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A Poll tool for Plone based on archetypes.

Project description

1 PlonePopoll

By Ingeniweb.

1.1 About PlonePopoll

This is a Poll tool for Plone.

1.2 Requirements

  • Plone 3.0

1.3 Instalation

Add Products.PlonePopoll in your buildout.cfg eggs list.

Use the portal_quickinstaller of your Plone site.

Contributors and others can add polls.

Managers can add and configure PoPoll portlets using the new Plone 3 portlets managers.

Users of older PlonePopoll versions will notice that the (now useless) configuration panel has disappeared.

1.5 Architecture

A poll can be in one and only one of those states:

  • enabled

  • disabled

Results can be in one and only one of those states:

  • visible

  • not visible

Poll can have multiple choice activated, determining how many choice a user can do.

1.6 Note

Within Plone, it’s possible to vote for a poll only if it is enabled AND published.

Results are displayed only when the Results Visibility is set to visible.

1.7 Migration

If you migrate from an oooooold PlonePopoll version (1.x) that’s not Archetypes based, create an external method in your Plone site:

  • Id: migrate_popoll

  • Title: (whatever)

  • Module: PlonePopoll.Migration

  • Function: migrateToArchetypes

Then click the “Test” tab of this external method.


You may find newer stable versions of PlonePopoll and pointers to related informations (tracker, doc, …) from

1.9 Subversion repository

Stay in tune with the freshest (maybe unstable) versions or participate to the PlonePopoll evolutions:

1.10 API Documentation

1.11 More information about PlonePopoll

1.12 Support and feedback

Please read all the documentation that comes with this product before asking for support, unless you might get a RTFM reply ;)

Note that we do not support the SQL storage mode anymore. The SQL storage mode is an old third party contribution that has not been maintained for a long time. If you want it back, volunteers are welcome ;)

Localisation issues - other than french and english - should be reported to the relevant translators (see Credits below).

Report bugs using the tracker (the Tracker link from Please provide in your bug report:

  • Your configuration (Operating system+Zope+Plone+Products/versions).

  • The full traceback if available.

  • One or more scenario that triggers the bug.

Note that we do not support bug reports on Subversion trunk or branches checkouts, unless

Mail to Ingeniweb support in English or French to ask for specific support.

Donations are welcome for new features requests

1.13 Credits

1.13.1 Developers

1.13.2 Translations (other than French and English)


2.1 Considered future features

New types of polls may be interesting (Idea from

  • open poll lets you see results before voting

  • in a blind vote you must vote first, but can see all details

  • In private poll you see results but not how people voted

  • In a secret vote only the owner can see results and voting pattern.

2.2 To do

  • Test SQL back-end (find volunteers, we don’t want to support this in the future).

  • Cleanup and spread in appropriate external methods what’s in Extensions/ We install with GenericSetup from now.

  • Provide zconfig features to select and configure the votes back-end (see note about SQL back-end above)

  • Use a Zope 3 view for the poll to speed up

  • Should we keep migrations ? (useless for old AT based Popoll).

  • Notify translators about new msgids.

  • Why are the entries of the combo in portlet configuration untranslated when the code (browser/

2.2.1 Changelog 2.8b3 (2018-03-09)
  • Translated some untranslated strings into Dutch, German and French. [khink] 2.8b2 (2018-03-01)
  • Remove pseudo-field contentDescription and its use in Poll view. [khink]

  • Fix a selection bug when your choice is greater than 10. [boulch]

  • Add minimal buildout [bsuttor]

  • Include permission from Products.CMFCore for fixing zcml error [bsuttor]

  • Accessibility fix: text node replaced with HTML label [keul]

  • Do not raise Unauthorized error anymore is user can see the Poll but not vote [keul]

  • Description field is now displayed [keul]

  • Do not filter Popoll in portlet for anonymous (close #1) [micecchi, keul]

  • Some additional user messages in the Poll view [keul]

  • Restored natural Plone order for field in the Poll view [keul]

  • Fixed Poll view for Plone 4 compatibility [cekk] 2.8b1 (2013-03-05)
  • Fixed italian translation (micecchi)

  • Moved repo to Plone github collective [sneridagh]

  • Plone 4.3 support [sneridagh] 2.7.3b1 (2010-05-05)
  • Fix malformed HTML entities. (kdeldycke)

  • Plone4 support: drop the usage of the deprecated PTSTranslationDomain (jcbrand) 2.7.1
  • Added a catalog index in GS profile (isEnabled) to make poll portlet working (disabled polls must not be displayed) 2.7.0-beta2
  • Popoll is now an egg (macadames)

  • Fix french translation (vote is not feminine in french - stop scraping popoll) (macadames) 2.7.0-beta1
  • Fixed deprecated stuffs (for Zope 2.10/Plone 3) (glenfant)

  • GenericSetup installation ( deprecated) (glenfant)

  • Made code more simple. (glenfant)

  • Plone 3 style portlet replaces the config panel. (glenfant)

  • Multi-colors bars for results (zegor)

  • Updated french translation, zpt and css (zegor)

  • Fixed a bug that prevent to view results after voting when showing results in forms is not activated. (zegor)

  • Translations cleanup (.pot) (zegor) 2.6.1 - SVN
  • added french translations

  • it is not possible to vote again on plonepopoll_view page; cleanup (naro)

  • added new poll option - showCurrentResults - this option (boolean field) allows to display current poll results before user vote. Switched off by default. (naro)

  • It is possible to display more than one poll in the portlet. Number of polls is set in the Poll tool settings. (naro)

  • Translators should check updated msgids: label_portlet_configuration_newest, label_portlet_configuration_branch, label_portlet_configuration_subbranches. (naro)

  • synced all translations (naro)

  • slightly refactored PlonePopoll_getPortletPoll script to reflect new configuration storage settings (naro)

  • fixed ‘branch’ configuration mode (returned list of lists instead of list) (naro)

  • Added czech translation by Lukas Zdych

  • Allow skinnable corners 2.5.1 - (2006-02-08)
  • Restructure polls_list for Plone 2.1 and 2.5 compatibility

  • Restructured portlet_popoll for Plone 2.1 and 2.5 compatibility (ferri)

  • Added _at_rename_after_creation property in poll class (ferri)

  • i18n fixes (ferri)

  • General cleaup (ferri) 2.5 - (2006-24-03) - CVS
  • Updated for Archetypes

  • Added greek translation thanks to Menelaos Maglis

  • added show_id method to PlonePopoll for forward compatability to Plone 2.

  • Fixed ZODB transaction on every anonymous request - (zegor) 2.4 - (2005-12-05)
  • Use toLocalizedTime

  • Added FTests

  • Removed superfluous

  • Don’t loose answers when error

  • Error handling for answers

  • Number of choices field after answers field!

  • Poll enabled by default

  • Newest poll as default

  • Work on the i18n files. Only fr, de and en are now fully up to date.

  • Integrated nl translation, thanks to Michael Reitsma

  • Removed some debugging code in that was hidden in HTML comments and called resultObject.aq_explicit.aq_parent.aq_parent.Type(), but no Type method was found.

  • Make Installation work with Plone 2.1

  • Move permission installation from to

  • Move Permissions to

  • Install doesn’t call setupMessageCatalog any more because it doesn’t work with Plone 2.1.

  • polls2 : remove the displaying of the container type

  • translation changes (de, es) 2.3 - (2005-02-04)
  • Fixed the test on the number of choices

  • Fixed a cache bug in ZODB 2.1 - (20040-06-16)
  • Multiple choice authorized for one poll 2.0 - (2004-03-23)
  • Plone 2.0 support

  • Clear button to clear poll votes 2.0Beta1 - (2003-12-18)
  • Plone2.0 support 1.0 - (2003-12-05)
  • Fixed ZODB pb.

  • Minor cosmetic changes 0.3 - (2003-05-14)
  • Added I18N install automation support 0.0 - (2003-04-17)
  • Bugfix : Made getUnicityFactor Plone-user compliant : the same Plone user cannot vote (distinctly) several times.

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