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Externals content sources to embed in Silva CMS

Project description

The SilvaExternalSources extension for Silva that gives you the possibility to include data from non-Silva sources inside Silva documents and Silva pages. These non-Silva or external sources can for example be a relational database or the outcome of executing a Python script.

Since an external source can potentially be resource intensive or a expose a vulnerability, only users with ZMI access (usualy site managers) can create external sources. It is their responsibilty to make sure no vunerabilities are exposed to the Authors.

An external source object can expose - using a Formulator form - a set of parameters to the Author of a Silva Document. The actual use of these parameters (and the values set by the Author) is to be specified by the external source implementation.

By implementing the IExternalSource interface, one can create new types of external sources. See for more details on this.

The SilvaExternalSources extension currently implements three external sources: Silva Code Source, Silva SQL Source and Silva CSV Source. The latter is special in that it also shows up as an asset in Silva. This is possible because no code is contained in a CSVSource.

Code repository

You can find the code of this extension in Git:


3.0.3 (2013/12/18)

  • Add two screens in SMI in order to install and update code sources in the Silva site.
  • Improve error handling while installing and updating code sources.
  • Make the button export as zip usuable on code sources which doesn’t have a location.
  • Improve cs_iframe and remove cs_java_plugin.

3.0.2 (2013/10/09)

  • Add a twitter code source.
  • Add the cs_copyright code source, that is the example created in the Silva technical documentation
  • Improve CKEditor plugin to work better in non-Firefox browsers.
  • A new field only accessible to manager let them warp the HTML generated by a source with custom HTML code.
  • Add various helpers function accessible to code source in order to expose Silva API.
  • Add a feature to dump code sources modified in ZODB back to the filesystem.
  • Add a feature to dump all code sources to the filesystem, even if they don’t exists there yet (manage_export_codesources).
  • Improve code source service in order to be able to manage large amount of code sources.
  • Add and improves more tests.

3.0.1 (2013/05/24)

  • Support broken and missing sources in the Source Asset content.
  • Fix import of broken and missing sources in the Source Asset content.
  • Add support to export code sources to the file system.
  • Add support to tab between code source fields in CKEditor.
  • Improve tests.

3.0 (2013/03/06)

  • Update Silva XML import and export API.
  • Update cs_encaptionate and portlet_element code sources.
  • Improve import of inexisting code sources.

3.0c1 (2012/09/25)

  • Refactor code source API for Silva 3.0c1.
  • Update to Silva 3.0c1 API.
  • Update default code sources for Silva 3.0.
  • Add new content type Source Asset.
  • Improve Code Source service.
  • Improve tests.
  • Fix bugs.

3.0b1 (2011/11/11)

  • Add support to edit and save sources within CKEditor with silva.core.editor.
  • Update code source installation from the service to be less painfull on upgrade.
  • Add support to update a code source from its filesystem definition.
  • Add a screen on the code source to locate all usuable code source within a Silva site.
  • Remove Kupu support.
  • Update code sources to work with Silva 3.0.
  • Update code to work with Zope 2.13.

2.3.1 (2010/10/18)

  • Update CVSSource to properly work in Silva 2.3.
  • Fix broken packaged code sources in Silva 2.3.

2.3 (2010/07/16)

  • Code sources have now proper access to model and version they are rendered one.
  • Clean some CSS style on some sources.
  • Improve installation code.
  • Clean some unused code.
  • Update to work with last Silva Document.
  • Compatiblity fixes for Zope 2.12.

2.2b1 (2010/02/01)

Bugs fixed

  • fix for codesources to keep the .js extension in the id of a javascript resource

Features Added

  • Support DateTimeFields as parameters
  • update cs_toc
  • an ‘is previewable in kupu’ setting was added to external sources. This defaults to true. If true, then kupu will show the rendered external source, replacing the yellow “External Source <<title>>” div.

2.2a2 (2009-01-12)

Features Added

  • Added a citation external source, to replace the citation element. This source uses a reduced kupu popup window to provide wysiwyg editing of the parameters

2.2a1 (2008-11-17)

Features Added

  • Added a Table of Contents code source to the code source service this cs is intended to eventually replace to “Table of Contents” document element.
  • Removed the Multi Table of Contents, which is superceded by the new “cs_toc” table of contents code source.
  • The configuration of the product have been reviewed to use Grok.

Bugs Fixed

  • Code Sources: MultiListField values were being passed to the rendering script as strings instead of lists
  • Remove all view in templates and use here or context instead.


Features Added

  • Added install_codesources function to install codesources from the file system.


Bugs Fixed

  • html entered into parameters is no lounger doubly escaped on saving the document.


Features Added

  • added support for ‘elaborate’ code sources, that show their add/edit form in a pop-up instead of in the kupu toolbox. Useful when code sources have a large number of variables.
  • component registration now done using Silva 2.0 zcml directives SilvaExternalSources no longer works with Silva 1.6 or lower.

Bugs Fixed

  • SilvaExternalSources now depends on SilvaDocument (in configure.zcml) since attempting to add this product will fail if SilvaDocument isn’t installed.
  • fixed sql source “show caption” and “show table column headings” parameters.
  • problem with checkboxfields (checked) when rendering a code source.
  • #106231 Integer field of Code Sources cannot be empty Empty Integer fields now have a value of None.
  • #180860 code source parameter ids must be lowercase They can now be mixed case. However, multiple parameters with ids that differ only in case aren’t supported.


Bugs Fixed

  • The model is available in validate_to_form (when working from kupu).


Features added / bugs fixed: not recorded


Features added

  • Updated to work with Zope 2.10.


Features added

  • Users get confused when adding a Code Source that has no parameters. They have to click the same button twice, once to add, and again to add. Added a note that informs the user how to proceed.

Bugs fixed

  • The add form for CSV Sources was broken in that it ignored the file upload field.
  • CheckBox parameters in Code Sources now work as expected. (Thanks Benno!)


Features added

  • Changed Silva External Sources to use new i18n machinery.
  • Available code sources are sorted on title when presented as a list.

Bugs fixed

  • Titles were not stored as unicode strings. Moved the setting of the title to after the creation of the source, so that we can get an encoding from somewhere and use it to convert to unicode. Unfortunately this somewhere is a hard coded string for now, since Zope 2 doesn’t seem to allow anything else.
  • ZMI parameter forms are now utf-8 by default.
  • Fixed unicode bug when using non-ascii chars in field titles (Kupu specific, port from 0.10 branch).


Bugs fixed

  • Fixes to security declarations to stop Zope 2.8.5+ startup warnings.
  • Some HTML template cleanups.
  • Import registerDirectory from Silva’s fssite.


Features added

  • Silva 1.5 (Zope 2.8) compatibility fixes.


Bugs fixed

  • Fixed unicode bug in SQL statement, this didn’t support non-ascii characters yet.
  • Fixed conditionals in the layout template, setting show_caption and show_column_heading should now have an effect.


Bugs fixed

  • Fixed typo in add_submit script for CSVSource.
  • Fixed issue1257, context problems in Kupu, Kupu code now uses the same code to find code sources as the rest of Silva.


Bugs fixed

  • Fixed missing import for Silva.i18n.translate


Features added

  • i18n, German translation.

Bugs fixed

  • The layout pagetemplate for rendering the SQL result set now gets more information about the columns names and their order. The pagetemplates of existing SQL Source instances need to be updated to make use of this information.


Features added

  • Silva 1.1 compatibility.

Bugs fixed

  • Added support for default values in the Kupu editor tool.


Features added

  • XML exporter for external source-based data in documents. Needed to support Silva’s XSLT rendering.


Bugs fixed

  • Configure the correct “add” permissions (esp. for CSV Sources)


Features added

  • Kupu support.

Bugs fixed

  • The description could not be set empty. It can now.
  • The ZMI screens for the ExternalSource objects are now set to be in utf-8. This way we can make save assumption for decoding the user input into unicode.


Lots of additions and bugfixes, including new CVSSource object.


Initial public release.

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