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Add-on that allows mass-upload of files and images.

Project description

Plone Flash Upload

Plone Flash Upload is a Plone add-on product which adds an upload tab to folders which takes the user to an upload form. This upload form uses a flash applet to provide the ability to upload multiple files simultaneously.


The 1.3 version only works on Plone 3.2 or later. Product is compatible with Plone 4.0 and 4.1.


Use buildout and specify ‘Products.PloneFlashUpload’ as an egg dependency. (Or depend on it in your own product’s

Once Zope is running, go to the Plone site’s Add/Remove Products configuration screen and install the PloneFlashUpload product.

Basic Usage

After installation of the product is complete, go to any folder within the Plone site and a new upload tab should be present if the current user has access to add new files to the folder.

Additional Notes

  • The flash applet has been tested (and runs successfully) on MSIE6, MSIE7, Firefox 1.5 (WinXP), Firefox 2.0 (WinXP/Linux) and various Safari and Firefox versions on MacOSX. If a particular browser is found not to work, please submit an issue to the issue tracker.
  • Any file that is uploaded will try to use the content type registry to determine what portal type should be the result of the file being uploaded (ie jpg’s created as Image’s and random binary files created as File’s). It should be observed though that only portal types defined within the PFU configlet are possible candidates (ie add more here if you have additional custom types you are using and have registered with CTR).

Issue Tracker, SVN, Other Resources

Project Homepage
Issue Tracker
Source Control Repository


To run the Plone Flash Upload tests you must use the standard Zope testrunner:

./bin/instance test -s Products.PloneFlashUpload

SWFUpload integration

Attempting to wedge SWFUpload 2.2 into PloneFlashUpload in an effort to resolve problems with Flash 10.



First pass integration of SWFUpload 2.2.0 Beta 2 using. Largely replicates the original behavior of PloneFlashUpload. Targeting:

  • Plone 3.1 (Uses jquery - support for older versions of Plone would require jquery to be included.)
  • Flash 9 or 10. (SWFUpload version 2.2 drops support for Flash 8.)

Next up is a wider browser testing. Tested and works with:

  • Flash 9,0,124,0, Mac OS X 10.5, Safari 3.1 and Firefox 3.0
  • Flash 10, Windows x64, Firefox 3.0, IE 7, Chrome
  • Flash 9,0,124,0, Windows XP SP 2, IE 7


  • Wider browser based testing.
  • Update documentation to reference use of SWFUpload and it’s licensing.
  • Style the Upload queue.
  • Move the JavaScript into resource registries.
  • Provide a simple switch to enable debug.
  • Use SWFObject for loading the Flash object to provide warnings about old versions of Flash? Is there already a SWFObject plugin for Plone?
  • portal_status_message (ploneflashupload.js) is used in the pre 3.0-way. This will need to be changed to the new cookie-based mechanism.


This product and it’s contents are covered under the Zope Public License (ZPL). More information can be found in LICENSE.txt.

Credits and Copyrights

This product was created by Rocky Burt (rocky AT on behalf of 4teamwork ( and Jazkarta (

Extra kudos to the author(s) of z3c.widgets.flashupload which PloneFlashUpload uses as the source of the actual flash applet.

Reinout van Rees has updated the product for plone 3.0 and turned it into an egg for Zest software.

Michael Dunstan (dunny) made ploneflashupload compatible with flash 10 by using swfupload. Sponsored by

Ramon Bartl (ramonski), inquant fixed lots of bugs.

Mike Trachtman kudos for doing the original experimental branch to getting swfupload working with PloneFlashUpload.


1.3 (2011-09-01)

  • Load CMF permissions.zcml when on Plone 4.1 so the instance can start. [maurits]
  • Added Plone 4.1 compatible formbase import. [maciej.zieba]

1.3b2 (2010-07-02)

  • Compatibility with Plone 4. Product still works with Plone 3.3.1. [sargo]
  • Handle non ascii filenames. [do3cc]
  • Corrected permission for ticket view. [do3cc]

1.3b1 (2009-10-21)

  • Updated content creation logic to use the normal invokeFactory, so all the normal events are called. Also updated the file name normalization logic to use plone.i18n directly. [hannosch]
  • Removed folder listing from upload form. It was confusing, as it wasn’t updated when new items had been uploaded. [hannosch]
  • Removed old Extensions/ installation approach. [hannosch]
  • Updated documentation and package data to modern layout. [hannosch]
  • Use the new extracted z3c.widgets.flashupload instead of bundling part of z3c.widget ourselves. [hannosch]
  • Converted GenericSetup import step to use ZCML based registration. [hannosch]
  • Updated GS profile to be a simple integer to follow best practices. [hannosch]
  • Call processForm after ATCT content is created. This unmarks AT creation flag and calls IObjectInitializedEvent subscribers. [naro]
  • The allowed file size limit can be now set in the portal_properties as a site property with the key ‘pfu_file_size_limit’. Defaults to 100MB (see L: 180) [ramonski]
  • When the user uploads image.gif but a file with that name has already been uploaded, try image-1.gif (up to image-100.gif). Fixes [maurits]
  • Added Michael Dunstan (dunny) to credits as he did the swfupload work :-) [reinout]

1.2rc (2009-01-16)

  • (issueTicket): added try..except block to fix AttributeError: getName - with the admin zope user. [ramonski]
  • profiles/default/actionicons.xml: added configlet icon. This fixes #27 - Can’t find the configlet [ramonski]
  • profiles/default/contenttyperegistry.xml: added contenttyperegistry. This fixes #34 - uppercase file extension [ramonski]
  • profiles/default/controlpanel.xml: renamed new configlet to be not deleted by the import_steps seetuphandlers. This fixes also #27 - Can’t find the configlet. [ramonski]
  • Added SWFUpload 2.2 into PloneFlashUpload in an effort to resolve problems with Flash 10. See [ramonski]

1.1 (2008-11-10)

  • Releasing 1.1 final as there’s a 1.2 branch coming up with a good change. [reinout]
  • Correctly use i18n_domain in configure.zcml. [maurits]
  • Link fixed in README [reinout]

Release 1.1 beta2 (2007-12-13)

  • I stupidly forgot to do an svn up so that the z3c.widgets.flashupload didn’t get included… [reinout]

Release 1.1 beta1 (2007-12-12)

  • Switched from being a Product to a lib/python library. [reinout]
  • Switched to genericsetup for the definition of our actions. [Reinout van Rees]
  • First rough update to get it working on plone 3.0 [reinout]

Release 1.0 final (2007-06-05)


  • If flash is not supported by the browser the reported error message is now in bright red (higher visibility). Also, the upload button is disabled and greyed out. [Rocky Burt]


  • Fixed issue #7: IE7 now properly refreshes the page after successful upload. [Rocky Burt]
  • Fxied issue #8: Files with accented characters in their filenames are now uploaded properly. [Rocky Burt]
  • Fixed issue #1: Upload tab will no longer show up on folders that can’t have File’s uploaded to it. [Rocky Burt]
  • Fixed issue #2: Fixed issue where in IE7 when multiple files are uploaded only the first one was successfully uploaded. Multiple files can now be uploaded properly. [Rocky Burt]
  • Fixed issue #4: Uploading now works on ATBTreeFolder’s too. [Rocky Burt]

Release 1.0beta1 (2007-05-14)

  • First release, basic functionality in place

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