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Official meetings management

Project description

Products.PloneMeeting is a package that allows to manage official meetings involving a list of items discussed during a meeting. PyPI badge


4.2.9 (2024-06-10)

  • In EveryAnnexTypesVocabulary use content_category icon image scale instead portal_url.getRelativeUrl so it is cached. [gbastien]

  • Execute upgrade_step_4211_add_item_widgets.xml adding faceted criterion title only again in upgrade to 4214 as it was not in default_dashboard_items_widgets.xml, new MeetingConfig added since profile version 4211 are missing this criterion. [gbastien]

  • Completed print_votes so it manages every vote_values (does_not_vote, not_found, invalid, blank). Adapted parameter single_vote_value so we can define a single value or a different value for each vote_values. Adapted parameter include_voters=False that maye be False/True or a list of vote values. Added parameter include_voters_percent_treshold=100 that is an integer value from 0 to 100 that will display voters if ratio between number of voters and total voters exceeds the treshold. [gbastien]

  • Added field MeetingItem.restrictedCopyGroups, a secondary copyGroups field where we can define other groups having access to item in other (later) states. [gbastien]

  • Now every deletion is protected by IContentDeletable, including default Plone deletion using manage_delObjects. [gbastien]

  • Fixed item number not saved when using Disk icon to change item number on meeting view when item number is a subnumber. [gbastien]

  • Fixed validation of meeting signatories when creating a meeting, it was possible to create a meeting with several signatories using same signature number. [gbastien]

  • Added per power observer complementary workflow adaptation to base hide_decisions_when_under_writing to let the selected power observers have access to the item decision. [gbastien]

  • Improve view.print_attendees_by_type to be able to customize the in and out count more. [aduchene]

  • Allow to use OrderedDict in POD templates. [aduchene]

  • Fixed attendees statistics wrong absent/excused computation in sheet by meeting. [gbastien]

  • Integrate imio.webspellchecker to replace Scayt for CKEditor. As WSC is started when focus is set in CKEditor field, set focus on field when using quick edit. [gbastien]

  • Avoid double click on POD template mailing list. [gbastien]

  • Generate Meeting/MeetingItem portal_type title based on MeetingConfig title instead translating it. [gbastien]

  • Optimized @@load_item_assembly_and_signatures especially when several voters (50) and votes for an item (25). [gbastien]

  • Fixed encode votes for several items failed when there was a no_vote item in the way. [gbastien]

4.2.9rc6 (2024-04-10)

  • Moved field Meeting.pre_observations before Meeting.observations. [gbastien]

  • Make test_pm_WFA_availableWFAdaptations more robust by generating the presented_item_back_to_ WF adaptations as it relies on defined MeetingConfig.itemWFValidationLevels. [gbastien]

  • Make tests using utils.set_field_from_ajax more robust by using field description instead decision as in some case (subplugin), decision field is not writable. [gbastien]

  • Do not automatically reinitialize the delay of an advice during the MeetingConfig.transitionsReinitializingDelays if delay was timed out, this will have to be done manually. [gbastien]

  • Renamed test_pm_WFA_waiting_advices to test_pm_WFA_waiting_advices_base so it can be executed separately than other test_pm_WFA_waiting_advices_ tests. Completed test_pm_ItemActionsPanelCachingProfiles to check when reviewer may also edit crated item (when using extra_suffixes), this way we may remove _reviewers_may_edit_itemcreated helper. [gbastien]

  • Fixed test_pm_ItemMailNotificationLateItem when called from subplugins. [gbastien]

  • Make test_pm_Validate_itemWFValidationLevels_removed_depending_used_state_item and test_pm_SearchItemsToCorrectToValidateOfEveryReviewerGroups more robust when called from subplugin. [gbastien]

  • Adapted Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.advicetypesvocabulary, used in advice types faceted filter to take into account ToolPloneMeeting.advisersConfig.advice_types. [gbastien]

  • Add two types of email notifications to suffixes about given advices. Added upgrade step to 4214 to update MeetingConfig.mailItemEvents. [aduchene]

  • Add a notification to power observers about late items. [aduchene]

  • When MeetingConfig.mailMode is set to test, display the sent mail subject and recipients in a portal message. [gbastien]

  • Do not break in MeetingConfig POD templates when some reusable POD templates were deleted or marked no more reusable. [gbastien]

  • Import safe_encode from imio.pyutils instead imio.helpers. [gbastien]

  • Now that @@folder_contents works on DashboardCollection, added test_pm_Folder_contents to confirm it. [gbastien]

  • Added tobytes and fileSize from Products.CPUtils to safe_utils, this is necessary to convert portal_catalog getObjSize format to bytes and bytes to a human readable format. [gbastien]

  • Back to previous behavior in utils._sendMail, when sending an email with attachment, send it only one time to every recipients instead sending it one time by recipient. [gbastien]

  • Avoid vocabulary AskedAdvicesVocabulary being empty when cached because MeetingConfig could not be obtained. [gbastien]

  • Display MeetingConfig.usingGroups field on MeetingConfig view home page under Groups and users to identify easily a MeetingConfig using this parameter. [gbastien]

  • Added parameters withItemNumber=False and withItemReference=False to MeetingItem.Title to have the item title prefixed with item reference and/or item number. [gbastien]

  • Adapted utils._sendMail to use bcc (blind carbon copy) when sending an email with attachment (one email sent to several recipients). [gbastien]

  • Display TAL condition by default on MeetingConfig view in POD templates section. [gbastien]

4.2.9rc5 (2024-03-14)

  • Added upgrade step to 4213 to fix POD templates that were using .adapted().getCertifiedSignatures() to .getCertifiedSignatures(), MeetingItem.getCertifiedSignatures is no more an adaptable method. [gbastien]

4.2.9rc4 (2024-03-14)

  • Added org_uid to elements available when evaluating the TAL expression on an organization to compute as_copy_groups_on. [gbastien]

  • Adapted MeetingCategory.is_selectable, will no more be selectable if functionnality not enabled in MeetingConfig. [gbastien]

  • Added warning on MeetingConfig view in the POD templates section to warn user to edit templates only if relevant and to never user MS Word. [gbastien]

  • Avoid UnicodeDecodeError in ConfigHideHistoryTosVocabulary. [gbastien]

  • MeetingItem.getCertifiedSignatures is no more an adaptable method. [gbastien]

  • Moved field advice.advice_reference under advice.advice_accounting_commitment so RichText fields are grouped together. Display advice_reference in advice tooltipster when not empty. [gbastien]

4.2.9rc3 (2024-03-05)

  • Fixed custom advice WF UI:

    • do not display given_by information when using the default advice workflow;

    • in onAdviceTransition event, notify AdviceAfterTransitionEvent after hidden_during_redaction auto set to False management;

    • adapted import_data to manage advisersConfig.


  • Display advice type id when using vocabulary ConfigAdviceTypes in the configuration. [gbastien]

  • Removed redirect from ChangeItemCompletenessView._changeCompleteness, this is already managed in the __call__ method, this avoid a redirect when calling _changeCompleteness directly from another code, like an event. [gbastien]

  • Added some padding top of custom advice message on advice view. [gbastien]

  • Optimized MeetingItem._updateAdvices to avoid several computation of advisers when using inherited advices. This also fixes problem with optional key that was wrongly initialized for inherited advices. [gbastien]

  • Removed unused vocabularies PMEveryCategoryVocabulary and PMEveryCategoryTitleVocabulary. [gbastien]

4.2.9rc2 (2024-02-26)

  • Added helper MeetingConfig.get_transitions_to_close_a_meeting. Removed adaptable method MeetingItemWorkflowActions._latePresentedItemTransitions no more necessary as this is managed automatically now based on MeetingConfig.onMeetingTransitionItemActionToExecute. [gbastien]

  • Added to safe_utils so it is available in TAL expressions. [gbastien]

  • Make sure print_votes always return a string when render_as_html=True. [gbastien]

  • Removed field IPMPerson.userid, instead use behavior that will add fields userid and primary_organization. We use primary_organization as a way to manage default proposingGroup when creating an item. [gbastien]

  • Fixed utils._sendMail to avoid UnicodeDecodeError. Also refactored it so the loop on recipients is managed by utils._sendMail and one mail is sent by recipient in any case (attachments or not). [gbastien]

  • Use ZLogHandler in ToolPloneMeeting.update_all_local_roles. [aduchene]

4.2.9rc1 (2024-02-08)

  • Adapted portal tabs sub menu styling to make more sub menu. [gbastien]

  • Fixed critical bug while sending mail that was preventing to use the MailHost mail_queue because using secureSend from Products.CMFPlone that is deprecated and that use immediate=True. Now emails will be correctly using the mail_queue and start it when necessary. [gbastien]

  • In utils.updateAnnexesAccess, make sure we do not acquire attribute categorized_elements or update is done several times, this is the case when called on an advice, the parent item attribute was used. [gbastien]

  • Prevent a siteadmin from renaming an item linked to a meeting (an item that is no more in it’s WF initial state) or it breaks the link with the meeting. [gbastien]

4.2.9b9 (2024-01-31)

  • Make the advice given_on date use final WF state when using a custom WF. [gbastien]

4.2.9b8 (2024-01-18)

  • Do not show_advice_on_final_wf_transition when item is set in a wf state in which advice can not be edited anymore if advice did not reached it’s final state (when using advice custom worklow). [gbastien]

4.2.9b7 (2024-01-11)

  • Added Export PDF action to MeetingConfig.itemActionsColumnConfig. [gbastien]

4.2.9b6 (2024-01-11)

  • Removed constant config.ADVICE_STATES_ALIVE, it is now managed automatically by utils.get_advice_alive_states and it will ne more be necessary to override it in custom profiles. [gbastien]

  • In tests, use imio.helpers.content.richtextval everywhere a RichTextValue is used. [gbastien]

  • Check user is creator in item actions_panel caching invalidation. [gbastien]

4.2.9b5 (2024-01-02)

  • When advice is asked_again display left delay correctly, full delay is displayed when advice is supposed given, but when is it asked_again it is not the case. [gbastien]

  • Added Export PDF action on item to be able to export in a single PDF file several selected PDF generated POD templates and PDF annexes. [gbastien]

  • Added sortable functionnality to the PMCheckBoxWidget, use it in the item Export PDF form to be able to reorder exported elements. [gbastien]

  • Fixed CSS of advice popup label when very long. [gbastien]

  • When copyGroups have access to item, highlight full Copy groups label in green. [gbastien]

4.2.9b4 (2023-12-11)

  • Mail notifications adviceEdited and adviceEditedOwner are no more sent if advice is hidden during redaction. [gbastien]

  • Fixed AdvicesIcons.get_advice_given_by to only return a value when using custom WF (more than one initial state) and if WF reached it’s final state. [gbastien]

4.2.9b3 (2023-11-27)

  • Fixed MeetingConfig.listTransitionsUntilPresented that was raising UnicodeDecodeError now that we use unicode arrow in term title. Use unicode arrow in utils.get_dx_attrs when as_display_list=True. [gbastien]

4.2.9b2 (2023-11-27)

  • Display last transition actor and comment in item mail notifications for mail events:

    • lateItem;

    • itemUnpresented;

    • itemDelayed;

    • itemPostponedNextMeeting;

    • returnedToProposingGroup;

    • returnedToMeetingManagers.

    Added new item mail event itemPostponedNextMeetingOwner (in addition to itemPostponedNextMeeting). [gbastien]

  • Fixed ItemOptionalAdvicesVocabulary caching to take into account delay aware advisers in cachekey as it is computed and depends on context. Fixed also a bug when some __userid__ selected values were no more in the vocabulary with other values still in the vocabulary. [gbastien]

  • Added MeetingConfig.show_copy_groups_search that is used to protect copyGroups related searches. [gbastien]

  • Fixed PMCategorizedChildView.__call___, if no categorized elements, do not return just [] but the parameter show_nothing value, as it is rendered differently if True or False. [gbastien]

  • Make MeetingItem.meetingDeadlineDate displayable in dashboards as static info (always visible in the item Title column). [gbastien]

  • Static info Item reference is now selectable in the MeetingConfig.availableItemsListVisibleColumns as item reference may now be set before item is inserted into a meeting. [gbastien]

  • Added static_labels and static_item_reference to the selectable values for MeetingConfig.itemsVisibleFields and MeetingConfig.itemsNotViewableVisibleFields. [gbastien]

  • Added complementary WFAdaptation postpone_next_meeting_keep_internal_number that will keep the MeetingItem.internal_number when postpone_next_meeting an item as the new item is somewhat the same presented again in another meeting. [gbastien]

  • Added complementary WFAdaptation postpone_next_meeting_transfer_annex_scan_id that will keep the annexes with a scan_id but transfer this scan_id from original annexes (where scan_id is set to None) to new annexes. [gbastien]

  • Added advice_hide_during_redaction_history to store advice.advice_hide_during_redaction changes by user. [gbastien]

  • Simplified ToolPloneMeeting to be able to move it to a registry adapter as light as possible, so remove most functionnalities from it:

    • Moved ToolPloneMeeting.showMeetingView to MeetingFacetedView.show_page as it is only used there;

    • Removed TooPloneMeeting.getColoredLink, use MeetingItem.getPrettyLink;

    • Moved ToolPloneMeeting.getMailRecipient to utils;

    • Moved ToolPloneMeeting.getAdvicePortalTypes and ToolPloneMeeting.getAdvicePortalTypeIds to utils;

    • Moved ToolPloneMeeting.getAvailableMailingLists to utils;

    • Removed no more used;

    • Moved ToolPloneMeeting.isPowerObserverForCfg to utils.isPowerObserverForCfg;

    • Replaced ToolPloneMeeting.getUserName by imio.helpers.content.get_user_fullname everywhere it was used.


  • Adapted DisplayMeetingItemVoters helper view on meeting to display items with No vote separately than items with public and secret votes and to not display it in non voted items anymore. [gbastien]

  • Added faceted filter criterion Item title only to query items on items’s title only using the Title index. [gbastien]

  • When using MeetingConfig.computeItemReferenceForItemsOutOfMeeting, do not clear item reference when meeting back to created or when item back to validated. Renamed MeetingItem.mustShowItemReference to MeetingItem.show_item_reference. [gbastien]

  • In dashboards displaying items, display Proposing group before Category and Classifier. [gbastien]

  • Fixed update categorized_elements of advices when advice moved as stored path changed (when advice is given on an item that is itemcreated and that is renamed). [gbastien]

  • Make sure every item related searches (Collection) use sort_on modified as this is not visible in the application because faceted sort_on overrides it but it is now taken into account when using restapi with a base_search_uid. [gbastien]

4.2.9b1 (2023-10-27)

  • Added advanced advice management using ToolPloneMeeting.advisersConfig:

    • possible to associate a new advice portal_type to some organizations;

    • reworked advice infos template to add more CSS classes to additional infos;

    • display the Advice given by information;

    • added possibility to hide advice history to power observers and to everyone and to hide meeting history to powerobservers.


  • Use CompoundCriterion adapter living-items for the searchlivingitems Collection so selected states are always correct if item workflow configuration changed. [gbastien]

  • When advice is asked_again display left delay correctly, full delay is displayed when advice is supposed given, but when is it asked_again it is not the case. [gbastien]

  • Added sortable functionnality to the PMCheckBoxWidget, use it in the item Export PDF form to be able to reorder exported elements. [gbastien]

  • Mail notifications adviceEdited and adviceEditedOwner are no more sent if advice is hidden during redaction. [gbastien]

  • Fixed AdvicesIcons.get_advice_given_by to only return a value when using custom WF (more than one initial state) and if WF reached it’s final state. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingConfig.listTransitionsUntilPresented that was raising UnicodeDecodeError now that we use unicode arrow in term title. Use unicode arrow in utils.get_dx_attrs when as_display_list=True. [gbastien]

  • Check user is creator in item actions_panel caching invalidation. [gbastien]

  • Display created/modified dates on MeetingConfig view for categories, classifiers, recurring items, searches and pod templates. [gbastien]

  • Added in and out count to print_attendees_by_type. [aduchene]

  • In utils.set_field_from_ajax, check again that user may actually edit given field_name to avoid malicious or erroneous use of it. [gbastien]

  • Added new value execute_tal_expression for MeetingConfig.onTransitionFieldTransforms.field_name, this way it is now possible to define a TAL expression to execute after an item WF transition that will not change the content of a richtext field. [gbastien]

4.2.8 (2023-10-27)

  • Added new advice type Read. [gbastien]

  • Added a new utils set_internal_number to be able to change the internal_number. [aduchene]

  • Removed config.BARCODE_INSERTED_ATTR_ID, we do not use it anymore to check if a barcode was inserted, we rely on the scan_id. Added upgrade step to 4210. [gbastien]

  • Added holidays for 2024. Completed upgrade step to 4210. [aduchene]

4.2.7 (2023-10-19)

  • Override the org_pretty_link_with_additional_infos column used in contacts dashboards to reload widget of held_position.position_type field as the vocabulary is gender aware, values may change from a held_position to another. [gbastien]

  • Load communesplone.layout zcml sooner so overrided translations are loaded, this is especially the case for label_by_author translation. [gbastien]

  • Fixed ItemOptionalAdvicesVocabulary to manage correctly missing terms when it involves userids. Added caching as it is used when editing an item. [gbastien]

  • Added imio.helpers.xhtml.unescape_html to safe_utils so it is available in TAL expressions, this will decode an HTML content containing HTML entities. [gbastien]

  • Added new optional field MeetingItem.meetingDeadlineDate and the related faceted dashboard column. [gbastien]

  • Added 2 new advice types negative_with_remarks and back_to_proposing_group. [gbastien]

4.2.6 (2023-09-21)

  • Fixed migration to 4209:

    • Remove broken annexes before upgrading collective.iconifiedcategory;

    • Migrate cfg/getUseCopies in TAL expressions;

    • Upgrade imio.annex before updating annex portal_type.


  • Advice historized data preview that was only accessible to MeetingManagers is now accessible to advisers of the historized data advice and proposingGroup members. [gbastien]

  • Make sure data_changes history does not use highlight_last_comment or it drastically slows down item view when used. [gbastien]

  • Protect history icon in advice popup the same way the history link is protected on the advice view. [gbastien]

  • Use imio.history.utils.add_event_to_history to manage new history event for item completeness and emergency changes. In views displaying the history use the adapter to get the history instead accessing the stored attribute. [gbastien]

  • CSS improvements:

    • Refreshed meeting select dropdown;

    • For long multiselect fields for which max height is fixed to avoid a too long field, fixed the field label so it is always visible.

    [aduchene, gbastien]

4.2.5 (2023-09-12)

  • Make the Change groups in charge batch action available on meetings. [gbastien]

  • Removed monkeypatch for that was done to display input/output logging as this was moved to imio.restapi. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to enable annex preview on a per annex category basis. When enabled, annex may only be downloaded by proposing group members and (Meeting)Managers. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to not keep some annexes when item sent to another MC. Needed to refactor override of ContentCategory, moved back code from Added validation for ContentCategory.other_mc_correspondences. [gbastien]

  • By default, when an item sent to another MC, annexes with a scan_id are not kept. Now annexes with a scan_id will be kept if a ContentCategory.other_mc_correspondences is defined (but scan_id is set to None). [gbastien]

  • When removing an item from a meeting, make sure item UID is removed from Meeting.item_attendees_positions and Meeting.item_attendees_order. This rely now on config.MEETING_ATTENDEES_ATTRS that makes sure that every meeting attendees custom attributes are cleaned when item is removed. [gbastien]

  • Display the spinner on annex under conversion when to_print was set to True. Added View preview action on annex and annexDecision that is displayed when a preview is available for the annex. [gbastien]

  • Added batch action to change items copy groups:

    • Removed field MeetingConfig.useCopies and MeetingItem.isCopiesEnabled, field MeetingItem.copyGroups is now an optional field managed by MeetingConfig.usedItemAttributes;

    • Fixed UpdateGroupsInChargeBatchActionForm, make sure item local_roles are correct after groups in charge were changed.


  • Added Copy groups dashboard column. [gbastien]

  • Make more values available in context of TAL expressions. Now values available in TAL expressions and in POD templates expressions are the same. [gbastien]

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.annexEditorMayInsertBarcode to let an annex editor, in addition to the MeetingManagers, insert a barcode into an annex. [gbastien]

  • Added fplog message when using @@reorder-items on a meeting. Original order of items is also logged for examination. [gbastien]

  • Fixed CSS for meeting select box, sometimes selecting a value would not click on the link and load the meeting. [gbastien]

  • Fixed Criteria.compute_criteria, do not change a value of an existing criterion as it is actually the stored data. Enabled caching for Criteria.compute_criteria. [gbastien]

4.2.4 (2023-07-12)

  • Added batch action to change groups in charge. Moved batchactions to [gbastien]

  • Added faceted filter Creator (enabled by default) on listings of meetings. [gbastien]

  • Added upgrade step to re-enable fields meeting.videoconference and meeting.extraordinary_session if it was used on a previous meeting. [gbastien]

4.2.3 (2023-07-07)

  • Fixed lateItem item mail notification that was broken because still using the uid_catalog and meeting DX does not use it anymore. [gbastien]

  • Completed meeting categories functionality:

    • Added optional column in dashboards displaying meetings;

    • Added faceted filter in dashboards displaying meetings (this rely on new parameter MeetingConfig.dashboardMeetingsListingsFilters).


  • Added imio.helpers.workflow.update_role_mappings_for to safe_utils. [gbastien]

  • Added itemdecided workflow adaptation that will add a state itemdecided in the item workflow between itempublished and accepted. [gbastien]

  • Keep field MeetingItem.isAcceptableOutOfMeeting when item duplicated in the same MC (or from an item template). isAcceptableOutOfMeeting is set back to False when using workflow adaptations accepted_out_of_meeting_and_duplicated and accepted_out_of_meeting_emergency_and_duplicated as item is duplicated to be presented in a next meeting. [gbastien]

  • get_state_infos was moved from imio.helpers.content to imio.helpers.workflow, adapted import accordingly. [gbastien]

  • Replaced MeetingItemWorkflowActions._latePresentedItem by MeetingItemWorkflowActions._latePresentedItemTransitions that just needs a tuple of transitions to trigger on a late item, easier to override. [gbastien]

  • Updated link to the documentation. [gbastien]

4.2.2 (2023-06-27)

  • Fixed MeetingConfig.validate_workflowAdaptations. Removing a waiting_advices complementary configuration is allowed, only check for items in review_state waiting_advices if the waiting_advices WFA was removed. [gbastien]

  • Set MeetingStoreItemsPodTemplateAsAnnexBatchActionForm.available_permission to ManagePortal, this new feature from collective.eeafaceted.batchactions avoids overriding the available method. [gbastien]

  • Fixed Migrator.updateWFStatesAndTransitions that was broken now that MeetingConfig STATE_ATTRS/TRANSITION_ATTRS manage DataGridFields. [gbastien]

  • check_zope_admin was moved from Products.CPUtils to [gbastien]

  • Make sure tables with no border are dispalyed as this in every cases (view, dashboards, CKEditor, …). [gbastien]

  • Adapted BatchActions to use new attribute available_permission to avoid overriding the available method. [gbastien]

  • Added category on meetings. [gbastien]

  • Fixed reference not displayed on item in state presented when using MeetingConfig.computeItemReferenceForItemsOutOfMeeting. [gbastien]

  • In users management, a real Zope admin may remove a user. [gbastien]

  • Pass mimetype=’text/plain’ in renderComments methods to avoid portal_transforms wrong mimetype detection. [gbastien]

  • Fixed SelectableCommitteesVocabulary, make sure if a value is stored, it is always in the vocabulary no matter it has usingGroups. [gbastien]

  • When using MeetingConfig.usingGroups, make sure we do not let the role MeetingObserverGlobal access the meetings or groups that are not in MeetingConfig.usingGroups have access and also receive mail notifications about meeting events. Because of code order (events are called before the at_post_create_script/at_post_edit_script), all this was cleaned, we do no more use the at_post_create_script/at_post_edit_script. [gbastien]

4.2.1 (2023-05-31)

  • Do no more use ToolPloneMeeting.get_plone_groups_for_user, use imio.helpers.cache.get_plone_groups_for_user instead. [gbastien]

  • Added fingerpointing-like log when sending an email. [gbastien]

  • Fixed PersonalLabelsAdapter that breaks if no labels selected in query index. [gbastien]

  • Fixed disabled attendees styling in meeting edit form. [gbastien]

  • Changed position of photo and signature fields on person, moved signature before photo. [gbastien]

  • Adapted code to manage attendees thru restapi @attendee/@attendees endpoints on meeting and item. Added possibility to edit a redefined item signatory. [gbastien]

  • Fixed PMDataChangesHistoryAdapter when historizing multivalued fields (MeetingItem.copyGroups for example) and some old values are no more in existing values. [gbastien]

  • Removed JS alert hello when ajax saving rich text. [gbastien]

  • Make is_all_count available again on the ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView. It was moved out together with print_votes. [gbastien]

  • Fixed item advices invalidation, advices were removed but not unindexed. In Migrate_To_4205._initAdviceGivenHistory, call clean_catalog_orphans to clean potential meetingadvice orphan when using MeetingConfig.enableAdviceInvalidation. [gbastien]

  • Reordered fields on MeetingConfig, moved xhtmlTransformTypes just under xhtmlTransformFields. [gbastien]

  • Make sure annex are not kept upon duplication (to same or distant MC) if annex type requires a PDF file and the annex file is not PDF. [gbastien]

  • Fixed action Delete whole meeting when triggered from dashboards, was redirecting resulting in a broken dashboard because collection UID was lost. [gbastien]

  • Adapted MeetingItem.setPreferredMeeting and MeetingItem._update_preferred_meeting to manage empty or wrong value when creating an item using restapi. [gbastien]

  • Fixed PMExistingPODTemplate, do not break if the reusable PODTemplate is not stored in the podtemplates folder of a MeetingConfig, it could be in the contacts directory or somewhere else. [gbastien]

  • Make sure transitions are rendered in the actions_panel displayed on advices. This is necessary for cases were a complex workflow is used for advices. [gbastien]

  • Completed MeetingConfig.validate_workflowAdaptations and MeetingConfig.validate_itemWFValidationLevels to factorize translations and check transitions and states used in datagridfields. [gbastien]

  • Fixed translation of Data that will be used on new item on [gbastien]

  • Make sure MeetingItem.getCategory and MeetingItem.getClassifier do not break when attribute is None, this may happen when item created by REST WS and catefory/classifier validation is disabled. [gbastien]

  • On tool view, display also configs that are not active (in red). [gbastien]

  • Make sure MeetingItem.otherMeetingConfigsClonableToFieldXXX fields are displayed in Schema defined order on the item edit and view. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to have an incremental internal number for items. This relies on collective.behavior.internalnumber. [gbastien]

  • Moved monkey._listAllowedRolesAndUsers to imio.helpers.patches._listAllowedRolesAndUsers. [gbastien]

4.2 (2023-03-06)

  • Fixed JS that displays/hides other configs to clone to on item edit when possible to send to several other configs. [gbastien]

  • Added parameter item to adaptable method MeetingConfig.get_item_custom_suffix_roles. [gbastien]

  • Removed   from committees vocabulary or it is rendered in faceted filter. [gbastien]

  • Fixed meetingconfig_view, moved usedPollTypes and defaultPollType to the Votes tab. [gbastien]

  • Avoid Unauthorized when a MeetingManager updates a meeting date and this trigger an update of items having the date as preferred date and an item is not viewable by the MeetingManager. [gbastien]

  • Removed management of forceRedirectAfterTransition in MeetingActionsPanelView as this is now the default behavior implemented in imio.actionspanel. [gbastien]

  • In the advice proposing group comment popup, include advice name for which user is adding a comment. [gbastien]

  • Added RichText column committee_observations to meeting.committees datagridfield. Added upgrade step to 4205. [gbastien]

  • Added select/unselect all attendees/excused/absents/voters when editing meeting attendees (contacts). [gbastien]

  • Hide the byebye attendee action on item attendees management if linked secret votes are all encoded. [gbastien]

  • The waiting_advices_given_and_signed_advices_required_to_validate WF adaptation depends of the waiting_advices_given_advices_required_to_validate WF adaptation. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MyItemsTakenOverAdapter.query that was always using same member_id because it used forever_cachekey, now it is not cached anymore. [gbastien]

  • Optimized WF adaptation waiting_advices_given_and_signed_advices_required_to_validate to avoid check if advice is not a finances advice. [gbastien]

  • Added renderWidgets macro that factorize rendering a list of widgets on a DX content. [gbastien]

  • Fixed the Update local roles dashboard batch action to make sure elements are computed in the dashboard order. [gbastien]

  • Fixed copy/paste an image in CKeditor when editing an advice from a faceted dashboard. Temporary fixed by overriding CKeditorView until it is fixed in collective.ckeditor. [gbastien]

  • Fixed meeting @@actions_panel caching invalidation when a meeting was removed then created again, old cache was still used, base cachekey on meeting UID. [gbastien]

  • Advice historization is no more using Plone versioning but we use a new imio.history history called given_advice. [gbastien]

  • Fixed display of MeetingConfig contacts related fields that was escaped for JS protection purpose but was displaying HTML tags in the UI. [gbastien]

  • Overrided DataGridField to use structure in view macro so values using HTML are correctly rendered (MeetingConfig.certifiedSignatures). [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingItem.setManuallyLinkedItems when item created from restapi call as item is still not indexed and so not found using a portal_catalog query. [gbastien]

  • Overrided archetypes.referencebrowserwidget to display elements colored following review_state and sorted on modified reversed. [gbastien]

  • Set renderOwnDeleteWithComments=True for AdviceActionsPanelView so when deleting an advice, a comment may be entered and it will be historized in the item’s history. [gbastien]

  • Make sure item templates managers have access to fields that are restricted to MeetingManagers when managing the item templates. [gbastien]

  • Added committees editors functionnality:

    • May be enabled in MeetingConfig.committees enable_editors;

    • When enabled, will create a Plone group, members of this group will be able to edit fields MeetingItem.committeeObservations and MeetingItem.committeeTranscript;

    • New searches Item of my committees and Items of my committees editable are available when committees are used.


  • Added parameters field_name=None to utils.forceHTMLContentTypeForEmptyRichFields so it is possible to specify field name to initialize when known. [gbastien]

  • Make adapters.PMNegativePersonalLabelsAdapter and adapters.PMNegativePreviousIndexValuesAdapter inherits from base classes adapters.NegativePreviousIndexValuesAdapter and adapters.NegativePersonalLabelsAdapter that were moved to collective.compoundcriterion. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to redefine the poll_type on a per vote basis so item and votes poll_type may be different, this is used to manage case where emergency is voted using a public vote on an item using secret poll_type. [gbastien]

  • Make the review_state_title column (that translates the review_state title instead id) also available for dashboards displaying meetings. [gbastien]

  • Make sure meeting fieldsets order is correct when a custom field has been added to an existing fieldset. [gbastien]

  • Fixed meeting.committees default value, ignore MeetingConfig.committees that use enabled=”item_only”. [gbastien]

  • Finally fixed invalidating meeting actionspanel caching when meeting contains/does not contain items so the Delete action is handled correctly. Meeting.number_of_items replaced parameter as_int=False by as_str=False as we only want it to be str for JS. [gbastien]

  • Fixed the waiting_advices WFAdaptation that was changing the from_state title (for example state proposed) to the from_state id and so losing the custom title that could be set in MeetingConfig.itemWFValidationLevels. [gbastien]

  • Added MeetingItem.votesResult, a field that will hold a generated text of votes result based on MeetingConfig.votesResultTALExpr but that is also editable when generated text needs to be customized. [gbastien]

  • Renamed migration helper Migrator.updateItemColumns to Migrator.updateColumns now that it manages meeting related attribute MeetingConfig.meetingColumns and added parameter cfg_ids=[] to be able to apply only for some MeetingConfigs. Renamed migration helper Migrator.cleanItemFilters to Migrator.updateItemFilters as it manages adding/removing filters. Added parameter cfg_ids=[] to be able to apply only for some MeetingConfigs as well. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to restrict WF states in which the suffix _observers have access to items. This rely on MeetingConfig.itemObserversStates. [gbastien]

  • Fixed Unauthorized in toolplonemeeting_view for MeetingManagers that are not MeetingManager for every MeetingConfig. [gbastien]

  • Highlight marginal notes fieldset legend on item view when it contains text. [gbastien]

  • Added WFA hide_decisions_when_under_writing_check_returned_to_proposing_group that will check that there are no more items Returned to proposing group when publishing decisions. [gbastien]

  • Make sure a MeetingCategory can not be renamed if it is used. [gbastien]

  • Removed field MeetingConfig.useGroupsAsCategories, field MeetingItem.category is now an optional field managed by MeetingConfig.usedItemAttributes. [gbastien]

  • Fixed IMeeting.validate_dates that was failing because Data object does not behaves the same way when creating or editing a Meeting. [gbastien]

  • Make sure not used fields are not displayed on the meeting view. BaseMeetingView.show_field ignores not used boolean fields that are False and special management for field. [gbastien]

  • Fixed ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.print_votes, make sure voters are ordered when include_voters=True. Fixed Meeting._get_contacts to take into account parameter uids order when given. Fixed MeetingItem.get_item_votes, use an OrderedDict instead a Dict to store voters to preserve order. [gbastien]

4.2rc34 (2022-09-29)

  • Fixed meeting creation default signatories and voters that were displayed even when not activated in the configuration because some default values were defined on the contacts. [gbastien]

  • Escape annex and annex_type title in ContainedAnnexesVocabulary and ContainedDecisionAnnexesVocabulary in case it contains malicious code. [gbastien]

  • Fixed bug where order of annexes of an item sent to another MC was not correct. This relies on a change in collective.iconifiedcategory, adapted IconifiedCategoryGroupAdapter.get_every_categories. [gbastien]

  • Added holidays for 2023. [gbastien]

  • Added ToolPloneMeeting.doInvalidateAllCache that is called by the form in the UI and manages the redirect, this avoids having a redirect when ToolPloneMeeting.invalidateAllCache is called from other parts of the code. [gbastien]

4.2rc33 (2022-09-22)

  • Make Products.CPUtils available in tests as it is a dependency installed by metadata.xml. [gbastien]

4.2rc32 (2022-09-19)

  • Fixed Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.faceted_annexes_vocabulary to take into account every annexes configs, not only the item_annexes config. [gbastien]

  • In Migrate_To_4200 replace .getMeetingNumber() in TAL expressions by .meeting_number. [gbastien]

  • In meetingitem_view, render field proposingGroup by using the vocabulary so we have coherence between edit and view and it displays sub organizations correctly. [gbastien]

  • Moved MeetingItem.get_attendee_short_title to Meeting and reuse it everywhere. Manage include_voting_group parameter in the method instead having to pass it as parameter. [gbastien]

  • Fixed bug when an item is sent to another MC automatically, it was actually not working because imio.actionspanel_portal_cachekey was found in the REQUEST, so added new key in disable_check_required_data in REQUEST to disable MeetingItemWorkflowConditions._check_required_data in this case. Also fixed MeetingItem.cloneToOtherMeetingConfig that was sometimes triggering too much transitions. [gbastien]

  • Make sure a held_position is not deletable when used in MeetingConfig.certifiedSignatures or in organization.certified_signatures. Moreover use a simplified vocabulary for these 2 certified signatures fields. [gbastien]

  • Changed behavior of number of attendees displayed on an item: now it takes into account absents on the meeting and not only present on the item. [gbastien]

  • Make update-local-roles batch action available on dashboards displaying meetings. [gbastien]

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem._assign_roles_to_all_groups_managing_item_suffixes to handle cases where there are several groups managing item, by default, groups not currently managing item will have View access.

  • Added item field marginalNotes to MeetingItem._bypass_meeting_closed_check_for so it is still editable by a MeetingManager when the meeting is closed. [gbastien]

  • Display buildout git tag version in Plone control panel. [gbastien]

  • Added Products.CPUtils as a dependency in metadata.xml so ExternalMethods are installed. [gbastien]

4.2rc31 (2022-08-26)

  • Added Meeting.update_first_item_number that will manage updating first item number of the meeting. This way the method is callable from a TAL expression and we may use it when necessary. Moreover, the parameter get_items_additional_catalog_query={} will let manage cases where items to take into account are not every items but only a subset of items. [gbastien]

  • Added safe_utils.set_dx_value that will let set a value for a DX content attribute from a RestrictedPython call. [gbastien]

  • Fixed vocabularies using organizations to make sure we can use organizations outside my organization, excepted for the MeetingItem.associatedGroups field. [gbastien]

  • Adapted overrided regarding changes in collective.documentgenerator (POD templates grouped by title). [gbastien]

  • Added _configurePortalRepository in to remove default Plone types that are versionable (Document, Event, …). Added upgrade step to 4204. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to add images to MeetingItemTemplate/MeetingItemReccuring. Display the folder_contents tab on items of the MeetingConfig. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to manage order of attendees by item, this is sometimes necessary when attendee position changed on an item. [gbastien]

  • Removed field MeetingConfig.transitionsForPresentingAnItem as information is in MeetingConfig.itemWFValidationLevels, method MeetingConfig.getTransitionsForPresentingAnItem is kept and does the job. [gbastien]

  • Display info and warning message when meeting meeting_number/first_item_number fields are updated, especially when numbering logic is inconsistent because the previous meeting numbers are not consistent or when a meeting was deleted. Moved boolean field MeetingConfig.yearlyInitMeetingNumber to multi select field MeetingConfig.yearlyInitMeetingNumbers so we may yearly reinit meeting fields meeting_number and first_item_number. Fields Meeting.meeting_number and Meeting.first_item_number are now optional. Changed Meeting.get_previous_meeting parameter interval default value from 60 to 180 days. [gbastien]

  • Make sure dashboard cache is invalidated (etags) when a meeting date changed, this is necessary so meeting date faceted filters are correct. [gbastien]

  • Added adaptable method MeetingConfig._custom_createOrUpdateGroups to ease a profile adding a custom MeetingConfig related group. MeetingConfig._createOrUpdateAllPloneGroups parameter only_group_ids=False was renamed to dry_run_return_group_ids=False. [gbastien]

  • Make ToolPloneMeeting.get_filtered_plone_groups_for_user org_uids parameter optionnal so we may only filter on given suffixes. [gbastien]

  • Added a user pmManager2, MeetingManager of meetingConfig2 for tests. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to make a committee selectable only on an item and not on a meeting. [gbastien]

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem._annex_decision_addable_states_after_validation that will manage item states in which annex decision may be added after the validation process so since the validated state until the end of the item WF. [gbastien]

  • Added WF adaptation waiting_advices_given_and_signed_advices_required_to_validate that will check if necessary advice reached their WF last step. This is an answer to rare case where advice is not given completely and item was validated, now if advice WF last step was no reached, it will not be possible to validate the item. [gbastien]

  • On the meeting view, when no available items, close the available-items collapsible so it takes less place and display the number of available items like it is already the case for presented items so it is clear why the collpasible is closed. [gbastien]

  • Make available in pm_utils (for POD templates, TAL expressions, …). [gbastien]

  • Adapted code to use imio.helpers.cache.get_plone_groups_for_user instead ToolPloneMeeting.get_plone_groups_for_user that is deprecated but kept for backward compatibility. [gbastien]

  • As groups in charge title is escaped to avoid malicious code, render it on the item view using structure or escaped characters like are displayed with their html entity code ('). [gbastien]

4.2rc30 (2022-07-01)

  • Make the Migrate_To_4200._fixPODTemplatesInstructions getFirstItemNumber/first_item_number replacement work for any cases, not only for Meeting POD templates. [gbastien]

  • In Migrate_To_4200._fixPODTemplatesInstructions manage display_date instructions. [gbastien]

  • In MeetingConfig.getMeetingsAcceptingItems, moved the review_states computation logic from MeetingItem.listMeetingsAcceptingItems to MeetingConfig._getMeetingsAcceptingItemsQuery so calling MeetingConfig.getMeetingsAcceptingItems will always be correct when review_states=[]. This fixes a bug in that was returning the same meetings accepting items no matter user was MeetingManager or not (was actually always returning meetings accepting items as if user was a MeetingManager). [gbastien]

  • Adaptations to display error message on the field and not at the top of the form:

    • Use a constraint instead an invariant to validate IMeetingCategory.category_mapping_when_cloning_to_other_mc;

    • Raise a WidgetActionExecutionError instead a Invalid for IPMDirectory.validate_position_types.


  • Reorganized MeetingItem predecessors/successors related methods, added parameter unrestricted=True to methods missing it so it can be set to False when called from plonemeeting.restapi to get linked items. [gbastien]

  • Adapted MeetingConfig.validate_customAdvisers so it is possible to remove a delay aware adviser config if it was never used and to change the for_item_created_from if it is not an auto asked advice. [gbastien]

  • Cleaned UnrestrictedMethodsView, splitted it to ItemUnrestrictedMethodsView and MeetingUnrestrictedMethodsView because the findFirstItemNumberForMeeting method is the only one called with a Meeting as context and others need a MeetingItem as context. Renamed findFirstItemNumberForMeeting to findFirstItemNumber. [gbastien]

  • Fix to not fail to display advice tooltipster on itemTemplate when no proposingGroup is selected. [gbastien]

  • Make MeetingManager bypass MeetingCategory.using_groups check when cloning an item, this way we avoid problems with category not selectable by MeetingManager leading to items not cloned (recurring items, delayed items, …). Added MeetingItem.get_successor helper that will return the last (and very often only) successor. [gbastien]

  • Avoid wrong order in item manually linked items when an item was linked before it is presented to a meeting, as items are sorted on meeting date. Add items without a meeting date at the top of items so it will be at the top when inserted into a meeting. [gbastien]

  • In Meeting.validate_dates, removed check for start_date > date and end_date < date, this could not be the cases sometimes… [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to encode votes by voting group and to encode same votes for several items. Added field held_position.voting_group. [gbastien]

4.2rc29 (2022-06-17)

  • In Migrate_To_4200, update TAL expressions using updateLocalRoles to update_local_roles. [gbastien]

  • Import harmless functions from into so it is available on pm_utils in TAL expressions and POD templates. [gbastien]

  • Make organization.get_acronym return an empty string u’’ when acronym is None. [gbastien]

  • In ToolPloneMeeting.pasteItem, do not use proposingGroup vocab by_value to get the first user group because by_value generates a dict that is not ordered, use _terms that holds terms ordered. [gbastien]

4.2rc28 (2022-06-14)

  • Back to previous behavior for MeetingItem.mayTakeOver, do not check ReviewPortalContent permission but if some WF transitions are triggerable, indeed some transitions may be triggerable even if user does not have the ReviewPortalContent permission, for example when using the waiting_advices WF adaptation. [gbastien]

  • Added utils.get_prefixed_gn_position_name to get a prefixed gendered/numbered position_type from a list of contacts and a position_type. Factorized code used by PMHeldPosition.get_prefix_for_gender_and_number into utils._prefixed_gn_position_name. [gbastien]

  • Optimize places where MeetingConfig.getTransitionsForPresentingAnItem is used (recurrings items, duplicate and validate, send to other MC and present) to bypass the entire item validation WF if transition validate is available directly. [gbastien]

  • Added WFAdaptations transfered/transfered_and_duplicated that will add a transfer transition to the transfered state to the item workflow. This is similar to accepted_out_of_meeting but is triggerable by MeetingManagers if item is sendable to other MeetingConfigs. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to create user fs directly in content/addUsers. [odelaere]

  • Avoid having the full files available in POD templates, select available functions in a file. [gbastien]

  • Fixed cachekeys for ItemToDiscussView and ItemIsSignedView, as path to image is cached, we need to check the portal_url in the cachekey. [gbastien]

  • CSS, removed double definition of top margin for static-infos section that was leading to too much space at the top of item reference in dashboards. [gbastien]

  • Make Migrator.updatePODTemplatesCode output format compatible with collective.documentgenerator builtin Search&Replace or when using appy.pod S&R (collective.documentgenerator>3.30). [gbastien]

  • Fixed utils.transformAllRichTextFields that was losing the resolveuid of images for AT types (MeetingItem) when parameter onlyField was used (called from quick edit). Added upgrade step to 4203 to fix this, every items since migration to 4200 will be fixed as bug was introduced since version 4200… [gbastien]

  • Avoid rendering malicious content by escaping places where HTML is rendered. [gbastien]

  • Fixed an issue in PMDataChangesHistoryAdapter. The tooltip was mentioning the wrong actor. [aduchene]

  • When handling meeting.first_item_number on meeting closure, only compute number if it is still -1, in other cases, do nothing, this will manage the case when reinitializing the first item number at the beginning of a new year. [gbastien]

  • Added events._invalidateAttendeesRelatedCache to factorize invalidation of attendees related cache. Used by person/held_position/meeting to invalidate caches when necessary. [gbastien]

4.2rc27 (2022-05-17)

  • Added Migrate_To_4202._fixPreAcceptedWFA necessary to fix applications using the pre_accepted WFAdaptation that was fixed in previous version. [gbastien]

  • Fixed @@createitemfromtemplate that was raising an Unhautorized because cached result holds the url including the member id and this was failing when cache was shared between users having same groups. Also fixed constrainTypes on searches_… folders of each users to not be able to add anything to it. [gbastien]

4.2rc26 (2022-05-16)

  • Moved IRAMCache configuration to a cleaner place, the ZopeProcessStarting event. [gbastien]

  • Fixed portlet quickupload when used on a Folder outside the application (like a Documents folder managed manually at the root of the site). [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingItem.showObservations that is an adaptable method. [gbastien]

  • Fixed present transition sometimes not available in @@meeting_available_items_view when using the async_actions because MeetingItemWorkflowConditions._publishedObjectIsMeeting was returning False even when on a Meeting. [gbastien]

  • Removed is_in_part management from Migrator as it was moved to imio.migrator. [gbastien]

  • Fixed vocabulary used by the Taken over by faceted filter to be able to select a value Nobody to get items taken over by nobody. [gbastien]

  • Removed livesearch override, now overrided and unified in plonetheme.imioapps. [gbastien]

  • Fixed the pre_accepted WFAdaptation that was acting like a decided state but actually must behaves like an editable item in a meeting (like presented or itemfrozen) and must be fully editable by MeetingManagers. [gbastien]

4.2rc25 (2022-05-10)

  • Completed fix about annex type icon wronlgy displayed in meeting @@categorized-annexes to users not able to access confidential annexes. [gbastien]

4.2rc24 (2022-05-10)

  • Changed from 90° to 270° image rotation in BaseDGHV.image_orientation because it is rotated clockwise with imagemagick, in pod templates including annexes. [aduchene]

  • Manage MeetingConfig.defaultAdviceHiddenDuringRedaction when a new advice is added, and when advice is asked_again the same way (in the edit form) and display a message to the adviser. [gbastien]

  • Display global_actions on the advice view. [gbastien]

  • Fixed annex type icon wronlgy displayed on meeting view to users not able to access confidential annexes. The confidential annexes were not downloadable but the annex type icon was display and on hover, the tooltipster was empty. [gbastien]

  • Turned adaptations.WAITING_ADVICES_FROM_STATES value use_custom_transition_title_for from a tuple of transitions ids to a dict so it is possible to define an arbitrary new custom title for the transition, before it was taking the transition id, now it is possible to override several different transition title for same transition id in different workflows. [gbastien]

  • Completed the restapi_call debug mode, log the request BODY when request is a POST. [gbastien]

  • Fixed item number input width on meeting view, Chrome does not hanle auto as FF. [gbastien]

  • In @@load_held_position_back_refs, the view that show where a hed_position is used, do display the only when more than 10 elements found. [gbastien]

4.2rc23 (2022-05-03)

  • Fixed @@categorized-annexes, display message The configuration does not let you add annexes. only if not configured both annex and annexDecision annex types. [gbastien]

  • Fixed SelectableAssemblyMembersVocabulary and SelectableItemInitiatorsVocabulary vocabulary missing terms management that was not handled correctly and added double values that broke the SimpleVocabulary. [gbastien]

  • Fixed width of item number input on meeting (so when editable) so numbers like 238.21 are entirely viewable. [gbastien]

  • Adapted utils.get_item_validation_wf_suffixes, that returns group suffixes to give access to when item is at least validated, to handle a special usecase: when no item WF validation levels are enabled (so item is created in state validated) the extra_suffixes defined on the itemcreated level will have read access to the item, this let’s give read access to suffixes such as prereviewers or reviewers because by default, as not used in the workflow, they would not get access to the validated item. [gbastien]

  • Moved utils.reviewersFor to MeetingConfig.reviewersFor, was done before because it was using config.MEETINGREVIEWERS constant that could be monkeypatched by an external profile, now it auto determinates the values from MeetingConfig.itemWFValidationLevels. Added MeetingConfig._custom_reviewersFor to be able to manage MeetingConfig.reviewersFor manually when MeetingConfig.itemWFValidationLevels is too complex or when same suffix is used several times at differents steps of the item validation WF. [gbastien]

  • Fixed previous advice_type was not displayed when advice is asked_again and hidden_during_redaction. [gbastien]

4.2rc22 (2022-04-28)

  • Adapted Migrate_To_4200._removeBrokenAnnexes, check that annex UID is in his parent’s categorized_elements, removes it otherwise. [gbastien]

  • Reintroduced PMConditionAwareCollectionVocabulary._cache_invalidation_key override to take user groups into account so cache is invalidated when user groups changed. [gbastien]

  • Added new field Meeting.adopts_next_agenda_of. [gbastien]

  • Added new field Meeting.mid_start_date. [gbastien]

  • Completed POD templates instructions replacements in Migrate_To_4200. getExtraordinarySession() -> extraordinary_session [aduchene]

  • Factorized advice custom informations displayed in the advice popup in the @@advice-infos view so it can be displayed on the advice object view as well. [gbastien]

  • Avoid UnicodeDecodeError in MeetingItem._updateAdvices when comparing old and new adviceIndex, this may happen with old adviceIndex containing the comment as str whereas new value is stored as unicode. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to execute migrations in several parts. Migration to 4200 is adapted to be executed in 3 parts ( main, update_local_roles, update workflow mappings/rebuild catalog). [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingItem.validate_proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge to not let select a value for which no group in charge is selected (wrong configuration). [gbastien]

  • Fixed utils.sendMailIfRelevant when isPermission=True that was simply broken. [gbastien]

  • Changed behavior of MeetingItem.get_representatives_in_charge, it will return held_position objects, no more the MeetingItem.groupsInCharge organizations. [gbastien]

  • Set first day of calendar widget on Meeting to monday instead sunday (default). [gbastien]

  • Make sure the advice tooltipster does not overflow the top of the screen, this could occur when the browser screen is zoomed. [gbastien]

  • When debug=true is passed as parameter during a restapi call, or env var RESTAPI_DEBUG is set to True, the result is fully displayed in the event log. [gbastien]

  • Added PloneGroupSettingsOrganizationsValidator that will check that an organization unselected from plonegroup settings is not used as group in charge of another organization. Renamed PloneGroupSettingsValidator to PloneGroupSettingsFunctionsValidator. [gbastien]

  • Fixed the WFAdaptations return_to_proposing_group_with_last_validation and return_to_proposing_group_with_all_validations when there was no user in the _reviewers, the item could not be sent back to the meeting, now the return_to_proposing_group validation WF takes the last validation state into account. [gbastien]

  • In the @@categorized-annexes, display a clear message when no annex is addable because the MeetingConfig is not setup. [gbastien]

  • Added WFAdaptation item_validation_shortcuts that will let users change item state to any other item validation state (so between itemcreated and validated) depending on their groups. Added MeetingItem._assign_roles_to_group_suffixes to ease assigning roles to suffixes for an organization. [gbastien]

  • Added MeetingConfig.getId with real_id=False parameter, this will let get the real id when used in some tests where we shuffle the id. [gbastien]

  • Added new field MeetingItem.otherMeetingConfigsClonableToFieldDetailedDescription that will fill the detailedDescription field when sent to another MeetingConfig. Adapted templates so adding a new MeetingItem.otherMeetingConfigsClonableToFieldXXX field is managed automatically. [gbastien]

  • Moved the MeetingItem budgetRelated/budgetInfos fields condition logic to MeetingItem.show_budget_infos so it is easier to override. [gbastien]

  • Added ram.cache for the @@createitemfromtemplate view that is responsible for calculating the item templates fancy tree. [gbastien]

  • In the @@display-meeting-item-not-present on the meeting displaying items an attendee was not present for, display clusters of items numbers to ease reading when an attendee is not present for many items. [gbastien]

  • Add a no_votes_marker parameter to BaseDGHV.print_votes [aduchene]

4.2rc21 (2022-03-22)

  • Fixed display of overlays and tooltipsters on meeting view in the iframe displaying available items. It was sometimes not completelly displayed, now the iframe will resize correctly. [gbastien]

  • Make actionspanel always visible on DashboardCollection and ConfigurablePODTemplate. [gbastien]

  • Update collective.documentgenerator oo_port on install and in every migrations. [gbastien]

  • Handle the from_migration_to_4200=False parameter when calling Migrate_To_4201. [gbastien]

4.2rc20 (2022-03-15)

  • Added catalog to the POD template default generation context. [gbastien]

  • Completed POD templates instructions replacements in Migrate_To_4200, manage displayStrikedAssembly and new default context value catalog. [gbastien]

  • Fixed PloneGroupSettingsValidator that was failing to remove an unused suffix because wrong check with _advisers suffix. [gbastien]

  • Fixed WFAdaptation returned_to_proposing_group, proposingGroup member was not able to add annexes. Added upgrade step to 4201 to fix item WF and update existing items WF role mappings. [gbastien]

  • Disable the wsc plugin in CKeditor (add it to removePlugins) as the link to it does not work anymore in the scayt menu of CKeditor. [gbastien]

  • Fixed canceling inline change on an item was failing with continuous spinner due to use of GET instead POST method to fetch original data. [gbastien]

  • Minor CSS fix on person view now that we display the below-content-title viewlet, the app_parameters fieldset was shifted to the right. [gbastien]

4.2rc19 (2022-03-10)

  • Manage some more POD templates instructions replacements in Migrate_To_4200, replace meeting.Title() by tool.format_date( and manage various variants. [gbastien]

  • Added meeting to the POD template default generation context, make also the MeetingConfig available as cfg, was already available as meetingConfig. [gbastien]

  • Fixed possible not persisted categorized_elements in utils.updateAnnexesAccess, as it is an OrderedDict, we must set parent._p_changed = True manually. [gbastien]

4.2rc18 (2022-03-08)

  • Do not fail in ToolPloneMeeting.update_all_local_roles if brain is an orphan, just log and continue. [gbastien]

  • Limit width of tooltipster showing advice inherited from informations. [gbastien]

  • On item WF transition, reindex the previous_review_state index. This fixes the searchcorrecteditems collection no more working. [gbastien]

4.2rc17 (2022-03-07)

  • Redo release not found on pypi. [gbastien]

4.2rc16 (2022-03-07)

  • Fixed searchitemstoprevalidate collection TAL condition, state is prevalidated not pre_validated. [gbastien]

  • Fixed PMConditionAwareCollectionVocabulary, do no more override cachekey to cache by groups of user as the url contains the user id or cached value would contain another user id. [gbastien]

4.2rc15 (2022-02-25)

  • Make sure item modified date is not updated by the UpdateItemsToReindexView. [gbastien]

4.2rc14 (2022-02-25)

  • Fixed MeetingItem.modified not updated when item cloned. [gbastien]

4.2rc13 (2022-02-25)

  • Changed default position of advice tooltipster on item view so it is displayed bottom to deal with readmorable. [gbastien]

  • Changed default value for many_users, set it to True if more than 400 users or using LDAP, False otherwise. [gbastien]

  • Some styles fixes:

    • Display of static-infos in dashboard the same way as on the item view;

    • Display of table with no border in CKeditor in black;

    • Display advice field name in historized advice popup more clearly.


  • Fixed MeetingItem.modified not updated when item cloned. [gbastien]

4.2rc12 (2022-02-15)

  • Fixed behavior of functional advice workflow (when advice has a real WF with several states):

    • item indexAdvisers index was not reindexed when advice review_state state changed because item.adviceIndex was unchanged. Added advice review_state to MeetingItem.adviceIndex so it changes when advice review_state changes and so MeetingItem._updateAdvices returns indexAdvisers as index to update;

    • notify modified item when advice state changed so caching is invalidated for collections counter and item modified date is updated;

    • in events.onAdviceTransition, only call AdviceAfterTransitionEvent if relevant.


  • Added MeetingItem._is_currently_updating_advices to formalize item period in which it is updating advices. [gbastien]

  • Fixed item to discuss toggle functionnality on item view. [gbastien]

4.2rc11 (2022-02-14)

  • Refactored the waiting_advices workflowAdaptation:

    • Moved constants to the dict of waiting_advices infos so we have per new added state parameters;

    • Manage crossed transitions, when several waiting_advices states are reachable from same origin state, in this case, additional transitions are added with a __to__ suffix;

    • Added parameter new_state_id to avoid having a very long id (…__or__…__or__…).


  • Optimized advices tooltipster opening, the popup was opened even when hovering quickly, now this behaves like the annexes tooltipster. [gbastien]

4.2rc10 (2022-02-10)

  • Fixed MeetingItem._send_history_aware_mail_if_relevant when item transition back to itemcreated from presented (when using WFAdaptation presented_item_back_to_itemcreated). More over make it possible for item notifications sent by MeetingItem._send_history_aware_mail_if_relevant and MeetingItem._send_proposing_group_suffix_if_relevant to be selected together, the second notification will be send only of the first was not sent. [gbastien]

  • Fixed rare case where local_roles for MeetingConfig related Plone groups (_meetingmanagers, _powerobservers, …) were not correctly set on contacts, this could happen if Plone group already existed (MeetingConfig created/removed/created). [gbastien]

  • Moved _addDecidedState and _addIsolatedState out of adaptations._performWorkflowAdaptations so it can be imported from outside. [gbastien]

  • Fixed link to create a new item not displayed even when default item template not restricted to groups. [gbastien]

  • Invalidate item actions_panel caching when some user/groups changed. [gbastien]

4.2rc9 (2022-02-04)

  • Fixed bug where a meeting was not correctly reloaded after transition from actions_panel. [gbastien]

4.2rc8 (2022-02-03)

  • For security reason, do no more cache the image_view_fullscreen view. See [gbastien]

  • Some fixes for meeting created using restapi:

    • validation error messages must not be returned as unicode;

    • as the ObjectCreated event is called after validation, make sure validation does not fail with not found attributes added during ObjectCreated event.


  • Added new parameter by_signature_number=False to Meeting.get_item_signatories, this will return an ordered dict where key is the signature number and values are list of item signatories. [gbastien]

  • Changed default value for many_users and many_groups, set it to False by default except when LDAP is available, in this case, many_users is set to True. [gbastien]

4.2rc7 (2022-01-28)

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem._bypass_meeting_closed_check_for that will make it possible to control the MeetingItem.mayQuickEdit bypassMeetingClosedCheck=False parameter for a given fieldName. This solves the MeetingItem.internalNotes editable forever that was no more editable when meeting was closed. [gbastien]

  • Enable display_below_content_title_on_views and display_photo_label_on_views in registry parameters. [gbastien]

4.2rc6 (2022-01-27)

  • Display item number before item title on item view when item in a meeting, before, the item number was only displayed if item had a reference (meeting at least frozen). [gbastien]

  • Changed order of reindex in MeetingItem.cloneToOtherMeetingConfig, call reindexObject on new and current item after call to ItemDuplicatedToOtherMCEvent (was done done before). [gbastien]

  • Moved fields internalNotes and marginalNotes at the bottom of item edit/view forms. [gbastien]

  • Set plonemeeting.restapi as a direct dependency in metadata.xml so it is installed by default. [gbastien]

4.2rc5 (2022-01-24)

  • Fixed MeetingItem.internalNotes access when item in a _waiting_advices state. [gbastien]

  • Make the async actions column available on meetings lists. Added icons to meetings related actions so it takes less place in actions_panel. [gbastien]

  • Sort PMPositionTypesVocabulary alphabetically. [gbastien]

4.2rc4 (2022-01-24)

  • Completed Migrate_To_4200._fixPODTemplatesInstructions. [gbastien]

  • Added Download icon to annex and annexDecision. [gbastien]

  • Fixed UpdateItemsToReindexView, iterating on a LazyMap of brains into which we reindexObject lead to incomplete loop (like when deleting elements in a loop). [gbastien]

4.2rc3 (2022-01-21)

  • As transitions for presenting an item may vary from an organization to another (if some suffixes are disabled or some suffixed Plone groups are empty), take it into account in MeetingConfig.getTransitionsForPresentingAnItem and everywhere it is called. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to set arbitrary when cloning an item by adding a new parameter item_attrs={} to MeetingItem.clone. It is used to set the preferredMeeting on the new item when adding recurring items to a meeting value is set before the item is reindexed. [gbastien]

  • Fixed JS error in deletewholemeeting action when called from dashboard. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingItem.validate_pollType, do not validate if value did not change, this solves Unauthorized raised by item editor when item in state returned_to_proposing_group because AT validates every fields and it is only editable by MeetingManagers when item is linked to a meeting. [gbastien]

  • Fixed migrate_to_4200.MeetingMigrator, make sure RichTextValue is unicode. Make sure assembly related methods on meeting and item all return unicode. [gbastien]

  • Added test for imio.annex.utils.get_annexes_to_print, make sure it still work even if image format (png, jpg, …) changed in global settings. [gbastien]

4.2rc2 (2022-01-18)

  • Fixed Migrate_To_4200._cleanUnusedPersonsAndHeldPositions, do not use @@delete_givenuid that aborts transaction! [gbastien]

  • Set Meeting.title to required=False as it is omitted from edit and generated. This is useful when creating Meeting from WS call, specifying a title is not required. [gbastien]

4.2rc1 (2022-01-14)

  • Fixed Migrate_To_4200._cleanUnusedPersonsAndHeldPositions, can not remove elements of the list of brains we are itering on. Call @@delete_givenuid with catch_before_delete_exception=False so BeforeDeleteException is raised. [gbastien]

  • In events.onHeldPositionWillBeRemoved use held_position.get_full_title instead held_position.Title that does not include the person title or the portal_message is somewhat useless. [gbastien]

4.2b26 (2022-01-14)

  • Added header help for ItemPrivacyColumn and ItemPollTypeColumnNothing. [gbastien]

4.2b25 (2022-01-14)

  • Set portlet_todo.title_length to 100 instead 60 (added _updatePortletTodoTitleLength migration step in migration to 4200). Also fixed portlet_todo.render_cachekey to have a per MeetingConfig cache. [gbastien]

  • Fixed SelectableCommitteeAttendeesVocabulary.__call__ that was failing when Meeting.committes enabled and adding a new meeting because context is the parent. [gbastien]

  • On held_position view, display back refs (elements using it) asynchronously. Added upgrade step to remove unused held_positions that were migrated from old MeetingUsers during migration from 4.0 to 4.1. [gbastien]

  • Display POD template UID and filename in MeetingConfig POD templates page. [gbastien]

  • Use catalog.unrestrictedSearchResults everywhere possible. [gbastien]

  • Use a RadioFieldWidget for IAdviceRemoveInheritance.inherited_advice_action. [gbastien]

  • Added a column displaying a control to display the Actions panel, this way the Actions panel is only computed when relevant and it takes less place. [gbastien]

  • Fixed functionnality when going to meeting from item, the faceted orphan mechanism was not respected making user redirected to an additional page containing only orphans. [gbastien]

  • Added Migrate_To_4200._correctAccessToPODTemplates again… [gbastien]

  • Turned annex preview format from png to jpg. [gbastien]

4.2b24 (2022-01-07)

  • Use pm_technical_index to store item initiators to speed up removal of unused held_position or organization (before it was necessary to walk and wake up every items). [gbastien]

  • Simplified use of ToolPloneMeeting.isManager, a context must not be passed anymore when using realManagers=True, so turned every tool.isManager(tool, realManagers=True) to tool.isManager(realManagers=True). [gbastien]

  • Fixed utils.get_current_user_id that was simply not working, now that it works, we must ensure to protect places where we use adopt_user. [gbastien]

4.2b23 (2022-01-04)

  • Fixed order of upgrade steps in Migrate_To_4200, make sure item WF is correct before executing _removeBrokenAnnexes that needs the item review_state. [gbastien]

  • Make sure advice title and actions are correctly displayed in advice popup. [gbastien]

4.2b22 (2022-01-03)

  • Adapted PMCategoryVocabulary to take into account new parameter only_enabled=True introduced in collective.iconifiedcategory. [gbastien]

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.enableAdviceProposingGroupComment, False by default to be able to enable/disable the advice proposing group comment as it is in competition with the workflow confirmation popup and both functionnalities should not be enabled togheter. [gbastien]

  • On the MeetingConfig page displaying POD templates, for POD templates reusing the odt_file of another POD template, display a link the the POD template odt_file real holder. [gbastien]

  • Fixed bug where an adviser could add an annex or annexDecision because the role Contributor was used for both Add annexes and Add advices permissions. A new role MeetingAdviser is added to manage the Add advice permission. [gbastien]

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.itemLabelsEditableByProposingGroupForever, False by default, when set to True, the item proposing group editors will be able to edit the item labels forever. [gbastien]

  • Changed default behavior of MeetingItem.internalNotes:

    • now internal notes are editable forever by profiles selected in new parameter MeetingConfig.itemInternalNotesEditableBy. A new role MeetingInternalNotesEditor is added and manages the view/edit permission of field MeetingItem.internalNotes;

    • renamed adaptations.performWorkflowAdaptations to adpatations._performWorkflowAdaptations to show that it should not be called directly.

    • renamed MeetingItem.attributeIsUsed to MeetingItem.attribute_is_used so the same method is available on Meeting, MeetingItem and MeetingAdvice and may be used by utils._addManagedPermissions.


  • Fixed default value of held_position.position that was not working when using a mount point, use a @form.default_value (set to own organization) instead passing the default values in the URL when adding a new element (++add++held_position?form.widgets.position=…). [gbastien]

  • Added two parameters to view.print_attendees_by_type to improve formatting in documents. unbreakable_contact_value to avoid line break in the middle of a person and end_type_character to end a attendee type with a specific character. [aduchene]

  • Added a new boolean field “videoconference” on Meeting schema. When it is set, attendees change label to “Connected” and a distinctive icon is shown with imio.prettylink. [aduchene]

  • Optimized ram.cache configuration:

    • Monkeypatched zope.ramcache.Storage.getEntry to update timestamp while getting an existing entry;

    • Adapted ToolPloneMeeting.get_orgs_for_user to no more return objects as it uses ram.cache, parameter the_objects=False by default now;

    • Adapted global_cache settings, set maxEntries=100000, maxAge=2400, cleanupInterval=600 so cache is kept for a long time.

    • Do not more ram.cache Meeting.query_state and MeetingItem.query_state, performance test shows it is not necessary.

    • Use unrestricted catalog query when possible and avoid use of path index;

    • Stored meeting number of items in Meeting._number_of_items instead computing it every times the meeting is displayed;

    • Added ram.cached method MeetingConfig.getItemAdviceStatesForOrg, it avoids getting the organization, use it everywhere possible.

    • Added ram.cache for faceted counters (PMRenderTermView.number_of_items);

    • Added Meeting._may_update_item_references that holds the logic of updating item reference, this avoids to loop on items if reference does not need to be updated.

    • In MeetingItem.update_local_roles, only reindexObjectSecurity if not triggered_by_transition as the WorkflowTool will also reindexObjectSecurity.

    • Adapted item navigation widget to not compute available item number on display but only when asking first/previous/next/last item.

    • Make cache more shared on dashboards (prettylink, annexes, advices, actions panel).


  • Now that the meeting number of items is stored, display it in the dashboards. [gbastien]

  • Changed default behavior for CKeditor tables management:

    • set collective.documentgenerator column modifier to nothing by default;

    • added a style Otpimize column width to be able to enable LO column width optimization on a per table basis.


4.2b21 (2021-11-26)

  • Fixed utils.sendMailIfRelevant when using mode test. [gbastien]

  • Fixed waiting_advices workflow adaptations, only rely on selected workflow adaptations and no more manage the ReviewPortalContent permission. Adapted also MeetingItem.mayAskAdviceAgain to let the proposingGroup member ask advice again when item is in a _waiting_advices review state. [gbastien]

  • Adapted MeetingConfig.getItemWFValidationLevels parameter state to states so it is possible to pass several review_states. New parameter return_state_singleton=True, will do method work like before by default. [gbastien]

  • Meeting._getGroupManagingItem parameter theObject is now False by default. [gbastien]

  • Moved logic of Proposing group may change state of waiting_advices item to MeetingItemWorkflowConditions._userIsPGMemberAbleToSendItemBack and added MeetingItemWorkflowConditions._userIsPGMemberAbleToSendItemBackExtraCondition so it is easy to override (like it is already the case for the Adviser may send item waiting advices back to proposing group logic). [gbastien]

4.2b20 (2021-11-15)

  • Rely on archetypes.schematuning (thought it was already the case). [gbastien]

  • Fixed monkey.validate (load monkey in tests so it is taken into account). [gbastien]

  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError in CategoriesOfOtherMCsVocabulary when a disabled category was in a MeetingConfig having special characters in it’s title. [gbastien]

  • Do not fail in PMGenerablePODTemplatesAdapter.get_all_pod_templates when portal_ploneMeeting is not available (for example when testing [gbastien]

4.2b19 (2021-11-08)

  • Adapted display condition of the searchmyitemstoadvice dashboard collection to make sure it is only displayed if some MeetingConfig.selectableAdviserUsers are defined. [gbastien]

  • Adapted MeetingItem.validate_proposingGroup to bypass validation for Managers as most of time they are member of none group. [gbastien]

  • Adpated CSS to make sure element in review_state itemcreated_waiting_advices is displayed in red. [gbastien]

  • Fixed fonctionnality to go from an item back to the meeting and display the item on the correct page, this was not working as expected because faceted criteria where not initialized with their default value but with the fallback value, for example b_size of 40 was actually set to 20. Now we just pass the b_start as an url parameter and we manage it in the Faceted.Query at faceted initialization time. [gbastien]

  • Added logging when accessing restapi calls, needed to monkeypatch [gbastien]

  • Index annexes scan_id in item SearchableText like it is already the case for annex title. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility for the proposingGroup to add a comment on an advice:

    • comment may be edited only by the proposingGroup as long as item is editable or advice is addable/editable;

    • comment is only viewable by advisers of the asked advice (and MeetingManagers);

    • added helper method MeetingItem.is_decided.


  • Fixed ToolPloneMeeting.getPloneMeetingFolder that was not creating a MeetingConfig folder if an element having same id existed at Plone root or in Members (a user having same id as the MeetingConfig). [gbastien]

  • Added JS function that is triggered when a MeetingConfig is saved (edit form) to make sure every InAndOutWidget values are selected, this avoid losing values when user clicked on a value of the right panel of the InAndOutWidget. [gbastien]

  • Fixed onItemWillBeMoved event that prevented to delete a Plone Site. [gbastien]

  • Do not add pm-anonymize style to CKeditor by default, this will only be configured on demand. [gbastien]

  • Added the_objects=False parameter to ToolPloneMeeting.get_plone_groups_for_user to get GroupData instances instead group ids. This is used by the plonemeeting.restapi @users endpoint. [gbastien]

  • Added utils.get_annexes_config function to be able to get the annexes config depending on context and annex portal_type. [gbastien]

  • Fixed sending a WF transition notification e-mail when actor had a special character in it’s fullname. [gastien]

  • Removed reference to pre_validation WF adaptation that does not exist anymore, adapted code accordingly. [gbastien]

  • Adapted ToolPloneMeeting._users_groups_value returned value and cachekey:

    • before we returned the full users/groups association which may be huge and take much RAM, now we only return md5 hash;

    • before the cachekey was for one request now we use the PAS principal added/removed from from to invalidate cache.

    • Some performances optimization related to this change:

      • Added caching for vocabularies.PMUsers;

      • Simplified ToolPloneMeeting.getMeetingConfig, simple use of aq_acquire is the fastest implementation, no need for caching;

      • Do not use ram.cache when cache is only living during one request, use an annotation on the request or use ram.cache to store an intermediate format (ids ou paths) as it can not cache real objects;

      • use utils.get_current_user_id instead plone.api.user.get_current when it is possible.


  • By default when displaying the list of POD templates on the MeetingConfig (in the Documents tab), do not display the POD templates details (every fields) as it may be slow, this is only done when needed (click on link Show details). [gbastien]

  • Fixed bug when duplicating an item and using field MeetingItem.proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge, it could happen that resulting item kept the original proposingGroup for which current user is not creator resulting into an item not viewable or editable. [gbastien]

4.2b18 (2021-10-13)

  • Optimized MeetingItem.setManuallyLinkedItems by using cache to get items to store and especially data used to sort items by meeting date. [gbastien]

  • Avoid use of Member.getProperty:

    • use ToolPloneMeeting.getUserName to get user fullname;

    • monkey patched MembershipTool.getMemberInfo to add caching.


  • Fixed FolderDocumentGenerationHelperView.get_meeting_assembly_stats, use imio.helpers.content.uuidToObject instead api.content.uuidToObject to be able to use the unrestricted=True parameter. [gbastien]

4.2b17 (2021-09-29)

  • Added MeetingItem.validate_pollType that relies on ChangeItemPollTypeView.validate_new_poll_type to make sure that it is not possible to break encoded votes from the item edit form. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingConfig.listSelectableAdvisers when an organization does not have a _advisers Plone group. [gbastien]

4.2b16 (2021-09-28)

  • Renamed CKeditor style Anonymize, needed to fix Migrator.addCKEditorStyle to avoid UnicodeDecodeError when added CKeditor style name contains special characters. Make also the CKeditor styles panel displayed larger. [gbastien]

4.2b15 (2021-09-28)

  • Fixed PMContentHistoryView.show_history as it may be called on item or meeting, only check if powerobserver is also member of proposingGroup when context is an item, nonsense when it is a meeting. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingConfig.validate_usedMeetingAttributes that prevent use of fields beginning with committees_ if field committees is not enabled. Ignore field committees_observations that may be used alone without field committees being enabled. [gbastien]

  • Fixed ItemOptionalAdvicesVocabulary that was failing when using MeetingConfig.selectableAdviserUsers and a user fullname contained a letter with accent. [gbastien]

  • Adapted MeetingConfig.listSelectableAdvisers to display number of users of the advisers Plone group so we know if it is relevant to select it, especially when using MeetingConfig.selectableAdviserUsers. [gbastien]

  • Parameter use_safe_html of BaseDGHV.printXhtml is now False by default as collective.documentgenerator call to appy.pod Rendered sets html=True that does almost the same (make sure given content is XHTML compliant). Added parameter use_appy_pod_preprocessor=False to BaseDGHV.printXhtml so it is possible to enable it when using printXhtml in another scope than a POD template (in print_deliberation for example used to format restapi result). [gbastien]

  • Completed MeetingItem.validate_proposingGroup to check when creating a new item if selected proposingGroup if one of the current user. This is necessary when creating an item using plonemeeting.restapi to check that a user is not creating an item for a proposingGroup he is not member of. [gbastien]

  • Moved logic of BaseDGHV.printXhtml to utils.convert2xhtml so it is easy to call from outside code like from plonemeeting.restapi. [gbastien]

  • Completed mail notification sent when an item changed state (every item_state_changed_ like notifications) to add transition title (so when an item is proposed, notified users know if it was itemcreated or validated before) and to add transition actor and transition comments to the mail body. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingItem._send_history_aware_mail_if_relevant that was breaking if the down transition came from validated. [gbastien]

  • Added holidays for 2022. [gbastien]

  • Added Migrator.addCKEditorStyle helper to ease adding an new CKeditor style. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to anonymize a part of a rich text using new added CKeditor style This is also taken into account when data get using restapi. [gbastien]

4.2b14 (2021-09-09)

  • Fixed an issue in _migrateItemPredecessorReference when migrating to 4200. [aduchene]

  • Added parameter isUserIds to utils.sendMailIfRelevant so it is possible to send an e-mail to arbitrary users. Renamed parameter permissionOrSuffixOrRoleOrGroupIds to value. [gbastien]

  • Added a field MeetingConfig.itemPreferredMeetingStates that allows to set selectable preferred meeting states. [aduchene]

  • Added a helper method MeetingConfig.listStateIds to get all state ids for a given objectType. [aduchene]

  • Added possibility to ask advice to specific advisers of a group:

    • Advice is still asked to the entire group but a new search My items to advice will return items for which current adviser advice was asked;

    • A new e-mail notification You have an advice to give is added so only users to which advice is asked are notified;

    • It is still possible for other advisers to give advice and all advices to give are still returned by the All advices to give search.


  • Adapted CSS now that link to enable faceted filters is a simple link, no more icons. [gbastien]

  • Reimplement the meeting deadlines functionnalities, display an icon before the item title on meeting view if item was validated after a defined deadline. [gbastien]

  • Fixed BaseDGHV.view_print_signatures_by_position and added a test. [aduchene]

  • Added parameter raw=True to pm_textarea.get_textarea_value so it will return the raw value by default instead the output that is treated by portal_transforms, as the PMTextAreaField contains plain text, it is useless. [gbastien]

  • Fixed the default item empty template that was not respecting the MeetingItem.templateUsingGroups parameter, it is now possible to restrict the default item empty template to some groups. [gbastien]

  • While hidding history link on item to the powerobservers (when using field MeetingConfig.hideHistoryTo), do not hide history if current user is powerobserver and member of the item proposing group. [gbastien]

  • Fixed display of Application parameters fieldset when adding a new organization in an overlay when on Own organization, CSS was hidding it wrongly. [gbastien]

  • When going back to meeting from item, go to the correct faceted page and scroll to item position. Same scrolling mechanism is now used when an item is decided on a meeting, instead just refreshing the faceted, the faceted is refreshed and the screen scrolls to the modified item. [gbastien]

  • Added 3 new types of events related to items that will trigger a mail being sent:

    • Item state changed, history aware : Notify by mail one specific user (if possible) based on the item history. For “up” transition, if the item has already been there we notify the user that made the next transition at the time. If it is the first time the item goes to ‘new_review_state’, we notify the proposing group suffix (except manager) because we can’t predict the future. For “down” transition, we will notify the user that made the precedent ‘leading_transition’ to ‘old_review_state’.

    • Item state changed, notify proposing group suffix : notify by mail the proposing group suffix that will take care of this item in the new review state

    • Item state changed, notify proposing group suffix except manager : Same as above except we don’t notify manager(s)


  • Completed MeetingConfig.validate_itemWFValidationLevels to check that the itemcreated state always exists as first element (even if may be disabled), check also that every back_transition back transition identifier starts with back and that format of identifier columns (state, leading_transition, back_transition must be only alphanumeric) is correct. [gbastien]

  • Simplified PMAttendeeRedefinePositionTypesVocabulary, removed override of _get_person, parent PMPositionTypesVocabulary now manages also when person_uid found in REQUEST. This makes the list of positions on the RedefineSignatoryForm display the positions correctly (not the four valeus separated by pipe). [gbastien]

  • Added method ToolPloneMeeting.get_labels to be able to get ftw.labels of a given context. It is possible to get every labels, normal labels only or personal labels only. [gbastien]

  • Set collective.documentgenerator column_modifier parameter to disabled by default. [gbastien]

  • Configure MailHost by default to use TLS and queuing. [gbastien]

  • For field MeetingCategory.category_mapping_when_cloning_to_other_mc, display also disabled categories in vocabulary so it is visible on category view. [gbastien]

  • Completed IEncodeSecretVotes.validate_votes to ensure values are integers. [gbastien]

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.computeItemReferenceForItemsOutOfMeeting to enable computation of item reference for items decided out of meeting. Now item reference is updated when item inserted/removed from a meeting but also when back to validated and for transitions deciding out of meeting. [gbastien]

  • Added helper method Meeting.is_late and use it everywhere necessary. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingItem._adviceIsViewableForCurrentUser when a confidential advice is not shown to powerobservers, the advisers of the advice have access to the advice even if they are also powerobservers. [gbastien]

  • Removed unused method MeetingItemWorkflowConditions._check_review_and_required. [gbastien]

4.2b13 (2021-07-16)

  • Fixed PMDeleteBatchActionForm._get_deletable_elements, that was not working because PMDeleteBatchActionForm.get_deletable_elements (with a missing leading _) was actually overrided… [gbastien]

  • Fixed DisplayAssemblyFromMeetingProvider used in ManageItemAssemblyForm to only display default itemAssembly if actually used. Indeed the form may also be used when using attendees to manage item guests. [gbastien]

4.2b12 (2021-07-16)

  • Adapted code regarding fact that icons used in collective.documentgenerator are now .svg instead .png. [gbastien]

  • Use the Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.everyorganizationsacronymsvocabulary and Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.everyorganizationsvocabulary for every dashboard columns, so no matter selected values are in a configuration that changed accross time, values will always be in the vocabularies. [gbastien]

  • In MeetingConfig parameters related to columns displayed in various dashboards, display the column name as now several columns may have same name (P.G. is for Proposing group and Proposing group acronym). [gbastien]

  • Define a default value of [] for every schema.List fields of contacts (organization, person, held_position) and meetingcategory so we avoid to have a None instead an iterable while creating a new element by code. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingWorkflowActions.doClose when MeetingConfig.removeAnnexesPreviewsOnMeetingClosure is enabled and there is no item in the meeting. [gbastien]

  • Removed parameter the_objects=False from AssociatedGroupsVocabulary and GroupsInChargeVocabulary, as these vocabularies are ram.cached, cached methods must avoid returning objects. [gbastien]

  • Optimized cached methods : avoid having objects in cachekeys, this make cache size too big, when using ToolPloneMeeting.isManager, use cfg as context if available. [gbastien]

  • Extended Meeting.get_signature_infos_for so it is possible to get signature infos of every signatories of an item, not only the redefined ones, and added parameters render_position_type=False and prefix_position_type=False so it is possible to get the raw position_type, or rendered, or rendered and prefixed. [gbastien]

  • Prevent to move the default item template to a subfolder (removal was already managed, now moval is not possible neither). [gbastien]

  • Display a help message on the item view regarding copy groups to know in which states copy groups will have access to the item. [gbastien]

  • Migrate Meeting from AT to DX :

    • Rely on collective.dexteritytextindexer to manage SearchableText;

    • Do not use meta_type anymore as it is always the same when using dexterity, rely on getTagName from OFS that returns the __class__.__name__;

    • Renamed Meeting.queryState and MeetingItem.queryState to query_state;

    • Moved every Meeting related methods from camelCase to snake_case, including most of methods in MeetingItem having a direct link with Meeting (get_item_attendees, get_item_absents, …) but not methods that are accessors (MeetingItem.getItemAssembly, MeetingItem.getItemAssemblyAbsents, …);

    • Removed MeetingItem.displayStrikedItemAssembly, use MeetingItem.get_item_assembly(striked=True);

    • Removed unused methods on MeetingItem (getSpecificMailContext, includeMailRecipient, getAssembly, lastValidatedBefore);

    • Do no more display the assembly fields on MeetingItem edit form (assembly, assemblyAbsents, …) this allows removal of description methods (ItemAssemblyDescrMethod, ItemAssemblyExcusedDescrMethod, …);

    • Removed MeetingConfig.deadlineFreeze and MeetingConfig.deadlinePublish related functionnality;

    • Manage MeetingItem.preferredMeeting link manually by storing the path to the meeting so it allows to reindex the preferred_meeting_date when full reindexing the portal_catalog (in this case, the preferred meeting could not be already indexed and findable in the catalog);

    • Moved ToolPloneMeeting.formatMeetingDate to ToolPloneMeeting.format_date;

    • Renamed some indexes : linkedMeetingDate/meeting_date and getDate/meeting_date we have now one single index used by the Meeting or the MeetingItem, getPreferredMeetingDate/preferred_meeting_date, getPreferredMeeting/preferred_meeting_uid;

    • Display global action on the meeting_view (collapse all/top/bottom);

    • Removed @@meeting-before-faceted-infos and @@meeting-after-faceted-infos that are no more necessary now that the meeting view template should never by overrided anymore, everything is done using the schema and fieldsets definition;

    • Most of Meeting data is displayable in dashboards displaying meetings as static column in the Title column;

    • Added field Meeting.meetingmanagers_notes like it exists for MeetingItem.


  • Highlight (bold) the default item template in the itemtemplates folder. [gbastien]

  • Use imio.history.utils.getLastWFAction parameter transition=’before_last’ to get the before last review_state in indexes.previous_review_state. [gbastien]

  • Fixed ItemsToAdviceWithoutHiddenDuringRedactionAdapter that was using the same cached method as parent ItemsToAdviceAdapter because an alias for query was not defined. In this case, the 2 queries return the same result… Added a test that checks that a different alias is used for every CompoundCriterionBaseAdapter query. [gbastien]

  • Fixed bug in @@advices-icons view, a delay icon was wronlgy displayed for a non delay-aware advice if a delay-aware advice of same type (positive, asked_again, …) and hidden_during_redaction exists on the item. Use MeetingItem.getAdviceDataFor instead accessing the MeetingItem.adviceIndex directly as it manages hidden_during_redaction advice type correctly. [gbastien]

  • Completed the DX quick edit RichText field to manage :

    • locking (not being able to edit if another user is editing), hide the edit icon if context is locked, if user edit and content is locked in between, the page is reloaded;

    • formUnload (not losing changes during edition and clicking leaving current page);

    • when quick editing a RichText field, hide the actions_panel viewlet, on views where it is sticky, it may be confusing and taken for save/cancel controls.


  • Added Meeting.committees management:

    • Committees are defined in MeetingConfig.committees datagridfield;

    • When an new meeting is created, Meeting.committees is filled using the MeetingConfig.committees defined values, it manages date, convocation_date, place, assembly/signatures or attendees/signatories;

    • A MeetingItem.committees field is added and vocabulary is generated from values defined in MeetingConfig.committees;

    • It is possible to select committees for an item manually using a multiselect or automatically based on the proposingGroup/category/classifier of the item;

    • Printing helpers (printAssembly, print_attendees, print_signatures_by_position, and print_signatories_by_position) have a new committee_id parameter.


  • Use the classic floppy disk save icon to save item number value when changing it on the meeting view instead the reorder icon (arrow up and down) that was sometimes not clear enough for some users. Moreover, added a Cancel icon that will hide the icons and set back original value to the itemNumber input. [gbastien]

  • Improved print_signatories_by_position to be able to use a scanned signature and an abbreviated person firstname. [aduchene]

  • Factorize annexes boolean indexes (to_print, publishable, confidential, …) in annexes_indexes, removed hasAnnexesToPrint/hasAnnexesToSign index and related faceted filter, added a single Annexes faceted filter. [gbastien]

  • Use SortedSelectedOrganizationsElephantVocabulary vocabulary instead organization_services vocabulary from for category.groups_in_charge and organization.groups_in_charge so elements are sorted alphabetically to ease management. Vocabulary organization_services is no more used in PloneMeeting. [gbastien]

  • Removed the @@check-pod-templates view, we use the one from collective.documentgenerator that does the same. [gbastien]

  • Removed MeetingItem.predecessor ReferenceField, manage predecessor/successors manually, this will help migrating to DX. [gbastien]

  • Fixed bug in ToolPloneMeeting.validate_holidays that was not catching a wrong date format like 20/01/20. [gbastien]

  • Hide the Add MeetingConfig link on the portal_plonemeeting view to non Zope admins, this avoid a siteadmin adding a MeetingConfig. [gbastien]

  • Integrated CKeditor imagerotate plugin to let rotate image when necessary. [gbastien]

  • Display versions in @@overview-controlpanel. [gbastien]

  • Renamed ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.output_for_restapi to ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.deliberation_for_restapi. Also added parameter deliberation_types to the method to only get relevant deliberation variants. [gbastien]

  • Fixed CSS, avoid horizontal overflow with very large values, use word-break: break-word;. [gbastien]

  • Fixed AskedAdvicesVocabulary that was sometimes returning terms as being inactive because disabled in MeetingConfig.customAdvisers but that were actually still active because used in MeetingConfig.selectableAdvisers. [gbastien]

  • Fixed DataGridField data lost for fields using single checkbox and multi checkboxes when validation failed. This was impacting the MeetingConfig. Needed to override relevant datagrid templates. [gbastien]

  • Changed behavior of MeetingConfig.transitionsReinitializingDelays:

    • Only reinitialize delay if advice was not given;

    • Optional functionnality asked_again is now no more optional;

    • If a given advice must be reinitialized, it must be asked_again.


  • Added possibility to redefine an attendee position on an item. Added parameter MeetingConfig.selectableRedefinedPositionTypes to be able to restrict selectable position_types, if nothing selected, every position_types defined on the Contacts directory are selectable. [gbastien]

  • On advice popup, when hovering the user icon, display every group suffixes related to the advice workflow, indeed there may be more than just the _advisers suffixed group. [gbastien]

  • Use multiselect widget faceted filters when necessary, handy for replacement of checkbox widgets having too much values. Also make the faceted meeting dates display dates with short format (number of month instead name of month). [gbastien]

  • Added BaseDGHV.print_scan_id_barcode to print a barcode in a POD template, moreover it will take care that a barcode is not generated more than one time for a given context, this avoid cases where barcode is generated several times by mistake, that makes the reimport process fail. [gbastien]

  • Display a warning on the meeting view next to Assembly and signatures when a signatory is missing, this often leads to broken POD templates. [gbastien]

  • Do not break in MeetingItem.getGroupsInCharge when includeAuto=True, MeetingConfig.includeGroupsInChargeDefinedOnProposingGroup=True and no proposingGroup is defined on the item, this may be the case on an item template. [gbastien]

  • Fixed SelectableCommitteesVocabulary that was failing when adding several new MeetingConfig.committees (in this case, terms with token ‘’ were generated and it failed with ValueError: term values must be unique: ‘’). [gbastien]

  • Fixed MasterSelect widget when MeetingConfig.places contains special characters. [gbastien]

  • Change default period for faceted date widgets from -10 years/+10 years to -30 years/+2 years. [gbastien]

  • Minor fixes in votes :

    • Display number of not encoded votes when using several linked secret votes or it was necessary for now to compute it mentally…;

    • Fixed bug in @@display-meeting-item-voters considering secret linked votes as not complete when using more than 2 linked votes;

    • Display MeetingItem.pollType field if enabled or when votes are enabled;

    • Added validation for MeetingConfig.defaultPollType (must be among MeetingConfig.usedPollTypes);

    • Added validation for MeetingConfig.firstLinkedVoteUsedVoteValues and MeetingConfig.nextLinkedVotesUsedVoteValues (must be among MeetingConfig.usedVoteValues).


  • Fix access to annexes of inherited advice when original advice is not viewable by current user (for example when item sent from MeetingConfig A to B and user is power observer of MeetingConfig B, he does not have access to original item/advice/annex stored in MeetingConfig A). As advice full preview is not available neither, implemented a Read more/Read less functionnality to be able to see full comment/observations in advice popup. [gbastien]

  • Use search&replace from collective.documentgenerator in migration to 4200:

    • Added migration helper Migrator.updatePODTemplatesCode;

    • Added helper MeetingItem.get_representatives_in_charge that returns representatives in charge of an item;

    • Added BaseDGHV.print_value to be able to render any stored field in POD templates (datetime, RichText, List/Choice with vocabulary, …);

    • Fixed actions_panel on element of the configuration.


  • Let add a new held_position directly from the dashboard displaying persons (display the Add content action in icons actions panel for person). [gbastien]

  • Added marginalNotes_column to MeetingConfig.listItemRelatedColumns to be able to display the MeetingItem.marginalNotes field as static info (always visible in Title column) in the dashboards. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingItem._check_required_data to check that MeetingItem.groupsInCharge is set when using MeetingItem.proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge. It may happen that MeetingItem.proposingGroup is set but not MeetingItem.groupsInCharge when item is created using a WS call. [gbastien]

  • Adapted behavior of MeetingItem._check_required_data, when the transition is computed for the actions_panel, every destination states are checked, if transitions are triggered by code (WS call, item sent to another MC, …) then only the presented destination state is checked. [gbastien]

  • Fixed AskedAdvicesVocabulary that was not displaying advisers that were only defined as power advisers. [gbastien]

  • Removed the MeetingItem category/proposingGroup magic that was relying on MeetingConfig.useGroupsAsCategories. MeetingItem.getCategory does not care anymore about proposingGroup and will return an empty string or the stored category id. [gbastien]

  • Fixed ToolPloneMeeting.pasteItem that was not correctly removing sent item to another MC related annotations when item was sent to several other MCs. [gbastien]

  • Added parameter image_src_to_data=False to BaseDGHV.printXhtml to be able to turn images src to base64 data value using imio.helpers.xhtml.imagesToData. Also added values deliberation_motivation and deliberation_decision to possible values returned by ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.deliberation_for_restapi. [gbastien]

  • Enabled batch actions on annexes:

    • Batch actions Delete and Download as Zip are available;

    • Added MeetingConfig.enabledAnnexesBatchActions attribute to be able enable or disable batch actions, by default only the Download action is enabled.


  • Changed behavior of MeetingConfig.includeGroupsInChargeDefinedOnProposingGroup and MeetingConfig.includeGroupsInChargeDefinedOnCategory: before values were evaluated when asked but this may break old items if groupsInCharge changed on proposingGroup or category. Now when using these parameters, the values will be stored on the item. [gbastien]

  • Adapted MeetingConfig.getItemTypeName configType=None parameter that may now accept a value all, in this case, all item related types are returned (normal, item template, recurring item). [gbastien]

  • Fixed JS callback onsuccessManageAttendees called by imio.helpers submitFormHelper JS function, now received data is an arraybuffer, no more a String. [gbastien]

  • Added back Meeting.getSelf method. [gbastien]

  • Added helper ToolPloneMeeting.user_is_in_org(org_id) that will return True if a user is in a Plone groups of the given organization id. [gbastien]

  • Added helper PloneMeetingTestCase._enable_annex_config to ease enabling an annex related attribute (confidentiality, publishable, …). [gbastien]

  • In MeetingItem.listCategorie`s, use `natsort.humansorted instead natsort.realsorted that behaves better with numbered categories (1 Cat1, 1.1 Cat1.1, …). [gbastien]

  • Display the ? icon next to copy groups on the item view in green when copy groups have actually access to the item, in classic grey color otherwise. [gbastien]

  • Added utils.escape utility function # PM-3462 . [odelaere]

  • Disabled review_sate filter on orgs-searches # PM-3228. [odelaere]

  • Hide “Contact” action and add action “Documentation iA.Délib” in user action. [anuyens]

4.2b11 (2021-01-19)

  • Added Annexes to selectable values of MeetingConfig.itemsNotViewableVisibleFields. Not viewable annexes will be downloadable. For now, Advices are still not showable thru this functionnality. [gbastien]

4.2b10 (2021-01-14)

  • Fixed collective.ckeditor Z3CFormWidgetSettings for DX to not use a restrictedTraverse to check if cke-save view is available on context or it disables ajax_save plugin for users that are not Manager. [gbastien]

4.2b9 (2021-01-14)

  • Override PositionTypes vocabulary from, as our Directory.position_types include gender and number (like Director|Directors|Director|Directors for example), we only display the real relevant value (Director) depending on person gender. Moreover, this fixes RedefinedSignatoryForm that was sometime broken if dropdown position_type contained a very large value. [gbastien]

  • Fixed JS errors in Console due to onScrollMeetingView. [gbastien]

4.2b8 (2021-01-06)

  • Fixed MeetingItem.is_assembly_field_used, only evaluate when item is linked to a meeting, that broke the item edit form. [gbastien]

  • While redefining a signatory on an item, add possibility to select a position_type as label to use for the signature generated in POD templates. [gbastien]

  • Only call MeetingItem._check_required_data when item is about to be presented into a meeting, this way previous transitions may be triggered by configured process like Webservice call or when item sent from another cfg. [gbastien]

  • Make the dashboard table header sticky so it is always viewable when scrolling, this is the case for every dashboards including available/presented items on the meeting_view. [gbastien]

  • Enable the Change ftw labels batch action on dashboards displaying items. To do this, we needed to mark dashboards displaying items and dashboard displaying meetings with different batch actions marker interfaces. [gbastien]

  • Moved utils.fplog to, adapted code accordingly. [gbastien]

  • As CSS hacks to apply a styling rule only for Chrome does not work anymore (is taken into account by Firefox as well now), use the using-chrome CSS class from plonetheme.imioapps to style only for Chrome. [gbastien]

  • BaseDGHV.printXhtml clean parameter is now True by default so it will call separate_images to avoid several <img> in same <p>. [gbastien]

  • When an error occurs on the MeetingConfig because of a field in a fieldset that is not currently viewable we get a validation error but we do not know why. Display every validation errors at the top of the page so the user see what is happening. [gbastien]

4.2b7 (2020-12-08)

  • Use correct icon for itemfreeze/itempublish transitions on item workflow (were reversed). [gbastien]

  • Optimized MeetingItem.updateLocalRoles, pass cfg and item_state when possible and ram.cache for utils.compute_item_roles_to_assign_to_suffixes. [gbastien]

  • Removed Meeting.items ReferenceField, manage it manually, this will help migrating to DX. [gbastien]

  • Do not fail in vocabularies.PMUsers when user_id contains special chars, it may be the case when using LDAP, ignore these values. [gbastien]

  • Optimized utils.sendMailIfRelevant to not send an email several times to same address. It was only done in MeetingItem._sendMailToGroupMembers. Removed MeetingItem._sendMailToGroupMembers and manage it using new parameter isGroupIds=True in utils.sendMailIfRelevant. [gbastien]

  • Make the quick edit RichText field work for DX content types :

    • added PMRichTextWidget useable in DX schema;

    • renamed utils.setFieldFromAjax to utils.set_field_from_ajax;

    • migrate RichTextValue stored on advices to fix mimeType/outputMimeType;

    • moved MeetingItem._checkMayQuickEdit to utils.checkMayQuickEdit so it is easier to reuse;

    • use PMRichTextWidget on meetingadvice.


  • Implement votes functionnality :

    • Added possibility to manage public and secret votes depending on MeetingItem.pollType;

    • Added new optional field MeetingItem.votesObservations;

    • Load and manage attendees displayed on item view asynchronously;

    • Use Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.signaturenumbervocabulary everywhere possible and changed from 10 to 20 possible signatories;

    • highlight row in tables to know where we are;

    • Added method for printing votes (print_votes);

    • Refactored the way assembly fields are handled on meeting and item so when switching to contacts it behaves correctly when viewing/editing assembly fields on old meetings/items.


  • By default, searchnotdecidedmeetings and searchlastdecisions Collections are displayed chronologically (was reversed before). No migration applied as this may be changed when necessary on Collection itself. [gbastien]

  • Added parameters include_hp=False and abbreviate_firstname=False to ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.print_in_and_out_attendees. [gbastien]

  • Fields committeeObservations and votesObservations are now available on both Meeting and MeetingItem. The votesObservations field is only writable by MeetingManagers and viewable by everybody when meeting or item is decided. [gbastien]

  • When several attendees defined on meeting with same signature_number, do it correctly useable on items when an signatory is absent. When several same signature_number, the first present win, if not redefined on item, and when redefined, it takes precedence over what is defined in meeting. [gbastien]

  • Completed MeetingConfig.validate_itemWFValidationLevels to check, when a state is removed, if it is not used by a workflowAdaptation. For example workflowAdaptation waiting_advices may create state proposed_waiting_advices, in this case state proposed can not be removed if some items still in proposed_waiting_advices. We check every states id beginning with removed states or containing _ + removed state. [gbastien]

  • Override @@at_utils for IMeetingContent to fix Unauthorized access to @@at_utils when using MeetingConfig.itemsNotViewableVisibleFields to show MeetingItem.category field. [gbastien]

4.2b6 (2020-11-19)

  • Added parameter the_objects=False to GroupsInChargeVocabulary and AssociatedGroupsVocabulary so it is possible to get organization objects as term value, this will be used by plonemeeting.restapi to return groups_in_charge and associated_groups of a MeetingConfig. [gbastien]

  • Optimized PloneGroupSettingsValidator when checking if plonegroup used on items, do it only if some suffixes removed and use the portal_catalog.

  • Make sure attendees are still editable on item by MeetingManagers on a decided item if meeting is not closed. [gbastien]

  • Fixed MeetingItem._mayClone that was failing when creating an item from a template if proposingGroup was defined and privacy was secret. [gbastien]

  • Added CompoundCriterion adapters all-items-to-validate-of-highest-hierarchic-level and all-items-to-validate-of-every-reviewer-groups that will return items to validate from normal item validation WF and from returned_to_proposing_group item validation WF. [gbastien]

  • Added email notifications itemPresentedOwner, itemUnpresentedOwner, itemDelayedOwner and returnedToProposingGroupOwner that notify item Owner in addition to existing notification itemPresented, itemUnpresented, itemDelayed and returnedToProposingGroup that notify the entire creators group. In utils.sendMail, if event name ends with Owner we use mail subject and body of corresponding event without the Owner suffix. [gbastien]

  • Completed Migrate_To_4200._configureItemWFValidationLevels, migrate fields MeetingConfig.itemAnnexConfidentialVisibleFor, MeetingConfig.adviceAnnexConfidentialVisibleFor and MeetingConfig.meetingAnnexConfidentialVisibleFor that may contain not allowed values, but that were not validated in previous version. [gbastien]

  • Fixed JS form unload protection, that was broken because we redefined window.onbeforeunload. [gbastien]

  • Fixed order of CSS (portal_css) and JS (portal_javascripts) regarding new resources (dexterity.localroles, eea.facetednavigation multiselect widget). [gbastien]

  • Fixed Migrate_To_4200._migrateKeepAccessToItemWhenAdviceIsGiven in case attribute keep_access_to_item_when_advice_is_given does not exist on organization. [gbastien]

4.2b5 (2020-10-26)

  • Do not let siteadmin delete a user in production application because, that could lead to :

    • losing information (fullname) on elements the user interacted with;

    • loading the application and maybe break it as local_roles are recomputed on every existing elements by Plone when deleting a user.


  • Fixed adding a MeetingConfig TTW, set correct default values. [gbastien]

  • Display group Administrators members on the MeetingConfig view.

  • Manage in and out sentences when attendee was absent/excused/non attendee from first item. Manage also when attendee is excused/absent then non attendee and so still not present. [gbastien]

  • Fixed activate correct portal_tab while using grouped configs and several MC start with same id. [gbastien]

  • Use position bottom to display tooltipster usersGroupInfos to avoid screen overflow. [gbastien]

  • Be explicit and always show attendees management icons on the item view, was only shown on hover before. [gbastien]

  • Fixed ploneMeetingSelectItem box (dropdown box for selecting a meeting in the plonemeeting portlet) CSS to use light grey background color now that meeting state color is kept (was turned to white before). [gbastien]

  • Changed MeetingConfig.keepAccessToItemWhenAdviceIsGiven to MeetingConfig.keepAccessToItemWhenAdvice so it may handle keeping access to item when advice is given or has been giveable. [gbastien]

  • While using grouped configs (dropdown menu in portal_tabs), display an icon next to the currently selected MeetingConfig.

  • Turn portlet_plonemeeting label displaying MeetingConfig title into a link to the home folder (like the Home icon). [gbastien]

4.2b4 (2020-10-14)

  • Make sure state color on links is applied everywhere (livesearch, livesearch results, folder_contents, …). [gbastien]

  • Make sure events.item_added_or_initialized is only called one time when a new item is created or it may break things done in-between. [gbastien]

4.2b3 (2020-10-02)

  • Added boolean attribute ConfigurablePODTemplate.store_as_annex_empty_file, when True, this will store as annex an empty file instead a generated POD template to avoid useless LibreOffice call when stored annex is just stored to be replaced by the AMQP process. Moreover when storing as annex from the item view, user is no more redirected to the annexes tab, it stays on the item view. [gbastien]

  • Fixed Migrate_To_4_1._adaptForPlonegroup to take into account new key enabled when setting plonegroup functions. [gbastien]

  • In imgselectbox (the box used to select a meeting in the portlet), do not append a /view to the url of the meeting or it breaks caching because by default, other places link to meeting without this /view. [gbastien]

  • Added a new default key displayAdviceReviewState in adaptable method MeetingItem.getCustomAdviceMessageFor to be able to display advice review_state to users that may not view the advice. [gbastien]

  • Fixed link Go to bottom of the page on item view for Chrome. [gbastien]

  • Fixed @@toggle_item_is_signed that still reindexed old index getItemIsSigned, instead new index item_is_signed. [gbastien]

  • Adapted config.MEETING_GROUP_SUFFIXES regarding changes in, new key fct_management in functions. [gbastien]

  • Added held_position.represented_organizations Relation field to be able to specify held_positions representatives of various organizations. Moreover, a helper method organization.get_representatives is added to get representatives held_positions from the organization. [gbastien]

  • Package plonemeeting.restapi is now a direct dependency of Products.PloneMeeting. [gbastien]

  • Added holidays for 2021 and adapted upgrade step to 4200. [gbastien]

  • Added validation for meeting attendees so it is not possible to unselect an attendee if it was redefined on items (itemAbsent, itemExcused, itemSignatories, itemNonAttendees). [gbastien]

  • Added new fields MeetingItem.decisionEnd, MeetingItem.meetingManagersNotesSuite, MeetingItem.meetingManagersNotesEnd and MeetingItem.otherMeetingConfigsClonableToFieldDecisionEnd. [gbastien]

  • Make organization.acronym field viewable/editable also on organizations outside My organization as it may be used as associatedGroups and displayed in dashboard in the Associated groups acronym column. [gbastien]

  • Manage down/up WF for some specific advices so icon waiting_advices_from.png is red when down WF, green when up WF again and blue otherwise. [gbastien]

  • Refactored waiting_advices WFAdaptations to manage more cases. [gbastien]

  • Added helper PloneMeetingTestCase.addAdvice. [gbastien]

  • Completed MeetingConfig.validate_itemWFValidationLevels to not be able to disable level if used in the MeetingConfig. [gbastien]

  • Completed PloneGroupSettingsValidator validator, check also composed values stored on MeetingConfig and using a suffix, so values like suffix_proposing_group_level1reviewers. [gbastien]

  • Removed config.ITEM_STATES_NOT_LINKED_TO_MEETING, get states in which an item is removed from a meeting using MeetingConfig.itemWFValidationLevels.

  • Setup WFT default_chain in testing.setUpPloneSite instead PloneMeetingTestCase.setUp. [gbastien]

  • Added parameter clean=False to BaseDGHV.printXhtml that will use imio.helpers.xhtml.separate_images to avoid several <img> in same <p>. [gbastien]

4.2b2 (2020-09-10)

  • Setup more default values for documentenerator. [odelaere]

  • Added To discuss? faceted filter. Renamed catalog indexes getItemIsSigned, sendToAuthority and toDiscuss to item_is_signed, send_to_authority and to_discuss. [gbastien]

  • Added CompoundCriterion adapter items-with-negative-previous-index, this will lookup previous index in the query then negativize defined values. [gbastien]

  • Added collapsible sections for budget and clonable to other mcs on item view. Added Toggle show/hide all details action on the item view to be able to toggle every collapsible in one click. [gbastien]

  • Added an accessor MeetingItem.getAssociatedGroups for associatedGroups field. [aduchene]

  • Fixed one security.declarePublic in MeetingConfig. [aduchene]

  • Do not break in utils.applyOnTransitionFieldTransform if TAL expression does not return a string (especially when it returns False). [gbastien]

  • Refactored item view and edit form to make fields order correspond:

    • order defined on the original item view is used;

    • simple fields (non RichText) are at the top, RichText fields are under;

    • exception for field MeetingItem.otherMeetingConfigsClonableTo, when using only simple fields, it is displayed at the top, under MeetingItem.sendToAuthority, when using RichText fields (otherMeetingConfigsClonableToFieldXXX) it is displayed under the decisions fields.


  • Display field label and fieldset legend a bit larger. [gbastien]

  • Added parameter insert_index to utils.add_wf_history_action, this gives the possibility to insert a workflow_history event at arbitrary position, and is used for example when creating an item from REST WS and WF transitions are triggered, we add event after WF transitions. [gbastien]

  • Fixed @@advices-icons when no advice at all and Add advice icon is displayed to power advisers, the add icon was wrongly styled. [gbastien]

4.2b1 (2020-08-24)

  • Merged changes from 4.1.28

  • Added waiting_advices_from_last_val_level_advices_required_to_validate WFAdaptation to be able to block item validation in case advices still need to be given.

  • Added adaptable methods MeetingConfig.extra_item_decided_states and MeetingConfig.extra_item_positive_decided_states to formalize how to extend item_decided_states and item_positive_decided_states.

  • Added possibility to define data (title/description/motivation/decision/decisionSuite) to use on an item that will be cloned to another MeetingConfig, data defined on original item will replace basic data on resulting item

  • Added possibility to configure in MeetingConfig.itemsVisibleFields data to display on linked items. It is also possible using the MeetingConfig.itemsNotViewableVisibleFields and MeetingConfig.itemsNotViewableVisibleFieldsTALExpr fields to select specific data that will be displayed to users that may not access to the linked items

  • Workflow adaptations no_global_observation, creator_initiated_decisions and archiving were removed as always either enabled or disabled

4.2a7 (2020-06-24)

  • Merged changes from

4.2a6 (2020-06-24)

  • Merged changes from 4.1.20

  • Merged changes from 4.1.21

  • Merged changes from 4.1.22

  • Merged changes from 4.1.23

  • Merged changes from 4.1.24

  • Merged changes from 4.1.25

  • Merged changes from 4.1.26

  • Merged changes from

  • Merged changes from 4.1.27

4.2a5 (2020-03-17)

  • Merged changes from

4.2a4 (2020-03-13)

  • Merged changes from 4.1.19

4.2a3 (2020-02-21)

  • Merged changes from 4.1.18

4.2a2 (2020-02-21)

  • Merged changes from 4.1.x

4.2a1 (2020-02-06)

  • Item validation workflow is now designed in the MeetingConfig.itemWFValidationLevels, this imply :
    • to no longer rely on MEETINGROLES and MEETINGREVIEWERS constants;

    • reviewer levels and mapping between review_state and organization suffix that manage the item is computed from the MeetingConfig;

    • item validation specific roles (MeetingMember, MeetingReviewer, MeetingPreReviewer are removed from item workflows, local roles are dynamically given and we only use common roles (Reader, Editor, Reviewer and Contributor)

  • Use roles ‘Reviewer’ and ‘Contributor’ in meetingadvice_workflow

  • Added bypass for users having ‘Manage portal’ in MeetingItemWorkflowConditions in ‘mayWait_advices_from’, ‘mayValidate’ and ‘mayPresent’ (2020-08-21)

  • When getting a position_type_attr on a held_position.get_label, added possibility to fallback to another position_type_attr if given one is empty. This makes it possible to fallback to position_type while trying to get secondary_position_type and this last is empty

  • Hide button Add group in Plone groups configuration panel with CSS, this avoid users to add Plone groups instead organizations

4.1.28 (2020-08-21)

  • Moved Meeting.getNextMeeting logic to utils.get_next_meeting so it can be used from outside a Meeting instance, moreover, make negative dateGap work, this is useful to get Meeting of today when meeting have no hours defined

  • Make sure the faceted ajax spinner is visible when loading available items on a meeting or page seems somewhat stucked

  • A MeetingConfig used in another MeetingConfig.meetingConfigsToCloneTo can not be deactivated

  • When CSS style border:none; on a table, no matter border on cells are defined, tables rendered by appy.pod do not have a border, so displaying it as dotted border in CKeditor

  • In @@display-group-users, if group contains another group, display group’s title instead group id (or group id if no title), moreover clearly differenciate using user.png/group.png icon when member is a user or a group

  • Enabled column PloneGroupUsersGroupsColumn on contacts dashboard displaying organizations

  • Enabled allow_reorder for organization.certified_signatures DataGridField

  • Use ram.cache for SelectableAssemblyMembersVocabulary used in organization.certified_signatures DataGridField so it renders faster in dashboards displaying organizations

  • Make organization/person/held_position implements IConfigElement so we may use _invalidateCachedVocabularies to invalidate cached vocabularies and it is not necessary to write event handlers for these cases

  • Added group-users icon next to proposingGroup to display every Plone groups members to members of the proposingGroup only

  • Added collective.fingerpointing log message when managing item assembly/signatures/attendees/signatories

  • Fixed bug in itemPeople macro displayed on meetingitem_view, when field Meeting itemNonAttendees is enabled, the column header was correctly hidden but the column cells were displayed

  • Moved JS function toggleDoc to imio.helpers under name toggleDetails

  • Cleaned plonemeeting.css, removed useless styles definition

  • In contacts management, show clearly that icons in portlet will add new organization/held_position by using icons with a +

  • Validate plonegroup settings for functions so it is not possible to remove or disable a function that is used in MeetingConfig.selectableCopyGroups or MeetingItem.copyGroups

  • Migrate MeetingCategory from AT to DX :

    • New portal_type is meetingcategory;

    • Field MeetingItem.classifier was moved from ReferenceField to StringField;

    • Added new MeetingConfig.insertingMethodsOnAddItem named on_classifiers;

    • Removed magic in MeetingConfig.getCategories that returned organizations when MeetingConfig.useGroupsAsCategories was True, now it returns only categories, moreover parameter classifiers is renamed to catType that may be all/categories/classifiers.

  • In every migrations, call cleanRegistries at the end by default so JS/CSS are recompiled

  • Add ‘redirectToNextMeeting’ option.

  • Moved Meeting.getNextMeeting logic to utils.get_next_meeting so it can be used from outside a Meeting instance

  • Make sure is enabled in portal_javascripts

  • Completed custom widget PMCheckBoxFieldWidget to manage display mode, every element are listed one under each other and not one next to each others separated with commas that was much unreadable when having more than 3 values. Use it everywhere possible: organization, held_position and category

  • Fixed MeetingView._displayAvailableItemsTo, do not use ToolPloneMeeting.userIsAmong for powerobservers as it could be powerobserver for MeetingConfig A and not for MeetingConfig B and in this case, the available items were shown

  • Added CKEditor style page-break to be able to insert a page-break into a RichText field, this can be used in a POD template by adding a relevant page-break paragraph style

  • In MeetingItemWorkflowConditions._check_review_and_required, factorized check about Review portal content permission and required data (category/classifier/groupsInCharge)

  • Improved BaseDGHV.print_signatories_by_position to add more use cases

  • Added tests for BaseDGHV.print_signatories_by_position

  • Adapted code regarding changes in collective.iconifiedcategory, do not use portal_catalog to get the annexes but rely on allowedRolesAndUsers stored in categorized_elements

  • Fixed MeetingView._displayAvailableItemsTo, do not use ToolPloneMeeting.userIsAmong for powerobservers as it could be powerobserver for MeetingConfig A and not for MeetingConfig B and in this case, the available items were shown

  • Display groups created by a MeetingConfig (meetingmanagers, powerobservers, …) on the meetingconfig_view. Moved the @@display-group-users view to so we have same view to render groups and users in contacts dashboard and everywhere else.

  • Extended batch action that stores a generated template directly as an annex on selected elements. Field MeetingConfig.meetingItemTemplateToStoreAsAnnex is now MeetingConfig.meetingItemTemplatesToStoreAsAnnex and several POD templates may be selected instead one single. In the batch action, the user may chose among available POD templates

  • Fixed @@check-pod-templates that was no more raising an error when a POD template was wrong, hidding broken templates…

  • Reworked email notifications to always have relevant information at the beginning of the subject in case item title is very long

  • Make sure field Meeting.secretMeetingObservations is only editable/viewable by MeetingManagers (2020-06-25)

  • Adapted CheckPodTemplatesView so generation helper view is correctly initialized when generating pod template on meeting, this would have shown the max_objects bug in collective.eeafaceted.dashboard _get_generation_context method

  • Force email sender address in upgrade step to 4109 (2020-06-24)

  • In MeetingItem.getAdviceDataFor, hide also observations, like it is already the case for comment’ when hide_advices_under_redaction=True and advice is currently under redaction

4.1.27 (2020-06-24)

  • Fixed bug in DashboardCollection stored query, instead list of <dict>, was sometimes list of <instance> (???), added upgrade step to 4108, this is necessary for plone.restapi to serialize DashboardCollection to json

  • Fixed wrong TAL condition used for DashboardCollection searchmyitemstakenover (replaced omittedSuffixed by omitted_suffixes)

  • Added parameter ignore_underscore=False to utils.org_id_to_uid, when an underscore is present, the value is considered something like developers_creators, if it is actually an organization id containing an _ (which is not possible by default), then set ignore_underscore=True to get it.

  • Display groupsInCharge on the item view : when field MeetingItem.groupsInCharge is used, from the proposingGroup when MeetingConfig.includeGroupsInChargeDefinedOnProposingGroup=True or from the category when MeetingConfig.includeGroupsInChargeDefinedOnCategory=True. Set autoInclude=True by default instead False for MeetingItem.getGroupsInCharge

  • Fix email_from_address in migration 4108 so it is unique for each customers and helps to lower the spam score.

  • Set MeetingItem.getGroupsInCharge(autoInclude=True) by default instead autoInclude=False so calling the accessor without parameter returns groupsInCharge stored on proposingGroup or category

  • Display DashboardCollection UID on the MeetingConfig view

  • When cloning item to another MeetingConfig, keep copyGroups by default (copyGroups moved from config.EXTRA_COPIED_FIELDS_SAME_MC to config.DEFAULT_COPIED_FIELDS)

  • Factorized check about required data to be able to trigger a transition on an item in MeetingItemWorkflowConditions._check_required_data, this way we check if category/groupsInCharge are correct

  • Added collective.fingerpointing log message when using ToolPloneMeeting.updateAllLocalRoles so we know who and how much

  • Simplified Meeting.getRawQuery to only use linkedMeetingUID index to query items, remove useless index portal_type from query as linkedMeetingUID is sure to be unique

  • Adapted override of regarding changes in collective.eeafaceted.dashboard (pod_template.max_objects attribute)

  • Validate directory.position_types to check that a used position_type (by a held_position) can not be removed (2020-06-12)

  • Reworked wait_advices_from.png so it is correctly displayed with a background

  • Search plone groups based on org UID instead of title to avoid mismatch. [odelaere]

  • Fix Migrate_To_4105, call to upgradeAll should always omit profiles Products.PloneMeeting and self.profile_name

  • Display DashboardCollection id next to title on MeetingConfig view

4.1.26 (2020-06-11)

  • Use Products.Archetypes.interfaces.IObjectInitializedEvent and zope.lifecycleevent.interfaces.IObjectAddedEvent to initialize freshly created item to make plone.restapi happy or item is not initialized and attributes like adviceIndex are not added. With plone.restapi, validation is done after ObjectInitializedEvent but before ObjectAddedEvent. Implement also MeetingItem.initializeArchetype in which we call events.item_added_or_initialized or some fields are not writable for plone.restapi because MeetingMember role is not given…

  • Added missing icon wait_advices_from.png

  • Do not fail in vocabularies.PMCategoryVocabulary when creating an annex using plone.restapi, validation is done before annex is fully initialized

  • Set enforceVocabulary=True for MeetingItem.proposingGroup, MeetingItem.proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge, MeetingItem.groupsInCharge and MeetingItem.optionalAdvisers so validation is done correctly when using plone.restapi

  • Make Meeting and MeetingItem implements IATMeetingContent(IMeetingContent) instead IMeetingContent to be able to define an adapter for AT contents only

  • Optimized item duplication process, remove images, advices and relevant annexes (that are not kept) using _delObject(suppress_events=True) in zope.lifecycleevent.ObjectCopiedEvent onItemCopied event handler

  • In MeetingConfig.getMeetingsAcceptingItems, extracted computation of catalog query into MeetingConfig._getMeetingsAcceptingItemsQuery

  • An item may be taken over by members of the proposingGroup when it is decided

  • Include permissions.zcml of package before loading plone.restapi (2020-06-02)

  • Fixed Meeting.validate_date that checks that another meeting does not already use date. Now it is possible to create 2 meetings one hour apart, more over we avoid portal_catalog search with getDate=list of dates that breaks collective.solr (DateIndex receiving a list of dates)

4.1.25 (2020-05-28)

  • Refactored the way a blank item is created to avoid impossibility to insert image during creation :

    • every items, blank or not are created from an item template, this avoid use of portal_factory;

    • a special not removale Default item template is added in the MeetingConfig and is used as basis for creating a blank item;

    • parameter MeetingConfig.itemCreatedOnlyUsingTemplate is removed, deactivating the Default item template is the equivalent;

    • Added upgrade step to 4107

  • A MeetingConfig may be removed even if still containing items (recurring items, item templates), only real items are now considered

  • Avoid multiple clicks when creating a new item, icon is disabled after click and when an edition is in progress

  • Make sure every MeetingItemRecurring and MeetingItemTemplate portal_types are registered in portal_factory

  • Ignore schemata settings while viewing the MeetingConfig (meetingconfig_view) to avoid displaying tab Settings when using collective.solr

  • Adapted PMConditionAwareCollectionVocabulary regarding changes in collective.eeafaceted.collectionwidget where _cache_invalidation_key method now receives a new parameter real_context

  • Configured cron4plone cron job executing @@update-delay-aware-advices hours to 01:45 so will be executed at 02:00 (check every hours)

  • Fixed JS bug that could break dashboard when deleting an item, call to updateNumberOfItems should only be made when deleting an item on the meeting view

  • In Migrate_To_4105._uncatalogWrongBrains do not break when getting correct_rid if it does not exist in portal_catalog

  • Simplified types XML files when using or not, it led to wrong configuration when GS profile order was not correct. is now a direct dependency of Products.PloneMeeting

  • Added utils._base_extra_expr_ctx to use each time we use collective.behavior.talcondition.utils._evaluateExpression, it will return base extra context for the TAL expression, including tool, cfg, pm_utils and imio_history_utils

  • In testing PMLayer, check if user exists before creating his memberarea as this layer is used by external packages ( (2020-05-14)

  • Fixed PMUsers vocabulary to avoid duplicates when using LDAP where same userid may be defined in LDAP and in source_users

  • Relaunch steps _moveMCParameterToWFA and _addItemNonAttendeesAttributeToMeetings from Migrate_To_4104 in Migrate_To_4105 for some instances that had been deployed in between

  • Use getIconURL to display held_position icon on meeting edit instead getIcon as the first returns full absolute_url of the icon and the last, only relative URL of the icon

  • In vocabularies.ContainedAnnexesVocabulary, only get collective.iconifiedcategory.categories vocab when actually having annexes

  • When cloning an item with keepProposingGroup=False and using field MeetingItem.proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge, make sure new set data for proposingGroup/proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge/groupsInCharge are correct and complete. Added parameter include_stored=True to MeetingItem.listProposingGroups and MeetingItem.listProposingGroupsWithGroupsInCharge

  • Ignore schemata settings while editing an element, this avoid MeetingItem edit form to display a Settings tab when using collective.solr

4.1.24 (2020-05-08)

  • In Migrate_To_4105._cleanFTWLabels, be sure to keep old values in case still a PersistentList instead removing the annotation

  • In Migrate_To_4105._removeBrokenAnnexes, manage parent’s modification date to keep old value because removing an annex will notifyModifiedAndReindex it’s container

  • In @@item_duplicate_form, disable annexes if user does not have the permission to Add annex/Add annexDecision on future created item

  • Use OrgaPrettyLinkWithAdditionalInfosColumn instead PrettyLinkColumn in dashboards displaying persons and held_positions

  • Added upgrade step to 4106

  • Added Migrate_To_4106._umarkCreationFlagForEveryItems to make sure existing items have at_creation_flag=False or it breaks MeetingItem.setTakenOverBy/MeetingItem.setHistorizedTakenOverBy

  • Relying on plone.formwidget.namedfile>2.0.2 required by collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable also fixes the problem in PloneMeeting, no need to patch url anymore in additionalInformations macro for DX content

  • When creating an item from an itemTemplate, if a proposingGroup is defined on the itemTemplate and current user is creator for this proposingGroup, keep it on new created item

  • Use plonemeeting_activity_managers_workflow instead collective_contact_core_workflow for person and held_position portal_types because when using collective_contact_core_workflow, an element in state deactivated is no more viewable by Member

  • Manage missing terms for SelectableAssemblyMembersVocabulary and SelectableItemInitiatorsVocabulary as now, inactive held_position objects are no more returned by default by these vocabularies (only active elements are returned)

  • Renamed Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.selectableassociatedorganizationsvocabulary to Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.detailedorganizationsvocabulary so it is easier to reuse in other contexts

  • Added possibility to select organizations as item initiators (MeetingItem.itemInitiator) in addition to held positions

  • Removed field MeetingItem.itemIsSigned from meetingitem_edit, it is managed thru the meetingitem_view

  • Fix Migrate_To_4105._uncatalogWrongBrains that was breaking the UID index for existing objects

  • Added possibility to display available items on meeting view to other users than (Meeting)Managers :

    • added parameter MeetingConfig.displayAvailableItemsTo, possibility to select Application users and every Power obsevers profiles;

    • renamed adaptatble method Meeting.showRemoveSelectedItemsAction to Meeting.showInsertOrRemoveSelectedItemsAction.

  • Fixed links displayed in table of available items on meeting_view so it is correctly opened outside the available items iframe

  • When duplicating an item, keep original proposingGroup if current user is creator for it, if not, creator first proposingGroup is used

  • While updating delay-aware advices during night cron, add logging even if 0 items to update or we can not see if there was nothing to do or wrong configuration

  • Refactored MeetingItem.isPrivacyViewable method :

    • Instead checking if current user in proposingGroup, copyGroups, … just check if it has View access on item;

    • Test for powerobservers restriction (MeetingConfig.restrictAccessToSecretItemsTo) at the end to avoid an item creator that is also a powerobserver not having access to it’s item.

  • Removed MeetingItem.sendMailIfRelevant, use utils.sendMailIfRelevant instead

  • Added email notification adviceEditedOwner that will notify the item owner when an advice is added/edited in addition to existing adviceEdited that notifies every creators of the item proposingGroup

  • Added email notification temPostponedNextMeeting that will notify the item proposingGroup creators that item has been postponed next meeting (2020-04-30)

  • Added ram.cache for PMCategoryVocabulary.__call__, the vocabulary used for annex content_category, this is useful for the @@item_duplicate_form that calls it many times

  • Added vocabulary Products.PloneMeeting.Users and using it for person.userid field, this vocabulary displays the fullname and the userid (2020-04-29)

  • In MeetingItem.xml, REALLY remove the action having id duplicate_and_keep_link (2020-04-29)

  • In MeetingItem.xml, remove the action having id duplicate_and_keep_link.

4.1.23 (2020-04-29)

  • Added ZLogHandler in Migrator.initNewHTMLFields and in Migrate_To_4105._cleanFTWLabels as these steps may take some time

  • Moved MeetingInsertingMethodsHelpMsgView logic from __init__ to __call__ because errors are swallowed in __init__, moreover display Groups in charge next to Group title

  • Refactored the Duplicate item functionnality :

    • Only one button Duplicate item left, the Duplicate and keep link button was removed

    • Added possibility to display the Duplicate item action in dashboards, added MeetingConfig.itemActionsColumnConfig to be able to show it or not in addition to actions Delete and History

    • Added parameters keptAnnexIds and keptDecisionAnnexIds to MeetingItem.clone

    • Added custom widget PMCheckBoxFieldWidget that manages Select/unselect all, rendering HTML as value label and display a clear message when field empty

    • On click, a popup is displayed with following options :

      • Keep a link to original item?

      • Select annexes to keep

      • Select decision annexes to keep

      • Annexes and decision annexes that will not be kept because using a scan_id or used annex_type is restricted to MeetingManagers and current user is not a MeetingManager will be displayed greyed

  • In vocabularies.BaseHeldPositionsVocabulary, query only held_positions that are in review_state active, moreover, display the WorkflowState viewlet on person view and held_position view

  • Fixed showAddAnnex and showAddAnnexDecision in @@categorized-annexes, rely on the content_category field vocabulary

  • Fix MeetingUser migration when no gender setted (2020-04-24)

  • Added upgrade step in upgrade to 4105 to clean ftw.labels annotation if it was not migrated to a PersistendMapping

4.1.22 (2020-04-24)

  • Optimized calls to and, do it with the_objects=False anytime possible, and avoid calling it when we have the plone_group_id and we need the organization UID

  • Added migration that fixes wrong paths in portal_catalog (paths ending with ‘/’ because an added annex was reindexing the parent) and annexes without a content_category that occured with wrong ConflictError management in collective.quickupload (imio.annex)

  • Fixed MeetingItem._checkMayQuickEdit that was giving access to Manager even when field condition was False

  • Added upgrade step to 4105

  • Fixed bug in batch action StoreItemsPodTemplateAsAnnex that kept Temporary QR code label in stored annex

  • Make catalog available on self in tests

  • Optimized the Quick edit save and continue functionnality by using CKEditor AjaxSave plugin to save data so the field is not reloaded and the user editing the content stays where he was

4.1.21 (2020-04-20)

  • In ToolPloneMeeting.pasteItem, use adopt_roles(‘Manager’) instead giving local role Manager to the logged in user.

  • Optimize UpdateDelayAwareAdvicesView._computeQuery to only consider organizations for which a delay aware advice is configured, this avoid very long queries that does not please solr

  • Added faceted filter Copy groups:

    • Added Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.copygroupsvocabulary (faceted) and Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.itemcopygroupsvocabulary (MeetingItem) vocabularies

    • moved MeetingItem.copyGroup vocabulary from listCopyGroups to Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.itemcopygroupsvocabulary

    • factorized the way advices and copy groups are displayed on item view (displayAdvisers/displayCopyGroups)

    • adapted tests accordingly

  • Display portal_setup profile version for PloneMeeting related packages in @@overview-controlpanel

  • Fixed view.printAssembly method that failed when a meeting item was not in a meeting

  • Fixed test_pm_ItemStrikedAssembly to test printAssembly method when a meeting item is not in a meeting (2020-04-08)

  • Fixed collective.documentgenerator helper methods print_attendees and print_attendees_by_type:

    • removed useless method Meeting.getNonAttendees, nonAttendee is only relevant on item, so we use Meeting.getItemNonAttendees;

    • added parameter escape_for_html=True to both methods that will escape characters not compatible with appy.pod. (2020-04-06)

  • Added new optional field (decisionSuite) for item

4.1.20 (2020-04-02)

  • Add a button to save and continuing edition for rich text fields

  • Fix advanced search view with collective.solr

  • Small fixes in the test to improve MeetingLalouviere test run

  • Fixed a misstyped condition in tests/

  • Added new type of presence for item attendee (used to ignore an attendee on some items) :

    • new meeting optional attribute non attendee;

    • may be used in addition to present/absent/excused as even an absent attendee may be set non attendee for a specific item;

    • changed parameter patterns on print_in_and_out_attendees to custom_patterns to be able to redefine only one single pattern

  • Fixed AskedAdvicesVocabulary ram.cache cachekey to avoid same vocabulary used for 2 different MeetingConfigs (the indexAdvisers term on DashboardCollection was using another MeetingConfig values), moreover made it more robust in case weird context is received

  • Execute the MeetingConfig.onMeetingTransitionItemActionToExecute TAL expressions as Manager in utils.meetingExecuteActionOnLinkedItems to avoid permission problems, what is defined in the configuration must be applied. This makes the a power observer may only access accepted items when meeting is closed work when current user is a MeetingManager, not a Manager, instead having a permission error as MeetingItem.updateLocalRoles is protected with the Modify portal content permission

  • In tests WF helpers (validateItem, decideMeeting, backToState, …) added parameter as_manager, True by default for MeetingItem related methods and for backToStaten and False by default for Meeting related methods. This way we avoid as much as possible hidden permission problems

  • Exclude SearchableText indexing for IAnnex objects

  • Make sure CKeditor panels are dispayed correctly in popups (adding/editing advice)

  • Added MeetingConfig.removeAnnexesPreviewsOnMeetingClosure parameter, when True, annexes previews will be deleted upon meeting closure, added also action on portal_plonemeeting to be able to remove every annexes previews of every items in every closed meetings

  • Added utils.fplog, an helper to add collective.fingerpointing-like log messages, adapted code to use it everywhere, extra logging is available when :

    • an item position changed on a meeting;

    • an inherited advice is removed;

    • an item is cloned (duplicated, sent to another MeetingConfig, …);

    • an attribute of an annex is changed (to print, confidential, …);

    • a RichText field is quickedited;

    • annex previews are removed (when closing meeting if relevant parameter is enabled)

  • Moved parameter MeetingConfig.meetingManagerMayCorrectClosedMeeting to a workflowAdaptation meetingmanager_correct_closed_meeting

  • Include plugin package name and versions in @@overview-controlpanel in addition to versions for PloneMeeting and appy (2020-03-17)

  • Fixed a bug when redefining ‘group_position_type’ parameter in view.printAssembly and added a test (2020-03-13)

  • Adapted code to remove compatibility with collective.iconifiedcategory<0.40 (before publishable was introduced)

  • Fixed migration to 4.1 when Plone groups are stored in other Plone groups (used when recursive_groups plugin is enabled)

4.1.19 (2020-03-12)

  • Do no more _versionateAdvicesOnItemEdit on item when adding/removing an annex

  • Adapted code to use unique IconifiedAttrChangedEvent from collective.iconifiedcategory

  • Added helper method utils.normalize_id

  • When storing POD template as annex, define the id to use and pass it to api.content.create or element is renamed and ObjectModifiedEvent is called 2 times

  • Fixed migration to 4.1 that removed MeetingItem.proposingGroup when calling item.setProposingGroupWithGroupInCharge(u’’)

  • Optimized annex management to avoid useless process when adding/removing/changing attr value (to_print, confidential, …) on annexes

  • Fixed migration to 4.1 while migrating Plone groups that may also contain other groups in addition to users

  • Fixed email notification advice to give when advice is asked again on an item in a review_state where advices are already giveable

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem._is_complete relying on MeetingItem.completeness field

  • Defined CSS rule that manage RichText fields paragraph line height everywhere it is displayed (dashboard, view, CKeditor)

  • In utils.cropHTML, avoid visual encoding problems by making sure we have unicode before calling BeautifulSoup

  • Optimized available items query, avoid catalog query to find past meetings

  • Added field person.firstname_abbreviated useable in documentgenerator helper print_attendees_by_type method

  • Added parameter annexFile=None to PloneMeetingTestCase.addAnnex, to be able to use another file than FILE.txt (like a pdf, a corrupted pdf, …)

  • Give View access to portal_plonemeeting to role Member so application do not fail to render when logged in user is not member of any group

  • Avoid item full reindex when advice is added/modified/removed, only reindex relevant indexes (added adaptable method MeetingItem.getAdviceRelatedIndexes to manage custom indexes to reindex)

  • When advice is added/modified/removed, clean the Products.PloneMeeting.MeetingItem.modified cachekey volatile to clear cache for portlet_todo

  • Adapted the way late items work: now an item is late for the selected preferred meeting and for every following meetings. This way an item that was late for a meeting may also be presented as late item for next meeting instead only being presentable to next non frozen meeting

  • Moved MeetingItemWorkflowConditions._groupIsNotEmpty to ToolPloneMeeting.group_is_not_empty so it is easier to use everywhere

  • Added new field MeetingItem.meetingManagersNotes only viewable/editable by MeetingManagers

  • Changed the default condition in which an item may be signed (MeetingItem.isSigned), this is now possible as soon as an item is validated

  • Added faceted filter Item is signed?

  • Adapted code as vocabulary was renamed to

4.1.18 (2020-02-21)

  • Use another msgid for WF history comments when item is created from an item template, this way old comments still works and new comments includes item template path and title

4.1.17 (2020-02-21)

  • In live search, colorize results depending on element’s review_state

  • In overrided “collective.iconifiedcategory.categories”, include the currently stored annex content_category no matter it uses only_for_meeting_managers and current user is not a MeetingManager

  • Added method ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.print_public_deliberation_decided to already existing print_deliberation and print_public_deliberation, this will be used to render the body of an item when it is decided

  • Avoid screen size changes when editing an element with RichText fields as CKeditor takes some seconds to load, fix field height

  • While creating an item from an item template, store in the WF history comments from which template the item was created

4.1.16 (2020-02-18)

  • In events.onConfigOrPloneElementModified do not call _notifyContainerModified if event element is a PloneMeeting folder, a user personal folder that contains items and meetings

  • Adapted MeetingItem._update_after_edit to be able to pass only some indexes to reindex, adapted async methods (change itemlisttype, itemcompleteness, …) accordingly. By default, MeetingItem._update_after_edit will do a full reindex but if some specific indexes are given, only these indexes are reindexed

  • Avoid useless full reindex when RichText field is edited using quick edit and when annex is added/edited/removed

  • While using ToolPloneMeeting.get_orgs_for_user, use the_objects=False as much as possible as this method is cached, returned objects could behave weirdly

  • Avoid an error with zope users during install when collective.indexing is used

  • Changed the user recovery code so that it works with an “ldap” configuration. This change allows the use of notifications with an “ldap” configuration

  • Fix MeetingItem.getItemSignatories so it returns an empty dict when there is no signatories

  • Fixed item view template when using field proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge, it may be empty when used on an item template

  • In BaseDGHV.get_scan_id, append a special value ‘Temporary’ to generated QR code when is it generated and still not stored as annex as it is subject to change at next generation

  • Fixed bug with itemAssembly and itemSignatures edition where an item with redefined itemAssembly/itemSignatures in a non closed meeting was editable by anybody

  • Fixed bug with item confidential annex shown to groupsInCharge that were actually not shown because of a typo in adapters._reader_groups (groupincharge was renamed to groupsincharge), the same typo was left in the tests so it was passing… Test was adapted to double check that values stored in MeetingConfig are existing in field vocabulary

  • Added possibility to configure attributes of annexes (confidentiality, to_be_printed, …) that will only be displayed and/or editable to MeetingManagers

  • Added new methods for formatting signatures, BaseDGHV.print_signatories_by_position and BaseDGHV.print_signatures_by_position.

  • Adapted BaseDGHV.printAssembly to be compatible with attendees and tested it

  • Override ploneview.Plone.showEditableBorder to hide the green bar for folders stored in contacts directory

  • By default, hide the sharing tab everywhere

  • Added items-to-advice-without-hidden-during-redaction CompoundCriterion adapter to be able to query items to advice but not consider advice hidden during redaction. This is useful when advice have a workflow with several states where advice is hidden during redaction by default. In this case the search only returns advice addable on item

  • Optimized the email notification You have been set in copy of an item to not send several emails to the same e-mail address in case several groups are in copy and a user is in these groups or when group email addresses are used

  • Added optional field Meeting.convocationDate

4.1.15 (2020-01-10)

  • Only show the ‘Add element’ actions menu when Manager is on a Folder or on a MessagesConfig element, this way we avoid users changing review_state, layout our deleting the element…

  • When using the tooltipster to change the MeetingItem.listType value, display the current listType value so user know what it is before changing to another value, especially useful on the meeting_view where current listType value is not displayed

  • Make ‘pm_utils’ and ‘imio_history_utils’ available in every TAL expressions evaluated using collective.behavior.talcondition.utils._evaluateExpression, this way it is also possible when evaluating the TAL expression of MeetingConfig.onTransitionFieldTransforms to access the item’s history and to include in a field comment added for last WF transition for example

  • Display an error portal_message while creating a meeting and some recurring items could not be inserted

  • Added methods ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.print_deliberation and ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.print_public_deliberation, this will be used to render the body of an item. Added method ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.output_for_restapi that is used by plonemeeting.restapi for the @deliberation MeetingItem endpoint

  • In MeetingItem._findOrderFor, in ‘on_categories’, do not break if an item does not have a category, this can be the case when categories were just enabled and a meeting already contains items without a category

  • Adapted AskedAdvicesVocabulary to only keep advices that are in MeetingConfig.selectableAdvisers. This vocabulary is used in the faceted filter “Advices” and for field MeetingConfig.advicesKeptOnSentToOtherMC

  • Added MeetingItem.validate_groupsInCharge, when enabled in MeetingConfig.usedItemAttributes, field MeetingItem.groupsInCharge is required

  • In main migration to v4.1, do not refresh other catalogs that portal_catalog (bypass reference_catalog and uid_catalog)

  • Removed ToolPloneMeeting.modelAdaptations and relative functionnality (bilingual, getName, …)

  • Make RichText fields of Meeting searchable, index also meeting annexes title in SearchableText index

  • Added upgrade step to 4104

  • Removed DashboardCollection ‘searchalldecisions’ and replaced it by ‘searchallmeetings’, this way every meetings are displayed and user may search accross all meetings or filter on review_state if he wants only decided meetings

  • Added helper method Migrator.updateCollectionColumns to be able to update every columns for every DashboardCollections of every MeetingConfigs

  • Added possibility to define groups in charge for a given MeetingCategory, the same way it is done for organization.groups_in_charge. New parameters MeetingConfig.includeGroupsInChargeDefinedOnProposingGroup and MeetingConfig.includeGroupsInChargeDefinedOnCategory will make it possible to take groups in charge defined on the proposingGroup or on the category into account while giving access to the item or to the confidential annexes

4.1.14 (2019-11-27)

  • Finally fixes advice inheritance when original advice is not delay aware and the MeetingConfig holding inherited advice has a delay aware custom adviser

  • Do not make IMeeting inherits from IFacetedNavigable or it does not apply the faceted configuration when a new meeting is created because it already implements IFacetedNavigable… Override the IDashboardGenerablePODTemplates from collective.eeafaceted.dashboard to manage dashboard related POD templates

4.1.13 (2019-11-26)

  • Fix rendering of POD templates on Meeting, was crashing because using DashboardPODTemplates, now use ConfigurablePODTemplates

  • Adapted CSS and code regarding changes in imio.prettylink (state related CSS class is moved from <a> tag to inner <span>)

4.1.12 (2019-11-26)

  • Adapted code to redefine the ‘IGenerablePODTemplates’ adapter for context and dashboard now that ‘get_all_pod_templates’ and ‘get_generable_templates’ were moved from ‘DocumentGeneratorLinksViewlet’ to ‘GenerablePODTemplatesAdapter’ in ‘collective.documentgenerator’

  • Fixed bug when an inherited advice is unselected from original item holding the asked advice, update back predecessors so advice is no more inherited

  • Fixed bug when an inherited advice is given by a power adviser on original item then item is sent to another MeetingConfig in which a delay aware advice is automatically asked on resulting item, the automatically asked advice must not be taken into account in place of inherited advice

4.1.11 (2019-11-19)

  • Relaunch upgrade step _adaptHolidaysWarningMessage while moving to version 4103

4.1.10 (2019-11-19)

  • When an annex has been modified, avoid to reindex the entire parent, only reindex relevant indexes : modified related indexes and SearchableText as annex title is indexed into it

  • Integrated new column “publishable” from collective.iconifiedcategory, this is done conditionnaly if relevant version of collective.iconifiedcategory is used

  • Fixed bug where ‘Manager’ role was removed from ‘Administrators’ group when saving the results in the @@usergroup-groupprefs, this was due to ‘Manager’ role not listed in the form and so removed on save. Now every golbal roles used by the application are displayed, namely ‘MeetingObserverGlobal’, ‘Manager’ and ‘Member’ roles. ‘Site Administrator’ role is not displayed for now

  • No more give the ‘Member’ role to ‘AuthenticatedUsers’ auto_group, this was used with old LDAP plugin that did not give ‘Member’ role by default. Now every users will get ‘Member’ role and every groups, including ‘AuehtenticatedUsers’ will not get the ‘Member’ role anymore

  • Fixed CSS applied on selected meeting in the meeting selection box so selected value is correctly colored

  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to remove a meeting containing an item having an image used in a RichText field. This was due to fact that when a Plone content is removed, it’s container is notifyModified, this is no more done if container is an IMeetingContent

  • Fixed bug with ‘waiting_advices’ workflow adaptation that failed to be activated if a state defined in WAITING_ADVICES_FROM_STATES did not exist

4.1.9 (2019-11-04)

  • Add a validation step “Are you sure?” before launching items and meetings local roles update from the action button on portal_plonemeeting

  • Fixed ftw.labels : - Jar storage that was a dict instead a PersistentMapping and that was making changes done to it not persisted; - Go back to the ‘data’ tab on the MeetingConfig while removing a label from the labels portlet; - Invalidate the ftw.labels faceted vocabulary when a label is added/updated/removed.

  • While storing a POD template as annex, make sure values for form.store_as_annex and are correctly set back to defaults because in case a user use the back button, this could lead to Unauthorized while generating a POD template that can not be stored just after having stored a POD template

  • Optimize MeetingItem.updateLocalRoles to take into account cases when several items are updated : - Do not compute auto copy groups if there were no expression found on previous updated item of same portal_type - Do not update annexes accesses if annex was not confidential and still not confidential - Added caching to for the time of a REQUEST to avoid doing too much catalog queries - Added avoid_reindex parameter to updateLocalRoles method, in this case, if __ac_loca_roles__ did not change, reindexObjectSecurity is bypassed

  • Use declareProtected(ModifyPortalContent) for methods on MeetingItem ‘setCategory’, ‘setClassifier’, ‘setProposingGroup’ and ‘setProposingGroupWithGroupInCharge’

  • Fixed bug when an item is sent to another MeetingConfig and fails to be presented in a meeting because none is available, it crashed to render the portal_message if the destination MeetingConfig title contained special characters

  • Changed text of collective.messagesviewlet ‘Holidays warning’ message to use a less panicking content

  • Added upgrade step to fix wrong ToolPloneMeeting.holidays value ‘2017/2/25’

4.1.8 (2019-10-14)

  • Added possibility to bypass catalog/workflows refresh in migration step to 4101 if coming from migration step to 4.1 as this was already done

  • Adapted AdvicesIconsInfos.mayRemoveInheritedAdvice that is also used by the ‘@@advice-remove-inheritance’ view so a MeetingManager may remove an inherited advice as long as item is not decided

  • Display workflowstate viewlet the new way as it was moved to plonetheme.imioapps and CSS were changed

  • Show clearly empty lines at end of Meeting.signatures field, this way editors may see immediatelly if a line is missing

  • Fixed vocabulary keys used for field MeetingConfig.mailMeetingEvents (listMeetingEvents) that was breaking the mail notifications upon meeting state change

  • Fixed migration step Migrate_To_4101._correctAccessToPODTemplates to also update StyleTemplate objects

  • Fixed itemsignatures management to keep empty lines at the end of the value because it was stripped by the form

4.1.7 (2019-10-04)

  • Fixed bug where an error was raised when asking a delay aware advice on an item for which an non delay aware inherited advice was already existing. Adapted MeetingItem.validate_optionalAdvisers to not let select an adviser if it is already inherited on current item

  • Added migration step to make sure POD templates access is fixed

  • Corrected template ‘export-organizations.ods’ as field PMOrganization.selectable_for_plonegroup was removed

  • In migration to v4.1, migrate also expressions using ‘here’ (‘here.portal_plonemeeting’, …) (2019-10-01)

  • In Migrate_To_4_1._updateUsedAttributes while already migrated

4.1.6 (2019-10-01)

  • Moved the logic of added a line to the workflow_history while creating an new item to utils.add_wf_history_action so it can be used by other packages (

  • Removed @ram.cache for MeetingConfig.listStates method, this was sometimes leading to breaking the workflowAdaptations application and validation

  • Fixed migration to 4101, in _removeTagsParameterInCallToJSCallViewAndReloadInCloneToOtherMCActions, do not call MeetingConfig._updatePortalTypes because it does not apply workflowAdaptations, call MeetingConfig.registerPortalTypes

  • print_meeting_date : Backward compatibility with old PODTemplates

4.1.5 (2019-09-30)

  • Fixed migration of contacts/orgs-searches ‘c5.default’ faceted criterion as we store a string instead a list, we can not use the ‘edit’ method that validates the format of the given value

4.1.4 (2019-09-30)

  • Added ‘MeetingItem.groupsInCharge’ to ‘MeetingConfig.ItemFieldsToKeepConfigSortingFor’ so it is possible to display it alphabetically or keep order defined in ‘MeetingConfig.orderedGroupsInCharge’

  • Adapted ‘MeetingItem.getAdviceObj’ to not use the MeetingItem.adviceIndex ‘advice_id’ to get the given advice. Indeed, when this method is called during ‘MeetingItem.adviceIndex’ computation, the ‘advice_id’ could not be there even if advice obj exists

  • Fixed access to item view to users not able to view the linked meeting. Indeed in this case it raised Unauthorized because call to Meeting.getAssembly (now declared Public)

  • Adapted the item edit form to display fields ‘proposingGroup’, ‘proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge’, ‘groupsInCharge’, ‘classifier’ and ‘category’ one below the others and no more one next the the other to avoid hidding fields when one field is too large

  • Adapted print_meeting_date and print_preferred_meeting_date so they can now be used in restricted or unrestricted mode

  • Adapted migration to 4101 to make sure that value stored in ‘c5’ widget of contacts/orgs-searches dashboard is not a list

4.1.3 (2019-09-23)

  • Fixed bug “AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘lower’” in BaseDGHV.printAdvicesInfos when advice comment is None

  • Added parameter ordered=True to ‘MeetingItem.getAdvicesByType’, this will order elements by adviser group title (key ‘name’ in indexAdvisers) under an advice_type

  • Fixed migration, do not fail to migrate ‘MeetingItem.copyGroups’ in case a copy group does not exist anymore, was possible in old versions

  • Added field held_position.secondary_position_type working exactly the same way as held_position.position_type to be able to define a secondary_position_type useable when necessary. Adapted also held_position.get_prefix_for_gender_and_number method to be able to pass position_type_attr=’secondary_position_type’

  • Added ‘MeetingItem.associatedGroups’ to ‘MeetingConfig.ItemFieldsToKeepConfigSortingFor’ so it is possible to display it alphabetically or keep order defined in ‘MeetingConfig.orderedAssociatedOrganizations’

  • Added back informations in meetingitem_view about items defined in tool (templateUsingGroups/meetingTransitionInsertingMe), was removed wrongly when removing the ‘back’ link

  • Added inserting method ‘on_item_title’, this will insert items following title alphabetical order

  • Added inserting method ‘on_item_decision_first_words’, this will insert items following decision field content alphabetical order

  • Added inserting method ‘on_item_creator’, this will insert items following item creator fullname alphabetical order

  • Fixed Migrator.updateTALConditions to use the behavior adapter to get/set the tal_condition

4.1.2 (2019-09-13)

  • Defined ‘Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.everyorganizationsvocabulary’ only calling original ‘’ vocabulary but adds ram.cache and render term title without “My organization”

  • Use vocabulary ‘Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.associatedgroupsvocabulary’ for faceted filter ‘associatedGroups’ instead ‘Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.everyorganizationsacronymsvocabulary’

4.1.1 (2019-09-12)

  • Fixed bug on item template view when no proposingGroup defined, be defensive when getting proposingGroup

  • In the “Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.groupsinchargevocabulary”, only consider organizations selected in plonegroup

  • Disable “inline_validation.js”

  • Added new advice types “Cautious” and “Positive with comments”, in addition to default ones “Positive, Positive with remarks, Negative and Nil”

  • Added possibility to filter item dashboards for items taken over by “Nobody”

  • Use natsort.humansorted instead natsort.realsorted to sort vocabularies by term title

  • Changed base implementation of MeetingWorkflowConditions.mayDecide to only check if current user has “Review portal content” permission

  • Make the searchlastdecisions meetings search able to display decisions in the future

  • Do not display the ‘review_state’ columns in contacts dashboard displaying organizations, it is always ‘active’, we use the ‘selected in plonegroup’ column information instead

  • Fixed migration of MeetingUsers, do not fail if a MeetingUser was deleted and initialize MeetingConfig.orderedContacts and MeetingConfig.orderedItemInitiators correctly

  • Added possibility to use a DashboardPODTemplate added into the contacts directory on contacts dashboards (and to define it in an import_data as well)

  • Moved organization.selectable_for_plonegroup field to the ‘app_parameters’ fieldset

  • Handle display of tooltipster when “tap” event (when using application on a mobile device)

  • Adapted actions_panel and faceted collection widget vocabulary to invalidate cache when portal_url changed, this can be the case when accessing application thru different portal_url

  • Make Products.PloneMeeting.utils package available in POD templates under name ‘pm_utils’, it is already the case under name ‘utils’

  • Removed the organization.selectable_for_plonegroup attribute, organizations not selectable in plonegroup will be stored outside plonegroup organization

  • Added possibility to import organization in a parent when using the organizations.csv to import contacts

  • Moved the MeetingItem.optionalAdvisers vocabulary from MeetingItem.listOptionalAdvisers to vocabulary factory ‘Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.itemoptionaladvicesvocabulary’, this is necessary for to handle asking advices when using the createItem SOAP method

  • JS method ‘callViewAndReload’ was moved to imio.helpers, moreover, useless parameter ‘tags’ was removed

  • Added holidays for 2020 and added corresponding upgrade step

  • Added parameter “include_person_title” to held_position.get_prefix_for_gender_and_number making it possible to generate “Madame la Directrice” sentence

  • Use vocabulary ‘’ instead ‘’

  • Added utils.uncapitalize to lowerize first letter of a given string

  • Moved MeetingConfig.onMeetingTransitionItemTransitionToTrigger to MeetingConfig.onMeetingTransitionItemActionToExecute, in addition to be able to trigger a transition on every items of a meeting when a transition is triggered on a meeting, it is now possible to execute a TAL expression

  • ‘workflowstate’ viewlet was moved to plonetheme.imioapps.browser.viewlets and utils.get_state_infos was moved to imio.helpers.content, adapted code accordingly

  • Added Ability to run using solr instead of catalog

  • Do not restrict selection of held_position.position to organizations outside “My organization”. We may link an held_position to an organization stored in “My organization”. This will let link a held_position to an organization having a role in the application: group in charge, adviser, …

  • Changed organization.get_certified_signatures parameter from_group_in_charge=False to group_in_charge=None, it will receive a group in charge (organization) to get certified signatures on. This manage the fact that several groups in charge may be selected on an organization and the selected group in charge is defined on the linked item

  • Override organization.get_full_title only when value is not the indexed value. So “My organziation” is displayed in the contact widget but not in other cases

4.1 (2019-08-23)

  • Fixed POd template check functionnality when odt output_format was not available

  • Adapted regarding change in collective.iconifiedcategory where we do not split the annex title displayed in the tooltipster popup (first part/rest part)

  • Added migration step to version 4100 :
    • Add new catalog indexes/columns (getAssociatedGroups);

    • Add new item dashboard faceted filters;

    • Disable use_stream for collective.documentgenerator.

  • Make sure collective.documentgenerator use_stream is set to False when creating a new site

  • Extended the _notifyContainerModified event to default Plone elements Folder/File/Document/News Item, so when using a ‘Documents’ folder to publish some documents, adding a new element will notify container modified and invalidate cache

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem.custom_validate_optionalAdvisers so a plugin may validate selected optional advisers if necessary

  • Display asked advices on the meetingitem_view at top left together with copy groups so informations about who may see the item is located at the same place

4.1rc9 (2019-08-13)

  • Optimized speed of MeetingItem.MeetingItemWorkflowConditions._groupIsNotEmpty, by not using portal_groups and getGroupMemberIds but directly getting group members thru the acl_users.source_groups._group_principal_map stored data

  • Make self.tool and self.cfg available on MeetingWorkflowConditions/MeetingItemWorkflowConditions and MeetingWorkflowActions/MeetingItemWorkflowActions

  • Clear borg.localroles at the end of MeetingItem.updateLocalRoles

  • Use imio.helpers.cache.invalidate_cachekey_volatile_for ‘get_again=True’ parameter to make sure an invalidated date is get immediatelly to avoid a subsequent async request to get it, leading to a write in the database. This avoids ConflictErrors when cache is invalidated. Moreover, replaced Meeting.invalidate_meeting_actions_panel_cache attribute by a volatile cachekey to avoid a write when viewing the meeting and and item was modified, the attribute is stored by the actions_panel, leading to a write

  • Avoid too much catalog query when it is not necessary :
    • Added ram.cache for portlet_todo.getSearches (now returns collection path as we can not return collection objects with ram.cached method);

    • In BaseGeneratorLinksViewlet.getAvailableMailingLists and PMDocumentGeneratorLinksViewlet.may_store_as_annex use the pod_template directly instead querying the catalog on collection’s UID;

    • In meetingitem_view, use MeetingItem.getPreferredMeeting(theObject=True) to get the meeting object, do not use the vocabulary to display the proposingGroup or proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge because it is doing too much logic, display proposingGroup/groupInCharge directly.

    • Optimized MeetingItem.getSiblingItem to avoid calling it more than once, added value ‘all’ for whichItem parameter, this will make it compute every possible values (first/last/next/previous) and return all in a dict.

4.1rc8 (2019-08-02)

  • Fixed MeetingConfig.validate_customAdvisers that failed to detect a removed row in use when it was a non delay aware row asked automatically

  • Display ‘Groups in charge’ and ‘Acronym of groups in charge’ columns correctly

  • When editing MeetingConfig or using the ‘Invalidate all cache’ action on the tool, invalidate every cached vocabularies

  • Simplified MeetingItem._getInsertOrder by removing the MeetingItem._findOneLevelFor method, only rely on computed _findOrderFor for each inserting method and compare the tuples of orders to find the lowest value

  • Use proposinggroups vocabularies to manage groupsInCharge columns so we are sure that we have every organizations in the vocabulary

  • Fixed bug in the @@change-item-order, it was possible to set an item number > last item number when changing position of last item of the meeting

  • Make it easier to override the meeting state from which an item is considered late:
    • By default nothing changed, adaptable method Meeting.getLateState returns ‘frozen’ by default;

    • The MeetingItemWorkflowActions._freezePresentedItem was replaced by MeetingItemWorkflowActions._latePresentedItem.

  • Fix migration _adaptForPlonegroup, call _hook_after_mgroups_to_orgs before tool.updateAllLocalRoles as there could be changes done in the hook necessary for local roles update

  • While importing contacts thru the CSV files, support attribute “Acronym” in organizations.csv

  • When using categories, validate category of a recurring item so it can not be created in the configuration without a selected category or it fails to be inserted when creating a new meeting. Added warning on the MeetingConfig.useGroupsAsCategories to explain that when enabling categories, some checks have to be done in the application

  • Added columns “Associated groups” and “Associated groups acronym”, needed to add new portal_catalog column “getAssociatedGroups”

  • Added faceted filter “Associated groups” selectable on item related dashboards

  • Moved u’Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.proposinggroupacronymsvocabulary’ vocabulary to u’Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.everyorganizationsacronymsvocabulary’ so it is easier to reuse in other context without naming problem

  • Do not display DashboardPODTemplates on meeting faceted (available/presented items)

  • Display <table> with align=”center” centered in the browser

  • Fix “html_pattern” parameter encoding in views.ItemDGHV.print_copy_groups()

  • Use separated vocabularies for faceted and item to manage MeetingItem.associatedGroups and MeetingItem.groupsInCharge : the faceted vocabulary is cached and the item related vocabulary is calling the cached vocabulary and managing missing terms

  • Added ICompoundCriterionFilter adapter “items-with-personal-labels” to be able to query ftw.labels personal labels

  • Do not fail to add a Meeting in utils.get_context_with_request if Meeting portal_type contains blank spaces

4.1rc7 (2019-07-19)

  • Display field MeetingConfig.orderedGroupsInCharge in the @@display-inserting-methods-helper-msg view when using the ‘on_groups_in_charge’ inserting method

  • Fix bug in img selectbox displayed in the portlet_plonemeeting to have different JS ids or clicking on the second box (decided meetings) was opening the first box (meetings)

  • Fix bug when an Ad blocker is blocking current page because URL contains a word like ‘advertising’, do not reload page or it reloads indefinitely, because JS doing XHR calls reload page when an error occured, instead, display the XHR response error (by default, it displays “NetworkError: A network error occurred.”)

  • When cloning an item, in ToolPloneMeeting.pasteItem, make sure _at_rename_after_creation is set to True (default) so item id is correctly recomputed because item templates and recurring items stored in the configuration are created with _at_rename_after_creation=False

  • For the ‘usergroups’ etag, return the CRC32 result of user groups to avoid too long etag that may crash the browser and to limit used bandwidth

  • Fix bug when displaying actionspanel on an item template, make computation of back url aware that current item template may be stored in a subfolder and not directly in the ‘itemtemplates’ folder

  • Fixed migration when a MeetingUser was existing in several MeetingConfigs, the migration was creating it again leading to an error of type ‘BadRequest: The id “xxx” is invalid - it is already in use.’. Now if existing, we reuse the already created person/held_position.

  • Fixed migration, run _migrateMeetingConfigDefaultAdviceHiddenDuringRedaction before _updateCatalogsByTypes because MeetingConfigs may be reindexed in the second method and we need first the MeetingConfig.defaultAdviceHiddenDuringRedaction format to be updated from boolean to list

4.1rc6 (2019-07-02)

  • Fixed meetingitem_view when displaying groupsInCharge

4.1rc5 (2019-06-30)

  • Make sure an organization can not be removed if used in MeetingItem.templateUsingGroups

  • Redefine imio.prettylink cachekey for IMeetingAdvice to invalidate cache to getLink if item title changed

  • Include etag parentmodified for folderView so etags are invalidated when an advice parent (item) is modified

4.1rc4 (2019-06-28)

  • Display items navigation widget correctly, fixed CSS

  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to edit personal labels if not authorized to edit global labels

  • Fixed bug where a DashboardPODTemplate defined in a MeetingConfig for which no dashboard_collections was defined was shown in every MeetingConfigs

  • When adding a new held_position, make default position being the ‘My organization’ organization. To do so, needed to change the add_view_expr attribute of held_position portal_type to pass default position in the URL (++add++held_position?form.widgets.position=…) as it does not seem possible to define a default value using default, defaultFactory or other @form.default_value

  • In print_attendees_by_type, when group_position_type=True, display label for held_positions for which position_type is u’default’ when u’default’ is not in ignored_pos_type_ids

  • Fixed MeetingConfig.validate_customAdvisers to check if there are no same row_ids used, this could happen when creating MeetingConfig from import_data

  • Fix guard_expr generated method name while using adaptations.addState

  • Make sure the ‘@@remove-several-items’ view will set item back to ‘validated’ when others back transitions are available on a ‘presented’ item, it is the case when the ‘presented_item_back_to_itemcreated’ WFAdaptation is enabled for example

  • In the ‘waiting_advices’ WFAdaptation, make sure budget impact editors have right to edit budget infos even when ‘remove_modify_access’ is True, or even when state is selected in MeetingConfig.itemGroupInChargeStates, budget infos are not editable

  • Reload collective.documentgenerator configuration from file while migrating in case the oo port isn’t the same

  • Added inserting_method ‘on_all_associated_groups’, this will insert items in a meeting following order of every selected associatedGroups of an item, not only the highest index. Associated groups order may be either taken from organizations selected in plonegroup or redefined in MeetingConfig.orderedAssociatedOrganizations, in this case, organizations not selected in plonegroup may also be used

  • Moved MeetingItem.groupInCharge to MeetingItem.groupsInCharge : make the field editable on item and rely on selected organizations in plonegroup or on organizations selected in the MeetingConfig.orderedGroupsInCharge field. Adapted inserting method ‘on_groups_in_charge’ to take into account every groups in charge and not only the first ordered group in charge

  • Remove import_step calling setuphandlers.updateRoleMappings

  • Added new parameters ‘use_by’ and ‘use_to’ to held_position.get_prefix_for_gender_and_number that will return extra values to manage sentence like ‘advice asked to Mister X’ and ‘advice given by Mister X’. BaseDGHV.get_contact_infos will include every possible values

  • Added possibility to define “Plone user id” while importing person contacts using persons.csv

  • In migration to v4.1, create criteria c23 and c24 as it seems that some old v4.0 did not have these 2 criteria

  • MeetingItem.getItemAssembly does not support parameter ‘striked=True’, use MeetingItem.displayStrikedItemAssembly

  • Keep field “isAcceptableOutOfMeeting” when creating item from item template

4.1rc3 (2019-06-14)

  • Make and available in POD templates under name contact_core_utils and contact_plonegroup_utils, useful to access get_gender_and_number or get_organization for example

  • In the item view, check mayQuickEdit ‘completeness’ field with bypassWritePermissionCheck=True so it only relies on the field condition only and it can be overrided by subplugins

  • Fixed MeetingItem.listProposingGroupsWithGroupsInCharge, make sure it does not fail if proposingGroup/groupInCharge title use special characters

  • By default, when adding an new organization using the ‘Add organization’ in the contacts portlet, add it the plonegroup-organization

  • The ‘return’ action displayed in actions_panel of the plonegroup-organziation send user back to the ‘contacts’ directory, no more to the portal_plonemeeting

  • Added possibility to pass extra_omitted parameter to to omit when calling upgradeAll

  • Added ItemDocumentGenerationHelperView.print_copy_groups to print an item’s copy groups

4.1rc2 (2019-06-11)

  • Added an AdviceAfterTransitionEvent like it is already the case for Item/Meeting. This event makes sure handlers registered for it in subplugins are called after the main AfterTransitionEvent managed in PloneMeeting

  • Fixed migration of MeetingConfig.groupsShownInDashboardFilter to MeetingConfig.groupsHiddenInDashboardFilter

  • Migrate vocabulary used for faceted criterion ‘c4’ (Group) to use ‘Products.PloneMeeting.vocabularies.proposinggroupsforfacetedfiltervocabulary’

  • In the @@display-inserting-methods-helper-msg, make sure to only display categories/organizations is currently using it to sort items. Use the already adaptable MeetingConfig.extraInsertingMethods method to manage extra inserting methods informations

4.1rc1 (2019-06-11)

  • Display the ‘Contacts’ portal tab only to Managers, hide it for MeetingManagers

  • Make sure the ‘Image’ portal_type does not have an associated workflow

  • Moved MeetingConfig._setDuplicatedWorkflowFor to utils.duplicate_workflow so it is possible to duplicate any existing workflow

  • Added method utils.duplicate_portal_type to ease duplication of a portal_type, useable for example to manage several meetingadvice portal_types

  • Added adaptable method MeetingConfig.updateExtraPortalTypes called at the end of MeetingConfig._updatePortalTypes to handle custom portal_types adaptations

  • Override cache invalidation key for Invalidate cache of CachedCollectionVocabulary.__call__ (the vocabulary that displays collection in the searches portlet) to take into account current user groups so it is invalidated when user groups changed

  • Added helper methods to manipulate WF to ease applcation of workflow adaptations :
    • model.adaptations.change_transition_new_state_id to change the new_state_id of a given transition_id

    • model.adaptations.removeState that removes a state and removes transitions leading to this state and manage new initial state if necessary

  • Added workflow actions/conditions adapters for MeetingAdvice as it is already the case for Meeting/MeetingItem

  • Adapted MeetingConfig.defaultAdviceHiddenDuringRedaction from a boolean value to a list of existing advice portal_types so it is possible to enable defaultAdviceHiddenDuringRedaction on a per advice portal_type basis

  • Rely on dexterity.localrolesfield to manage meetingadvice workflows

  • Optimized MeetingItem.getAdvicesGroupsInfosForUser to be able to compute the to_add/to_edit only when necessary

  • Display the advice review_state in the advice infos tooltipster popup

  • Override meetingadvice ‘view’ class to raise Unauthorized if current user tries to access it and advice is not viewable

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem._adviceDelayMayBeStarted to be able to add a condition to really start an advice delay (set the ‘advice_started_on’ date)

  • Fixed bug in the @@change-item-order view when changing item position on a meeting from subnumber to subnumber (same integer or not)

  • Do not display an empty tooltipster ‘change advice delay’ if nothing to display, hide the ‘change advice delay’ action

4.1b17 (2019-05-16)

  • Moved held_position fields ‘label’, ‘position_type’, ‘start_date’, ‘end_date’, ‘usages’, ‘defaults’, ‘signature_number’ to a ‘app_parameters’ fieldset so it is displayed on the view by the ‘additional-fields’ macro

  • Added caching on annexes categorized childs view (the icon with count of annexes initializing the tooltipster) and adapted code so it is called the same way everywhere and thus the cache is correctly shared everywhere it is displayed

  • Removed arrows to sort items on meeting so actions_panel is the same as displayed in dashboards of items and the cache can be shared. Arrows to sort items on meeting are replaced by drag and drop feature

  • Enable :
    • to be able to cache annex content_category icon, adapted code so it works with full page caching;

    • get some informations asynchronously (portlet_todo, elements in collection portlet that may change (searchallmeetings term, counters);

    • linked items are loaded when collapsed section is opened;

    • use tooltipster for MeetingItem.listType;

    • cache is invalidated when context/cfg/linkedmeeting changed. Adapted code so every changes (add/modify/remove) in external elements of the MeetingConfig (faceted settings, subfolders, recurring items, collections, …) notifyModified MeetingConfig;

    • added action ‘Invalidate all cache’ on portal_plonemeeting to invalidate all cache.

  • Removed management of lateAttendees, if we have late attendees, we have to select user as present for meeting then set him as absent or excused from first item to item he joigned the meeting

  • Fixed bug in manage_item_signatures_form if field ‘assembly’ was not used. Free text field ‘signatures’ may be used together with contact field attendees and in this case, it was failing (Unauthorized)

  • Migrate MeetingItem.itemInitiator to contacts

  • Added possibility to link a Plone user to a contacts person (using field person.userid). Added method get_contact_infos to the document generation helper view so for example when an advice creator is linked to a person, we may use a particular held_position to render signatory infos. If no position_type is provided, the first is returned, we may also provide several position_types so we take into account various persons with different position_types

  • Use _evaluateExpression from collective.behavior.talcondition everywhere to evaluate TAL expressions

  • Disabled the ‘Votes’ functionnality and relative tab on the MeetingConfig. ‘Poll type’ related MeetingConfigs fields (usedPollTypes, defaultPollType) are moved at the bottom of the ‘Data’ tab

  • Display the advice comment and observations in the tooltipster, so member knows if something is encoded in both fields. Still need to crop content because too long advices are not displayed correctly in the tooltipster. Increased cropping threshold from 400 to 1000 characters

  • When mailing lists are wrongly defined on a POD template, do not crash the POD templates viewlet, display a clear message in the mailing list dropdown

  • When creating a MeetingConfig TTW, define ‘searchmyitems’ as default faceted collection so it is directly useable

  • Added possibility to easily reinitialize an advice delay if user is able to edit the item. The ‘Reinitialize delay’ action is located on the advice popup behind the ‘Change delay for advice’ grey clock icon

  • Added action ‘Update items and meetings’ on the MeetingConfig to only update elements of selected MeetingConfig in addition to already existing same action on portal_plonemeeting that will update items and meetings of every MeetingConfigs

  • Added WFAdaptation ‘decide_item_when_back_to_meeting_from_returned_to_proposing_group’ that will automatically decide (depending on constant ITEM_TRANSITION_WHEN_RETURNED_FROM_PROPOSING_GROUP_AFTER_CORRECTION) an item that is back from returned_to_proposing_group

  • Make TALCondition behavior have ‘cfg’ and ‘tool’ variables available everywhere it is used, this fixes problem with collective.messagesviewlet message.tal_condition field where it was not available

  • Added batch action ‘Update’ available in dashboards listing items and meetings that will updateLocalRoles of selected elements, this is useful when needed to update only some elements because of MeetingConfig changes, it is only available to Managers

  • Integrated new version of ftw.labels that supports personal labels :
    • Labels are editable by users able to edit item except MeetingManagers able to edit labels forever;

    • Personal labels are editable by every users able to view the item;

    • When items are duplicated (locally, to other MC, …) labels are not kept except if item created from item template;

    • By default, manage a personal label ‘lu’ (read) and associated searches with it (searchunreaditems, searchunreaditemsincopy, searchunreaddecideditems);

    • Added action on MeetingConfig to be able to initialize existing items when managing a new personal label: it is possible to activate the personal label on items older than a given number of days for every users having ‘View’ access to these items;

    • Labels used on items are not removable in the configuration.

  • By default, hide the ‘copy items’ related searches if current user is not among ‘observers’ or ‘reviewers’

  • Make variables ‘org’ and ‘org_uid’ available when evaluating the TAL expression of MeetingConfig.customAdvisers auto asked advices. Moreover ‘pm_utils’ variable is now always available when evaluating TAL expression when using the collective.behavior.talcondition behavior

  • Make sure every fields MeetingItem.itemAssembly* are emptied when item removed from meeting

  • Added parameter ToolPloneMeeting.enableScanDocs, False by default, to be able to enable/disable functionnality related to the documents scanning when is present

  • Format log message when an item was cloned using collective.fingerpointing

  • Make power observers management generic using MeetingConfig.powerObservers datagridfield and define : - item states in which power observer has access; - meeting states in which power observer has access; - item TAL expression conditioning access; - meeting TAL expression conditioning access. Definable TAL expressions make adaptable method MeetingItem._isViewableByPowerObservers obsolete, it is removed.

  • Removed unused fields on ToolPloneMeeting : ‘extractTextFromFiles’, ‘availableOcrLanguages’, ‘defaultOcrLanguage’ and ‘enableUserPreferences’

  • Added possibility to define a Plone group in the recipient on a mailing_list defined on a POD template using ‘group:’ + Plone group id

  • Make sure a MeetingCategory can not be deleted if used in field ‘categoryMappingsWhenCloningToOtherMC’ of another MeetingCategory in another MeetingConfig

  • Use tooltipster everywhere instead of pmDropDown (MeetingItem.emergency, MeetingItem.completeness, mailing_lists on a generable POD template) except to manage list of meetings displayed in the plonemeeting portlet. Moreover, do not use blue_arrow.gif image anymore to avoid wrong tooltipster size on first display, use a fontawesome icon

  • Show Managers reserved fields Meeting.meetingNumber, Meeting.firstItemNumber and Meeting.meetingConfigVersion to MeetingManagers on the meeting view, but these fields remain only editable by Managers

  • Removed ‘View’ access to role Anonymous in the ‘plonemeeting_onestate_workflow’ so it is not possible for anonymous to access anything from the configuration. Warning, this constrains to not use ‘tool’ in TAL condition of messages displayed to anonymous and to protect messages using ‘tool’ by selecting some values in field required_roles of the message. Moreover, needed to give power observers Reader role on portal_plonemeeting and contacts directory that are using this workflow and reindexObjectSecurity on these objects as power observers may be created when contents already added to it

  • Removed constant config.MEETING_STATES_ACCEPTING_ITEMS and replaced it with MeetingConfig.getMeetingStatesAcceptingItems adaptable method, this avoids monkeypatching problems

  • When duplicating an item with a category/classifier that is inactive, the resulting item will not have any category, selecting a category will be necessary first to continue the work (first item WF transition will not be doable). Added parameter ‘real=False’ to MeetingItem.getCategory to get the stored category, ignoring magic with category/proposingGroup depending on MeetingConfig.useGroupsAsCategories

  • When displaying the ‘users of group’ tooltipster (when hovering the ‘user’ black icon), display a link to the Plone group in the ‘Users and Groups’ configuration to the Managers

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.meetingManagerMayCorrectClosedMeeting, False by default, if enabled, MeetingManagers will be able to correct a closed meeting. Moreover, if this parameter is left False, now when a meeting is closed, an untriggerable transition is displayed to the MeetingManagers explaining why it is not triggerable. This is done to avoid meetings never being closed and to avoid MeetingManager users using the application as Manager

  • Set MeetingItem.preferredMeeting enforceVocabulary to True so it is not possible to save an item if meanwhile, the meeting selected as preferred was deleted

  • Keep fields (‘inAndOutMoves’, ‘notes’, ‘internalNotes’) when creating item from a template

  • Added parameter ‘the_objects=True’ to ToolPloneMeeting.get_orgs_for_user to be able to get organization objects or uids

  • Adapted icons ‘new item/advice/annex/…’ to use grey colors so it fits for every themes

  • Adapted mail notifications to send it to a group of users when it was only sent to one user : notifications sent to item author are now sent to entire proposing group creators and notifications sent to advice author are now sent to the entire advisers group

  • Added portal tab ‘Contacts’ displayed to (Meeting)Managers only

4.1b16 (2019-01-31)

  • Moved to Plone 4.3.18

  • Make imio.history.utils available in POD templates under name imio_history_utils, useful to access getLastWFAction for example

  • Added column ‘full_label’ to DataGridField ToolPloneMeeting.configGroups so it is possible to enter a full label that will be useable when necessary, for example in generated POD documents

  • Override MeetingConfig.getConfigGroup to manage parameter ‘full’, if True, it will return the config group full informations including ‘row_id’, ‘label’ and ‘full_label’

  • Added method print_in_and_out available in POD templates to ease printing of in/out moved of attendees. It is based on MeetingItem.getItemInAndOutAttendees that return informations about in/out moves as ‘left_before’, ‘entered_before’, ‘left_after’ and ‘entered_after’

  • Added possibility to recompute the whole meeting items number based on inserting methods using the @@reorder-items view

  • Use collective.quickupload to be able to upload several annexes at the same time

  • MeetingConfig.custom_validate_workflowAdaptations now receives values, added and removed as parameters

  • Annexes are now sorted alphabetically using natural sorting

  • On held_position, display where it is used (MeetingConfig.orderedContacts, Meeting.orderedContacts) to ease management of duplicates.

  • Make held_position.label optional if correct held_position.position_type is selected

  • Manage prefix of held_position label/position_type depending on gender, number and first letter (Administrateur –> L’Administrateur, Directrice –> La Directrice)

  • Added JenkinsFile

4.1b15 (2019-01-14)

  • Fixed bug where actions panel do not appear at the bottom of a meeting sometimes. This was due to wrong link to meeting containing Plone site id because obj obtained via brain.getObject does not always have a correct REQUEST

  • Added method utils.get_public_url that returns the url of an object taking into account the PUBLIC_URL env variable

  • Fixed link to object in emails sent by the Zope clock server that were wrong because no REQUEST is available, we use the PUBLIC_URL env variable in this case to have the correct URL to the object

  • Removed raise Unauthorized from Meeting.getItems when theObjects=True and current user is not (Meeting)Manager as now items are get using a catalog query that will always return only items the user may access

  • Optimized insertion of items in a meeting by caching the item insert_order value, this way this time consuming operation is done only one time or if cache is invalidated (it is the case by default if groups order, categories or relevant values of the MeetingConfig have changed)

  • Extended informations displayed in the @@display-inserting-methods-helper-msg to display every relevant informations depending on selected inserting methods including ordered groups and ordered categories

  • Moved utils.getLastEvent to imio.history.utils.getLastWFAction

  • Added helper MeetingConfig.update_cfgs to be able to easily propagate a parameter defined on a MeetingConfig to several other MeetingConfigs. This is useful when configuring a lot of MeetingConfigs using same parameters values

4.1b14 (2018-12-18)

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.usingGroups that adds the possibility to restrict access to the MeetingConfig to the selected groups

  • Added field MeetingItem.textCheckList useable on item templates so Managers can define what is necessary for the item to be considered “complete”

  • Highlight person_label and held_position_label when displaying contacts on the MeetingConfig view

  • Removed useless field MeetingConfig.defaultMeetingItemMotivation, use an item template instead to manage it, moreover, not very relevant as item motivation changes from item purpose to item purpose

  • Reordered MeetingConfig default fields (fields appearing in first tab)

  • Removed PMInAndOutWidget and replace it by an override of at_utils.translate for MeetingConfig. Values are displayed one by line instead on one line separated by commas

  • Add ‘Date’ date range filter on faceted dashboards displaying meetings

  • Added possibility to pass a list of disabled_collections to MeetingConfigDescriptor while importing data

  • Hide every selectable roles in users/groups controlpanel overviews as it can lead to misbehavior, every roles are given to usersthru groups

  • Display a warning in log if ToolPloneMeeting.userIsAmong ‘suffixes’ parameter is not a tuple/list

  • Added possibility to display static infos on dashboards listing meetings like it is the case for dashboards listing items

4.1b13 (2018-12-04)

  • Display ‘Add contacts’ actions on the portlet displayed in /contacts dashboards

  • Removed MeetingCategory.getName, one step further to separating real MeetingCategory and proposingGroup

4.1b12 (2018-12-04)

  • Replaced MeetingGroup (stored in portal_plonemeeting) by organizations

    (stored in plonegroup-organization)

  • Added parameter ‘ordered’ to MeetingItem.getAdviceDataFor that will return an OrderedDict instead a dict to ensure data is returned respecting organizations order defined in the configuration

  • Make testing import_data reusable by subplugins

  • Make RichText fields fieldsets and available/presented items sections hideable by user

  • Added possibility to use collective.documentgenerator’s styleTemplate

  • Added possibility to use collective.documentgenerator’s merge_templates so it is possible to print for example :

    ‘Every deliberations’ using a pod_template that rely on same pod_template than the one used to print single ‘Deliberation’

  • It is now possible to select a held position when defining certified signatures (on MeetingConfig or organization). This way ‘Name’ and ‘Function’ are taken from the contact. Moreover, when calling MeetingItem.getCertifiedSignatures with listify=False, a dict is returned (key is signature number and value is data) including the held position object so it is possible to use other data from the held position (like scanned signature for example)

  • Added possibility to manage excused by item like it is the case for absents by item

  • Fixed Chrome only CSS by using .selector:not(*:root) instead @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0), this is used to render the listType color column with 100% height on the meeting view

  • Added Meeting.itemGuests field making it possible to define guests for a specific item. It is also possible to define guests for several items using the assembly management popup. Adapted meeting and item views so it is possible to use contacts based attendees and assembly based extra fields (proxies, guests, …) together

  • MeetingItem.itemAssembly is no longer an optional field and is thus no more selectable in MeetingConfig.usedItemAttributes, it is enabled if optional field Meeting.assembly is selected in MeetingConfig.usedMeetingAttributes

  • Added accurate caching for CompoundCriterionAdapters so it is evaluated only when users/groups associations changed

  • CachedCollectionVocabulary was moved from imio.dashboard to collective.eeafaceted.collectionwidget

  • Manage is_reusable and pod_template_to_use on PodTemplateDescriptor

4.1b11 (2018-09-11)

  • Adapted code to new behavior of collective.eeafaceted.collectionwidget where the redirection to the default collection is done by the facetenavigation_view and no more by the widget.default method

  • Use source_groups._principal_groups.byValue(0) instead source_groups._principal_groups._p_mtime to check if users/groups mapping changed because in some cases (???) the _p_mtime is not changed, relying on stored value is more robust

  • In ToolPloneMeeting.getPloneGroupsForUser, do not get user from REQUEST[‘AUTHENTICATED_USER’] because in some egde cases like use of api.env.adopt_user, the value stored there is not always the current user Systematically use api.user.get_current to get current user

  • Moved to eea.facetednavigation 10+, rely on collective.eeafaceted.dashboard

  • Integrated and to manage contacts in assemblies and signatories

  • Rely on collective.js.tablednd to manage contacts assembly on meeting

  • Meeting.getItems useCatalog=False parameter was replaced by theObjects=True. Method was refactored to always use a catalog query to get items and return objects if useObject=True This way we may use parameter ‘additional_catalog_query’ in both cases

  • Use ‘isort’ to sort every imports following Plone recommandations

  • Added printing methods ‘print_attendees’ and ‘print_attendees_by_type’ to be able to print attendees when using contacts

  • Made MeetingItem.description an optional field

  • Moved MeetingConfig.manage_beforeDelete to events.onConfigWillBeRemoved. Moreover, when deleting a MeetingConfig, check that it is not used in another MeetingConfig (MeetingConfig.meetingConfigsToCloneTo and annex types other_mc_correspondences field of annex types of other MeetingConfigs)

  • When an item is removed from a meeting, make sure fields related to assembly and signatures (or attendees and signatories when using contacts) are emptied

  • In MeetingItem.getPrettyLink, take isPrivacyViewable into account

  • Use our own JS jQuery collapsible management instead Plone’s one

  • In the @@object_goto view, take care of not sending a user to an item he has no access because of MeetingItem.isPrivacyViewable. If a next/previous/first/last item is not accessible, user is redirected to the closest accessible item

  • Add line to the Zope log when item order is changed on a meeting (using collective.fingerpointing log_info method)

  • Override MeetingConfig.Title method to handle a ‘include_config_group=False’ parameter making it easier to prepend the config group (if any) when displaying the MeetingConfig title

  • Use FontAwesome for portlet PM header icons

  • Moved MeetingConfig.groupsShownInDashboardFilter to MeetingConfig.groupsHiddenInDashboardFilter

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem.getListTypeNormalValue to be able to specify another value than ‘normal’ for the listType of an item that not isLate. This way it is possible to manage different values for a normal item

  • Added possibility to remove an inherited advice. This is doable by MeetingManagers as long as item is editable or by advisers of the original advice when item is in a review_state where advices may be deleted

  • Fixed bug in indexAdvisers of an inherited advice to index original advice data as data on inherited advice are not completed

  • Added parameters ‘hide_advices_under_redaction=True’ and ‘show_hidden_advice_data_to_group_advisers’ to MeetingItem.getAdviceDataFor that adapt ‘type’, ‘type_translated’ and ‘comment’ if advice is ‘hidden_during_redaction’ or ‘considered_not_given_hidden_during_redaction’. By default data is hidden for everyone except for advisers of group that gave the advice

  • MeetingItem.getAdviceDataFor returned data now include ‘creator_id’ and ‘creator_fullname’

  • Display informations about advice addable states on the help icon in the advice popup

  • Fixed one day delta error in ‘delay_when_stopped’ value of advice with delay, the delay was one day too long

  • Added field MeetingConfig.usersHiddenInDashboardFilter useable in faceted filters displaying creators like the ‘Creator’ filter or the ‘Taken over by’ filter

  • Added ‘tool’ and ‘cfg’ to the list of variables useable in DashboardPODTemplate tal_condition field like it was already the case for ConfigurablePODTemplate

  • Only send delay expiration/expired mail notifications if advice is not given (not_given, asked_again or hidden_during_redaction)

4.1b10 (2018-05-22)

  • Removed check on “member.getRoles()” in the actions_panel __call__ cachekey

  • Added migration step to ensure that annexes mimetype is correct

  • Fixed bug in advice infos popup where the displayed author was item creator instead advice creator

  • Removed MeetingConfig.getMeetingsAcceptingItemsAdditionalManagerStates, use the config.MEETING_STATES_ACCEPTING_ITEMS to know in which states a meeting may accept items. Use also config.MEETING_STATES_ACCEPTING_ITEMS instead Meeting.acceptItemsStates that was removed as well

  • Removed config.MEETING_NOT_CLOSED_STATES constant that is useless since we have the Meeting.getBeforeFrozenStates method. Also optimized the Meeting._availableItemsQuery to only compute meetingUids when necessary

  • Make sure ToolPloneMeeting.pasteItems do not change workflow_history from PersistentMapping to dict or imio.actionspanel fails to abort changes that occured to item review_state in case an exception is raised

  • Replaced Meeting.getBeforeFrozenStates by Meeting.getStatesBefore(‘frozen’) as we need the same method to get states before the ‘published’ states Meeting.getStatesBefore(‘published’) to protect MeetingItemWorkflowConditions.mayPublish

4.1b9 (2018-05-09)

  • Make user groups related cache longer than for a REQUEST. We use the source_groups._principal_groups._p_mtime to check if users groups were adapted to invalidate cache. Now methods getPloneGroupsForUser, getGroupsForUser, userIsAmong, isManager and isPowerObserverForCfg are cached as long as some user groups configuration was not changed

  • Display advices column same width as other common columns so the “Add advice” icon is displayed on same line than “not given advices” icons

4.1b8 (2018-05-04)

  • When an annex is modified, update parent’s (item, meeting or advice) modification date, as it was already the case when a new annex is added or when it is deleted

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem.showObservations used in the widget condition of field MeetingItem.observations

  • Factorized PMDocumentGenerationHelperView(ATDocumentGenerationHelperView) to BaseDGHV(object) so we can use it for dexterity contenttypes. Item, Meeting and Folder helper views now inherits from the BaseDGHV + ATDocumentGenerationHelperView and the meetingadvice helper view inherits from BaseDGHV + DXDocumentGenerationHelperView

  • Fixed problem in CKeditor where toolbar was lost when maximizing a CKeditor containing a very long text

  • In content edited with CKeditor, force margin-bottom under tables to 0em because it is rendered this way with appy.pod (2 tables above each other are glued together by default in LibreOffice)

  • Added getProposingGroup index to fields selectable on a Collection

  • Make sure the link to meeting displayed in items dashboard is not enabled if current user may not see the meeting

  • If a MeetingConfig is in a configGroup, prepend linked Plone groups (powerobservers, meetingmanagers, …) title with the title of the configGroup, this is useful when using several MC having same title if different configGroups

  • Added workflow adaptation ‘accepted_out_of_meeting’ that makes it possible to accept an item that is ‘validated’ and still not linked to a meeting. Differents variants are provided : with emergency or not and with duplication of the item and validation of resulting item or not

  • Fixed bug in Meeting.getBeforeFrozenStates that always returned the same values for different Meetings of different MeetingConfigs that could lead to inconsistency

  • Load advices infos asynchronously when hovering the advices icons

  • Use ToolPloneMeeting.getPloneGroupsForUser to get member.getGroups, as it is cached, call to getGroups is only done one time. Still need to improve it so it is only invalidated when user groups changed

  • Refactored the plonemeetingpopups.js overlays and tootipster related JS to remove useless calls (imio.actionspanel transition) and try to only call relevant JS when necessary

  • MeetingItem.clone gets a new parameter ‘copyDecisionAnnexes=False’. Now decision annexes are no more kept when an item is duplicated, the only configurable functionnality is in MeetingConfig.contentsKeptOnSentToOtherMC where you can define what content to keep when an item is sent to another MeetingConfig : annexes, decision annexes and advices. Furthermore parameter MeetingConfig.contentsKeptOnSentToOtherMC replaces parameter MeetingConfig.keepAdvicesOnSentToOtherMC

  • In MeetingItem.setManuallyLinkedItems, make sure changes are persisted by setting _p_changed=True manually, especially on other objects we are setting the references because a Products.Archetypes bug does not make changes in at_ordered_refs dict persistent (

  • Do MeetingItem.getGroupInCharge an adaptable method so it can be overrided if necessary

4.1b7 (2018-03-19)

  • Refactored meetingitem_view to use @@display-annexes to display annexes and decision annexes. Only display the ‘More infos’ link when relevant, so when no annexes are defined because the ‘More infos’ link already appear in the existing annexes popup

  • Make sure special non_selectable_value_ values are not selectable in MeetingItem.optionalAdvisers. Use JS to override the onClick event of these input values

  • Bugfix in MeetingConfig.updateAnnexConfidentiality that applied default confidentiality to every advices of the application and not only to the currently updated MeetingConfig related advices

  • Added reindexIndexes method to the PM Migrator so it is easy to reindex some portal_catalog indexes

  • Resurrected the getConfigId index so it is possible to query portal_catalog for MeetingConfig id

  • Hide batch actions to non MeetingManagers on the meeting_view dashboards

  • Added new constant config.ITEM_STATES_NOT_LINKED_TO_MEETING to define item states when an item is not presented to a meeting. This is used by MeetingItem.wfActions.doCorrect to know when an item needs to be removed from a meeting

  • Added Workflow adaptations to remove an item that is presented into a meeting and send it back to previous states than validated : ‘Send item back to item created’, ‘Send item back to pre-validated’, ‘Send item back to proposed’

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem._getAllGroupsManagingItem that returns every groups that are managing an item, this is used by PMCategorizedObjectInfoAdapter._item_visible_for_groups when giving access to confidential annexes to proposing group

  • Added attribute MeetingConfig.hideHistoryTo that makes it possible to hide history link on every elements to (restricted) power observers

4.1b6 (2018-03-07)

  • Override vocabulary ‘collective.documentgenerator.ExistingPODTemplate’ to include MeetingConfig title in term

  • Adapted ToolPloneMeeting.getGroupedConfigs so it does not return MeetingConfig objects because the method is ram.cached and returning objects leads to problems where objects lose acquisition

  • Make sure access to meetingitem_view does not raise Unauthorized if current user does not have the “PloneMeeting: Read budget infos” permission

4.1b5 (2018-02-23)

  • In the workflow_state viewlet, translate the review_state title and not the review_state id so we may have different translations for same state id in different workflows

  • Added dashboard column ‘review_state_title’ that displays the translated review_state ‘Title’ instead default ‘review_state’ column that displayed the translated review_state ‘Id’

  • Specify in MeetingConfig.mailItemEvents and MeetingConfig.mailMeetingEvents “WF transition” events title clearly that it is “WF transitions” related events as it can be similar to specific mail events

  • Make it easy to hide/show several extra fields using the MeetingItem budget related JS on the view and edit

  • Added possibility to group MeetingConfigs together in the configuration. This will generate a drop down menu in the site header instead displaying MeetingConfigs next to each other. This is useful when managing several MeetingConfigs or to group MeetingConfigs by context

  • portal_tabs to access active MeetingConfigs are now generated, we do not add an action in portal_tabs anymore. Generated tabs are inserted between the ‘index_html’ tab and other custom tabs

  • Display the title of current MeetingConfig in the portlet_plonemeeting header instead laconic term ‘Manage’ so it recalls where we are. It is necessary when using groups of configs

  • Added MeetingConfig.itemFieldsToKeepConfigSortingFor field, item fields (proposingGroup or category) selected there will make vocabulary displayed on the item to keep position of terms from the configuration instead default behavior that sort vocabularies alphabetically

  • Make sure we do not notify several times the same email address. More over, if a recipient has no fullname, use the user id to build recipient string “user_id <>”

  • Added styles ‘highlight-blue’ and ‘highlight-green’ useable in CKeditor

4.1b4 (2018-01-31)

  • Simplified SearchableText indexer by use of utils.get_annexes as annexes title is indexed

  • Added ‘Labels’ on items, this rely on the integration of ftw.labels

  • Added method MeetingItem._getGroupManagingItem that returns the group that is managing the item at a given review_state. This makes it possible to specify that another group than proposingGroup is managing the item. This can returns proposingGroup for some steps of the WF and another group for specific steps for example

  • Use ‘reviewProcessInfo’ index instead getProposingGroup/review_state to search for items to validate in BaseItemsToValidateOfHighestHierarchicLevelAdapter

  • config.MEETINGREVIEWERS format changed to fit complex situations : now values are defined by item workflow and in a workflow, values are lists of review_states instead single review_state so it is possible to associate the same reviewer level to several review_states for complex WFs where a same reviewer level take part during differents review_states in the validation process. The MEETINGREVIEWERS is no more accessed directly but thru the utils.reviewerFor(workflow_id) method

4.1b3 (2018-01-23)

  • Versions of appy and Products.PloneMeeting displayed in control panel are taken from distribution (, no more from portal_setup

  • Fixed ConfigurablePODTemplate.store_as_annex to handle storing annex on any element accepting annex (advice and meeting in addition to item and item decision annexes)

  • Enable manual versioning for annex and annexDecision so it can be versioned by when barcode is inserted into the annex or scanned file is reinjected in the annex

  • Install so portal_modifier extra modifiers are correctly installed, especially the CloneNamedFileBlobs modifier that takes care of correctly managing versioned Dexterity file

  • Display the ‘history’ action in the annexes dashboard to Managers

  • Factorized code that saves a version to portal_repository and keep modification date in utils.version_object

  • Monkeypatched Products.Archetypes.BaseObject.BaseObject.validate to display validation errors into the log

  • Renamed EXTRA_ADVICE_SUFFIXES to EXTRA_GROUP_SUFFIXES to devine extra suffixes for Plone groups created from a MeetingGroup

  • Turned MeetingWorkflowActions, MeetingWorkflowConditions, MeetingItemWorkflowConditions and MeetingItemWorkflowActions to new style python classes

  • Added an email notification when an item is visible by copyGroups, members of the copyGroups are notified

  • Removed utils.getHistory and Meeting/MeetingItem/meetingadvice.getHistory, the WF and datachanges histories are now 2 separated imio.history adapters

4.1b2 (2017-12-07)

  • State ‘refused’ is no more by default in the item workflow, it is now a WFAdaptation ‘refused’ that is enabled by default but that can be disabled in case state ‘refused’ is not used

  • Batch action to change state (TransitionBatchActionForm) is now only available to users having operational roles in the application. So it is not available to (restricted)powerobservers for example

  • Added faceted filter ‘Has annexes to sign?’

4.1b1 (2017-12-01)

  • Moved to Plone 4.3.15

  • Rely on collective.eeafaceted.batchactions

  • Use the “to_sign/signed” functionnality of collective.iconifiedcategory, useable on annexes, added relevant advanced filter for dashboards

  • Added possibility to filter dashboard items that have specifically “no” preferred meeting and “no” linked meeting

  • Added functionnaliy to store a generated template directly as an annex of the current context. Added also possibility to store a particular POD template defined in MeetingConfig.meetingItemTemplateToStoreAsAnnex for every items of a meeting. This is useful to store for example every final decision of items

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.enableItemDuplication, True by default, to be able to easily enable or disable item duplication functionnality

  • Fixed bug in MeetingItem.getMeetingToInsertIntoWhenNoCurrentMeetingObject where returned meeting could nevertheless not be a meeting into which item could be presented because it was frozen and item was not isLateFor(meeting). The isLateFor check is now done in the MeetingItem.getMeetingToInsertIntoWhenNoCurrentMeetingObject and not more in the mayPresent method

  • Install imio.helpers to get the helpers.js

  • Show actions panel viewlet in configuration only on the view, no more on others like folder_contents

  • Added a group ‘itemtemplatesmanagers’ by MeetingConfig. Users in that group will get ‘Manager’ role on the folder containing item templates of the MeetingConfig (itemtemplates) and will be able to manage it

  • Removed the event logging (element added, edited, deleted, …), we now rely on collective.fingerpointing that is included in imio.actionspanel >= 1.30

  • Refactored use of Meeting.at_post_edit_script and MeetingItem.at_post_edit_script : it is no more used directly but we use _update_after_edit that handles call to at_post_edit_script and the ObjectModifiedEvent. This way we avoid multiple call to event or reindexation when calling at_post_edit_script directly or thru processForm

  • Use declarePrivate for MeetingItem.getItemClonedToOtherMC as we now query the item cloned to another MC with an unrestrictedSearch as this item could not be viewable by current user

  • Make sure an item is never presented in a meeting that is no more accepting items (like a closed meeting). This could be the case when a closed meeting was the preferred meeting of an item when using ‘present’ button on the item view. Method MeetingItem.getMeetingToInsertIntoWhenNoCurrentMeetingObject does not receive the preferredMeeting parameter anymore as we are on the item

  • In the ‘items-of-my-groups’ adapter used for the searchitemsofmygroups Collection, query also items of groups that are deactivated

  • MeetingConfig.getMeetingsAcceptingItems is no more adaptable, just the underlying method MeetingConfig.getMeetingsAcceptingItemsAdditionalManagerStates is adaptable

  • Added caching for MeetingConfig.getMeetingsAcceptingItems, cache is available during entire request

  • Moved condition for MeetingItem.updateItemReference to MeetingItem._mayUpdateItemReference that is adaptable

  • When duplicating an item, make sure links to images used in XHTML fields are updated so it points to the new item. Moreover delete every contained images on duplication, no more used images will be deleted and used images will be retrieved by storeImagesLocally


  • Added possibility to display every fields of MeetingItem on the dashboard more infos view, not just the RichText fields like it was the case before

  • A meeting in state ‘decisions_published’ added by WFAdaptation ‘hide_decisions_when_under_writing’, will now be returned by MeetingConfig.getMeetingsAcceptingItems for MeetingManagers

  • Make sure all links to images are always using resolveuid despite various data transforms

  • Display the appy version in Plone control panel

  • Added helper message about inserting methods used in this MeetingConfig next to the ‘Presented items’ label on the meeting_view, this lets MeetingManagers now about how are inserted and sorted items in the meeting

  • Validate Meeting.assembly and MeetingItem.itemAssembly the same way it is done for item assembly helper form, namely make sure opened “[[” are correctly matching closing “]]”

  • Speed up MeetingCategory deletion prevention by using getCategory catalog search index. We also avoid deletion of a MeetingCategory used by an item template. Moreover we display the item using category in the “can not delete” portal message

  • Do not display categories in the MeetingConfig if more than 40 categories because it takes too much time. We display a link to the categories/classifiers container folder_contents view to manage large amount of categories

  • Added boolean field ItemAnnexContentCategory.only_for_meeting_managers (item annex/annexDecision types), if set to True, the annex type will only be selectable by MeetingManagers

  • Removed the @@decide-several-items view, we use the collective.eeafaceted.batchaction transition action

4.0 (2017-08-04)

  • Moved to Plone 4.3.8

  • Moved to collective.ckeditor 4.6.0 (CKEditor 4.7.2)

  • Moved to collective.documentviewer 3.0.3

  • Rely on beautifulsoup4, Products.CPUtils, collective.messagesviewlet

  • Get rid of ArchGenXML, just use it for workflows generation

  • Replaced own PODTemplate by the ConfigurablePODTemplate of collective.documentgenerator, removed appy.pod parameters from portal_plonemeeting and use the collective.documentgenerator control panel. Added back “mailing lists” functionnality that does not exist in collective.documentgenerator. It is now possible to use email addresses and TAL expressions in addition to userIds to specify whom to send the generated document

  • Moved dashboards and meeting view to imio.dashboard (see imio.dashboard package regarding required changes)

  • MeetingFiles title is now indexed in items’s SearchableText so it is possible to do a search on an annex title directly in the ‘Search’ field available on every dashboard searches (my items, all items, …)

  • Moved MeetingConfig.searchXXX searches to collective.compoundcriterion compatible search adapter

  • Indexed the meetingUID and meetingDate on items so we are able to add a sortable ‘meeting’ column

  • Moved ‘history’ functionnalities (highlight, displayed as table, …) to imio.history and rely on it

  • Moved the item title colorization and leading icons to imio.prettylink and rely on it. It is also used to colorize the meeting title displayed in columns ‘meeting’ and ‘preferred meeting’

  • Moved the ‘getMeetingsAcceptingItems’ from MeetingItem to MeetingConfig so it can be called when no item exist. This is used in ‘meetingsAcceptingItems’ SOAP call

  • Use MeetingItem.clone method to add recurring items to a meeting so it use same functionnality and extension mechanism regarding copyFields (fields to keep when cloning)

  • Make sure it is still possible for MeetingManagers to edit itemAssembly and itemSignatures of items, even if it is decided, until the linked meeting is not considered closed

  • Added field MeetingItem.manuallyLinkedItems that makes it possible to link an item to any other item of the application. Back link is managed automatically so every linked items are all linked together and will build some kind of ‘virtual folder’. Items are sorted automatically chronologically descending. Added possibility to define an icon to use to represent items of a MeetingConfig, this way, it is possible to differenciate items of different MeetingConfigs when these items are shown together in various places

  • Added view ‘@@pm_utils’ that make some utils available in various places and added method cropHTML that make sure a cropped HTML content is still valid

  • Use checkboxes for multi selection fields (MeetingItem.optionalAdvisers, MeetingConfig.usedItemAttributes, …) this way it is no more necessary to use ‘CTRL+Click’ to select several values

  • Do not call the advice in the meetingadvice_workflow guard_expr because the advice could not be accessible and it can raises Unauthorized. Instead, put the guard_expr logic in the guard expression itself

  • If advices states are redefined for a given MeetingConfig on a MeetingGroup, make sure other MeetingConfig are not impacted, if nothing is defined on the MeetingGroup for another MeetingConfig, values defined on that other MeetingConfig are used

  • Added parameter ‘setCurrentAsPredecessor’ to MeetingItem.clone method, making it possible to specify if we want the current item to be the predecessor of the newly created item. This formalize something that is often done, and when ‘ItemDuplicatedEvent’ is called at the end of the ‘clone’, we have the set predecessor if necessary

  • Added parameter ‘inheritAdvices’ to MeetingItem.clone method, this way, if paramater ‘setCurrentAsPredecessor=True’ and ‘manualLinkToPredecessor=False’, advices that were given on the original item are inherited, it is shown on the new item, every informations are actually taken from original item. Every advices including advices given by power advisers are inherited

  • Added parameters MeetingConfig.keepAdvicesOnSentToOtherMC and MeetingConfig.advicesKeptOnSentToOtherMC that allows to specify if items sent to another MC will inherits from original items. If only some specific advices must be kept it can be defined in MeetingConfig.advicesKeptOnSentToOtherMC, if nothing is defined, every advices are kept

  • Hide the plone.contentactions viewlet on every PloneMeeting content types

  • Field MeetingItem.observations is no more kept when an item is cloned

  • Added icon to select/unselect every checkboxes of available items to present in a meeting like it is already the case for items presented in a meeting

  • Added MeetingConfig.meetingPresentItemWhenNoCurrentMeetingStates attribute to define meeting states to take into account while getting the MeetingItem.getMeetingToInsertIntoWhenNoCurrentMeetingObject, this way, it is possible to only take into account future meetings accepting items that are in these defined states

  • Adapted workflows to define an icon on transitions now that it is possible and that imio.actionspanel use this to get the icon to use for a transition

  • In MeetingItem.updateAdvices, added hooks _itemToAdviceIsViewable, _adviceIsAddable and _adviceIsEditable to be able to make some advice behave a different way than the one defined in the application

  • In MeetingItem.sendAdviceToGiveMailIfRelevant, added an adaptable call to a method _sendAdviceToGiveToGroup that make it possible to check if the mail must be sent to a given groupId or not. This makes it possible to bypass some groups when sending the ‘advice to give’ notification

  • A given advice is automatically versionned when necessary (the ‘give_advice’ transition is triggered, the item is edited after the advice has been given or annex have been added/removed), we rely now on to display a historized version, moreover versioned advice is directly previewable in the @@historyview popup. We make sure that the advice modification date is not changed so we can rely on it for real advice given date

  • Added possibility to ask an advice several times (asked again), if it was never historized or if advice was modified since last historization, it is historized again. Asked again advices appear in the ‘given advices’ search and anew in the ‘advices to give’ search when giveable

  • Adapted the ‘move item to position number’ on the meeting view to move an item to an exact position and no more the ‘position before the entered number’

  • Removed Meeting.getAllItems and deprecated Meeting.getItemsInOrder that must be replaced by Meeting.getItems. Meeting.getItems does not receive a ‘late=True/False’ parameter anymore as we may have more than ‘normal/late’ for MeetingItem.listType, but receives now a list of listTypes that is by default empty ([]) meaning that it will return every items of the meeting. Moreover, when using getItems with ‘useCatalog=True’, an ‘additional_catalog_query’ parameter may be provided to filter items of a meeting with arbitrary catalog query

  • Added MeetingItem.listType attribute that defines the fact that the item is ‘normal’ or ‘late’. Also added a ‘on_list_type’ item insertion method into a meeting. These ‘list types’ are defined in the MeetingConfig, default listTypes (‘normal’ and ‘late’) may not be removed but other types of list may be added and order may be changed. Moreover the MeetingItem.listType may be quick edited thru the item or meeting view

  • Updated the navigation widget on items to move to be able to move to the next viewable item even if it is not the very next item of the meeting

  • Added possibility to print a meeting showing filtered items, like for example only “accepted” items

  • Moved ToolPloneMeeting.getJavascriptMessages to a view generating ‘plonemeeting_javascript_variables.js’

  • Added icon action shortcut on an advice to hide/show it when under redaction

  • Removed some fields from ToolPloneMeeting : ‘dateFormat’, ‘usedColorSystem’, ‘colorSystemDisabledFor’, ‘publicUrl’, ‘deferredNotificationsHandling’ and ‘showItemKeywordsTargets’. Moved ‘maxShownFound’ to the MeetingConfig

  • Removed colorization mechanism ‘on modification’, now the only color system is ‘on workflow state’ and is always on

  • Removed utils.spanifyLink

  • Added events AdviceAfterAddEvent and AdviceAfterAddEvent so other package can register subscriber for it and be sure it is called after the PloneMeeting AdviceAdded and AdviceModified events

  • Added events ItemAfterTransitionEvent and MeetingAfterTransitionEvent so other package can register subscriber for it and be sure it is called after the PloneMeeting ItemTransitionEvent and MeetingTransitionEvent events

  • Added new portal_types for recurring items (MeetingItemRecurring) and item templates (MeetingItemTemplate), this way we may remove the monkey patch about CatalogTool.searchResults and the ‘isDefinedInTool’ catalog index

  • Mark base portal_types Meeting, MeetingItem, MeetingItemTemplate and MeetingItemRecurring global_allow=False

  • Make sure item templates and recurring items are not searchable using the live search

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem._itemIsSignedStates that makes it possible to define in which states the MeetingItem.itemIsSigned field can be changed, by default it is when the item is decided

  • Moved ‘cleanRamCacheFor’ and ‘cleanVocabularyCacheFor’ from ToolPloneMeeting to imio.helpers

  • Removed overrides of DataGridField CheckBoxColumn and MultiSelectColumn now that we use newer versions of relevant package where this has been integrated

  • Added possibility to generate a PodTemplate on an advice

  • Enabled unload protection for CKEditor fields, this way if a change is made in a rich text field, a warning message is displayed to warn the user. Quick edit fields (rich text fields on item and meeting views) are protected as well

  • Make MeetingItem.detailedDescription searchable

  • Added possibility to use subnumber on items of the meeting so it is possible to use 1, 1.1, 1.2, … for numbering items on the meeting, this way we may manage items “without a number”

  • When redefining item assembly/excused/absents, show what is stored on the meeting for each fields, moreover, the default value of the field is now either the redefined value or the value defined on the meeting so a user does not have to copy/paste meeting’s value to change it

  • Display the ‘pretty link’ instead of the title on the item and meeting view so we have the enriched informations and we have the same rendering as on the dashboards

  • Added field MeetingItem.otherMeetingConfigsClonableToEmergency, this way when an item is sent to another meeting configuration and it is specified in the configuration that the sent item must be automatically presented in a next available meeting, if emergency is specified, the sent item will also be presented in a meeting that is no more in ‘created’ state Added also relevant leading icons to show an item ‘to send’ with emergency

  • Added field MeetingItem.otherMeetingConfigsClonableToPrivacy, that let’s user specify if sent item will use privacy ‘Closed meeting’ in the destination configuration Added also relevant leading icons to show what privacy will use the item that will be created in the other MC

  • Display every informations about the otherMeetingConfigsClonable : other configuration title, selected privacy and emergency and theorical/effective meeting date into which item is or will be presented

  • Added possibility to manually clone an item to another config. It is now possible to define states in which an item may be sent manually and states in which an item will be sent automatically. Take care that when an item is cloned manually, the transitions to trigger on new item will NOT be triggered unless user is a MeetingManager. If an item is sent automatically, in this case transitions will be triggered on resulting item, no matter current user roles

  • Added leading icon ‘sent from’ that shows on an item if it is the result of another item sent from another configuration. This way we have the leading icon on the original item with informations about the resulting item and on the resulting item with informations about the original item

  • Removed complexity around icons used for the ‘send to other config’ functionnality, it was meant to be possible to use different icons while sending an item to different other configurations, but for now, we use the same icon in every cases. This avoid adding icons for every cases : config1 to config2, config2 to config1, config1 to config3, …

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem._isViewableByPowerObservers that makes it possible to refine (restricted) power observers access to an item in addition to check on MeetingConfig.item(Restricted)PowerObserversStates

  • For the workflowAdaptation “return_to_proposing_group”, the custom workflow permissions defined in RETURN_TO_PROPOSING_GROUP_CUSTOM_PERMISSIONS are now defined by item workflow, so it is possible to use different values for different item workflows. Likewise, the RETURN_TO_PROPOSING_GROUP_STATE_TO_CLONE is also defined by item workflow and the state_to_clone may come from another existing item workflow, not mandatorily from workflow the workflowAdaptation is applied on

  • Added new richText field ‘Meeting.inAndOutMoves/MeetingItem.inAndOutMoves’ to be able to specifically encode in and out assembly members movements on an item or on a meeting. These fields are by default only editable/viewable by MeetingManagers

  • Added new richText field ‘Meeting.notes/MeetingItem.notes’ to be able to specifically encode notes to be used in document generation (for example) on an item or on a meeting. These fields are by default only editable/viewable by MeetingManagers

  • Added new richText field ‘Meeting.committeeObservations’ to encode obsercations regarding committee

  • Added new richText field ‘Meeting.publicMeetingObservations’ to encode observations regarding the public meeting

  • Added new richText field ‘Meeting.secretMeetingObservations’ to encode observations regarding the secret meeting

  • Added new richText field ‘MeetingItem.internalNotes’ restricted in edit/view to the members of the proposing group to leave internal notes on an item

  • Every caches are invalidated when a MeetingConfig is edited so changing a parameter will invalidate caches for actions_panel, faceted filters vocabularies, …

  • Refactored the way localRoles are updated on item and meeting, do no more manage various cases, just one single call to updateLocalRoles that will update every relevant localRoles each time (copyGroups, powerObservers, advices, …). This way we added a MeetingLocalRolesUpdatedEvent and ItemLocalRolesUpdatedEvent to which a plugin may subscribe to adapt localRoles if needed. Do not call MeetingItem._updateAdvices directly, it is now a submethod of MeetingItem.updateLocalRoles

  • Added caching for ToolPloneMeeting.userIsAmong

  • ToolPloneMeeting.getGroupsForUser parameter ‘suffix’ is now ‘suffixes’ and receives a list of suffixes to consider when getting MeetingGroups the user is in

  • Added Collection to ‘search living items’, returning every items supposed to be ‘living’, so items for which the workflow is not finished. By default, it displays items that are not in the MeetingConfig.itemDecidedStates

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.historizeItemDataWhenAdviceIsGiven, True by default, this will historize relevant item data (title and enabled rich text fields) when an advice transition ‘give_advice’ is triggered, this way we may still know what was the state of the item when the advice was given in case item content changes

  • MeetingItem.getAdviceDataFor returns now the real given meetingadvice object in key ‘given_advice’ if it was already given, if not given, this key contains None

  • Changed parameter MeetingConfig.enableAnnexToPrint to have 3 possibilities : “disabled”, “enabled for information”, in this case annexes are set “to print” for information, it is not converted to printable format and these annexes need to be printed manually, last option is “for automated printing”, in this case, annexes “to print” are converted to printable formats to be inserted in a generated Pod template. Added also a faceted filter “annexes to print?” filtering items having annexes to print or not. Moreover, added a method “imageOrientation” to the view passed to the Pod template to manage orientation of inserted images of annexes to print

  • Bugfix when sending an item to another MC, the ‘time’ of the event was the ‘time’ of the last event, if resulting item was deleted then item was sent again, it used wrong ‘time’, now it uses the correct current time

  • Use plone.api.env.adopt_user and plone.api.env.adopt_roles instead of getSecurityManager/setSecurityManager

  • Show the next ‘time limit’ to give an advice directly in the advices icons so the user does not have to click on the different icons (not given, asked again, hidden) to know what is next ‘time limit’. The icon color is blue if current user is adviser for advice to give and is grey otherwise. Moreover, to avoid loosing too much space in dashboards, advice icons are now displayed vertically in the dashboards and still horizontally on the item view

  • Refactored the way auto copyGroups are handled : now it is evaluated upon each change and stored separately from manually selected copyGroups, this way it is possible to add or remove copyGroups automatically depending on the given expression. Automatically added copyGroups are displayed with a label [auto] on the item view. Moreover, unlike before, the returned suffix has not necessarilly to be in the MeetingConfig.selectableCopyGroups, it can be another suffix

  • Added possibility to force an item to be presented among normal items in a frozen meeting: a checkbox is added under the available items on the meeting view when the meeting is frozen so checking this box will force presented items to be inserted as a normal item

  • Removed condition that a meeting needed to contain items to be frozen, a meeting may now be frozen no matter it contains items or not

  • Added method ‘updateHolidays’ on the Migrator to be able to easily update holidays. Holidays will now be updated for the 2 next years to avoid problems where holydays are updated too late. Added a collective.messagesviewlet warning message that is displayed to MeetingManagers if last defined holiday is in less than 60 days

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.keepAccessToItemWhenAdviceIsGiven, if set to True, the advisers of an advice that was given on an item will keep read access to the item, no matter the state in which the item is set thereafter. MeetingGroup.keepAccessToItemWhenAdviceIsGiven is also available so the value of the meetingConfig may be overrided for a given MeetingGroup

  • Reworked MeetingItem.budgetRelated/MeetingItem.budgetInfos fields displayed in the meetingitem_edit form, fields are displayed like other, MeetingItem.budgetRelated now use and respect the ‘PloneMeeting: Read budget infos’ and ‘PloneMeeting: Write budget infos’ permissions and the hide/show javascript is moved to plonemeeting.js

  • The ‘comment’ stored in histories (completeness_changes_history, emergency_changes_history and adviceIndex[‘delay_changes_history’]) are now stored in a ‘comments’ key instead of ‘comment’ so it behaves like other histories (workflow, versioning)

  • A meeting containing items in state ‘returned_to_proposing_group’ may not be closed anymore

  • Added boolean field Meeting.extraordinarySession, informational field useable when necessary

  • Enabled leading icons for meetings as it is the case for items, added icon for Meeting.extraordinarySession

  • Simplified testing infrastructure when overrided by a plugin so the plugin does not need to call existing tests

  • When using WF adaptations ‘hide_decisions_when_under_writing’, do not only show the decision to MeetingManagers but to every users able to edit the item, this way, used together with WF adaptation ‘return_to_proposing_group’, the decision is viewable by users that will correct the item. Moreover make sure the decision is viewable to MeetingManagers when item is no more editable, this is the case for example when item is ‘accepted’

  • When duplicating an item, make sure values kept for fields MeetingItem.otherMeetingConfigsClonableTo, MeetingItem.copyGroups and MeetingItem.optionalAdvisers are still valid, indeed the configuration could have changed since the original item was created

  • Added possibility to use the same workflow for item/meeting generated portal_types of several MeetingConfigs. We duplicate the selected item/meeting workflow so WFAdaptations are applied on a separated workflow and the original is kept clean for other MeetingConfigs. Added ToolPloneMeeting.performCustomWFAdaptations to manage custom WFAdaptations instead of monkeypatching adaptations.performWorkflowAdaptations. WFAdaptations are now applied when the MeetingConfig is saved, no need to reinstall the package

  • Added method MeetingItem._adviceDelayIsTimedOut that returns True if given groupId advice delay is timed out

  • Plone groups linked to a MeetingGroup that were removed are now recreated when the MeetingGroup is edited

  • Item id is now recomputed each time the item is edited as long as the item is in it’s intial_state (WF), this avoid having inconsistent item id especially when duplicating another item or creating an item from an template where the item id was finally something like copy34_of_my_sample_template

  • While presenting an item using the ‘present’ action displayed on the item_view or in the dashboards, take the item preferredMeeting into account to find out in which meeting the item should be presented. First in the preferredMeeting if it is still a meetingAcceptingItems in the MeetingConfig.meetingPresentItemWhenNoCurrentMeetingStates or in the first meetingAcceptingItems in the future (still in the MeetingConfig.meetingPresentItemWhenNoCurrentMeetingStates)

  • Links to meetings are colorized depending on their review_state wherever it is displayed

  • Added possibility to only redefine partially certifiedSignatures on a MeetingGroup, this way we may still use for example signature 1 from the MeetingConfig and only redefine signature 2 on the MeetingGroup. Moreover, a new parameter ‘from_group_in_charge=False’ is available on MeetingItem.getCertifiedSignatures and MeetingGroup.getCertifiedSignatures, when set to True, the certifiedSignatures of the first defined MeetingGroup.groupInCharge will be considered

  • When creating an item from a template, if the first edition is cancelled, it is deleted

  • When removing a MeetingConfig, make sure every created groups (meetingmanagers, powerobservers, …) are removed as well

  • When editing an item, in the ‘preferredMeeting’ list box, display the meeting review_state next to the meeting date so users are aware of the review_state of the meeting they are selecting. This is useful to know if a meeting is in a frozen state or not

  • Added possibility to define a custom renderer for fields displayed by the @@item-more-infos view in the dashboards. By default the widget renderer is used but when necessary, the _rendererForField method may be overrided to return a view_name to use to render the field. Moreover, static informations displayed above @@item-more-infos are now in a separated view @@item-static-infos so it is easy to override

  • MeetingConfig.transitionsReinitializingDelays is now multivalued so it is possible to define several transitions that will reinitialize advice delays, moreover, every transitions are now selectable, not only ‘back’ transitions

  • Do synchronize portlet_todo with dashboards so portlet is refreshed when an action in the dashboards is triggered

  • Added field MeetingConfig.keepOriginalToPrintOfClonedItems (True by default), it True, duplicated items annexes ‘toPrint’ information will be kept from the original item, if False, we use the MeetingConfig.annexToPrintDefault to set the ‘toPrint’ information of annexes of the new item

  • Removed permission “PloneMeeting: Write item observations” and use a generic permission “PloneMeeting: Write item MeetingManager reserved fields” that is now used to protect every fields of the item that should only be writeable by the MeetingManagers, it is the case for fields MeetingItem.inAndOutMoves, MeetingItem.notes and MeetingItem.observations

  • Added validator for fields MeetingGroup.certifiedSignatures and MeetingConfig.certifiedSignatures, it takes care that : - signatures are sorted by signature number; - if dates (date_from and date_to) are provided, both are provided and it respects correct format; - 2 lines are not using same ‘number/datefrom/dateto’

  • Added possibility to use images in RichText fields of meetings, items and advices, added button ‘Image’ to the CKeditor toolbar, turned Meeting into a Container to be able to store images (was already the case for MeetingItem and meetingadvice), if external images are used, it is automatically downloaded and stored locally

  • Added action to ‘Check Pod templates’ of a given MeetingConfig. This action can be triggered from the MeetingConfig [Default] tab and is especially made for Managers during migrations

  • Added method ‘printXhtml’ available in Pod templates on view.printXhtml to be able to print a xhtmlContent with some options : - parameter ‘xhtmlContents’ may be a single xhtml chunk or a list of xhtml chunks (MeetingItem.motivation + Meeting.decision for example), and may contain arbitrary xhtml chunks (‘<p>DECIDE :</p>’). It may also contain a special word ‘space’ that will insert a space like defined in parameter ‘separatorValue’ that defaults to ‘<p>&nbsp;</p>’; - parameter ‘image_src_to_paths’ will turn <img> src to an absolute path to the .blob on the filesystem; - parameters ‘keepWithNext’ and ‘keepWithNextNumberOfChars’ that manage possibility to stick to next paragraph when Pod template is generated; - parameter ‘checkNeedSeparator’ that defaults to True will only add separator if needed; - parameter ‘addCSSClass’, is made to add a CSS class to every ‘paragraph’ like tags of the ‘xhtmlContents’. And thus, removed method Meeting.getDeliberation that was used to contatenate ‘motivation’ and ‘decision’.

  • Added CKeditor custom style ‘indent-firstline’ to be able to apply a text-index: 40px; on a paragraph

  • Added hooks _before_reinstall and _after_reinstall made to do things before and after reinstalling the profile in a migration. By default it will save CKeditor custom styles (saved in _before_reinstall and stored again in _after_reinstall)

  • While applying a new profile having an import_data, make sure the paramters defined on portal_plonemeeting are not changed, portal_plonemeeting attributes are only set the first time

  • Removed caching for MeetingItem.getMeeting

  • Removed ‘mailFormat’ management, we now only use ‘plain’ as mail format, no more HTML

  • Changed the way power advisers work: now it only gives power advisers the possibility to add an advice on any item that are viewable and in the advice giveable states, but it does not given them the ‘View’ anymore. So it needs to be used in addition to another way to give ‘View’ on the item (user can get ‘View’ access because it is MeetingManager, power observer, observer, copy group, …)

  • Optional advisers selectable on an item now need to be selected in the MeetingConfig.selectableAdvisers field. This way, optional advisers are not automatically the groups that contain users in the “advisers” sub-group but manually selected groups. This makes it possible to hide a group that exists for the MeetingConfig.customAdvisers purpose but to which it should not be possible to ask an optional adviser. A MeetingGroup may not be deleted if used in this field

  • Added workflow adaptation ‘waiting_advices’ that makes it possible to add a state where advices may be asked while advisers are sure that proposing group may no more edit the item. By default, this state can be reached from states ‘itemcreated’, ‘proposed’ and ‘prevalidated’ if available and item may go back to these states, but for custom configuration, it is possible to generate several ‘waiting_advices’ states and to specify origin and back states

  • Added workflow adaptation ‘reviewers_take_back_validated_item’ that give the ability to the MeetingReviewer role to take back an item that is ‘validated’

  • It is now possible to register several ‘meetingadvice’ portal_types so we may use different workflows or define additional fields. Added constant EXTRA_ADVICE_SUFFIXES to to define extra suffixes to use for groups giving advice using a custom workflow

  • Meeting and MeetingItem WorkflowCondition ‘mayCorrect’ now receive an extra parameter ‘destinationState’ that is useful when a state has several ‘back’ transitions to know which transition we are working on

  • Moved emergency change comment popup and advice delay change comment popup to z3c.form to be able to define that comment is now required. Moreover access to delay changes history is now given to every members of the proposing group in addition to advisers of the group the advice is asked to and MeetingManagers. Before members of the proposingGroup were only able to see the delay changes history when they were able to change the delay, but no more after

  • Added helper method MeetingItem.getAdviceObj(advId) that will return the ‘meetingadvice’ object for the given p_advId adviser id. If advice object exists, it is returned, otherwise ‘None’ is returned

  • Display a “group users” icon next to the displayed copy groups and asked advices on the item view to be able to get informations about users that are in the selected Plone groups, this way we know which users will have read access to the item and which will be able to give an advice

  • Display the limit date systematically on the advice popup if advice is with delay. If delay is stopped before limit date, display the delay that was left in clear days

  • Added method MeetingGroup.userPloneGroups to be able to get the Plone groups of a MeetingGroup the currently connected used is in

  • The ‘Duplicate and keep link’ action is now generating a manual link (MeetingItem.manuallyLinkedItems) between the items, no more an automatic link. This way, the link is manageable by the creator, can be removed if necessary and the eventual items that were already linked to the original item are also linked to the new duplicated item (virtual folder)

  • Added field MeetingGroup.groupsInCharge to be able to define groups in charge of another. When used, the field MeetingItem.proposingGroupWithGroupInCharge may be enabled so the user may select the proposingGroup and the relevant groupInCharge in case several groups in charge are defined for one single proposingGroup. Added also ‘on_groups_in_charge’ item insertion method into a meeting (MeetingConfig.insertingMethodsOnAddItem) and added possibilty to define item states in which subgroup ‘observers’ of the group in charge will have access. A column with groupInCharge and groupInCharge acronym and a faceted filter may be enbabled in dashboards

  • Added optional fields Meeting.assemblyGuest, Meeting.assemblyProxies and Meeting.assemblyStaves on the meeting to use if necessary. Meeting.assemblyXXX fields are now displayed one under the other on the meeting_view and it is hidden using a collapsible widget. A default value for Meeting.assemblyStaves may be defined in the MeetingConfig.assemblyStaves attribute

  • Reindex item (reindexObject) when an advice is added/edited/deleted, this way if some custom indexes are managed depending on a value of the advice, it is updated if necessary

  • Changed the way MeetingConfig.customAdvisers ‘available_on’ value works. Before, it was only evaluated if user could effectively edit the item, it was a way to restrict some values to some editors profiles. Now, it can also be used to give non editors the possibility to change the advice delay, for example, the advisers of an advice with delay could now be able to edit the advice delay. The value ‘mayEdit’ has been added to the available variables in the expression and is True if current user may edit the item

  • Added optional field Meeting.approvalDate made to encode the date the current meeting was approved

  • Added workflowAdaptation ‘postpone_next_meeting’, it adds a decided state ‘postponed_next_meeting’ (based on the already existing state ‘delayed’) and additionally it will duplicate the item and automatically set the new item to “validated”, moreover advices of original item are inherited

  • Added workflowAdaptation ‘mark_not_applicable’, it adds a decided state ‘marked_not_applicable’ to the item (based on the already existing state ‘delayed’)

  • Added workflowAdaptations ‘removed’ and ‘removed_and_duplicated’, it adds a decided state ‘removed’ to the item (based on the already existing state ‘delayed’). ‘removed_and_duplicated’ will also duplicate the ‘removed’ item

  • Added optional RichText field Meeting.authorityNotice

  • Added optional field MeetingItem.pollType, it relies on MeetingConfig.usedPollTypes and MeetingConfig.defaultPollType. Added also relevant dashboard column and faceted filter. An additional optional field MeetingItem.pollTypeObservations may also be enabled to define some observations about the selected poll type

  • Added specific icon before title of advice that are given as personal initiative

  • MeetingItem.displayAdvices is now MeetingItem.showAdvices and is an adaptable method that controls the fact that advices are shown or not on the item view

  • Moved to imio.annex : in WFs, renamed permission “PloneMeeting: Write decision annex” to “PloneMeeting: Add annexDecision” and removed the “PloneMeeting: Add MeetingFile” and “PloneMeeting: Read decision annex” permissions. Annexes may now be added on Meetings and are displayed in dashboards like for items. On items, there is now one single tab ‘annexes’ where annexes and decision annexes are managed. Moreover annexes are reorderable in the ‘annexes’ tab. Annexes are addable/editable/deletable by users able to edit the parent, decision annexes are only deletable by the Owner of the decision annex

  • Added validation for field ‘item_assembly’ in the form for defining assembly for a specific item. The validation takes care that opening “[[” have their corresponding “]]”. This is only done for field ‘item_assembly’ as brackets are not used for other fields (absents, excused)

  • Removed permissions “PloneMeeting: Read optional advisers” and “PloneMeeting: Write optional advisers”, optional advisers will be editable by users able to edit the MeetingItem

  • Added fields MeetingConfig.cssClassesToHide and MeetingConfig.hideCssClassesTo that adds the possibility to no render some Css classes of rich text content to (restricted) power observers profiles (except if this profile may edit the item)

  • Added field MeetingConfig.hideNotViewableLinkedItemsTo, it allows to hide linked items the selected profiles are not able to view instead showing it and displaying the warning “You have not access to this element”. Linked items are not shown at all, this is the case also for inherited advices for which the icon “Item inherited from another item” is not shown

  • Added adaptable method MeetingItem.getListTypeLateValue to be able to specify another value than ‘late’ for the listType of an item that isLate. This way it is possible to manage different values for a late item

  • Added field MeetingConfig.selectablePrivacies to be able to select privacies to use for MeetingItem.privacy. Added new privacies ‘secret_heading’ and ‘public_heading’ as selectable values. MeetingConfig.insertingMethodsOnAddItem ‘on_privacy’ is now using the order defined in MeetingConfig.selectablePrivacies. This makes it possible to insert ‘secret’ items at the top of a meeting in which items are displayed ‘on_privacy’ ‘public’ then ‘secret’, and have ‘secret/public/secret’ items

  • When an item is visible by advisers but advice was never giveable (especially when workflow is not linear or configuration is wrong and items are visible by advisers before advice is giveable), adapted method on the item to specify that advice was never giveable

  • Removed Meeting.i18n and MeetingItem.i18n methods, use view.translate in Pod templates and zope.i18n.translate elsewhere

  • Do not define the ‘rows’ attribute on RichWidget anymore so we may use the CKeditor property ‘editor height’ to define the editor height and it can be changed thru the UI in the CKeditor control panel

  • Added field MeetingItem.marginalNotes that is still editable by a MeetingManager even when item is decided and meeting is closed

  • A Plone group that is linked to a MeetingGroup is no more deletable and a clear message is displayed. The only way to remove a Plone group linked to a MeetingGroup is to delete the MeetingGroup that will also check if it is not used in the application

  • Added wfAdaptation that adds one (last level) or every levels of validation to the “Return to proposing group” wfAdaptation

  • Added possibility to display the item reference in the item dashboards, moreover, Meeting.itemReference is now a field where the item reference is stored. This avoid computing the itemReference each time it is accessed, moreover MeetingItem.itemReference is searchable and will be found in the SearchableText

  • Display the background color relative to MeetingItem.privacy on the meeting available items view as it is the case for the meeting presented items view

  • Using ‘mltAssembly’ in Meeting.getStrikedAssembly and MeetingItem.getStrikedItemAssembly is now deprecated and not done by default anymore, instead use a stylesMapping in call to appy.pod xhtml applied to XHTML content like ‘motivation’ or ‘decision’. Nevertheless it is still possible to use the ‘use_mltAssembly=True’ parameter to get the old behavior

  • Added parameter ‘withWeekDayName’ to ToolPloneMeeting.formatMeetingDate that will display the weekday name before the date, like ‘Tuesday 05 may 2015’

  • A MeetingGroup may not be removed if it is used as groupInCharge of another

  • Added view ‘@@header’ on advice, item and meeting that renders the header on various place (view and annexes tab especially)

  • Added field MeetingConfig.availableItemsListVisibleColumns in addition to MeetingConfig.itemsListVisibleColumns to be able to define columns to display in the table of available items. MeetingConfig.itemsListVisibleColumns is now used to define columns to display in the table of items presented to a meeting

  • Added field MeetingConfig.groupsShownInDashboardFilter to be able to select values that will be displayed in the ‘Group’ filter of the faceted dashboards

  • Added field MeetingConfig.itemWithGivenAdviceIsNotDeletable, when set to True, an item containing at least one given advice will not be deletable, except by MeetingManagers and Managers

  • Invalidate actions_panel cache for Meeting and MeetingItem if MeetingConfig is modified. Indeed it can add/remove WF transitions or enable/disable delete icon when item contains advices for example. This is done at the ram.cache invalidation key level because call to cleanRamCache in MeetingConfig.at_post_edit_script is not enough when using several ZEO instances

  • Make sure it is not possible to paste config items (ItemTemplate, RecurringItem) from a MeetingConfig to another as the copy/paste buttons are enabled in the item templates management configuration

  • Added an email notification when advice delay is about to expire and an email notification when advice delay is expired, factorized code that sends email to members of a particular Plone group into MeetingItem._sendMailToGroupMembers and use it in both MeetingItem.sendAdviceDelayWarningMailIfRelevant (advice delay expiration/expired notification) and MeetingItem.sendAdviceToGiveMailIfRelevant (advice to give notification)

  • An advice that was historized once (asked again or really given) may not be deleted anymore except by real managers

  • Fixed bug in index previous_review_state that failed when datachange functionnality was enabled as it saves datachanges in the workflow_history

  • MeetingItem.category vocabulary (listCategories) uses natural sorting to display elements, it means that labels will be sorted alphabetically but with advanced management for numbered labels like 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2, 2.1, 2.2, …, 10, 10.1, 10.2, … that will be sorted correctly. This rely on the ‘natsort’ library

  • Added possibility to sort elements displayed in the available items dashboard of the meeting_view

3.3 (2015-02-27)

  • Moved to Plone 4.3.4

  • Moved to collective.ckeditor 4.2.0

  • Depends on plonetheme.imioapps to manage default skin (plonemeetingskin) and communesplone.layout

  • Depends on Products.PasswordStrength and use defaut policy (10 characters, 1 uppercase, 1 special char, 1 number)

  • Moved from communesplone.iconified_document_actions to collective.iconifieddocumentactions

  • Moved management of indexes and metadatas (utils.updateIndexes) to imio.helpers and depends on that package now

  • MeetingManagers are now managed locally, MeetingConfig by MeetingConfig, the global role ‘MeetingManager’ should not be given anymore to MeetingManagers

  • Removed field Meeting.allItemsAtOnce and relative code

  • Removed field MeetingCategory.itemsCount and relative code

  • Refactored mechanism when inserting an item in a meeting : it is now possible to select successive sorting methods to apply on item insertion

  • Added management of absents and excused in separated plain text fields, refactored display of item assembly and signatures on item

  • Added restricted power observers, a second kind of power observers that may access elements in different states

  • Added ‘confidentiality’ for annexes and advices, making them not visibile by power observers or restricted power observers, confidentialy is ajax switchable in the UI

  • When sending an item to antoher meeting config, if both configurations use categories, added possibility to define for a category in original meeting configuration what will be the used category in the destination meeting configuration

  • Added possibility to automatically trigger workflow transitions of an item that is sent to another meeting config so the new item can be automatically set in a defined state (for example : validated, proposed or presented in a meeting)

  • It is now necessary to manually define transitions for presenting an item or a per meeting config basis so we know the “workflow path to present an item”

  • Added possibility for advisers to hide their advice when it is under redaction

  • Added possibility to easily change an advice delay from the advice popup view using a drop down box displaying available delays, with comments regarding changed delay and history

  • When creating an item from a template, keep every informations defined on the template

  • Optimized management of item templates, separated recurring items and item templates in two different folders (old ‘recurringitems’ now only contains recurring items and new ‘itemtemplates’ folder contains item templates), added possibility to organize item templates in folders. Items templates displayed to the item creator shows this organization in folders using a ‘fancytree’, depends on collective.js.fancytree

  • In MeetingConfig custom advisers, added possibility to restrict the selection of a custom adviser using a TAL expression (column ‘Available on’) and added a way to specify in that two or more custom advisers are linked together (column ‘Is linked to previous row?’)

  • Added caching for MeetingConfg.getFileTypes, MeetingConfig.getCategories, ToolPloneMeeting.getGroupsForUser, IAnnexable.getAnnexesToPrint

  • Link between a MeetingFile and a MeetingFileType is no more a Reference

  • Added possibility to define sub-meetingFileTypes so a single MeetingFileType can have several subtypes displayed in the UI under the same icon

  • Added possibility to define a correspondence of meetingFileTypes between different meeting configurations so an item sent to another meeting config know what meeting file type to use for original annexes

  • Added ‘emergency’ functionnality on items (ask/accept/refuse emergency with comments and history)

  • Added ‘completeness’ functionnality on items (evaulate if complete/incomplete with comments and history)

  • Added ‘Send to authority?’ boolean field on items

  • Added ‘Taken over by’ functionnality on items (a user may specify that he took over an item to avoid other users also being able to handle it to take it over)

  • Refactored management of adviceIndex : index if advice can be added/edited, make use of another workflow than meetingadvice_workflow possible, …

  • Pass IAnnexable to a PodTemplate when rendering so we can easily integrate annexes in a generated document

  • Removed IAnnexable.getAnnexesInOrder, only use IAnnexable.getAnnexes that is always ordered

  • Added ajax switch in the UI for MeetingItem.budgetRelated displaying/hidding the MeetingItem.budgetInfos field on the item view

  • Display PodTemplate description as plain/text on the PodTemplate view and in the title displayed when hovering the template label on the meeting/item view. Display tthis description on the list of Pod Templates of the MeetingConfig as well

  • Use collective.datagridcolumns for the MeetingFileType.subTypes field

  • Refactored index ‘indexAdvisers’ to avoid relying on suffixes like ‘0’ or ‘1’, but using readable suffixes like ‘_advice_not_given’, ‘_advice_delay_exceeded’ or by displaying current advice workflow state as suffix

  • Added parameter to hide history comments on an item to members outside the proposing group, access to comment of each history event is done in an adapter so it can be eaily overriden if necessary

  • Do not use the ‘Type’ index in our searches, use the ‘portal_type’ index because ‘Type’ is indexing the ‘Title’ of the content type that may change, but ‘portal_type’ that index the ‘id’ will never changes

  • Removed ‘signatureNotAlone’ from fields transform types, this is now managed by the ‘keepWithNext’ parameter passed to MeetingItem.getDecision or MeetingItem.getDeliberation

  • Removed utils.getOsTempFolder method, use builtin tempfile.gettempdir python method instead

  • Cleaned up utils, removed useless methods kupuEquals, allowManagerToCreateIn and disallowManagerToCreateIn

  • Removed ToolPloneMeeting.ploneDiskAware functionnality and relative code

  • Highlight ‘History’ link if a comment was added to last event of the history, to do so we override the template (the python viewlet was alredy overrided) and we remove nasty jQuery that was hidding link to author (removeLinkOnByLine)

  • Make it possible to access item history directly from the item listings (using imio.actionspanel ‘history’ section)

  • Optimized method that update advices nightly so only relevant items are updated, not every items like before (that was taking time for applications having several items)

  • Added profiling.zcml that allows to activate collective.profiler during development

  • Display every relevant informations about MeetingGroups, Categories and PodTemplates where it is listed (ToolPloneMeeting view and MeetingConfig view)

  • Display annexes and advices fieldset on the item view in any cases, not hidding when empty or so, when no annex or no advice, a simple ‘-’ is displayed in the fieldset

  • Added topic to ‘search items of my groups’, returning every items of groups a user is in, no matter what role the user has in the group (creator, reviewer, adviser, …)

  • Added topic to ‘validable items’, returning every items the user may validate upon states of the item reviewing process. Adapted topic that search ‘items to validate’ to only return items to validate of the highest hierarchic level of the current user

  • MeetingItem.onDuplicated and MeetingItem.onDuplicatedFromConfig hooks are now zope.event events

  • It is now possible to define in MeetingConfig.itemsListVisibleFields which fields of the items will be shown/hidden when using the ‘glasses’ icon action. Those extra informations about the items are displayed in the items listings (my items, all items, …) and in the different listings of the meeting view (available items, presented items and late items)

  • An item can now be presented in a meeting from anywhere in the application (listings of items, item view, …), clicking on the ‘present’ action will present the item to the next available meeting. Before, the ‘present’ action was only shown in the list of available items of the meeting view

  • On the item view, display the navigation widget also at the bottom of the view, just above the actions buttons

  • Renamed ToolPloneMeeting.formatDate to ToolPloneMeeting.formatMeetingDate that now receives a meeting as first argument, no more a date or a brain

  • Added field MeetingConfig.restrictAccessToSecretItems to be able the enable/disable the MeetingItem.isPrivacyViewable check. Moreover, the isPrivacyViewable check now takes into account every explicit access given to the item, so members of the proposing group, super users (Managers, MeetingManagers, power observer), copy groups and advisers will have full access to the item

  • Corrected bug where an item could be unpresentable if a preferredMeeting was selected on it and this preferred meeting was deleted leading this item to not be taken into account by the Meeting.getAvailableItems method

  • It is now possible to display a topic in portlet_todo or in portlet_plonemeeting without having it to be displayed in both portlets. This is done because now the TAL expression evaluated as condition to display the topic receive a ‘fromPortletTodo’ variable set to True or False and we can so discriminate if we want the topic to be displayed in only one of both portlets

  • Added workflow adaptation “Pre-validation (reviewer may also prevalidate)” that add a pre-validation step but that let users in Plone group _reviewers able to “pre-validate” without being in the _prereviewers group. This let’s make difference between real prereviewers and reviewers but let reviewers prereview nevertheless

  • Added an icon displayed before item title in listings that shows that an item will be sent to another meeting configuration so we can see items that will be send and items that have already been sent to another meeting configuration. Moreover, if item is actually sent and item sent to the other config is in a meeting, we display this meeting date in the icon’s tooltip

  • Added an icon displayed before item title in listings that shows that item was sent back in the workflow or that the item is at the same workflow step again (was already in that step before). This let’s user see that an item was just corrected and sent back or that an item is proposed again

  • Locking is now working when using the inline edit functionnality (quick edit of a item or meeting field thru the element view) and when quick editing an advice thru the popup

  • Simplified tool defineable search parameters : no more max search limit, no more selectable item states, one single value for every dashboards about the elements to show per page

  • MeetingManagers have now access to the meeting configurations and are able to edit “harmless” parameters like assembly and signatures

  • Removed “PloneTask” related fields and functionnality

  • Adapted functionnality around certified signatures defined on the MeetingConfig to make it “period-aware”. It is now possible to define a signature that will be useable for a period of time (from date, to date) so certified signatures can be managed in advance when knowing signatories absences/presences

  • Added field MeetingGroup.certifiedSignatures useable to define current certified signatures to use in templates, if no certified signatures defined on the group, MeetingConfig.certifiedSignatures is used

  • Ease management of late items, an item is now by default considered late if the meeting is in a late state and the available item is validated and the meeting is his preferred meeting

  • Display warnings if annex file size is too large

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.itemCreatedOnlyUsingTemplate that will do user only able to create new items using an item template, no more item from scratch

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.onTransitionFieldTransforms that will make it possible to apply a transform to a given field of an item of a meeting when a transition is triggered on it. It will in particular be used when the decision is changed when an item is delayed

  • Added parameter MeetingConfig.onMeetingTransitionItemTransitionToTrigger that will make it possible to trigger arbitrary transitions on items of a meeting when a transition is triggered on that meeting

  • A meeting is now considered modified (modification_date is changed) when an item is added, removed or it’s position changed

  • When the title of a MeetingGroup changed, the title of linked Plone groups is also changed accordingly

  • Removed workflow adaptation ‘local_meeting_managers’

  • Added easy way to define a custom inserting method (order when an item is inserted in a meeting)

  • Removed properties ‘meetingRole’ and ‘meetingGroupId’ from Plone groups created when adding a MeetingGroup, we use MEETINGROLES and MEETING_GROUP_SUFFIXES now

  • Highlight lines that are empty at the end of a rich text field on the meeting and item view (2014-03-06)

  • Bugfix release : adapted migration to 3.2.0

  • Make computation of advice delay aware of work days and holidays

  • Added caching for some methods called several times (ToolPloneMeeting.getMeetingGroups, ToolPloneMeeting.getMeetingConfig, MeetingConfig.getUserParam)

  • Added possibility to have sub MeetingFileTypes : you can define subTypes on a given MFT, it will be displayed in the add annex select file type box but every annexes will be displayed behind the same icon of the master MeetingFileType, this let’s user manage several mft title and predefined title

  • Take ‘for_item_created_until’ into account for delay aware advisers in optional advisers

  • Added improvement about internationalization in PloneMeeting tool workflow policy. [lcaballero, macagua]

  • Make sure a MeetingGroup is not used in MeetingConfig.customAdvisers and MeetingConfig.powerAdvisersGroups before deleting it

  • Make sure the MeetingFileType.relatedTo can not be changed if it is used in the application by a MeetingFile

  • Display relatedTo information in the table showing defined MeetingFileTypes

  • Added imio.actionspanel package in buildout “base.cfg” file. [lcaballero, macagua]

  • Added more versions pinned in “versions-dev.cfg” file. [lcaballero, macagua]

  • Added more support for internationalization in workflows. [lcaballero, macagua]

  • Added more strings classifiers and metadata items for this package [lcaballero, macagua]

3.2.0 (2014-02-12)

  • Not backward compatible with older versions if ExternalApplications were used as the class was dropped now

  • Moved advices from saved dict to real objects so we can add annexes into it

  • Added delay-aware advisers to be able to define delay for giving an advice

  • Added custom advisers management on a per MeetingConfig basis : this manage automatic advisers and delay-aware advisers

  • Refactored advice popups and dropdown to display more informations

  • Added ‘Power advisers’ functionnality making it possible for some groups to give an advice even if not asked

  • Added ‘Budget impact editors’ functionnality making it possible for some defined users to edit the MeetingItem.budgetInfos in defined item wf states

  • Added specific permissions for managing the access to the MeetingItem.budgetInfos field : ‘PloneMeeting: Read budget infos’ and ‘PloneMeeting: Write budget infos’ to manage in the item workflow

  • Keep ‘privacy’ attribute when cloning an item so it is kept in functionnalities around (recurring items, item templates, item sent to another config, …)

  • Added method MeetingItem.printAdvicesInfos to generate a HTML version of advices infos useable in POD templates

  • MeetingGroups can now override every MeetingConfig itemAdviceStates values, not only the default MeetingConfig

  • Corrected bug in itemassembly/itemsignatures mass redifinition functionnality where late items were not taken into account

  • Removed management of the ‘Add portal content’ permissions in every workflows

  • Rely on and plone.directives.form to manage new meetingadvice content_type

  • Rely on imio.actionspanel

  • Rely on Products.DataGridField to manage MeetingConfig.customAdvisers

  • Rely on Products.cron4plone to launch maintenance task regarding delay-aware advices (update each item adviceIndex and update portal_catalog indexAdvisers index)

  • Moved to collective.ckeditor 4.0.0

3.1.0 (2013-11-04)

  • Moved to Plone 4.3.2

  • Added functionnality to easily manage/propagate item assembly/signatures on several items

  • Added topic searches ‘search items to validate’ and ‘search items to prevalidate’

  • Do not fail while adding an item in a meeting that contains items using a disabled category/proposing group

  • Added possibility to send email notification upon each item transition

  • Added wfAdaptation ‘hide decision to users when under writing by meeting managers’

  • Optimized MeetingItem.getItemNumber so working with ‘relativeTo=meetingConfig’ is performant and always returns the same result, no matter previous meetings are closed or not, no matter current user roles, …

  • Override the Products.Archetypes @@at_utils view, use current Github version as version in Plone 4.3.2 do not translate correctly in some cases

  • Corrected copy_items when using meetingfolder_view to work between meetingfolder_view and others

  • Corrected bug where history was not showing if historization was activated

  • Do not avoid removal of a MeetingGroup if linked Plone groups still contains ‘no found’ users

  • Added functionnality to adapt freshly created site front-page (at install time)

  • Generate password for test users while detectng that we are creating a test instance for production purpose (created in a mount point)

  • Use already existing (in Plone by default) delete_icon.png instead of our delete.png

  • Removed use of deprecated cssQuery in plonemeeting.js

  • Corrected bug where it was possible to remove a MeetingGroup still used in a MeetingConfig.selectableCopyGroups field or in a MeetingItem.copyGroups field

  • Make sure vocabularies used for differents fields do contain terms corresponding to stored values on the object. If term corresponding to stored value is not in the vocabulary, we add it to the vocabulary so it always works

  • Use 20 instead of 10 for number of elements shown in result listings

  • Adapted code in Meeting.validate_date as DateTime._localzone0/1 does not exist anymore

  • Display signatures on the meeting_view correctly

  • While deactivating a MeetingGroup, do not transfer users to the _observers Plone group, let users in their Plone groups so they still have access to old items and advices but make sure the deactivated group can no more be used anywhere

  • Add missing PlonePAS ‘Default Plone Password Policy’ that is not in Plone 4.3.2 if you migrated the site from an older version

3.0.3 (2013-08-19)

  • Limited use of roles, removed MeetingPowerObserverLocal and MeetingObserverLocalCopy

  • Added possibility to define states in wich items are viewable by copy groups

  • Managed annexes conversion (collective.documentviewer) of duplicated items

  • Removed ToolPloneMeeting.navigateLocally parameter

  • If a user can not view an item anymore after having triggered a transition on it, display a clear message

  • Create memberarea for user ‘admin’ at PloneMeeting install time

  • Configure CKeditor styles at install time

  • Moved events subscribers code from to

  • Defined in tests so subplugins can override existing tests easily

  • Added MeetingConfig.searchItemsWithFilters, a topic search configurable using a property defining filters on the relevant topic

  • Added field MeetingItem.motivation that let the user have granularity while defining decision if he wants to split ‘motivation’ and ‘decision’

  • Make the search work while just entering beginning of a word

  • Rely on imio.migrator

  • Do not raise a WorkflowException in ToolPloneMeeting.triggerTransition if transition to trigger is not available, this avoid UI double click problems

  • Let user access personal-information and change-password tabs in personal preferences

  • Added wfAdaptation ‘send back to proposing group for correction’

  • Removed MeetingConfig.itemTopicStates parameter

  • Advanced search parameters are now all activated by default

3.0.2 (2013-06-21)

  • Adapted tests infrastructure to make it easy to override by a subproduct

  • Adapted to work with Products.PloneHotfix20130618

  • Ajax toggle to discuss take 3rd case (send an email) into account

  • Moved “annexes_macros”, “go to item” and “change items order” to BrowserViews

  • Use Meeting.meetingClosedStates in Meeting.mayChangeItemsOrder to avoid subproduct to override it in most cases

  • Optimized meetingfolder_view : added possibility to create an item from a template and lighter code

3.0.1 (2013-06-07)

  • Added possibility to preview and print annexes (by converting them to images using collective.documentviewer)

  • Show item and meeting history to users being able to see the object

  • Show secret items to PowerObservers

  • If connected user can not see the default home page defined in the MeetingConfig, redirect him to the first he can actually access

  • Prevent to delete a used MeetingFileType or MeetingCategory

  • Added tag ‘strike’ to the list of valid tags

3.0 (2013-04-03)

  • Migrated to Plone 4

  • Migrated MeetingFiles and PodTemplates to blobs

  • Quick edition works with CKeditor

  • Use Plone4 overlays to display popups

  • Use communesplone.iconified_document_actions

  • Display action icon on action buttons (do not use portal_actionicons anymore)

  • Advices are now askable when the item is in his initial workflow state

  • Display the elements history in the default Plone4 popup

  • Optimized votes functionnality

  • Added local powerobservers giving the possibility to define powerobservers by meetingConfig

  • Copy groups to add automatically is now evaluated at each item edition, not only on creation

  • Added possibility to decide several items at once when on a decided meeting

  • Meeting’s start date, mid date and end date have a granularity of 1 minute instead of 5 minutes

2.1.3 (2012-10-03)

  • Make the input showing the item number on the meeting view larger so 3-digit numbers are displayed correctly

  • Make it possible for an external plugin to define extra fields to keep (copy) when sending an item to another meeting config (getExtraFieldsToCopyWhenCloningToOtherMC)

2.1.2 (2012-07-09)

  • Added possibility to “duplicate and keep link” : duplicate an existing item and keep a link to the original item

  • Corrected problems around groups UnicodeDecodeErrors (migration added)

  • MeetingItem.itemInitiator field is now multivalued (migration added)

  • Highlight itemAssembly and itemSignatures on the item view if it has been overridden

  • Make item title longer (500 chars)

  • Show the decision annexes everywhere (list of items, main item view, …)

2.1.1 (2012-04-02)

  • Added field MeetingConfig.certifiedSignatures useable to define current certified signatures to use on templates

  • Item templates are now definable by proposingGroup

  • Added MeetingItem.itemIsSigned optional field (indexed and use jQuery)

  • You can now define in wich states, items for wich an advice has been given is still viewable by the advisers (MeetingConfig.itemAdviceViewStates)

  • Added possibility to send an item to another meetingConfig and to keep track of it

  • Search parameters from a topic are kept even when using a searchScript

  • Always highlight the right meetingConfig tab even if the current item is not in the folder of the currently logged in user

  • Added clickable action “update all advices” on portal_plonemeeting

  • Highlight disabled elements in the configuration

  • Removed field ‘MeetingItem.closedSession’, use ‘MeetingItem.privacy’ now

  • Mailing lists conditions are now TAL expressions, no more Python exprressions

2.1.0 (2012-01-12)

  • Added functionnality to track attendees movements during the meeting (entry and exit of people)

  • Added “Late attendees” specifying the list of attendees that arrived after the meeting begin

  • Optimized search, it is now possible to : - select the fields you want to search on (title, description, decision, all) - select the wf states to search on

  • You can now select what item and meeting fields you want the builtin historization mechanism to historize

  • Displayed persons on items and meetings can now be hidden by the user

2.0.7 (2011-08-16)

  • Added possibility to search on the “decision” or “title and description”

  • Access to user preferences can now be disabled

  • Added site start date making it easier to remove archived elements before this date

  • Added user synchronization mechanism between two PloneMeeting sites

  • Annexes are now accessible from differents urls

2.0.6 (2011-06-28)

  • Added deferred functionality for notifications system (nightwork imports and exports)

  • Added new workflow adaptation : - skip publication state for meeting and meetingitems

  • Added possibility to automatically set meeting numbering to zero every year

2.0.5 (2011-06-10)

  • Added new workflow adaptations : - disable observations on items - item decision is reported by the item creator - only creators can delete their items - items are created in the “validated” state - archiving

  • Added privacy field on item that give an information if it is secret or public

  • Added back workflow transition actions on meetingConfig elements

  • Added advices access (give and modify) on a per MeetingGroup basis

  • Added external applications notifications system

2.0.4 (2011-05-24)

  • Added “item templates” giving the possibility to create an item based on another item (template) defined in the configuration

  • Added premeeting management (premeeting date, place and observations)

  • Added deadline functionnality (items validation deadline, meeting freeze deadline, premeeting deadline)

  • Added one new role called “MeetingPreReviewer” useable to prevalidate items

  • Warn advisers that their advice is needed on an item (or no more needed)

  • Added mailingLists to PodTemplate giving the possibility to configure differents mailing lists to send the generated template to

  • Builtin second language support

  • Optimization of the ‘votes’ functionnality

  • Added MeetingConfig.workflowAdataptation field giving the possibility to select arbitrary wf behaviour

  • Added MeetingConfig.transitionsToConfirm field giving a easy way to define a comment in a popup while choosen wf transitions of the Meeting or MeetingItem are triggered

  • Added MeetingConfig.places field giving the possibility to define a list of selectable places useable on the Meeting

  • Added MeetingConfig.budgetDefault field to define a default value for the MeetingItem.budgetInfos field

  • Added MeetingConfig.toDiscussSetOnItemInsert field giving the choice for item creators to define the MeetingItem.toDiscuss field at creation time (or the old behaviour)

  • Added MeetingConfig.toDiscussShownForLateItems field defining if the toDiscuss field should be used for late items

  • Added MeetingUser.gender and MeetingUser.replacementDuty fields

  • MeetingManagers can no more access every “in creation” or “proposed” items with the default workflows (meetingitem_workflow)

  • Use config.MEETING_GROUP_SUFFIXES to create the Plone groups linked to a MeetingGroup while using a GroupDescriptor

2.0.3 (2011-04-13)

  • Fix in clonePermissions about annexes

2.0.2 (2011-03-11)

  • Do the meetingfolder_view work again in Plone3

  • Some CSS/Translations/JS fixes

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