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Read Zope configuration state from profile dirs / tarballs

Project description

(See Products/GenericSetup/README.txt).

GenericSetup Product README


This product provides a mini-framework for expressing the configured
state of a Zope Site as a set of filesystem artifacts. These artifacts
consist of declarative XML files, which spell out the configuration
settings for each "tool" in the site , and supporting scripts / templates,
in their "canonical" filesystem representations.

Configurations Included

The 'setup_tool' knows how to export / import configurations and scripts
for the following tools:

- (x) removal / creation of specified tools

- (x) itself :)

- (x) the role / permission map on the "site" object (its parent)

- (x) properties of the site object

- (x) placeful utilities and adapters registered in the local
site manager. Placeless utilities can only be imported.

Extending The Tool

Third-party products extend the tool by registering handlers for
import / export of their unique tools.

See doc/handlers.txt for a step by step how-to.

Providing Profiles

GenericSetup doesn't ship with any profile. They have to be provided by
third-party products and depend on the registered handlers.

See doc/profiles.txt for more details.


Site --
The instance in the Zope URL space which defines a "zone of service"
for a set of tools.

Profile --
A "preset" configuration of a site, defined on the filesystem

Snapshot --
"Frozen" site configuration, captured within the setup tool

"dotted name" --
The Pythonic representation of the "path" to a given function /
module, e.g. 'Products.GenericSetup.tool.exportToolset'.

GenericSetup Product Changelog

GenericSetup 1.3.3 (2007/12/29)

- Be more careful in checking context id validity.

- tool: Fixed toolset import handler not to initialize tools again, when
they already exist in the site.

GenericSetup 1.3.2 (2007/09/11)

- Ignore import and export step handlers that we can not resolve.

- Restore the import context after running steps from a profile
so we do not break on nested calls.

- components: Provide log output when purging utilities or adapters.

- components: Fixed an undefined variable name in a log message.

GenericSetup 1.3.1 (2007/08/08)

- components: correct the object path for the site root to be the
empty string.

- components: Made output more diff friendly.

- utils: Added warnings to old code.
ImportConfiguratorBase and ExportConfiguratorBase will become deprecated
as soon as GenericSetup itself no longer uses them. HandlerBase is now

- components: Added 'components_xmlconfig.html' form.
This view allows to inspect and edit component registrations. It is also
available under the ZMI tab 'manage_components'.

GenericSetup 1.3 (2007/07/26)

- components: Removed non-functional support for registering objects in
nested folders. We only support objects available in the component
registry's parent now. The component registry needs to be either
acquisition wrapped or have a __parent__ pointer to get to the parent.

GenericSetup 1.3-beta (2007/07/12)

- Guard against situations where encoded text may be compared by the

- Extend the ZCatalog import/export mechanism to allow removal of
metadata columns in addition to adding them.

- Made sure we register Acquisition free objects as utilities in the
components handler.

- Profiles now support version numbers; setup tool tracks profile
versions during upgrades.

- Added support for nested 'upgradeStep' directives; expanded upgrade
step registry into a real registry object and not just a dictionary.

- Added support for 'metadata.xml' in the profile (read during
profile registration) to register profile description, version,
and dependencies.

- Deprecated runImportStep and runAllImportSteps in favor of
runImportStepFromProfile and runAllImportStepsFromProfile.

- Merged CPS's upgradeStep ZCML directive, w/ corresponding tool support.

- Added a "last imported" date to the list of extension profiles,
and to the baseline profile.

- Renamed the "Properties" tab to "Profiles".

- Removed the 'create_report' decoy in the ZMI view methods: there was
never any UI for passing any value other than the default, anyway, and
the report objects are too useful to omit.

- Refactored the "Properties" tab to separate baseline profiles from
extension profiles, marking the option to reset the baseline as
potentially dangerous for sites which already have one. Allow
importing one or more extension profiles directly (all steps) from the
"Properties" tab.

- No longer read the toolset xml and update the toolset regustry on
import context change. Doing this only during the toolset step import
should be sufficient.

- testing: The test base classes no longer set up any ZCML.
This change is not backwards compatible. If you are using these base
classes for testing custom handlers, you have to add the necessary ZCML
setup and tear down. Using test layers is recommended.

- Added support for importing/exporting Zope 3 component registries
by folding in Hanno Schlichting's GSLocalAddons product.

GenericSetup 1.2-beta (2006/09/20)

- tool: Added support for uploading a tarball on the "Import" tab
(i.e., one produced on the export tab).

- docs: Added SampleSite demo product.

- ProfileRegistry: Added 'registerProfile' ZCML directive.
Using the old registerProfile method in initialize() is now deprecated.
See doc/profiles.txt for details.

- ProfileRegistry: 'product' should now be the module name.
For backwards compatibility 'product' is still first looked up in
Products before searching the default module search path.

- ZCTextIndex handler: Fixed 'indexed_attr' import.

- docs: Added 'Registering Profiles' section to profiles.txt.

- Added support for PageTemplate import/export, modeled closely after
existing PythonScript support

- The dependency sorting was highly reliant on steps being added in the
right order to work. If import step A depends on import step B which
depends on step C, and step C gets processed early, and they were
processed in the order A, C, B, then the dependency order would be
incorrect. This is now fixed by keeping tack of steps with unresolved
dependencies, and trying again after inserting everything else.

GenericSetup 1.1 (2006/04/16)

- ZCatalog handler: Implemented the 'remove' directive for indexes.
This allows to write extension profiles that remove or replace indexes.

- getExportStepRegistry had the wrong security declaration

GenericSetup 1.1-beta2 (2006/03/26)

No changes - tag created to coincide with CMF 2.0.0-beta2

GenericSetup 1.1-beta (2006/03/08)

- Allowed subclasses of DAVAwareFileAdapter to override the filename
in which the file is stored.

- Added a doc directory including some basic documentation.

- Made GenericSetup a standalone package independent of the CMF

- Added 'for_' argument to profile registry operations.
A profile may be registered and queried as appropriate to a specific
site interface; the default value, 'None', indicates that the profile
is relevant to any site. Note that this is essentially an adapter
lookup; perhaps we should reimplement it so.

- Forward ported changes from GenericSetup 0.11 and 0.12 (which were
created in a separate repository).

- A sequence property with the purge="False" attribute will not be
purged, but merged (the sequences are treated as sets, which means
that duplicates are removed). This is useful in extension profiles.

- Don't export or purge read-only properties. Correctly purge
non-deletable int/float properties.

- Correctly quote XML on export.

GenericSetup 1.0 (2005/09/23)

- CVS tag: GenericSetup-1_0

- Forward-ported i18n support from CMF 1.5 branch.

- Forward ported BBB for old instances that stored properties as
lists from CMFSetup.

- Forward ported fix for tools with non unique IDs from CMFSetup.

GenericSetup-0.12 (2005/08/29)

- CVS tag: GenericSetup-0_12

- Import requests now create reports (by default) which record any
status messages generated by the profile's steps.

GenericSetup-0.11 (2005/08/23)

- CVS tag: GenericSetup-0_11

- Added report of messages generated by import to the "Import" tab.

- Consolidated ISetupContext implementation into base class,

- Added 'note', 'listNotes', and 'clearNotes' methods to ISetupContext,
to allow plugins to record information about the state of the operation.

GenericSetup 0.10 (2005/08/11)

- CVS tag: GenericSetup-0_10

- Added TarballImportContext, including full test suite.

GenericSetup 0.9 (2005/08/08)

- CVS tag: GenericSetup-0_9

- Initial version, cut down from CMFSetup-1.5.3

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