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Post-mortem debugging on Zope 2 excpetions

Project description

PDBDebugMode - Enable various PDB debugging when debug-mode=on

When Zope is running in debug mode this product enables post-mortem debugging on exceptions, runcall debugging of designated requests, and import of pdb in unprotected code.


PDBDebugMode has only been tested with Zope 2.8.5 and 2.10 SVN/UNRELEASED but may well work with other versions.

Its recommended that you use an editor or IDE that can cooperate with pdb. Emacs’ gud-mode, for example, will display the corresponding lines of the source file alongside the pdb prompt.


Just put the PDBDebugMode directory into any of your instances Products directories and restart Zope.

Remember that this product does nothing unless zope is being run with debug-mode=on such as with “instance/bin/zopectl fg”


If Zope is running with debug-mode=on and this product is installed, upon raising any valid exception the port-mortem debugger is invoked with the traceback. Once in the debugger you can examine objects, variables, etc. at all levels of the call stack. This is, of course, extremely useful for debugging.

Valid exceptions for post-mortem debugging are determined as follows. If a relevant error log object is found, exceptions included in the error log’s ignored exception types will be ignored and the debugger won’t be invoked. All ZODB Conflict and Zope Retry errors are also ignored.


If Zope is running with debug-mode=on and this product is installed, any request that has the key “pdb_runcall” will call the result of the request traversal in the debugger thus allowing for stepping through the resulting execution.

Alternatively, a view named ‘pdb’ is registered for all objects that will simply raise an exception leaving you with the current context to inspect.


If Zope is running with debug-mode=on and this product is installed, import of the pdb module is allowed in unprotected code such as python scripts.


0.2 - 2008-05-15

  • Eggified

0.1 - 2006-03-11

  • Initial release

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