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this plugin can be used for anonymous content submission

Project description


It gives anonymous users an automatic userid + roles


This hacked PlonePAS collection of plugins was mostly ripped
from other plugins, especially from CookieAuthHelper
It gives anonymous users an automatic (random) userid + roles
so this plugin can be used for anonymous content submission.
The cookie (for the automatic login) is a session cookie, so after the user
closes the browser, a new (random) login will be generated the next time.

The benefit of using this plugni is that anonymous users can create content,
and after the creation still access their own content (since as long as the
session remains open they will be owner of that created content).
You can create/customize the workflow to make sure that other anonymous users
can't access the newly created content by other anonymous users
(set the 'view' persission to owner and reviewer (and not to contributor))

Since everybody will get an automatic login, the standard 'login'
link will dissapear. You can ofcourse still manually go to the login_form
and login as a normal user. If necessary, you can ofcourse modify the default
action in plone, and also show this link for users with a userid starting
with 'anon_'

after you installed this product, anyone will automatically get a login
to your plone site. So there will be no 'anonymous' users anomore

The standard role for these 'anon' users is set to 'Contributer'!
(see CONFIGURATION) on how to change this.


Use the QuickInstaller. This will add and activate the plugin in acl_users (PAS)
of your plone instance.


There are 2 configurable settings at the moment.
Go to the 'properties' tab of the anon plugin

1: cookie name
You can set a different cookie name then the default 'anon_cookie'
(but why should you?)

2: anonymous roles
You can set the roles that you wan each anonymous user to obtain.
If you want to, you can give everyone the 'Manager' role, but I don't
think this is very wise under normal conditions ;-)


1.0 - Stable release
* eggified + uploaded to pypi

0.1 - Unreleased
* Initial release

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