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A discussion board for Plone.

Project description


Ploneboard is an easy to use web board. It uses the proven Plone user interface, and is made for easy integration into Plone sites. The target audience is businesses and developers wanting a discussion board in their Plone site.

Ploneboard aims to do one thing, and do it well. It will never be an over-the-top all-bells-and-whistles message board, but will stay minimal in the sense that it’s living inside an existing content management system - and will leverage that to the fullest extent possible.

Visit Ploneboard in the products area on for more information.

Ploneboard is sponsored by the Consumer Council of Norway, Marshall Mayer, LiveModern and various generous contributors


3.6 (2015-01-23)

  • Fix unresolved or circular dependency when installing Ploneboard (or when applying any GenericSetup profile). The import step to apply the information from the types directory is called typeinfo. Fixes [maurits]

  • update pt-br translations [agnogueira]

  • Fixed dependency for AccessControl. Plone < 4.3 have an old version pinned [cekk]

  • Fix catalog definition in comment_redirect_to_conversation after PloneboardConversation refactoring [cekk]

3.5 (2014-03-07)

  • buildout fixes/update, code cleanup, pep8 and fixes in test, … [jensens]

  • removed some superfluos indexes. metadata is enough [jensens]

  • update of basque translation [erral]

  • make travis work [Suresh V]

  • update german translations [pbauer]

  • Fixed RSS for Plone 4.3 [kroman0]

  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError on add portlet [kroman0]

  • Fix wrong permission check in add conversation viewlet. Fixes #29. [jensens]

  • Check if toPloneboardTime gets a callable and call it to get a Datetime [jensens]

  • Fixed visual issue with HTML lists when WISIWYG editor is enabled [keul]

  • Call unmarkCreationFlag method after comment creation, to remove creation flag [cekk]

  • Fixed attachment translations [cekk]

  • Fixed bug: moderation_form fail to render when using VirtualHostMonster [rafaelbco]

  • Added check in ploneboard tool that allows anonymous users to insert a name in comments/discussions [cekk]

  • Fix rebuild_i18n script [cekk]

  • Replaced “getLastCommentUrl” index/metadata with “getLastCommentId”. This fixes a bug when we have frontend url different from backend. [cekk]

3.4 (2013-05-11)

  • Updated i18n machinery [kiorky]

  • More robust & quickier functionnal tests [kiorky]

  • Refresh buildout infra [kiorky]

  • Better setup for TravisCI tests [kiorky]

  • Made tests pass. Added Travis support. [sureshvv]

  • Fix genericsetup import steps declaration [kiorky]

  • Compatilbity with new plone.batching [kiorky]

  • Preserve Link with URL as text instead of creating nesting “a” nodes. Issue #10 at Allow URI with round brackets. Issue #7 [ksuess]

  • Updated Spanish translations [macagua]

  • Updated i18n support, adding i18n sentences for translation strings, synced the pot files and updated the po files. [macagua]

  • Fix issue #11 at [macagua]

  • Fix issue #9 at [sureshvv]

  • Make pb_attachment a resource js file rather than dtml [sureshvv]

  • Add forum property that will enable members to edit their own comments [sureshvv]

  • Fixed imports for Plone 4.3 [kroman0]

  • Fixed i18n headers, added locales folder and updated pt-br translations [davilima6]

  • Add button label to start a new conversation instead of reusing the “add comment” label. [gaudenz]

  • Don’t show workflow actions and reply button while composing a reply. [gaudenz]

  • Fix compatibility with classic (non Chameleon) Zope template engine [gaudenz]

  • Remove “Quick Reply” label. From the users point of view this is just a normal reply. [gaudenz]

  • Do no swallow ConflictError anymore [keul]

  • Update number of comments looking at the current users permissions (before this the number were updated even if a comment was not published) [cekk]

  • Fixed forum view: always display the third column in forum view [keul]

  • Rejected comments can now be modified from owners before submitting again [keul]

  • Added support for “Site Administrator” role [keul]

  • Forum area is not visible to users (even if published) if inside private folders [keul]

  • Allowed translations for “Anonymous” comment in ploneboard views [cekk]

  • Added Captcha support for anonymous. If recaptcha is installed and configured. [cekk]

  • Fixed italian translations [cekk]

  • Fixed add_comment_script. After adding a new comment, if the user (logged or anonymous) can’t access to the comment (for example if it’s moderated), he will be redirected to the discussion [cekk]

  • Added text field to Ploneboard AT [cekk]

3.3 (2012-09-08)

  • Add default permission mappings for the Plone ‘Reader’, ‘Contributor’, ‘Editor’, and ‘Reviewer’ roles used on the sharing tab. [rossp]

  • Rename default GS profile to “default” and keep “ploneboard” as a backwards compatibility alias only. [gaudenz]

  • Add upgrade step to register form controller actions for comments. [gaudenz]

  • Add upgrade step to register ploneboard.css in portal_css. [gaudenz]

  • Add manifest [aclark4life]

3.2 (2011-12-22)

  • Added odd/even class on conversation view comments. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Conversation views are restricted to View permission (not public), so if it is visible to authenticated members only, anonymous are redirected to login form. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Fixed threaded conversation view after conversation_view template removed. [thomasdesvenain]

3.1 (2011-12-07)

  • Fix threaded conversation view using a browser view instead of template. [thomasdesvenain]

  • I18n fixes on add conversation form. Updated translation files. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Refactor: make it easier to use another type of conversation. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Refactor: add conversation form and messages comes in a viewlet. [thomasdesvenain]

  • Enable choice of what board or forum to show in recent portlet [martior]

3.0 (2011-10-06)

  • Use the base profile from CMFPlacefulWorkflow to avoid nuking the default workflow chain settings by installing unused workflows. [tesdal]

  • Pinned python-dateutil to be less than version 2.0, as this a Python 3 only release. [keul]

  • Synchronized French po from pot and completed translations. [sgeulette]

  • Polish translations added. [radekj]

  • German translation updated. [ksuess]

  • Updated Danish translations. [kroman0]

  • Synced with pot and updated Swedish translations. [svincic]

  • Plone 4 and 4.1 compatible. [thomasdesvenain, rochecompaan, jaroel, vmaksymiv, ksuess, radekj, maciej.zieba, jensens, maartenkling]

2.2 (2011-02-08)

  • Minor updates to German translation. “Message Board” is now “Foren” instead of “Forum”. [thet]

  • Added profile for a Ploneboard intranet workflow. Note that currently there are not transitions to publish selected content outside the intranet. [thet]

  • Fixed bug where you could not change Maximum Attachment Size while editing a Forum. Added test. [sureshvv]

  • Moved event notifications for object creation to later phase. Objects should be populated with data when firing ObjectInitializedEvent. [naro]

  • Remove catalog.xml and set up catalog from code instead. This avoids nuking index on update/reinstall. [tesdal]

  • Fix some references to the wrong the names of some browser views. [rossp]

  • Fix a setuphandler step dependency. [rossp]

  • Add some french translations in the plone domain and fix the translation of “help_body_attachments_maxsize” in Ploneboard-fr.po. [sylvainb]

  • ploneboard_recent and ploneboard_unanswered views need access to the toPloneboardTime method. This fixes as well as [sylvainb]

  • No more Zope2 interfaces [toutpt]

  • Merged changes from plone4-compatibility branch [jcbrand]

  • Defined global variables in templates, for Plone4 compatibility [jcbrand]

  • Fix Spanish translation for “Log in to start a conversation”. [timo]

  • Fix translation for “Post comment” and “Cancel” for the add_comment_form. [timo]

2.1b2 - 20091019

  • Set up dependencies correctly. [tesdal]

2.1b1 - 20091019

  • Create forums data structure in board view as dict of dicts. [tesdal]

  • Create conversations data structure in forum view as list of dicts. This can be easily cached, although there is no support for it yet. [tesdal]

  • Create comment automatically in conversation if adding conversation with text. [tesdal]

  • Made profiles for funkload testing. [tesdal]

  • Add the complete list of date elements when translating dates to allow customization of format by overriding the base translation string. [kdeldycke]

  • Fixed cosmetic bug (search results relevance percentage). [glenfant]

  • Added Swedish translation, thanks to Martin Lundwall. [hannosch]

  • Add Russian translation, courtesy of Eugene Korenevsky. [wichert]

  • Add missing empty alt-text for content type icons in the search results. [wichert]

  • Modified author retrieval to allow for blank fullnames on users, falling back to their user ID instead. [rockdj]

  • Added event notifications for object creation with _createObjectByType for Conversation, Comment and Attachment objects. [daftdog]

  • Make Conversation batch size configurable. Used to be 30 always. [sureshvv]

  • When adding comment, do not redirect to first page of conversation always. Redirect to page anchored to comment [sureshvv]

  • When viewing a forum, clicking on Most recent comment link should take you there [sureshvv]

  • Make toPloneboardTime obsolete as a PythonScript. It is now a method in the view class. [sureshvv]

  • User can edit thier and only their comments using PlacefulWorkflow [sureshvv]

  • Added workflow to lock an entire message board [sureshvv]

2.0 - March 14, 2008

  • Index newly added comments so all their data is correct in the catalog. [wichert]

  • Rework the RSS feed: make the Ploneboard RSS feed work recursively so a feed on a forum shows all conversations and a feed on the board itself shows all comments from all fora. Enabled feeds on the Ploneboard type. [wichert]

  • Remove the object_provides index from Ploneboard: Plone 3.0 has a much more efficient version of that itself. [wichert]

  • Add an explicit visualClear below the ‘start new conversation’ button so it does not overlap the table. This fixes [wichert]

  • In preparation of PLIP195 being merged for Plone 3.1: declare Products.SimpleAttachment as a dependency in our GS profile. [wichert]

_ Update the Lithuanian translation. This fixes [wichert]

2.0rc1 - December 21, 2007

  • Make the comment-icon a link to the comment. This fixes [wichert]

  • Fix a corner case: creating a conversation without text but with attachments would loose the attachments. [wichert]

  • When creating a new conversation do not set its description to the entered text. [wichert]

  • Switch to a based control panel. [wichert]

  • Correct base class for portlet add form. This fixes [wichert]

2.0b2 - December 19, 2007

  • Correct login-name vs userid usage. [wichert]

  • Correct attachment handling, which broke in previous 2.0 releases. [fschulze]

  • Add a search form to the board view. [wichert]

  • Disable non-working javascript-based sorting on conversation and forum views. [wichert]

  • Port the recent conversations portlet to plone.portlets. [wichert]

2.0b1 - November 28, 2007

  • Portlets management enabled, Plone 3.0 tests, deprecations hidden. [glenfant]

  • French translation completed. [glenfant]

  • Port to Plone 3.0 [wichert, fschulze]

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