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Conversion of Plone content to PDF, RTS, ODT, DOCX and WML

Project description

SmartPrintNG provides high-quality export to the most common office formats like PDF, RTF, ODT, DOCX and WML based on XSL-FO.


SmartPrintNG can convert the ‘content’ view of Plone documents into different formats:

  • PDF

  • ODT (native Openoffice format)

  • RTF (Rich Text Format)

  • DOCS (native Microsoft Office 2007 format)

  • WML (older Microsoft Office 2003(?) XML-based format)

Other features:

  • customizable templates per content-type

  • customizable stylesheets per content-type

  • configurable per-content-type content aggregation

  • customizable conversion workflow chain e.g. to prepare the HTML e.g by removing links or generating link lists

  • document-structure-driven conversion: e.g. the H1 tags can be used to enforce page-breaks in order to use sections starting with a H1 tag as marker for a new chapter.



  • ensure that zopyx.convert is installed including all its dependencies

  • unpack the SmartPrintNG archive inside the Products folder of your instance home

  • add SmartPrintNG through the Add/Remove programms functionalty inside the Plone UI

  • if you create a new Plone site, ensure to pick up the proper extension profile matching your Plone version

Using SmartPrintNG:

  • on Plone 3.0 you will see Export as new document action. Clicking on it will open the SmartPrintNG control panel at the bottom of your current page.


SmartPrintNG is published under LGNU Public License V 3.0 (LGPL 3.0).


SmartPrintNG was written by Andreas Jung for ZOPYX Ltd. & Co. KG, Tuebingen, Germany.


ZOPYX Ltd & Co. KG
c/o Andreas Jung
Charottenstr. 37/1
D-72070 Tuebingen, Germany
E-mail: info at zopyx dot com


1.2.8 (01.04.2009)

  • security related fix

1.2.7 (04.02.2009)

  • providing a better fix for changes in V 1.2.6

1.2.6 (22.01.2009)

  • providing default ‘html’ if content_extractor=None

1.2.5 (12.11.2008)

  • merged Michael Dunstan’s branch for fixing the jquery issue with Plone 3.0

1.2.4 (10.11.2008)

  • excluded jquery from Plone 3.1 profile

1.2.3 (07.11.2008)

  • fixed a visual issue using content aggregators in

1.2.2 (13.09.2008)

  • improved error handling for images

1.2.1 (12.07.2008)

  • added option for removing the review history

  • support for the manipulation default states

  • fixed installer code for Plone 3.0/3.1

1.2.0 (05.07.2008)

  • new print option: font-size, column-count, paper-size

  • removed dual-licence

  • licensed completely under the LGPL 3

1.1.4 (22.06.2008)

  • new print option: orientation=portrait/landscape

1.1.3 (18.06.2008)

  • ‘filename’ parameter was not properly escaped causing some trouble on MacOSX where temporary directory names contained ‘+++’

1.1.2 (20.04.2008)

  • fixed jQuery integration issue related to the $() shortcut

1.1.1 (18.04.2008)

  • removeLinks no longer removed complete <a> tags but replaces it with a <span> tag containing the former linktext

  • dropping support for Plone 2.5

1.1.0 (15.04.2008)

  • replaced prototype.js with JQuery (patch by Alessandro XXXX)

  • Plone 3.1 compatiblity

  • now comes with dedicated GenericSetup profiles for Plone 3.0 and Plone 3.1

1.0.1 (27.01.2008)

  • fixed a manipulation error with internal anchors (having no ‘href’ attribute)

  • escaping whitespaces (browser.deliver())

  • license change: now using LGPL 3

  • some stylesheet fine-tuning

  • support for ‘redirect=1’ as URL parameter fixed

  • provided adapter for extracting HTML from standard documents (basically for supporting document actions without the JS popup).

1.0.0 (30.09.2007)

  • official 1.0.0 release

0.2.0 (08.09.2007)

  • per-interface IHTMLExtractor support (backend and UI). Look at the demo folder (

  • fixed JS racing condition in smartprint.js

  • better error handling in case of a backend failure

  • german translation

  • the new ZCML directive smartprintng:resourceDirectory allows you to register all templates (suffix .pt) and stylesheets (suffix .css) within the given directory for one or more interfaces. See demo/configure.zcml and the whole demo directory for examples.

  • templates, stylesheets and FO related stylesheets completely configurable on a per-interface basis

  • moved default styles and default FO styles to ‘resources’ directory

  • using the BeautifulSoup module for HTML manipulations

0.1.1 (19.07.2007)

  • Plone 2.5 support

0.1.0 (13.07.2007)

  • initial release

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