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This product is a FCKEditor Plone integration. This work is not a Kupu competitor, on the contrary it could not live without Kupu and it takes many features from Kupu. Talking about Kupu vs FCKeditor is a sterile discussion, use it only if you need it, in some situations it could be a precious partner, in other cases it could be unnecessary.

The new default configuration is 100% Plone aware, since text fonts, forms and colors menus has been removed (you can always add it through configlet and toolbar customization at your own risk). A better solution is to improve the templates menu and the styles menu configurations through configlet or widget.

Speaking of widget, since FCKeditor 2.4.3 a specific widget has been added in FCK.Plone product for developpers who want different fckeditor configurations for different fields in their own AT content types.

For more information read documentation inside product :
  • “docs” folder contains all documentation

  • “_whatsnew.html”, “_documentation.html” and “_upgrade.html” contain informations about the original FCKEditor product.

FCKeditor.Plone - Plone product installation

FCKeditor.Plone is based on FCKeditor 2.6.4 original code source. This package is Plone 3.xx and Plone 2.5.x compatible (Plone 2.0x is no more supported, this last release was not tested with Plone 2.1.x) Since 2.4.3, Plone3 kss rich content edition is fully supported.

Read docs/INSTALL.txt

Go to your Plone Site > Plone Control Panel > Add Remove Products, Choose FCKeditor … or use Portal_QuickInstaller inside ZMI.

Then read docs/FAQ.txt

Upgrade : read the upgrade help in docs/FAQ.txt

download + install from SVN: read docs/SVN.txt (important)


Plone project page (infos, tracker, download …) :

Issues Tracker :

For more information about original editor:

FCK Editor web site : FCK Editor dev trac :

FCKEditor Plone Help :

I. FCKeditor.Plone upgrade

  • Uninstall FCK editor from your Plone site (Quick Installer or Plone Control Panel)

  • Delete FCKeditor directory from your_instance/Products directory if exists (for versions < 2.6)

  • Read INSTALL.txt for buildout installation or how to use easy_install

  • Restart Zope

  • Install FCKeditor.Plone in your Plone Site via QuickInstaller or Plone Control Panel

  • Configure FCKeditor through the Plone control panel.


When upgrading from FCKeditor.Plone >= 2.2.x fckeditor plone properties are preserved after install/uninstall but if you want you can clean it (recommanded) : ZMI > your site > portal_properties - delete fckeditor_properties Since FCKEditor.Plone 2.3.2 spellCheck properties have changed, if you have customized your toolbar, change “SpellCheck” in “rtSpellCheck” for ff2+ and MSIE6+ client spellchecker. If you were using aspell server spellchecker, it’s not required. Since FCKEditor.Plone 2.3.3 “FitWindow” button has been added to switch editor field in fullscreen mode, if you have customized your toolbar, add ‘FitWindow’ in your customized toolbar. Since FCKEditor.Plone 2.4.1 “UniversalKey” function has been removed, if you have customized your toolbar, remove ‘UniversalKey’ from your customized toolbar. Since FCKEditor.Plone 2.4.3 “UniversalKey” function has been re-added as optional plugin, you can add ‘UniversalKey’ in your customized toolbar. Since FCKEditor.Plone 2.4.3 new important properties have been added, so deleting fckeditor_properties is highly recommanded (just rename it and you would be able to copy/paste by hand some of your customized properties) Since FCKEditor.Plone 2.6 one property have been removed : “gecko_uses_span” (no more useful because IE doesn’t use Font tag anymore)


Use CacheFu to get better performances, or at least, just change standard Plone HTTPCache params (unselect anonymous only !!!).

Upgrade from old FCK.Plone versions (<=2.2) :

  • Delete all previous specific FCKeditor ZMI customizations,

  • You could need to upgrade your members wysiwyg_editor property in your portal_membership (this property has changed since FCKeditor.Plone 2.0.1 for easy cohabitation with Kupu and Epoz), follow these steps :

    • In your Plone site ZMI > create an External Method Id : updateFckUsers Title : updateFckUsers Module Name : FCKeditor.updateFckUsers Function Name : updateFckUsers

    • Click on test

    • Your portal_membership is updated

II. FCKeditor.Plone Update from svn

If you have downloaded FCKeditor.Plone from Plone collective SVN, launch utils/ at python prompt, before installation, it’s a mandatory.


  1. How to enable flash publication with Plone ? ZMI > your Plone Site > portal_transforms > safe_html Add “embed” tag (value=1) in valid_tags Remove “embed” tag from nasty_tags Restart your instance.

  2. How to enable font color/size modifications ? Go to fckeditor controlpanel, choose custom toolbar and choose to enable fonts and colors.

  3. How to enable javascript events publication (popups, onclick, onmouseover …) with Plone 2.1 ? ZMI > your Plone Site > portal_transforms > safe_html set remove_javascript to 0 This does not effect <script> tags Restart your instance. It’s not recommanded

  4. How to disable file and/or image and/or flash upload ? Set this option in FCKEditor Plone Control Panel

  5. How To change default style in editor windows ? plone.css & ploneCustom.css (plone 2.0.x)) or portal_css (plone 2.1) are used by default. You can set your own css with FCKEditor Plone Control Panel

  6. How To change toolbars set ? with FCKEditor Plone Control Panel

  7. How To Force Paste as Plain Text when copy-paste from rich-text document ? choose this option with FCKEditor Plone Control Panel

  8. How to disable unique ID referencing when browsing server AT Content Types and Plone 2.1 standard Content types ? Use the FCKeditor Plone Control Panel

  9. How to publish absolute links ? Nothing to do. In editor and after page saving, all internal links are stored as “unik id” links, but these links are transformed in absolute urls by Plone portal_transforms when displaying the page for a simple view.

  10. How to use your custom styles in the editor area and combo menu ? In the FCKeditor Plone Control Panel Modify the field “FCK Editor Styles List” If you want to use classes you need to check up your plone styles

  11. How to set FCK Editor as default editor for all new members in your Plone site : - Go in ZMI > Your Site > portal_member_data > properties - In the field “wysiwyg_editor” enter “FCKeditor” - submit the form

  12. How to force the Member personal folder as opening folder in browser and for fast upload ? Choose this option in FCKeditor Plone Control Panel

  13. How to force the browser’s root to Member personnal folder ? If you follow the step 9, the user will use his personnal folder for fast upload and the browser will be open in this folder, but the user is still able to browse all site published contents. You can set the browser root if you want :

    To force the browser root to Member personal Folder : choose this option in FCKeditor Plone Control Panel

  14. How to force browser path or browser root to a particular folder ? Choose it in the FCKeditor Plone Control Panel

  15. How does FireFox 2.0 spellchecker work ? End User must click on spellchecker icon. End User must install and choose dictionnary for his language by right clicking in fckeditor area or another form text area. When spellcheck icon is enable in FCK bad words are red underlined Now, user can replace/add to dictionnary …. in editor area. FireFox spellchecker is really powerful feature, advise authors to use FireFox ;-)

  16. How to change portal_types used for file/image/flash upload ? Choose it in the FCKeditor Plone Control Panel

  17. How To make FCKeditor able to browse inside my specific PloneArticle based types ? Choose your Plone Article meta_types in FCKEditor Control Panel.

  18. Why did you get many errors after upgrading FCKeditor.Plone (content disappearing, js errors, editor disappearing …)? Read carefully $ I

  19. How to get different FCKeditor configurations for different fields in my own AT Content Types ? Use FCKWidget for your fields (see for an example)

  20. How to make FCKeditor.Plone working without kss : just add fck_ploneInit.js in portal_javascripts with standard options

  21. How to use flvPlayer plugin (at your own risk - not recommanded) : - add ‘flvPlayer’ button in custom toolbar - remove script tags from nasty tags in portal_transforms > safe_html - add script tag as valid tags in portal_transforms > safe_html

  22. How to use the WebSpellChecker provided by ? Choose the WSC option in FCKeditor Plone Control Panel


You want the last fckeditor version for Plone ? You need new features ? You need more support ?

It’s easy, send an email to, we will explain you how to support our work and how we could maintain this product together.

V. CONTACTS for Plone Product for the fckeditor source


Roadmap - 2008/06/30

  • make a new package plone.fckeditor

  • Generic Setup Plone installer

    deadline : August 2008

  • Replace python scripts (really messed up) by clean Five views.

    deadline : August 2008

  • Import the original fckeditor code (html + js) as a browser folder resource, no more as a CMF skin layout.

    deadline : August 2008

  • choose a portal_type for Media Upload

    deadline : October 2008

  • change flvPlayer plugin : swfobject.js + mediaplayer js will be loaded through portal_javascript, no more inside text field.

    deadline : October 2008

  • add options for power users roles in configlet power users will be able to change toolbar and/or other parameters

    deadline : October/November 2008

Good intents - 2008/06/13

  • more documentation and screencasts for end users

  • A more functional “plone explorer” (ajax browser to edit/remove/publish ….), which can be used as a separate widget for fast attachments upload, fast linking, … A separate product will be the good way.

  • A python server-side spellchecker script to make fckeditor spellchecker pages more easy to use with Plone. This feature is easy to implement, but it’s no more a priority because client side spellcheckers are more practical, and FCKEditor.Plone always provides FireFox and MSIE spellcheckers integration.

All contributions are welcome.


Changes in FCK.Plone - last fixes (**) :

  1. fix regression when browsing PloneArticle attachments

(**) for all confirmed bugs.

Changes in FCK.Plone :

  1. egg was bad (docs folder was missing)

Changes in FCK.Plone 2.6.4 - last release (**) :

  1. Includes FCKeditor 2.6.4 version (see docs/_whatsnew.html) FCKeditor.Plone is not impacted by the security issue fixed in (the connector used for browsing files is Plone specific)

  2. Merge gotcha branch (review state class added in browser results) - Thanks to Godefroid ;-)

  3. modified ConvertToXmlAttribute method to include escaping of less-than and greater-than characters to XML entities - Thanks to Matth

  4. rtspellcheck plugin patched (plugin is only loaded when client spellchecker is choosen in configuration)

  5. Fix XHTML errors in WSC html pages (new WebSpellChecker added in FCKeditor 2.6.4)

  1. include new 2.6.4 SpellChecker options in fckeditor control panel, you can choose 3 options :

    • client spellchecker (iespell or firefox standard spellchecker), it’s the default option.

    • WSC (see WebSpellChecker in fckeditor documentation and

    • Your own speller pages (

(**) The next releases will be called collective.ckeditor or something else, i don’t know.

Changes in FCK.Plone (UNRELEASED) :

  1. We can specify a list of stylesheets paths (relative to portal) or stylesheets urls to replace portal_css resources for editor area. Useful with Deliverance

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