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A Firebug-like inspection tool for Plone

Project description

Products.Gloworm Package Readme


A theming introspection tool for Plone.


Author: WebLion Group, Penn State University “”

Release Manager: “Eric Steele”, esteele on


  • Requires 1.1.2 (included in Plone 3.1.3) or higher
  • archetypes.kss 1.4.2 (included in Plone 3.1.5) or higher

Confirmed to work in:

  • Firefox 3, 4
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Safari 3.1, 4, 5
  • Opera 9

Words of warning

Both GloWorm and CacheSetup operate through monkeypatches to PageTemplate.pt_render(). Installing both on the same instance may cause unexpected behavior. GloWorm is intended as a development tool and is best left on your development machine.

Using GloWorm

Starting the GloWorm inspector requires three things:

1 The Products.Gloworm package should be installed through the Add/Remove Products page.

2 Zope debug mode must be enabled, either by turning debug mode on in your
zope.conf file or by running Zope in foreground mode. Note that Zope debug mode is not the same as Plone’s CSS debug mode. For more information see

3 Log in as a site manager.

Once those conditions have been met, an “inspect this page” link will appear in the Object Actions section of content objects on your site. In a typical Plone installation, this is at the bottom of the page content. Clicking this link will open up a new view of the content object which includes the GloWorm inspection panel. You may also reach this view by appending ‘@@inspect’ to the current page’s URL. Please note that the HTML content of the GloWorm inspector view is drastically different than that of the actual page view, it is recommended that you do not use the contents of the inspector view for styling purposes.

The inspector panel may be resized by dragging the panel’s header up or down. The navigation tree may also be resized by dragging left or right.

In the the inspector view, clicking on any element of the current page will bring up a list of information about that page element, including TAL statements (tal:attributes, tal:condition, tal:content, tal:replace) and the name of the viewlet or portlet in which it is contained.

Click the viewlet name to learn more about that viewlet. Viewlet inspection includes the name of the viewlet manager containing the viewlet, the ability to show and hide the viewlet, and to the ability customize the template.

GloWorm’s template customization feature utilizes Plone’s portal_view_customizations utility to manage viewlet templates. To find your customized templates in the Zope Management Interface, go to “portal_view_customizations” within your Plone site and select the “contents” tab.

In the viewlet inspection view, click the viewlet manager name to inspect that viewlet manager and the viewlets it contains. A green check mark next to a viewlet name indicates that the viewlet is visible, while a red “X” indicates that it is hidden. Clicking these icons will toggle the visibility of the viewlet accordingly. Clicking the up and down arrows performs viewlet reordering. Clicking the name of a viewlet will take you to the viewlet inspection view for that viewlet.

The navigation tree at the right of the inspector panel provides a tree-structured view of the inspected content object’s viewlet managers and viewlets. Note that the navigation tree will display viewlet managers and viewlets that are not within the page’s <body> tag (ie. “plone.htmlhead”). These may be inspected, but will not be highlighted in the page content panel.

Click the red “close” icon in the upper-right corner of the GloWorm panel to return to normal site browsing.


Contact WebLion at “”, or visit our IRC channel: #weblion on

Till glowworms light owl-watchmen’s flight Through our green metropolis. - William Allingham, Greenwood Tree


1.1 (unreleased)
  • Don’t show viewlets providing IAmIgnoredByGloworm in the viewlet manager inspection panel. [esteele]
  • Move the “Inspect this page” link from document actions to its own viewlet since Plone 4 does not use those actions by default. [esteele]
  • Hide the uninstall profile from add/remove products and site creation pages. [esteele]
  • Added support for i18n. [macagua]
  • Added support for Spanish l10n. [macagua]
  • Fix incorrectly-named skin layer registration [esteele]
  • Implement IViewView to display more viewlets [elro]
  • Fix approach to dealing with TAL attributes that come in as a string rather than an array. [davisagli]
  • Use BoundPageTemplates instead of acquisition-wrapped templates in Zope 2.12 [davisagli]
  • Improved handling of inspection of custom views, viewlets, and viewlet managers.
  • Refactored tests
  • Improved source annotation searching
  • Improved auto-scrolling of the navigation tree.
  • Added scrolling for the content well.
  • Added a dependency on archetypes.kss>=1.4.2 for IInlineEditingEnabled support.
  • Changed icons for show/hide viewlets.
  • Added help text to show/hide viewlet icons
  • Added new icons and help text for nav tree items.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the inspect viewlet panel template from realizing that a customization already existed.
  • Fixed a bug preventing viewlets from rerendering properly when customizations are discarded.
  • Added a “visibility” field and show/hide link to the inspect viewlets panel.
  • Added resize handles to resizable panels
  • Viewlet customization no longer assumes that templates are created with a zope.interface.interface prefix.
  • Fixed a rendering issue that caused portal_tabs to not display its CSS when the portal-header viewlet manager was rerendered.
  • is now Products.Gloworm
  • Disabled viewlet moving (to other viewlet managers) for this release. It will be enabled once it’s been sufficiently stabilized.
  • Display errors inline when attempting to save templates containing errors
  • Removed the need to mark archetypes.kss with a condition turning it off for the @@inspect view
  • Added portions of the YUI framework for UI enhancements
  • Fixed some issues with inspecting reordered and customized viewlets
  • GloWorm panel is now resizable
  • Improved non-Firefox browser support (tested in Safari, Opera, IE 7)
  • Added results for tal:attributes
  • Archetypes field inspection
  • Navigation tree auto-scrolling
  • Beginning work on grabbing SourceAnnotation output
  • Corrected a missing import in 0.1a6
  • Added a document navigation tree

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