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PloneLanguageTool allows you to set the available languages in your Plone site, select various fallback mechanisms, and control the use of flags for language selection and translations.

Project description


PloneLanguageTool allows you to set the available languages in your Plone site, select various fallback mechanisms, and control the use of flags for language selection and translations.


PloneLanguageTool was built by:

Parts of development sponsored by Learning Lab Denmark, donated by Plone Solutions.


3.2.10 (2020-04-23)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor packaging updates. (#1)

3.2.9 (2017-08-27)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix import from Globals that is removed in Zope4. [pbauer]

3.2.8 (2016-08-11)


  • Use zope.interface decorator. [gforcada]

3.2.7 (2013-01-17)

  • Registered ILanguageTool interface to LanguageTool by CMFCore.utils.registerToolInterface [gborelli]

3.2.6 (2012-12-09)

3.2.5 (2012-07-02)

  • Update getSite import location. [hannosch]

3.2.4 (2012-01-26)

  • Prevent UnboundLocalError for unassigned variable lang when switchLanguage is called without parameters. [weberlar]

  • Remove versions.txt. [esteele]

3.2.3 - 2011-07-12

3.2.2 - 2011-05-20

  • Handle Language() returning an empty string (for dexterity objects). [elro]

3.2.1 - 2011-05-20

  • Support content language negotiation when virtual hosting beneath the site root. [elro]

  • Support content language negotiation using virtual host subpath (_vh_name) urls. [elro]

  • Avoid setting up the language twice when virtual hosting at the site root. [elro]

3.2.0 - 2011-05-18

  • Factor out language negotiation to a multi-adapter on (site, request) to INegotiateLanguage. [elro]

  • Simplify LanguageBinding.setLanguageBindings with list.append. [elro]

3.1.0 - 2011-05-12

  • Make set_cookie_everywhere default to False on new sites. Most sites have only a single language and setting cookies for anonymous users hurts cacheing. [elro]

3.0.9 - 2011-02-28

  • Add option set_cookie_everywhere. This allows us to set cookies only if ‘set_language’ is present as a request parameter, i.e. if an explicit request was made by the user to set their language. [nouri]

3.0.8 - 2010-08-04

  • Update tests to avoid using reserved id attribute on the test case. [davisagli]

3.0.7 - 2010-07-28

  • Added “(Required for the language selector viewlet to be rendered.)” to the label “Use cookie for manual override.”. [kleist]

3.0.6 - 2010-06-13

  • Avoid deprecation warnings under Zope 2.13. [hannosch]

  • Use the canonical VHM as the id of the virtual host monster. In Zope >= 2.12.7 the id is not configurable anymore. [hannosch]

3.0.5 - 2010-06-03

  • Fix html syntax error (Chameleon compatibility). [wichert]

  • Fix condition to not call setLanguageCookie() if the cookie language is already set. Cosmetic fix as setLanguageCookie() does the same check already. [csenger]

3.0.4 - 2009-11-13

  • Let the content language negotiator handle an ISiteRoot. [hannosch]

  • Mirco-optimization in getContentLanguage. [hannosch]

  • Use PATH_INFO instead of PATH_TRANSLATED in the content language negotiator. [hannosch]

  • Remove possibility of infinite recursion in setLanguageBindings. [lrowe]

3.0.3 - 2009-09-05

  • Backported c79174 from trunk. Avoid deprecation warnings for InitializeClass. [hannosch]

3.0.2 - 2009-07-06

  • Added tests for virtual hosting and content negotiator. Noted incompatibility between content based negotiator and virtual hosting for anything except the Plone site object itself. [hannosch]

  • In content negotiator, check for IContentish before looking up Language, otherwise chop off url parts and try again. [tesdal]

3.0.1 - 2009-04-15

  • Fixed test setup so it doesn’t mess with CMFTestCase’s default layers. [stefan]

  • Fixed content language negotiator to work in a virtual hosting environment. This closes [hannosch, erral, wigwam]

3.0 - 2009-02-20

  • Deprecated the isTranslatable method of the language tool. This is the only place that relies on LinguaPlone’s ITranslatable interface. [hannosch]

  • Reformat changelog and update package metadata. [hannosch]

  • Changed default value for display_flags to false. In most settings a language to country flag association is not desirable. [hannosch]

  • Update tests to be based on a minimal CMFTestCase setup and remove dependencies on CMFPlone code. [hannosch]

  • The ITranslatable interface is gone from CMFPlone. Provide our own dummy version if LinguaPlone is not installed. [hannosch]

  • Add option to restrict cookie negotiation to authenticated users. [stefan]

  • Added showSelector API to tool. This API is called to determine visibility of the language selector viewlet. See [stefan]

  • Added subdomain negotiator. [stefan]

  • Hide the deprecation warning about the moved ITranslatable interface for our own code. [hannosch]

  • Added an UI option for setting the content language negotiator. [hannosch]

2.1 - 2007-12-31

  • Added metadata.xml to GenericSetup profile. [hannosch]

  • Added BBB code for the ITranslatable interface now part of LinguaPlone. [hannosch]

  • Merge content language-based negotiator from psol-content-language branch from tesdal. [wichert]

  • Add missing GenericSetup import and export step registration. [wichert]

2.0 - 2007-08-09

  • No changes. [hannosch]

2.0rc1 - 2007-07-09

  • Changed the default for start_neutral. We don’t start with neutral content anymore. [hannosch]

  • Removed registration of the language tool as an utility. It acquires the REQUEST from self. [hannosch]

  • Fixed path language negotiator to work with combined language codes. This closes [hannosch]

  • Deprecated the old-style portlet_language portlet. It has been moved to the plone_deprecated layer in CMFPlone and will be removed in Plone 4.0. [hannosch]

  • Removed the prefs_languages template in favor of a new formlib-based control panel in [hannosch]

  • Updated some of the attributes on the language tool. [hannosch]

  • Fixed a KeyError while disabling country-specific language variants when the default language was a combined language code. This closes [hannosch]

  • Minor template corrections to prefs_languages. [hannosch]

2.0b4 - 2007-05-05

  • Removed the five:registerPackage statement again. It causes problems in a ZEO environment. [hannosch]

  • Added missing i18n markup to the prefs panel. [hannosch]

2.0b3 - 2007-05-01

  • Use getToolByName to get the portal_properties tool. [wichert]

  • Use English as default language if we can not find the properties tool. This can occur when browsing an unmigrated site through the ZMI. [wichert]

  • Content which is still being created is not translatable. [wichert]

  • Ported ccTLD negotiation logic over from the 1.x branch. [wichert]

2.0b2 - 2007-03-23

  • Added GS extension profile for product installation. [hannosch]

  • Added Zope3 interface to the language tool and use it for the registerToolInterface method. [hannosch]

2.0b1 - 2007-03-05

  • Integration and refactoring into plone.i18n / packages. [hannosch]

1.6 - 2007-04-22

  • Fix javascript bug that prevented the ‘flagless’ language selection drop down from having an effect. FireBug complained: “this.options is not a function” and indeed it is an array. [maurits]

  • Added a ccTLD based language negotiator. [wichert]

  • Added note about deprecation of the local language and country addition functionality and the corresponding methods. According to and these never worked anyways. [hannosch]

1.5 - 2006-12-15

1.4 - 2006-09-08

  • Changed the browser language based negotiation to recognize combined language codes as the base language if only the base language is allowed and specified in the browser. So if the browser requests the site in ‘de-de’ and only ‘de’ is allowed for the site, it is recognized as ‘de’. If the usage of combined language codes is explicitly enabled this fallback is not applied, so you can still have full control over combined codes as well. This closes [hannosch]

1.3 - 2006-06-17

  • Use the Norwegian flag for Nynorsk. [limi]

  • Removed all accidentally added country flags in 16x16 PNG format again and converted them to 14x11 GIF format. Transparent PNG don’t work in IE. [limi]

  • Fixed changing supported languages in the control panel. It silently failed for the case of only one resulting supported language. [hannosch]

  • Fixed displaying flags in the portlet_languages by using getFlagForLanguageCode. [jladage]

  • Cleaned up because it contained a lot of I18NLayer specific code. I added the original file to I18NLayer. Also changed .gif to .png in the portlet_languages. [jladage]

  • Readded flag for Esperanto, we use flag-eo.png as there’s no country code. This closes [hannosch]

1.2 - 2006-06-01

1.1 - 2006-05-15

  • Avoid DeprecationWarning for product_name. [hannosch]

  • Replaced the available language selector in the preference panel with a new one, which shows both the original and the english language names as well as the country flag which might be used for the language switcher and the language code. It is possible to sort on any of these criteria as well as on the ‘selected’ status by clicking on the table heading. [hannosch] [limi]

  • Removed all language flags in 15x12 GIF format and replaced them with 16x16 PNG country flags. These are named flag-<country code>.png. The country codes follow the ISO 3166 standard. The mapping of flags to languages is now more flexibly handled through a new underlying format in, which would allow to map the same flag to more than one language without having to duplicate the file as it was needed with the former approach. [hannosch] [limi]

1.0 - 2006-03-19

  • Added a Welsh flag. [russf]

  • Adding flags for Bosnia and Serbia. Jakub Steiner, you rock! [limi]

  • Converted some runtime tests to doctests. [hannosch]

  • Fixed Latvian language name. Thanks to Michael Dexter for the heads up. [deo]

0.9 - 2005-12-18

  • Fix - if the default language was not contained in the supported languages the config form showed a false default language and the form had to be saved again to get the desired result. Now in this special case the default language is set to the first supported language. [hannosch]

  • Added removeCountry and removeLanguage methods as counterpart for the corresponding add-methods. Added some basic tests. [hannosch]

  • Added start_neutral content language setting. Now you can control if the content should start as language neutral or in the current selected language. [deo]

  • Fix - misspelled i18n msgid [hannosch]

0.8 - 2005-10-08

  • Fixed two missing i18n tags in [hannosch]

  • Fixed - missing i18n tags in [hannosch]

  • Fixed - fixed missing p-tag in portal_languages/manage_configForm [hannosch]

  • i18n: moved all files to PloneTranslations and added README.txt [hannosch]

0.7 - 2005-09-04

  • See ChangeLog for details on former releases

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