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A Blogging Suite for Plone.

Project description

Quills is an Enterprise Weblog System for the Plone content management system. It is designed from the ground up to work well and provide specialized features for a multi-blog, multi-user environment.

Requires Plone 3.1 or later.


There are a few packages that add extra functionality to your Blog.


Use your Blog with any Weblog Editor that supports the MetaWeblog API.



The following people contributed to the Quills project during the period this change-log covers. In lexical order:

1.7.0 RC1

Contributors in alphabetical order: Enzo Cesanelli [Luthy], Jan Hackel [jhackel], Per Thulin [pthulin]

post-1 release (2009-05-19, r86416)

(Affects only package

  • Fixed issue #194: discussion was broken for possible weblog content (e.g. Pages) outside a Weblog [jhackel] (r86414, r86416)

inital release (2009-05-14, r86072)

  • compiled this change-log [jhackel] (r85768, r85823, r85834, r85835)

  • Fix for issue #119 apply to now to Products.Quills too [jhackel] (r85738)

  • Fixed issue #164: MarsEdit (and other blogging tools) could not upload images. [jhackel] (r85515)

  • Obsoleted package Products.QuillsRemoteBlogging. Remove it from your buildouts! [jhackel] (r85424, r85678)

  • Archive view shows posts in full just as those other Quills views do. [jhackel] (r85423)

  • Fixed issue #191: Topic listing contained broken links to indvidual topics (keywords). [jhackel] (r85392)

  • Archive does not show the number of posts as a sort of debug information anymore. [jhackel] (r85365)

  • Fixed issue #189: replying to a comment raised a non-fatal TypeError in the portlet code. [jhackel] (r85157, r85687)

  • message files updated [jhackel] (r85089, r85091, r85628, r85667, r85706)

  • Fixed issue #168: Quills was spilling out warning messages. Now it is silent. [jhackel] (r84998, r85003, r85076)

  • Fixed issue #180: links to authors were broken in the post view. [jhackel] (r84996, r84997)

  • Renamed uninstall profile to make it distinguishable from the install profile. [jhackel] (r84952)

  • Fixed issue #178: byline of post did not show up. [?] (r84186)

  • Fixed issue #174: Products.Quills cannot be installed by Quickinstaller. [jhackel] (r83441, r83535, r84052)

  • egg package updates [jhackel] (r83916)

  • new and updated translations: Italian [Luthy] (r76452, r85959)

  • internal fixes and improvements (r84037, r85367, r85684, r85706, r85819)

  • better test-bed (r85119, r85149, r85196)

1.7.0 Beta 3 (2009-04-06, r83858)

Contributors in alphabetical order: Érico Andrei [erico_andrei],? [deo], ? [dunny], Jan Hackel [jhackel], Tim Hicks [tim2p], Mikel Larreategi [erral], tomster, Sasha Vincic [svincic]

1.7.0 Beta 2 (2008-07-04, r67898)

Contributors in alphabetical order: Tim Hicks [tim2p], Raphael Ritz [raphael], Justin Ryan [justizin]

1.7.0 Beta 1 (2008-06-04, r66185)

Contributors in alphabetical order: Tim Hicks [tim2p], Jens W. Klein [jensens], Tom Lazar [tomster], Clayton Parker [claytron], Reinout van Rees [reinout], Justin Ryan [justizin], Jon Stahl [jonstahl]

1.6.0 Beta 1 (2007-09-24, r50045)

Left for future generations to dig out…

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