using LinguaPlone, but are i18n-aware (imo much better than
everything else).

* you can do hierachy-aware searches on treevocabularies (for more
information on this see doc/search_treevocabulary.txt)
attention: curently certain changes in the term hierachy require a catalog
rebuild (see Limitations)


You install it the usual way - either using Plone Setup, QuickInstaller or
make an External method the CMF way.

To speed up ATVocabularyManager you might want to associate it with a Cache-Manager.


* Archetypes 1.5.x

* imsvdex (easy_install imsvdex)

* Linguaplone (optional: for tests and multilingual vocabularies)


If you're using a buildout run the tests using::

bin/instance test -s Products.ATVocabularyManager

To run a certain testmodule run::

bin/instance test -s Products.ATVocabularyManager -m testSimpleVocabulary


* UI work

* create methods for easy cmfmetadata integration


* TreeVocabulary catalog updates
If you are using the hierachy-aware catalog search support of treevocabularies
you need to rebuild the uid_catalog and portal_catalog if you move a vocabularyterm
that has other terms below it.

* Creation/Edit iof VDEX TTW is a pain. Take an editor of your choice, create the
vocab and upload it or help writing an UI.

Known Bugs

* UI does not show in all cases vocabulary/items properly.

Feel free to add bugs in here!


The author offers professional support. The classical well-working community
support is found at the mailing-lists and IRC-channels announced at


Several parts code was created for the ZUCCARO project.
ZUCCARO (Zope-based Universally Configurable Classes for Academic
Research Online) is a database framework for the Humanities developed
by the Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max Planck Institute for Art History
For further information: "":

Copyright/ Author/ Licence

copyright -- 2004-2006 by BlueDynamics Alliance, Klein & Partner KEG, Austria
and parts eduplone Open Source Business Network EEIG, Austria
2007 by BlueDynamics Alliance, Klein & Partner KEG, Austria

author -- Jens Klein <>

contributions -- Harald Friessnegger 'frisi': i18n, cleanup, more cleanup of hierachical
vocabularies (see HISTORY.txt), Spanky, et al

more contributions -- several people committed smaller fixes and translations,
thank you guys.

license -- This software is under a BSD-like Licence. See separate file


History for Products.ATVocabularyManager

2008-06-04 1.4.2

* added spanish translations provided by Diego Municio

* merged in Duke's patch for multilingual csv import for simple vocabularies

[2008-06-02 fRiSi]

* fixed test setup so ATVM is set up using the new GS profile
added by naro. (tested with plone 3.1.1 buildout)

this fixes

also got rid of tests.framework

[2008-06-04 fRiSi]

* added imsvdex as a required dependency in
which makes it unnecessary to ``easy_install imsvdex``
for people using buildout.

[2008-05-29 fRiSi <harald at webmeisterei(dot)com>]

* added GenericSetup profile, removed

[2008-05-21 naro <>]

before 1.4

2007-10-30 jensens <jens at bluedynamics (dot) com>
* workaround for #46 Upload from Windows/IE creates wrong ID
* made new VdexFileVocabulary as default for upload form

2007-10-15 jensens <jens at bluedynamics (dot) com>
* add alternative vdex vocabulary, much faster

2007-08-24 jensens <jens at bluedynamics (dot) com>

* added convinience method to vocabulary library (tool) which returns
a dictionary with key=vocbaulary id and value=title of vocabulary (language

2007-08-22 jensens <jens at bluedynamics (dot) com>

* added convinience function to make it easier to fetch a value from a
vocabulary dictionary (utils.vocabs.fetchValueByKeyFromVocabularyDict).

2007-05-24 andrewburkhalter <andrewb at onenw (dot) org>

* adding css handles to various elements of portal_vocabulary user
interface, so that if desired, one can easily dumb down the user
interface for less technical clients with css, but not override the template

2007-06-08 jensens <jens at bluedynamics (dot) com>

* language negotation to make sure the cache is language aware.

2007-03-02 fRiSi <harald at webmeisterei (dot) com>

* types/simple/

applied patch of issue #4 (sorting of simple vocabularies)

* doc/simplevocabulary.txt

doctest testing the sorting of simplevocabularies
sorting might not yet work with translated vocabularies.
i added a section to test this, but did not yet write the tests there.

2006-12-23 rocky <rocky at serverzen (dot) com>

*, configure.zcml,, types/simple/
- "renamed events" are now fired when the title of any term is updated.
- "deleted events" are now fired when a term is deleted from a
vocabulary; this particular feature will only work when running on
Zope 2.9 or higher (note: this doesn't make ATVM dependent on Zope 2.9)

2006-11-30 fRiSi <harald (dot) friessnegger at lovelysystems (dot) com>

* types/tree/, types/simple/
replaced ``if not instance is None:`` with a try-except.
if you are on a type that is not linguaplone enabled,
and using a vocabulary you got an error when creating an
object of this type because getLanguage raised an AttributeError.

2006-11-15 fRiSi <harald (dot) friessnegger at lovelysystems (dot) com>

* types/tree/
to fix
in the meantime i solved the problem with the "hack solution"
to take away the IVocabulary interface from the term that is
extending the vocabulary.

(see the issue above for more information.)

* Makefile
added a new target `clean` that removes stale pyc files and *~ backup

2006-10-23 fRiSi <harald (dot) friessnegger at lovelysystems (dot) com>

used to not add the keypath of a term if the search for a
term uid in uid-catalog returned more than one value.
proceeding and just taking the first result is better than
silently ignoring the path for this item.

2006-09-11 fRiSi <harald (dot) friessnegger at lovelysystems (dot) com>

* Extensions/
- did a cleaner check for BadRequest Error in case the tool already
existed at install time (also added basic tests for installing/uninstalling/and
reinstalling the product.

- self.portal.portal_properties.navtree_properties.metaTypesNotToList
is a tuple by default (on a freshly created plonesite)
ATVM creates a list at installation time and removes the tool from this list at
uninstallation. If other products get installed between installing
and uninstalling, they possibly change metaTypesNotToList back to a tuple again.
changed the installer and uninstaller to operate on and return a tuple here.
(should fix

* tests/
tests for the installation and uninstallation of the product.
agreed with jens that we could do a zexp of the vocabularies at uninstallation
in case this was done by accident.

2006-08-31 jensens <jens at bluedynamics (dot) com>

* types/simple/
- removed bug, which stops me from adding new terms.

2006-08-28 fRiSi <harald (dot) friessnegger at lovelysystems (dot) com>

* types/simple/
- SimpleVocabularyTerms now return the canoncial's id
as key. This differs from the current behaviour but is
essential for translated vocabularies.

- getTermKeyPath now returns a list containing
the key of the term, not it's uid. This is consistent
with the interface.

* types/simple/, types/tree/
getVocabularyDict now uses instance.getLanguage in favour of
portal_lanuages.getPreferredLanguage (otherwhise passing instance
would be useless in most cases)

* tests/
added a test that checks if translations return the same key
and if dictionaries are translated.

- Improved the docstrings to be more explicit.
- getTermKey now states that all translations of a term
have the same key.
- getTermValue: now has an optional ``lang`` parameter
making **kwargs needless.

2006-08-21 gotcha <gotcha at bubblenet (dot) be>
* add sorted simple vocabulary

* run i18ndude and update fr and nl

2006-08-03 fRiSi <harald (dot) friessnegger at lovelysystems (dot) com>

* merged branch supporting catalog searches on hierarchical vocabularies to trunk

2006-07-25 fRiSi <harald (dot) friessnegger at lovelysystems (dot) com>

* merged current trunk into this branch

* utils/
utility methods for batch creating vocabularies

* types/simple/ types/tree/
marked methods getVocabularyValue and getVocabularyKey as deprecated and used those
defined in IVocabularyTerm to make terms implement their interface.

* types/tree/ types/simple/
improved linguaplone support.
also added a testcase

* tests/
testing if treevocabulary is linguaplone aware

* doc/search_treevocabulary.txt
a doctest explaining how ATVM performs searches on hierarchical
vocabularies, and how to enable them for your content type.

- Added dutch translations, thanks to Atopia

- AllowedTypesByIface is broken, it seems - adding manual override to fix
this in ATVM.

- removed workflows from ATVM types on installation

- added brazilian portuguese translation and portal_vocabularies title i18n

- added i18n and Czech translation

- uncommented code in to make portal_vocabularylib not show in the
navigation tree

- use StringWidget instead of IDWidget for Simple vocaublary term

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