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Create and deliver multiple-choice tests.

Project description


ECQuiz is an extension module (a so-called *product*) for the
Plone_ content management system. It allows you to create and
deliver multiple-choice tests.

.. _Plone:


` products page`_

.. products page:


To use ECQuiz you need:

#. A current Plone installation, specifically Plone 3.x; check
plone.org_ for details.

#. The DataGridField_ product. This version of ECQuiz has been
tested extensively with DataGridField version 1.6. Newer
versions might or might not work as well.

.. :
.. _DataGridField:


See the `Installing an Add-on Product`_ tutorial for more detailed
product installation instructions.

.. _Installing an Add-on Product:

Installing with buildout

If you are using `buildout`_ to manage your instance you can install
ECQuiz by adding it to the eggs line for your instance::

eggs =

After updating the configuration you need to run ``bin/buildout``,
which will take care of updating your system.

Then restart your zope instance and use the Add/Remove products page
in Site Setup to install ECQuiz.

.. _buildout:

Installing without buildout

Move (or symlink) the ``ECQuiz`` folder of this project
(``Products.ECQuiz/Products/ECQuiz``) into the ``Products`` directory
of the Zope instance it has to be installed for, and restart the
server. Use the Add/Remove products page in Site Setup to install


For questions and discussions about ECAssignmentBox, please join the
`eduComponents mailing list`_.

.. _eduComponents mailing list:


ECQuiz was written by `Wolfram Fenske`_ and `Michael Piotrowski`_.
Sascha Peilicke implemented the Quick Edit functionality.

The Statistics class was written by `Chad J. Schroeder`_. It is
licensed under the `Python license`_.

The L2 Lisp parser was written by Wolfram Fenske.

Several icons used in ECQuiz are from the `Silk icon set`_ by Mark
James. They are licensed under a `Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License`_.

The Slovenian translation was contributed by Matjaž Jeran. The Italian
translation was contributed by Elena Momi.

Jim Baack contributed a rough version of the Plone 3 port.

The Plone 3 port was finished by `Eudemonia Solutions AG`_, with funding
from the `ITC of the ILO`_.

.. _Michael Piotrowski:
.. _Wolfram Fenske:
.. _Chad J. Schroeder:
.. _Python license:
.. _Silk icon set:
.. _Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License:
.. _Eudemonia Solutions AG:
.. _ITC of the ILO:

# Changes in release 1.2.1 (2010-04-16)

- ECQuiz is now eggified and uploaded to PyPI. An old-style
tarball distribution is still available at

# Changes in release 1.2 (2009-01-23)

- Added support for Plone 3 (thanks to Jim Baack and the ITC of the ILO)

- Now requires DataGridField 1.6rc1

# Changes in release 1.1 (2007-07-16)

- New question type: Scale questions can be used for Likert scales and
similar response types. Each answer is assigned a certain
percentage of the total score for the question. Scale questions can
be displayed horizontally or vertically.

- New "Quick Edit" function: Quick Edit enables you to quickly edit a
complete quiz in textual form or to create it offline in a text

- Initial check-in of some unit tests for ECQuiz

- Fixed bug #126: imsmanifest.xml files are now valid wrt the XML

- Several other bug fixes

- Compatibility with DataGridField 1.5

- Italian translation

# Changes in release 1.0 (2006-09-11)

- New management of test results

- References to questions and question groups from other tests

- Tutor-graded questions

- Extended text questions (always tutor-graded)

- Each question/question group can be placed on a separate page;
navigation between pages can be disabled

- Grading scale, allowing you to map test scores to grades (or other

- Slovenian translation

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