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A Blogging Suite for Plone.

Project description


Quills is an Enterprise Weblog System for the Plone content management system.
It is designed from the ground up to work well and provide specialized features
for a multi-blog, multi-user environment.

Requires Plone 3.1 or later. Has been tested for compatibility with Plone 4.3.

Newer Replacement: Products.QuillsEnabled:

If you are new to Quills, you should probably use Products.QuillsEnabled
instead of Products.Quills.

It is a more lightweight and future-proof version that uses
marker interfaces instead of custom portal types. Future development efforts
will focus more on Products.QuillsEnabled then on Products.Quills.


There are a few packages that add extra functionality to your Blog.

Use your Blog with any Weblog Editor that supports the `MetaWeblog API`_.
This feature requires the ``Products.MetaWeblogPASPlugin`` product to
be installed into your Plone site.

.. _MetaWeblog API:


There is a `slight incompatibility`_ with `Quintagroup's Plone
Comments`_ product. To fix it, open the ZMI of your Plone site and go
to the “portal_form_controler”. There select the tab “Actions” and
delete the overide “discussion_reply_form”.

.. _slight incompatibility:
.. _Quintagroup's Plone Comments:


Product Homepage
Visit ``__ to learn more about Quills.


Mailing List
Read our mailing list archive at `Google Groups`__, or subscribe to it
there. To post, write an e-mail to ``__.


Issue Tracker
Report bugs and request features by using the `issue tracker`__ on our
product homepage.


Code Repository
You can find the source code in the Plone Collective Repository at



1.8.1 (2016-12-27)

- update README, add PyPi classifiers

- include all needed files

- Plone 4.3 compatibility

1.8 (2015-12-17)

- Plone 4.3 compatibility

1.8a1 (2011-04-10)

- Compatibility with Plone 4 [sargo] (r100977_, r100979_)
- Fixed problem where blog's topics view acquired an object with the tag name
from higher up instead of showing blogs with that tag. [jcbrand] (r232360_)

1.7.0 (2009-09-29, r98430_)

Contributors in alphabetical order: Thomas Clement Mogensen [tmog]

- internal changes or improvements [tmog] (r97175_, r97195_)

1.7.0 RC3 (2009-08-04, r93625_)

Contributors in alphabetical order:
Érico Andrei [erico_andrei], Leonardo J. Caballero G. [macagua], Jan
Hackel [jhackel]

- Fixed issue #205: feeds of the filtering blog views (topic and
author view) would show all entries instead the restricted
set. [jhackel] (r89441_, r89442_)

- New i18n messages. *Translators, update!* [jhackel]

- updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish
[erico_andrei, jhackel, macagua] (r89515_, r93025_, r93575_)

- egg package updates [jhackel] (r89441_, r89473_)

1.7.0 RC2-post1 (2009-07-07, r89345_)

- Fixed issue #209: non-ascii characters in topic names break the blog.
This (among others) was caused by an rewrite of the traversal logic for
topics which proved fatal (issue #198, r88258_). This release switches
back to the old logic, though in an re-implemented form.
[jhackel] (r89053_, r89344_)

- Fixed issues #203 & #204: content or views named ``day`` or ``month``
would break the archive portlet and archive links. This happened, for
instance, when CalendarX was installed.
[jhackel] (r89158_, r89162_, r89168_)

- internal changes or improvements [jhackel] (r89330_)

- egg package updates [jhackel] (r88324_)

1.7.0 RC2 (2009-06-16, r88321_)

Contributors in alphabetical order:
Jan Hackel [jhackel], Thomas Clement Mogensen [tmog]

- Fixed issue #202: TypeError happens when filtering blog entries by
an non-existant member id, e.g. an image id. [jhackel] (r88075_,
r88118_, r88258_)

- Fixed issue #198: Images do not appear in the topics and
authors views. [jhackel] (r88070_, r88258_)

- Fixed issue #195: topic views will name only one topic in the
view heading when filtering by multiple keywords/authors. [jhackel]
(r87931_, r87933_)

- Depend on Products.fatsyndication >= 1.0.0, this should fix issue
#196. [jhackel] (r87730_)

- Mention that ``Products.MetaWeblogPASPlugin`` is required for remote
blogging. [jhackel] (r87353_)

- updated translations: Danish [tmog] (r87412_, r87413_)

- egg package updates [jhackel] (r86422_)

RC1 post-1 release (2009-05-19, r86416_)

(Affects only package ``.)

- Fixed issue #194: discussion was broken for possible weblog content
(e.g. Pages) outside a Weblog [jhackel] (r86414_, r86416_)

1.7.0 RC1 (2009-05-14, r86072_)

Contributors in alphabetical order: Enzo Cesanelli [Luthy],
Jan Hackel [jhackel], Per Thulin [pthulin]

- compiled this change-log [jhackel] (r85768_, r85823_, r85834_, r85835_)

- Fix for issue #119 apply to now to Products.Quills too [jhackel] (r85738_)

- Fixed issue #164: MarsEdit (and other blogging tools) could not upload
images. [jhackel] (r85515_)

- **Obsoleted package Products.QuillsRemoteBlogging. Remove it from your
buildouts!** [jhackel] (r85424_, r85678_)

- Archive view shows posts in full just as those other Quills views do.
[jhackel] (r85423_)

- Fixed issue #191: Topic listing contained broken links
to indvidual topics (keywords). [jhackel] (r85392_)

- Archive does not show the number of posts as a sort of debug information
anymore. [jhackel] (r85365_)

- Fixed issue #189: replying to a comment raised a non-fatal TypeError in
the portlet code. [jhackel] (r85157_, r85687_)

- message files updated [jhackel] (r85089_, r85091_, r85628_, r85667_, r85706_)

- Fixed issue #168: Quills was spilling out warning messages. Now it is
silent. [jhackel] (r84998_, r85003_, r85076_)

- Fixed issue #180: links to authors were broken in the post view.
[jhackel] (r84996_, r84997_)

- Renamed uninstall profile to make it distinguishable from the install
profile. [jhackel] (r84952_)

- Fixed issue #178: byline of post did not show up. [?] (r84186_)

- Fixed issue #174: Products.Quills cannot be installed by Quickinstaller.
[jhackel] (r83441_, r83535_, r84052_)

- egg package updates [jhackel] (r83916_)

- new and updated translations: Italian [Luthy] (r76452_, r85959_)

- internal fixes and improvements (r84037_, r85367_, r85684_, r85706_, r85819_)

- better test-bed (r85119_, r85149_, r85196_)

1.7.0 Beta 3 (2009-04-06, r83858_)

Contributors in alphabetical order: Érico Andrei [erico_andrei],? [deo],
? [dunny], Jan Hackel [jhackel], Tim Hicks [tim2p], Mikel Larreategi [erral],
tomster, Sasha Vincic [svincic]

- egg package updates [jhackel] (r83718_,r83845_, r83848_, r83858_)

- Fixed issue #173: Archive and Quills links portlet could not be added
to the blog. [jhackel] (r83446_)

- Fixed issue #172: Could not use the "view" alias to display posts. This
broke linking from outside the blog. [jhackel] (r82282_, r83630_, r83674_)

- Fixed issue #153: Archive portlet did not render correctly in the
Internet Explorer 6. [jhackel] (r81362_)

- Fixed issues #162 and #149: Quills was leaking memory, plus broke the folder
list accoss the whole site. [jhackel] (r81088_, r81282_)

- Fixed issue #159: post descriptions were looking just like the body text.
They now match the look of the standard portal types.
[jhackel] (r81087_)

- Fixed issue #158: "Add Entry" of the admin portlet did not work.
[jhackel] (r81018_, r81021_)

- Fixed issue #160: describtions of a post could not be saved.
[jhackel] (r80964_)

- Fixed issue #157: The display menu of a blog can now be extended with
alternative views. [jhackel] (r80814_, r80836_)

- Authors portlet option are now beeing saved. [erral] (r80792_)

- Skip configuration screen for portlets that have no options to choose from.
[erral] (r80787_, r80789_)

- Fix issue #119: jump back to the archive URLs after commenting.
[tim2p] (r78681_)

- Fix issue #120: breadcrumbs reflect archive URLs.
[tim2p] (r77711_, r78060_, r78068_)

- Fix issue #151: make post titles more visually more prominent than section
headings. [tim2p] (r78675_)

- Register portlets to the context instead of portal type or interface.
[erral] (r75744_, r75745_)

- Fix issue #147: allow Unicode characters in keywords/topics.
[erral] (r74930_, r74931_)

- Quills and QuillsEnabled can coexist on the same site now.
[jhackel] (r73682_)

- Fix issue #123: allow arbitrary workflows, specifically the single state
workflow works now. [jhackel] (r70247_, r71678_, r71711_)

- Fix issue #141: syndication works more reliable.
[jhackel, svincic] (r69456_, r71622_, r71623_, r71624_, r71626_)

- new and updated translations: Basque, German, Spanish, Swedish
[enrico_andrei, erral, jhackel, svincic] (r72830_, r72831_, r72832_,
r72877_, r72878_, r72879_,
r72921_, r72922_, r72923_, r74082_, r74084_, r74087_, r74089_, r74090_,
r74095_, r74101_, r74102_, r74103_, r74104_ r75757_, r75758_, r76081_,
r76082_, r76084_, r76085_, r76089_, r80495_)

- cause fewer warning log entries [jhackel] (r71712_)

- lots of internal fixes and improvements (r68365_, r72833_, r72834_,
r72835_, r73857_, r74085_, r74088_, r74375_, r74923_, r75523_, r75763_,
r75991_, r76047_, r76258_, r78148_, r78684_, r80872_, r82098_)

- better test-suites (r71673_, r71707_, r72157_, r72191_, r72282_, r72513_,
r76259_, r76274_, r77100_, r77539_, r78068_, 78078, r78079_)

1.7.0 Beta 2 (2008-07-04, r67898_)

Contributors in alphabetical order: Tim Hicks [tim2p], Raphael Ritz [raphael],
Justin Ryan [justizin]

- fixes and improvements (r67215_, r67468_)

1.7.0 Beta 1 (2008-06-04, r66185_)

Contributors in alphabetical order: Tim Hicks [tim2p], Jens W. Klein [jensens],
Tom Lazar [tomster], Clayton Parker [claytron], Reinout van Rees [reinout],
Justin Ryan [justizin], Jon Stahl [jonstahl]

- optional byline for posts [claytron] ](r61086_)

- eggified [tomster] (r59633_, r59634_, r59635_, r59636_)

- Only show the recent comments portlet if there are actually comments to show.
[claytron] (r59289_)

- improve looks and stability of portlets [claytron, jensens, justizin, tomster]
(r52195_, r54914_, r55744_, r55951_, r55952_, r56496_, r56815_, r59288_,

- locate weblog by interface [jensens, tim2p] (r56302_, r56814_, r56815_)

- Fixed bug where archive would miss post on last day of year or month.
[tim2p] (r56301_)

- more robust topic and archive views [claytron, tomster] (r52197_, r55953_,
r55954_, r55955_)

- Fix issue #112: Make the URLs generated for comments in the recent comments
portlet archive-aware. [tim2p] (r52571_)

- Fix issue #117: Stop the admin portlet being shown to non-admin-ish users.
[tim2p] (r52562_)

- plone-3-ish looks for Quills [reinout] (r52226_, r52228_)

- style sheet tuning [jonstahl] (r51922_)

- show comments count [tim2p] (r50095_, r50096_)

- Fix for issue #111: /archive/ hard-coded into weblog archive URLs. [tim2p]
(r50065_, r50067_)

- Fix for issue #97: comments, commenting button and content actions do not
show for posts [tim2p] (r50053_)

- internal fixes and improvements (r50068_, r50966_, r51917_, r52190_,
r52194_, r55950_, r55956_, r56528_, r56811_, r56823_, r59287_, r61085_,
r62375_, r65079_, r66171_)

- better test-bed (r50100_)

1.6.0 Beta 1 (2007-09-24, r50045_)

Left for future generations to dig out...


The following people contributed to the Quills project during the period this
change-log covers. In lexical order:

- Érico Andrei [erico_andrei_]

- Jan-Carel Brand [jcbrand_]

- Leonardo J. Caballero G. [macagua_]

- Enzo Cesanelli [Luthy_]

- Dorneles Tremea [deo]

- ? [dunny]

- `Jan Hackel`_ [jhackel_]

- `Tim Hicks`_ [tim2p_]

- Jens W. Klein [jensens_]

- Mikel Larreategi [erral_]

- Tom Lazar [tomster_],

- `Wojciech Lichota`_ [sargo_],

- Thomas Clement Mogensen [tmog_]

- Clayton Parker [claytron_]

- `Reinout van Rees`_ [reinout_]

- Raphael Ritz [raphael_]

- Justin Ryan [justizin_]

- Jon Stahl [jonstahl_]

- Per Thulin [pthulin_]

- Sasha Vincic [svincic_]

.. _Luthy:
.. _`Reinout van Rees`:
.. _claytron:
.. _erico_andrei:
.. _erral:
.. _jensens:
.. _jhackel:
.. _`Jan Hackel`:
.. _jonstahl:
.. _justizin:
.. _macagua:
.. _jcbrand:
.. _tmog:
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.. _raphael:
.. _reinout:
.. _svincic:
.. _tim2p:
.. _`Tim Hicks`:
.. _tomster:
.. _`Wojcuech Lichota:
.. _sargo:

.. autogenerated link list

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