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A through-the-web form generator for Plone

Project description

Product home is . A documentation area and issue tracker are available at this location.

Please use the Plone users’ mailing list or the #plone irc channel for support requests. If you are unable to get your questions answered there, or are interested in helping develop the product, contact Steve McMahon:


This product provides a generic Plone form generator using fields, widgets and validators from Archetypes. Use it to build simple, one-of-a-kind, web forms that save or mail form input.

To build a web form, create a form folder, then add form fields as contents. Individual fields can display and validate themselves for testing purposes. The form folder creates a form from all the contained field content objects.

Final disposition of form input is handled via plug-in action products. Action adapters included with this release include a mailer, a save-data adapter that saves input in tab-separated format for later download, and a custom-script adapter that makes it possible to script simple actions without recourse to the Zope Management Interface.

To make it easy to get started, newly created form folders are pre-populated to act as a simple e-mail response form.


Plone: Plone 3.3.5+. For Plone 4.1+ you may want to use Products.PloneFormGen 1.7+.

Requires PythonField, TALESField and TemplateFields from Jens W. Klein’s ScriptableFields bundle: (automatically loaded if you install via Python package).

Encryption of e-mail requires the Gnu Privacy Guard, GnuPG, also known as gpg. See README_GPG.txt for details.

CAPTCHA support requires either collective.captcha or collective.recaptcha. See README_CAPTCHA.txt for details.



  • Just add Products.PloneFormGen to the eggs section of your buildout configuration and run buildout.

  • Restart Zope.

  • Go to the Site Setup page in the Plone interface and click on the Add/Remove Products link. Choose PloneFormGen (check its checkbox) and click the Install button. If PloneFormGen is not available on the Add/Remove Products list, it usually means that the product did not load due to missing prerequisites.

  • If necessary, use the PloneFormGen configlet in the “Add-on Product Configuration” section of Site Setup to customize the product for your site.


Site managers may control the visibility and availability of many PloneFormGen functions by changing permissions for user roles. A control panel configlet controls role/permission associations for the portal root. For an explanation of how PloneFormGen permissions map to form folder and form field fields, see improvement proposal #3, Provide ways to hide advanced options from classes of users: .


As shipped, only managers may use TALES expressions to override defaults and validators. You may wish to add additional roles, but keep in mind that this is a potential security risk; it basically gives the same powers as scripting or skin editing.

Javascript/CSS Support for Some Fields

Some fields, like the rich text editor and the calendar widget on the date/time field require JS or CSS support that often is not loaded for anonymous users. If you wish this support for anon users, you’ll need to remove the “not: portal/portal_membership/isAnonymousUser” condition for their support code in portal_css and portal_javascripts.

Rationale For This Product

  • Plone needs a general-purpose form generator that may be used for mail forms, RDBMS database interactions and other functions that don’t require the Archetypes’ persistence machinery;

  • Designing a form using such a form generator should not require a) work on the file system, b) creation of new content types, c) use of the ZMI (except for scripting field population or custom validation). [PloneFormMailer is an outstanding, useful product, that suffers only for its reliance on the ZMI/Formulator for design.]

  • Archetypes, in conjunction with the CMF Form Controller, has a form generator built-in. Ideally, it should be possible to repurpose the Archetypes widgets and validators (which were evidently intended to be generally useful) for a more general-purpose form generator.


Archetypes has been ruthlessly mined for concepts and functionality. The base view and edit macro templates are very slightly modified versions of Archetype’s base_edit and edit_macros.

Form and field icons are scavenged from Martijn Faassen’s Formulator, and were edited only to add transparency to make them look a bit better on the add items menu.

The mail adapter is basically a tailored version of PloneFormMailer, minus the Formulator adapter machinery. Thanks to PloneFormMailer’s authors, Jens Klein and Reinout van Rees.

Pierre-Yves Landure provided tremendous help with the i18n machinery. Sebastien Douche and Pierre-Yves Landure provided the French translation.

Martin Aspeli’s RichDocument has provided an invaluable reference, particularly in how to handle installation and testing issues.

Martin Aspeli, Wichert Akkerman, Eric Steele, Jens Klein and Reinout van Rees all provided valuable early feedback.

Titus Anderson provided the base code for the Ratings-Scale Field. Andreas Jung contributed the record-editing feature for the Save Data adapter.

Fulvio Casali, Alex Tokar, David Glick, Steve McMahon, Jesse Snyder, Michael Dunlap, Paul Bugni, Jon Baldivieso and Andrew Burkhalter all did amazing things at the December 2008 PFG sprint sponsored by OneNW. Special thanks to David, for the CAPTCHA work, and Andrew for export/ import.

Thomas Buchberger provided the initial CAPTCHA field implementation.

David Glick effectively has been co-maintainer for versions since 1.2.5. Thanks, David!

See the CHANGES.txt file for the very long list of people who helped with particular features or bugs.


Distributed under the GPL v 2.

See LICENSE.txt and LICENSE.GPL for details.

Change History

1.6.8 (unreleased)

  • Nothing changed yet.

1.6.7 (2013-05-29)

  • Backport docstring/setPrivate fixes from 1.7.9

1.6.6 (2013-01-18)

  • If an active action adapter is renamed, keep it active. [maurits]

  • Provide compatibility with DateTime 3. [hannosch]

  • Fixed “NameError: name ‘plone_context_state’ is not defined” when viewing a field with an override. Other name errors were also possible. Issue #29 [potar]

1.6.5 (2011-07-12)

  • Backport save-data delete confirmation dialog from 1.7. [smcmahon]

  • Fixed field removal in quick-edit mode for non-English sites. [hannosch]


  • Independent viewing of fields caused error in Plone 4.0.5+ when form had epilogue or prologue. Fix in 1.6.3 wasn’t adequate. Fixes #330. Thanks Eggert Ehmke. [smcmahon]


  • Fixed typo in French translation file which prevented its compilation. [smcmahon]

  • Form fields could not be independently viewed in Plone 4/4.1. [smcmahon]


  • Fixed issue with image captions not displaying in form prologue/epilogue [dextermilo]


  • Put the css, especially extra css for specific fields, into the style_slot. (Backported from trunk.) Fixes [maurits]

  • Make the setPrefix and setAction methods of the embedded view callable from restricted Python (so they can be used in templates). [davisagli]

  • Make sure the fgTDefault expression gets evaluated with the field object as its expression context object when the field is viewed directly. (The field object is used when evaluating fgTDefault when viewing the entire form, but the form object was previously used when evaluating it when viewing the field, which was a problematic inconsistency.) [davisagli]

  • Add Norwegian translations [mj]


  • Declare downloadSavedInput as z3 permission to be able to use it as browser view permission in another package. [naro]

  • Avoid deprecation warnings for InitializeClass in Plone 4. [hannosch]

  • Fixed LinguaPlone compatibility in Plone 4. The form folder was missing the required base classes. This closes [hannosch]

  • Switch to a more realistic request for the functional tests to avoid translation errors during validation in p4. [stevem]

  • Define ‘portal’ variable in fg_base_view_p3. If portal is not defined, widget javascript is not found and thus not loaded. [naro]

  • Fixed “NameError: global name ‘none’ is not defined” in save data adapter when using LinguaPlone. [maurits]

  • fixed LikertField having invalid fields in it’s get and set methods. [vangheem]


  • Update all schemas to use message factory instead of _msgid. Now it is i18ndude compatible, so you can use rebuild pot script. [toutpt]

  • Clean up quick edit visuals; make the drag and drop look like Plone 4. [stevem]

  • Quick Edit reload after delete or other change wasn’t working (at least in firefox) as the browser wasn’t reloading if there was a hash tag. [stevem]

  • Fix FormSaveDataAdapter to transparently migrate storage to LOBTree introduced in 1.6.0b4 This closes [hplocher]

  • Updated exportimport to use five.formlib. [vangheem]

  • Add form tracking plugin for collective.googleanalytics. (Matt Yoder)

  • Switch to using a hash rather than a query string for indicating quick edit mode. More stable since the browser doesn’t care. (Steve McMahon)

  • fixed missing import

  • action adapter interface: fix indention [seletz]


  • Add infrastructure for upgrade steps. (David Glick)

  • Form prologues and epilogues weren’t showing for anon users. Thanks, Ricardo! (Steve)

  • Fix styling of quick edit for P4; also header injection. (Steve)

  • Fix preferences panel. (Steve McMahon)

  • Make sure the non-default profiles don’t show up when creating a new site in Plone 4. (David Glick)

  • Use an LOBTree to store results in the saved data adapter when available (i.e. with ZODB>=3.8.x), allowing us to stop keeping track of the result count in the _inputItems attribute, thereby greatly reducing the number of write conflicts under load. (David Glick)


  • Adjust ScriptableFields version requirements.


  • Accept Canadian postal codes with lowercase letters. (David Glick)

  • Fix issue where the saved data adapter did not save data when using an embedded form whose action on success is to traverse to another page. (Thomas Buchberger, David Glick)

  • Plone 4 Compatibility.

  • Save Data Adapter now checks for existence of LinguaPlone canonical language form’s adapter before trying to use it. Thanks, Jean-Pascal Houde. Fixes #270.


  • Add infrastructure for upgrade steps for the GenericSetup profile. (David Glick)


  • Restoring tests to the distribution restored the Windows install problem. Yuck. Reverted deletion of Those needing to run the tests should check out PFG from svn. (Steve)


  • Don’t try to get the recipient e-mail from the owner of the form folder if the user no longer exists. (David Glick)

  • Add a ‘show_text’ option for fg_embedded_view_p3 which causes the prologue and epilogue to be displayed. (David Glick)

  • Restore tests pruned in 1.5rc2, hoping using zip rather than tgz will fix. (SteveM)


  • Fix for #262, File Field does not send attachment. (David Glick; thanks, Melnychuk Taras)

  • Fix for #261, PFG misbehaves on hidden fields. (Thanks, Ralf Hemmecke)

  • Changed the wording of the postal code validator to say “postal code” instead of “zip code,” since the former is understandable in both the US and Canada. (David Glick)


  • Adjusted the isZipCode string validator to also accept Canadian postal codes. (David Glick)

  • Fixed embedded forms so that traversal to a thank you page works properly with VirtualHostMonster URLs. (David Glick)

  • The mail adapter field selection wasn’t working with attachments. (Fixes #256, thanks Angela Wong)


  • We weren’t using the fg_thankspage_view_p3 view with Plone3+, an error in the switch to GS. (Fixes #252, thanks Matthew Sital-Singh)

  • Fixed fieldset settings ‘Show Title as Legend’ (Radim Novotny)

  • Boolean (checkbox) required field behavior was not as advertised. Probably due to a change in archetypes at some point. Making a checkbox required will now do nothing but show the required indicator. (Fixes #202, thanks Dylan Jay)


  • Pruned tests directory from the Python Package. Installation had been failing on some Windows machines while copying the deeply nested tests. We’re guessing that path length restrictions were exceeded. Those needing to run the tests should check out PFG from svn. (Steve)

  • Factored action adapter processing out of the fgvalidate method of the form folder, and added a ‘skip_action_adapters’ parameter to fgvalidate (default: False), so it’s possible to validate without calling the action adapters, or vice versa. (David Glick)


  • Add “action” to form tags for quick editor to be more XHTML compliant. (Thanks: jonstahl, #248)

  • Fix bad numbering of savedata_tabview (gotcha)

  • Prevent the automatic action adapter activation handler from duplicating an adapter that is already activated. (Fixes #247) (David Glick)

  • Prevent creation of sample content when forms are imported from .zexp or schemas are recreated. (Fixes #218; Thanks Marie Robichon)

  • Added warning on startup if PFGCaptchaField is still installed. (David Glick)

  • The captcha field edit should not show default, length … fields that are not relevant. (Steve)

  • If mail adapter received a UTF-8 subject where it expected unicode, a unicode decode error would result. Fixed. (Thanks, javimansilla) (merge from 1.2-Maintenance branch)

  • Corrected URL for audio captcha icon. (David Glick)

  • Added the CHANGES.txt to the long_description so that it show up on pypi, Hello World! Also cleaned up the reST so that it will render properly (claytron)


  • Fix bad eggification of 1.5b4.


  • Changed a few field titles to friendlier names: boolean -> checkbox, integer -> whole number, fixed-point -> decimal number. (Steve McMahon)

  • Merged branches/davisagli-captcha, providing a CAPTCHA field utilizing either collective.captcha or collective.recaptcha. (Thanks, David Glick!)

  • Reworked install strategy for allowed content types for form folders and fieldsets to determine what’s allowed by interfaces rather than GS profile. This makes it much easier to add fields, adapters and thanks pages from outside. (Steve McMahon)

  • Fixed a problem with boolean fields in later Zope/Archetypes. (Tracker #244)

  • QuickEdit got mixed up with fields that themselves contain tables. Fixed. (Steve McMahon)

  • When using Zope 2.9.10 and Plone 2.5.x, form validation would produce an Unauthorized error in fgvalidate_base. Fixed. (Tracker #233; Thanks, Jean-Pascal Houde)

  • Moved PFGDataGrid from examples/ to be a separate product. (Steve McMahon)

  • Make uninstall work cleanly even if Kupu has bad linkable types. (Steve McMahon)

  • Make the mailer subject variable substitution use the same method as for the other fields so it’s easier to override. (David Glick)

  • Prevent embedded forms from hijacking the portal status messages unless the form was actually submitted. (David Glick)

  • Add hooks for configuring form unload protection and auto-focus, and disable them for embedded forms by default. (David Glick)

  • Fixed issue where submission of an embedded PFG form could cause processing of a standalone PFG form later in the page. (David Glick)

  • Fixed issue with embedded forms where the form would get processed again after a Retry if the form was also embedded on the thank you page. (David Glick)

  • Patched to not catch the Retry exception, which was causing problems when submitting forms embedded in portlets. (David Glick)


  • Fixed the link spam validator for text fields, which wasn’t working properly. (David Glick)

  • Merged CAPTCHA field implementation from PFGCaptchaField (thanks Thomas Buchberger), and added collective.recaptcha as a dependency. collective.captcha will be used instead if it is present in the Python environment. (David Glick)

  • Fixed check for CSRF protection support, so that PFG doesn’t break on Plone 3.0 if PloneHotfixCVE20080164 isn’t installed. (David Glick)

  • Creating a new data saver could under obscure circumstances cause an exception “AttributeError: SavedFormInput” in some old compatibility code. Removed the offending code. (Steve McMahon)

  • Add some protection against trying to save old, unusable content types back to kupu’s linkable’s resource. (Steve McMahon)

  • guess_content_type, used in htmlValue in the file field, needs the same import protection used in the save data adapter, or it will fail in later Zopes. (Thanks, Tom Gross)


  • Support for export/import of PloneFormGen form folders via generic setup profiles and the portal_setup tool as well as contextual form (i.e. on an individual form basis) export/import. Feature aimed at improving the development capabilities of PloneFormGen and simplifying the lives of integrators. Feature considered experimental. Use with care and test thoroughly. (Andrew Burkhalter)

  • Make sure server-side only fields can supply a value via the default override. (David Glick)

  • Don’t break old forms that are missing some of the new fields. (David Glick)

  • Add quick edit mode for forms. (Steve McMahon)


  • Added ‘Server-Side Variable’ override so that you can make an expression available to action adapters without passing it in a hidden field. (Fulvio Casali, Alex Tokar, David Glick)

  • Add ${key} style substitution from form dictionary for mailer subject, prologue, epilogue and footer. Also, ThanksPage prologue and epilogue. (Steve McMahon)

  • Add CSRF protection option (on by default). [Plone 3 only] (Steve McMahon)

  • Added support for choosing an alternate csv text delimiter for Save Data Adapters. (Jesse Snyder)

  • Adapters are now activated when pasted into form folders. (Jesse Snyder)

  • Added ‘force SSL’ option for form folders. (David Glick)

  • Removed validator from the form action override field. This allows relative urls in the override. (Michael Dunlap)

  • Add Bcc override for mailer. (Steve McMahon)

  • Validator for multiple comma separated email addresses is now an option for string fields. (Paul Bugni)

  • Added “Include Empties” flag to mailer. On by default. Similar to thanks page. (Steve McMahon)

  • Wrap rendered rich label fields in div with selectors similar to other Archetypes widgets. (Steve McMahon)

  • The default view of all form fields is now base_edit. There’s a UI problem left that the “view” tab is selected on initial jump into the field even though you’re seeing the edit view. (Steve McMahon)

  • Link spam prevention is now an option for string and text fields. (Jon Baldivieso)

  • Allow use of any string field for mailer recipient choice. A bit scary until we get captchas built in. (Steve McMahon)

  • Mailer now has an option to select among available fields those which should be included in the e-mail. Interface is identical to thanks page. (Steve McMahon)

  • Added support for embedding PFG forms into other templates. See README_EMBEDDING.txt for details. [Plone 3 only] (David Glick)

  • Clean out 2.1 compatibility code. Ahhhh! (Steve McMahon)

  • Pulling out removeSkinLayer for arg PloneFormGenPlone3, since this appears to have not existed and certainly is unnecessary currently (Andrew Burkhalter)

  • Removed unneeded and unused legacy typesonly profile directory (Andrew Burkhalter)

  • Installation process is entirely based upon GenericSetup extension profiles to the level that is pragmatic for support of Plone 2.5.x up to version Plone 3.x. In brief, this means that we have an install method so that we appear installable with the portal_quickinstaller tool in Plone 2.5.x and that we run relevant profiles in portal_setup upon install (Jesse Snyder, Andrew Burkhalter)


  • Integrate Portugese translation from Nuno Cruz.

  • Form submission should not be disabled when the form is locked for editing.

  • Fixed bug where 3rd-party additions to the list of types allowed within a form folder were purged on PFG reinstall. This closes (David Glick)

  • Fixed bug where install failed if portal_factory still references any types that no longer exist in portal_types. (David Glick)


  • Added Rating-Scale Field based on Titus Anderson’s LikertField. Thanks to Titus and the University of Louisville.

  • Add delete capabilities to Andreas’ record editor. Added escaping for multi-line fields. Guarded editing with ModifyPortalContent rather than the download permission.

  • Save adapter: stored records can now be edited through the Plone UI via the data saver’s tabular view. The edit UI is pretty basic and provides only a text field per stored value. No fancy widgets, no validation. (Andreas Jung)


  • Created egg framework, moved svn trunk to collective/Products.PloneFormGen/trunk.

  • Some change around Plone 3.1 caused a problem where minor version updates of PFG would cause the formgen_tool to be created inside the portal_quickinstaller, thoroughly fouling it up. Yuck. Fixed. (Tracker #205; Thanks, Wouter Vanden Hove)


  • The PicklistWidget used to pick ThanksPage fields doesn’t respect the order of the value it’s supplied, so let’s always sort the values into the same order as the form. (Thanks, Lucia Colombo)

  • Adapt more public page templates to have Plone 3+ -specific versions. (Tracker: 189; Thanks, Max Bloechle)

  • Mailer “None” radio button choices for to_field and replyto_field should be selected when appropriate. (Tracker 190)

  • Hide useless “properties” and “references” tabs in Plone 3+. (Thanks, ddurham)

  • Added ‘Contributor’ to default roles allowed to create Form Folders. (Tracker #199; thanks, Marc Nieper-Wi?kirchen)

  • Values in password fields were being lost whenever a form didn’t validate. While this might make sense in other contexts, it doesn’t match the common use case in PFG. Fixed. (Tracker #200)

  • Mailer body prepend and append fields were showing unnecessary and misleading text format selection boxes. (Tracker #185; Same problem as #173)


  • Using non-ascii chars in the title of a required field would provoke a UnicodeDecodeError on failed validation. Fixed. (Tracker #174; Thanks, Daniel Kraft)

  • In a Plone 3 site that has Kupu’s UID Linking and/or Image Captioning features enabled, PFG textarea fields show a format select field and cause server crashes. Fixed. (Tracker 173; Thanks John Stahl and Jon Baldivieso)


  • Fixes in nl translation. (Tracker 166: Radek Jankiewicz)

  • Remove obsolete migration from PFGDataGrid. (Tracker 169: Thanks, Zippy)


  • Dramatically simplify schema for most components by hiding most metadata fields in Plone 3. (Tracker 161; Thanks, Jon Stahl)

  • Empty, hidden lines field caused error on form display. Fixed. (Tracker #151)


  • Improve error message on mail attempt when no recipient address is found and form owner has no e-mail address. Also, make it less likely by using portal email_from_address as a fallback. (Tracker #140, thanks Andreas Jung)


  • Mailer was having problems with i18n characters in fields in Plone 3+. Fixed. (Tracker #144, thanks Anders Avlesen)

  • Manually editing saved data (in a save data adapter) was not working since storage change in 1.2 beta 1. Fixed. (Tracker #145)

  • Fixed: Exception when submitting a form with a text field that exceeds the “Max Length” character limit. (Tracker #142)


  • Thanks page editing was having kupu problems in Plone 3 for fields off the default schema. So, when running Plone 3.0, pack them on the default schema. This also brings the schema count down to 5, to avoid schema selection widget. Not ideal, but it’s working.

  • When a form date field was not required, it was possible to enter invalid dates. Added a special validator that should cause a validation error when a bad date is actually entered, but not if the month or year is left as “–” (Tracker #132)

  • Added README_PLONE3.txt to document workaround for permissions problem using selection and multi-selection form fields in Plone 3.0 (fixed in 3.0.1). (Tracker #136)

  • There was no status message when validation failed in Plone 3. Fixed. (Tracker #133, thanks Lucie Lejard)

  • Validation script was discarding any errors that might already be in the CMFFormController state. Fixed. (Tracker #134, thanks Lucie Lejard)

  • Fields in fieldsets were not being offered as options in the mailer’s extract recipient and extract replyto options. Fixed. (Tracker #123, thanks Marie Robichon)

  • The validation message rewriter for Plone 2.1 was broken, resulting in an error whenever a form wouldn’t validate. Fixed. (Tracker #124, thanks Aleksandr Vladimirskiy)


  • In Plone 3, Kupu has started saving “<p>&nbsp;</p>” for empty inputs. This forced white space into the the form if prologue and/or epilogue were empty. Fixed with custom mutators. (Tracker #120, thanks Michael Dunlap)

  • Check ids of fields to make sure they don’t collide with known troublesome ids (‘zip’, ‘location’, ‘language’). Also prevent use of ids that duplicate those in fieldset folders. (Tracker #94, thanks Gregory Hnatiuk; Tracker #107, thanks Kim Nielsen)

  • Turn off KSS blur event handling for rendered forms in Plone 3. Maybe we’ll be able to implement in-line validation later.

  • Bring Plone 3 macro versions into line with Archetypes 1.5.

  • Remove several workarounds for Archetypes 1.5 beta bugs that were fixed in RC3.

  • Partial date entries to a Date/Time Field would raise a DateError exception. Fixed. (Tracker #118)

  • New Czech translation of plone-ploneformgen domain. Thanks, Jan Pokorny.

  • Updated Dutch translations, thanks to: markvl, justi and jladage and initial translations by Atopia.


  • The 1.2-Beta-2 customizable string validators change introduced a problem that caused an error if a string field had no validator. Fixed.

  • Add ability to set display strings for boolean field checked and unchecked. These are used in the thanks page and mailer in place of ‘0’ and ‘1’. (Tracker #112)


  • Changed “Cancel” button to act as a reset button on rendered forms. It really has no other imaginable purpose. Change default to hide this nearly useless artifact. Add option to set button label.

  • Added start, end and future year options to DateTime Field. (Tracker #65, Thanks to Paul Eipper for the suggestion and Jeremy Keiper for the patch.)

  • Added new French message translations. Thanks, Ga?l Le Mignot.

  • Add override to selectively enable/disable fields. Disabling a field removes it from the rendered field list. It will not appear in the form and will not be validated.

  • Add facility for customizable string validators and messages for use with the FormStringField. Currently, customization is via the file. I may eventually figure out a way to get this into the configlet.

  • Add a content override for the RichLabelField.

  • If “PloneFormGen” was missing from any skin layer sets, uninstall or reinstall would fail. Fixed. (Tracker #109, Thanks: Yuri)


  • Eradicate use of context[‘global_vars’], which is not supported in Plone 3. All tests now pass in Plone 3b3 (with patched Archetypes, see

  • Extended characters in field title or description would provoke unicode cannot decode error. This occurs on indexing the field, and may be an Archetypes problem. Since there’s no good reason to have these searchable, fixed by setting searchable false for field titles and descriptions. (Tracker # 102 and 104, Thanks: Petrus Wang)

  • Added Italian translation for Plone domain (add-item menu, schema names and such). Thanks to Carrer Yuri.

  • It’s now possible to specify multiple e-mail recipients for the TO field via either the recipient override or using a multi-select field. (Tracker #59, Thanks, Edouard Mercier)

  • Fixed-point field minimum-value field changed from required to not-required. Requiring it made it impossible to set 0 for a minimum value. (Tracker #98, Thanks: Jeremy Keiper)

  • Added specialValidator method to BaseFormField to give form fields a way to do a more sophisticated validation than what’s allowed by Archetypes-style validators.

  • Changed underlying storage mechanism for save-data adapter to use an IOBTree rather than Archetypes lines field storage (a sequence). This should cure a problem with data object size growing geometrically with new inputs (Tracker #81, thanks Jean-Paul Ladage).

    Existing save data adapters will be migrated when first touched by the new PFG version.

    This is NOT backwards compatible! So, you will not be able to save data in 1.2 and revert to 1.1.

  • Change default download format of new save-data adapters to csv.

  • Move 1.1.1 to branches/1.1. SVN trunk is now 1.2.


  • The “strip trailing white space” fix in 1.1 handled the issue for validation, but the unchanged field was still processed and mailed/saved. Fixed.

  • Fixed a bug introduced by “strip trailing white space” fix in 1.1 that would cause a name error when validating an individual field (not a form).

  • When htmlValue for Selection and Multi-Selection fields doesn’t find the submitted value in the field vocabulary, it should go ahead and return what was submitted. (Thanks, lzdych for a code fix)

  • Use the portal_transforms text_to_html transform to convert multi-line text field inputs to html. This will convert eols to breaks rather than collapsing lines. (Thanks: Darrick Servis)

  • Minor i18n fixups.


  • The mail adapter was truncating subject lines longer than 76 characters due to a bad interaction between security testing and header encoding. Fixed. (Tracker #84, thanks to Mike Sassak for a great bug report)

  • Restore document actions to base view template. The reason for leaving them out probably wasn’t as good as I thought when first excising them. (Tracker #86, thanks to Gregory Hnatiuk)

  • Strip trailing white space in all string-ish fields. Also, don’t accept required fields when only white space is submitted. (Fixes Tracker #79: thanks Rene Pijlman)

  • For Selection or Multi-Selection form fields, no input could result in an error “AttributeError ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘encode’”. This was a bug in the display labels fix in RC3. Fixed. (Tracker #80, thanks Rene Pijlman)

  • The “Thanks Page” option in the form folder edit view would display python scripts and other non-Plone objects. Fixed. (Tracker #78, Thanks Marie Robichon)


  • The creation of sample objects in initializeArchetypes left catalog orphans for the portal_factory objects.Solve the problem by removing them from the portal_catalog and uid_catalog, hopefully not causing other problems in the process. (Tracker #74, Thanks Jeremy Keiper)

  • Made the thanks-page and mailer display labels for selection and multi-selection fields rather than the values. (Tracker #71; thanks to Radim Novotny for diagnosis and patch.)


  • Added localized time support for display (thanks page and mailer) renderings from Date-Time Field. (Tracker #71, thanks, Sufyan Patel)

  • Removed the “hidden” option from most fields. Archetypes support for it was uneven and not really necessary for anything more than strings, lines and text. So, why not get it out of the way? (Tracker #69, thanks to Radim Novotny for pointing out the problem.)

  • Added optional tabular and record supplemental views for save data adapter.

  • Added convenience method ‘getColumnTitles’ to saver.


  • File fields would not show up on the thanks page, and their column names would be omitted from saver data. Fixed.

  • CustomScriptAdapter ‘fields’ parameter was mis-identified as ‘results’ in sample comment documentation. Fixed. (Thanks, Brook Milligan)

  • Made the success action given to CFMFormController always be “traverse_to”. The form previously would traverse to objects implementing IPloneFormGenThanksPage, but redirect to other pages or templates. While there might be reasons to do this, they’re overwhelmed by the puzzle this might pose for the user trying to figure out why request was available for one type and not another. Note that this does not apply to overrides, where the action type must always be specified.

  • Custom validators for File Fields always received None as “value” parameter due to the fact that the file widget appends _file to the input name. Fixed. (Tracker #64; Thanks, Kiran Jonnalagadda for a diagnosis and patch.)


  • Attempts to use acquired scripts in form setup and after validation overrides of form would provoke an AttributeError. Scripts inside the form folder worked. This was due to an unfortunate choice of workaround for expression context poisoning: aq_explicit was being used for the context. Added a cleanExpressionContext routine to clean the expression context instead by deleting the cache for the object context after calling a TALES expression. That allowed fixing the context to allow acquisition. (Tracker #62)

  • Added convenience method InputAsDictionaries to save-data adapter. Returns saved data as list of dictionaries with column keys.

  • fgGetSuccessAction was unnecessarily causing a traverse from the Zope root. This was a problem if any parent of the form was private. Fixed. (Tracker #60; Thanks Marcel)

  • Downloading data from the save data adapter would provoke a Unicode exception if data included non-ASCII, ‘use column names’ was in effect, and one of the preset extra data choices was checked. Fixed. (Tracker #55)

  • DataGridField example: DGF field wasn’t being added to fieldset allowed types. Fixed. (Tracker #61, thanks, Paul Eipper)

  • Added explicit, empty .po files for English to (hopefully) resolve tracker #56 (thanks, Christof Haemmerle and sydw (#plone).


  • Added Polish (PL) translation donated by Lukasz Lichota. Fixed up a couple of duplicate msgids revealed by the new translation files.

  • More uninstall cleanup. On uninstall, remove FormFolder and FieldsetFolder from siteProperties use_folder_tabs and typesLinkToFolderContentsInFC. (Tracker #57, thanks DigitalD)

  • The validation message cleanup routine introduced in 1.1 beta 1 would fail with a message “TypeError: cleanupMessage() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)” under Plone < 2.5. Fixed.

  • Added class selector to div surrounding form to facilitate CSS decoration. (Tracker #46, Thanks Steve Rauch)

  • When possible, get guess_content_type from rather than OFS.content_types. Now no deprecation errors in 2.5.2 RC 1.

  • A KeyError exception in an action adapter would be swallowed by a too extensive try/except. Fixed. (Tracker #54, thanks, Maurits van Rees)

  • Added an example of adding a new widget to PFG from another product. Copy PFGDataGrid from the examples directory to Products/ to activate a DataGridField form field.

  • Using an after-validation override was clobbering the expression context, causing an error if we ended up traversing to a template. Fixed.

  • On uninstall, remove ‘PloneFormGen’ layer from all skin selections.


  • Added “Execution Condition” override to action adapters. This allows conditional execution of action adapters depending on form input.

  • Atopia <> has contributed a Dutch translation. Thanks!

  • Simon K?ser has contributed a German translation. Thanks!


  • Added a rudimentary facility to return better alternatives to the Archetypes validation messages. These should also be translatable. This will probably need refinement. Ideally, we’ll abandon it when this gets straightened out in Archetypes. Thanks to Matej Baric (#plone mte) for pressing me on the need for this.

  • The thanks page option to ignore empty fields wasn’t working. Fixed.

  • Workaround what I consider a Zope marshalling error: the production of lists like [‘one’, ‘’] and [‘’] for list fields. PFG will now pop list results if the last item is an empty string. This is done before validation.

  • Made installation add FormFolder to default_page_types. (Tracker #49: Thanks, Jon Stahl)


  • Fixed bad interaction between Thanks Pages and fieldsets. (Tracker #44, Thanks: David Sandy)

  • Attempted to exterminate all the cases where PFG tests to see if a field is a label or file field by checking the meta_type. Replaced with tests of isLabel or isFileField methods. This is a first step towards making it easier to add support for new field types.


  • Added “Fieldset Folder”, which puts its enclosed fields into an XHTML fieldset with an optional legend. (Feature Enhancement Proposal #2, thanks Michael Dunlap)

  • Added TALES overrides for subject, sender and recipient to the mailer. (Tracker #43, thanks: Pierre-Yves Landure)

  • Fix for Tracker #42 - Editing Short Names Has No Effect. (Thanks: Kevin Strasser)


  • Added default mail addressing setup to configlet.

  • Added default mail template setup to configlet.

  • Activate action adapters on creation to save confusion.

  • Set up a portal_properties property sheet for site configuration persistence.


  • Added a configlet to control association of roles and PFG permissions at the portal root. (This completes Feature Enhancement Proposal #3, thanks Joel Burton)

  • Moved recipient fields of mail adapter to default schema. They’re the most likely to be customized.

  • Added specific permissions for advanced and encryption-related fields. We’ll use these to hide the fields from roles that needn’t see them.

  • Add framework to allow different add permissions for different content types. Set individual add permission for Custom Script Adapter.

  • Mailer wasn’t picking up owner e-mail address unless owner is a manager. Fixed.

  • Removing an active action adapter would result in a KeyError on form submit. Fixed. The missing adapter will now be ignored.

  • Added “Custom Script Adapter” by Mikko Ohtamaa (#plone: Moo). This is an action adapter that makes it easy to script success actions without having to use the ZMI to add/manipulate a python script. Note: PythonField (from the ScriptableFields bundle) is now required.

  • Change configure.zcml.plone25 to be configure.zcml. Users of Plone 2.1.x will need to delete or rename this file to avoid errors (unless they have independently updated Five).


  • The memberEmail and memberFullName methods (convenience methods for use in defaults) were only working for managers. Fixed. (Tracker #39, thanks: Jacob Nordfalk)

  • Using the “Form Setup Script” override in Plone 2.5.1 would cause a misleading “NameError: name ‘checkPermission’ is not defined” error on form display. Evaluation of the TALESField was clobbering the request’s expression context. Fixed. (Tracker #37, thanks: Andreas Jung)

  • Mailer was using MIMEMultipart even when there were no attachments. Fixed. (tracker #36, thanks: Igor Stroh)


  • Set default maxlength for textarea form field to 0 to work around the Archetypes 1.4.1 “characters remaining” bug <>.

  • Added option to get column names as a first line in input downloaded from save adapter. (thanks: Servilio Afre Puentes)

  • International characters in a field title could cause a unicode decode error in the mail adapter’s addressing schema. Fixed. (tracker #35, thanks: Pierre-Yves Landure)

  • Creating a form field with an ID of ‘language’ would cause a nasty, hard-to-debug problem with PTS. PFG will now raise a BadRequest exception if the user tries to injure themselves this way. (tracker #32, thanks, Rocky Burt)

  • Fixed a problem with the MaxLengthValdiator where sometimes an unset (by the user) widget.maxlength actually has an empty string as the value which would make the int(widget.maxlength) call fail (Rocky Burt).

  • The mailer was including rich-text labels in mailed results; save-data adapter was including rich-text and plain labels. Fixed. (Tracker #31, thanks: jim sfba)


  • Made PATH_INFO a default member of the x-info headers for mailer.

  • Tightened field read permissions (from View to ModifyPortalContent) on mailer to prevent the view method from disclosing its settings.

  • Added rich text label (tracker #28, thanks: Pierre-Yves Landure)

  • Added .mo files for existing translations in locales/.


  • More i18n fixes from Pierre-Yves Landure (tracker #24).

  • Added functional tests for mailer, saver and fgValidate.

  • Allow multiple live action adapters. (tracker #12)


  • Added marker interface for thanks pages to make it easier to use a derived content type for that purpose. (Thanks: Emyr Thomas)

  • Added After Validation override to form folder.

  • Added header injection override to form folder.

i18n work by Pierre-Yves Landure:

  • Added a better localisation support, compatible with Five and Zope 3.

  • Corrected an i18n bug in Mailer Adapter

  • Completed french translation


  • Switch version numbering to match the release mangement process of PloneSoftwareCenter.

  • Added uninstall code that cleans up most of what the install routine does.

  • Added to thanks page the ability to display a different message when there’s no form submit. (tracker #15; thanks: Emyr Thomas)


  • Made it easy (too easy?) to clear input saved in save data adapter.

  • Rich text field now has control over use of HTMLTidy. Only appears if HTMLTidy is available.

  • Added a “Form Setup Script” option to the form override fieldset. This is meant to allow for a script to set up multiple field defaults.

  • Activated encryption for mail adapter. Note that the encryption field set will not display unless gpg is available.


  • Added convenience methods for use in default overrides to get member data: memberFullName, memberEmail, memberId. This is a partial solution to tracker #10 (thanks, Norbert Klamann). Made sample form replyto use here/memberEmail

  • Fixed problem with Plone 2.5 that prevented use of custom defaults and validators in field preview context. For those who are interested, it turns out that tales expression evaluation caches contexts, so its necessary to set the object context carefully to avoid sabotaging other tales evaluations.

  • Make a blank custom validator act as if python:False

  • Make field custom validators a bit easier to use by having a ‘value’ variable available. Asking folks to handle the request may be a bit much.

  • Custom field validators weren’t working a form context. Fixed.

  • Added form action override. (tracker #6, thanks: Michael Dunlap)

  • Lots of i18n machinery fixes, including for vocabularies for selection and multi-selection widgets. Generated first .pot file.


  • Added ‘thanks page’ content type that’s smart enough to display select field input. (tracker #3, thanks: Kim Nielsen)

  • CSV download option for save adapter. (tracker #1, thanks: Jon Stahl)

  • Mailer will now throw an assertion exception if there is no specified recipient e-mail address and the owner doesn’t have an address. This is rude, but better than an unintelligible traceback due to an SMTP error. (tracker #7, thanks: Carl Brewer)

  • Added checked/unchecked validators for boolean field (tracker #4, thanks: Kim Nielsen)

  • Removed confusing and unnecessary require & hidden options from label field (tracker #2, thanks: Kim Nielsen)


  • On initial creation, a Form Folder now populates itself with a sample mail form

  • Gave saveDataAdapter a download method and matching permission

  • Removed “Form” prefix from field type names

  • Consolidated repeatedly used schema fields

  • Changed 18n domain to ploneformgen


  • Mail adapter now handles file fields as attachments.

  • File field input length validated against maximum.

  • Added maxlength validator. Applied it wherever widget has maxlength attribute.

  • Allow button label customization.

  • Added override for thank you page.

  • Mail adaptor: allow use of selection fields for recipient.

  • Mail Adaptor: pick up optional HTTP headers for use as X- mail headers.


  • Added first draft of e-mail adapter. Much of the code and schema derived from PloneFormMailer (thanks to Jens Klein, Reinout van Rees and their collaborators).

  • Prevented form prologue/epilogue decoration from showing up in field tests.

  • Escaped strings saved by saveDataAdapter


  • Added additional min/max validation to integer field.

  • Added first adapter – save data to tab-delimited format stored in object attribute.

  • Added “hidden” flag to all fields.

  • Converted interfaces to Z3 style (wiggy).

  • Moved Plone content to content subdirectory (wiggy).


  • Added basic unit tests for installation, instantiation and editing

  • Added simple interfaces IfgForm and IfgField, mainly as markers.

  • Made form fields invisible (to the add menu)

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