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Creation, submission and grading of online assignments (exercises, homework).

Project description


ECAssignmentBox is a Plone product which allows the creation,
submission and grading of online assignments (exercises, homework),
both for traditional on-site courses and for e-learning.


` products page`_

.. products page:


To use ECAssignmentBox you need a current Plone installation,
specifically Plone 3.x. Check ``_ for Plone's

.. :


See the `Installing an Add-on Product`_ tutorial for more detailed
product installation instructions.

.. _Installing an Add-on Product:

Installing with buildout

If you are using `buildout`_ to manage your instance installing
ECAssignmentBox is very simple. You can install it by adding it to the
eggs line for your instance::

eggs =

After updating the configuration you need to run ``bin/buildout``,
which will take care of updating your system.

Then restart your zope instance and use the Add/Remove products page
in Site Setup to install ECAssignmentBox.

.. _buildout:

Installing without buildout

Move (or symlink) the ``ECAssignmentBox`` folder of this project
(``Products.ECAssignmentBox/Products/ECAssignmentBox``) into the
``Products`` directory of the Zope instance it has to be installed
for, and restart the server. Use the Add/Remove products page in
Site Setup to install ECAssignmentBox.


For questions and discussions about ECAssignmentBox, please join the
`eduComponents mailing list`_.

.. _eduComponents mailing list:


ECAssignmentBox was written by `Mario Amelung`_ and
`Michael Piotrowski`_.

Additional programming by Marcel Abou Khalil and Sascha Peilicke.

ECAssignmentBox was inspired by `LTAssignmentBox`_. The products
don't share any code, though.

The Statistics class was written by `Chad J. Schroeder`_. It is
licensed under the `Python license`_.

The icons used in ECAssignmentBox are from the `Silk icon set`_ by
Mark James. They are licensed under a `Creative Commons Attribution
2.5 License`_.

ECAssignmentBox was ported to Plone 3 by `Eudemonia Solutions AG`_
with support from `Katrin Krieger`_ and the Otto-von-Guericke
University of Magdeburg.

.. _Mario Amelung:
.. _Michael Piotrowski:
.. _LTAssignmentBox:
.. _Chad J. Schroeder:
.. _Python license:
.. _Silk icon set:
.. _Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License:
.. _Eudemonia Solutions AG:
.. _Katrin Krieger:


# Changes in release 1.4.1 (2009-09-28)

- ECAssignmentBox is now eggified and uploaded to PyPI. An old-style
tarball distribution is still available at

- It's now possible to modify the submission period and other settings
for more than one assignment box at a time by using the 'set
assignment box options' action on ECFolder's content tab.

- Fixed issue: Assignments in state superseded can not accessed by
the owner.

- Fixed issue: ECAssignmentBox int argument error. After a students
submission is graded and state changed to Graded an 'TypeError:
int argument required' appears on the statistics tab.

# Changes in release 1.4 (2009-02-04)

- ECAssignmentBox was completly re-implemented with support for Plone

# Changes in release 1.3 (2007-06-27)

- ECFolders and assignment boxes now have an "analysis" tab which
provides more information about contained assignments, e.g., number
of attempts users needed for an assignment or number of submissions
per day.

- The "assignments (full)" view (shows the full text of all assignments
on one page) is now integrated in the "assignments" tab.

- New content type ECAssignmentTask, which can be used to build a
repository of assignments; ECAssignmentTask objects can be
referenced from ECAssignmentBoxes.

- If an assignment box is located inside an ECLecture object which
requires registration, submissions are only allowed for users
enrolled in the course.

# Changes in release 1.2 (2007-02-28)

- Added field "Maximum number of attempts" to ECAssignmentBox to
restrict the number of resubmissions.

- Implemented issue #118: For box owners and managers it is now
possible make submissions even if the assignment box is in state
'public draft' or 'private', and to make any number of

- In the "assignments" view:

- If there is more than one assignment box inside an ECFolder one
will see a table for each box. Clicking the check box in one of
the tables' header will check or uncheck all entries inside this
table only and *not* all entries in all tables.

- Now it is possible to toggle the view of superseded assignments.

- Added clickable workflow states (assignments can now be filtered
by workflow state).

- Added delete button and polished the "change state" controls.

- As addition to the "assignments" view, owners and managers can use
the "assignments (full)" tab to see the full text of all assignments
on one page.

- If the parent of an assignment box is an ECFolder and this ECFolder
contains directions, the directions will be shown inside a
collapsible box on top of the assignment box.

- Fixed issue #119: Uploads can now be any size.

- Fixed issue #120: Students do not see shared assignments of other
users in the "statistics" view.

- Performance improvements: We are now using portal_catalog where

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