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MySQL Zope adapter.

Project description

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This is the MySQL database adapter product for Zope.


  • Zope 5 under Python 3.7 and higher.

  • MySQL versions 3.22 and later including MariaDB. You need version 4.1 or higher for unicode support.

Products.ZMySQLDA change log

5.0 (2023-02-02)

  • Drop support for Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6.

  • Drop support for Zope 2 and Zope 4.

  • Drop support for mysqlclient < 1.4.

4.11 (2022-12-16)

  • Fix insidious buildout configuration bug for tests against Zope 4.

  • Add support for Python 3.10 and 3.11.

4.10 (2021-03-30)

  • Move the project to the zopefoundation GitHub organization.

4.9 (2021-03-29)

  • Add support for Python 3.9 and Zope 5

4.8 (2020-07-13)

  • ZMI refresh for Zope 4 with svg icons (#20)

4.7 (2020-05-04)

  • truncate failed query logging if the query is too long (#19)

4.6 (2020-03-03)

  • removed error-prone server version check for savepoint support (#18)

  • added additional unit tests for SQL quoting

4.5 (2019-10-13)

  • rely on the Zope 4 branch for tests so we don’t lose Python 2 compatibility

  • combine Status and Properties ZMI tabs to improve usability

4.4 (2019-06-17)

  • add timeout parameter for DatabaseAdapter and database pool classes

  • add timeout parameter to Add and Edit Forms

  • make sure timeout is None or int (#10)

4.3 (2019-05-28)

  • make sure SQL quoting an unencoded string does not change the string type

4.2 (2019-05-21)

  • fix wrong use of charset for unicode_literal

4.1 (2019-04-26)

  • fix the Browse tab under Python 3 (#14)

  • add more content to the long_description metadata (#13)

  • fixes to the Browse ZMI tab

4.0 (2019-03-31)

  • fix database version detection for savepoint support (#7)

  • remove explicit setuptools version pin in (#11)

  • more strict flake8 code style compliance

  • trove classifier cleanup

  • buildout configuration cleanup

4.0b5 (2019-02-20)

  • When editing a connection in the ZMI, show an error message and not an exception when the connection fails.

  • ZMI usability enhanced by providing feedback when editing a connection

  • Specify supported Python versions using python_requires in

  • Added support for Python 3.8

4.0b4 (2019-01-24)

  • additional compatibility fixes for mysqlclient 14.0 and up

4.0b3 (2019-01-22)

  • compatibility fix for mysqlclient 14.0 and up

4.0b2 (2018-12-11)

  • added the ability to set the MySQL connection character set separate from the unicode flag.

  • make the checkboxes on the add view work correctly

  • declare (and test for) Python 3.7 compatibility

  • make the checkboxes on the Properties ZMI tab work

  • added missing six dependency declaration

  • add some functional tests that require a running database server, see the documentation for how to set it up.

4.0b1 (2018-06-11)

  • New maintainers: SNTL PUBLISHING / HOFFMANN+LIEBENBERG GMBH and Jens Vagelpohl

  • Moved away from the unsupported MySQLdb1 to the fork mysqlclient, which is Python 3-compatible.

  • Added simple buildout configuration with tox integration

  • Zope 4 and Python 3 compatibility

  • Added unit tests

  • Added some Sphinx-based documentation and copied any useful items from the old HelpSys files.

  • Removed the hurt system files.

  • Improved the Browse tab with more table information.


  • #3106015: zope 2.12/plone4 compatibility fix (thanks Mark Van den Borre)

  • #3076433: column descriptions always said NOT NULL (thanks Frank Hoffmann)


  • #2357223: Savepoint support


  • Added Setuptools support to create an egg package thanks to Brett Carter.

  • Added condition to handle connection getting “out of sync”. This can occur when, for instance, you get a stray semicolon in a query. When a connection gets in this state it is hosed and must be closed and reconnected.

  • Made some changes to how use_unicode and auto_create_db are set to better allow for subclassing and extensions of the base classes.

  • Added handling of NEWDECIMAL which was added for mysql 5.0.

  • Added basic support for procedure calls using CALL query.


  • Fixed issue with sql_quote__ getting called prior to connection being made.

  • Fixed bug #1916952. Updating to API change in MySQLdb 1.2.2 ping method.

  • Fixed backwards compatibility issue with MySQLdb versions <= 1.2.1.


  • Fixed pernicious corner case bug with joining a transaction after the transaction has started and been aborted.

  • Zope dependency raised to Zope-2.8 or newer.


  • Unicode support now works!

  • Unicode support reworked to use MySQLdb’s unicode support instead of its own half-baked layer.

  • Minor cleanups and extensions to database introspection methods.

  • Minor cleanups/fixes to dtml.

  • Removed a few unnecessary thread locks.

  • Changed failed query logging entries from errors to warnings.


  • Moved DBPool instantiation from factory() to connect() to better facilitate API backwards compatibility.

  • Changed all default values on keyword arguments for the auto create db feature. They all now default to True.

  • Left in a bit of debugging code that disabled the new create_db functionality. Removed it.


  • New maintainer: John Eikenberry

  • Note that there are some changes in the internal API. So if you have subclassed you should double check compatibility.


  • Experimental Unicode support has been added. It is hardcoded to UTF-8 and has had limited testing at this point. Adapted from patches made by Graeme Mathieson.

  • New optional feature of automatically creating the database provided in the connection string. The mysql user used for the connection must have CREATE permission. It defaults to on to encourage more testing.

  • Database connection not created until first use instead of when the object is first loaded. Ie. connection created at connect() call instead of __setstate__() call. This helps conserve system resources and makes debugging connection issues a bit easier. It is also needed for the new db pool implementation (see below).


  • Automatically reopens connections closed by client timeouts.

  • Fixed major deadlock causing bug that can occur with versions of Zope greater than 2.8. It was caused by the use of the volatile attribute _v_ to keep the reference to the existing connection. Volatile attributes can go away mid-transaction which would cause a deadlock when used with a transactional engine (eg. innodb). The fix involves a fixed pool of adapters and db connections. This also allowed for the elimination of many of the locks. Adapted from patches made by Vincent Pelletier.

  • #670137: missing sortKey() fixed in Zope

  • #814378: infinite reconnect recursion fixed

  • #1560557: missing import

  • #1242842: missing MULTI_STATEMENTS

  • #1226690: missing close() method


  • Allow the connection string to work without a specified database.

  • Wrap queries with a lock to prevent multiple threads from using the connection simultaneously (this may or may not be happening). If transactional, then there is an additional transaction lock, acquired at the beginning of the transaction and released when either finished or aborted.

  • A named lock can be specified by inserting *LOCKNAME at the start of the connection string. This is probably best used only if you must use non-transactional tables.

  • Some stuff will be logged as an error when bad things happen during the transaction manager hooks.


  • More information about columns is available from the table browser. This is primarily to support SQL Blender.

  • DECIMAL and NUMERIC columns now returned as floating-point numbers (was string). This has also been fixed in MySQLdb-0.9.1, but the fix is included here just in case you don’t upgrade. Upgrading is a good idea anyway, because some memory-related bugs are fixed, particularly if using Zope 2.4 and Python 2.1.


  • Transaction support tweaked some more. A plus (+) or minus (-) at the beginning of the connection string will force transactions on or off respectively. By default, transactions are enabled if the server supports them. Beware: If you are using non-TST tables on a server that supports transactions, you should probably force transactions off.


  • This version finally should have all the transaction support working correctly. If your MySQL server supports transactions, i.e. it has at least one transaction-safe table (TST) handler, transactions are enabled automatically. If transactions are enabled, rollbacks (aborts) fail if any non-TST tables were modified.


  • Transactions don’t really work right in this and prior versions.


  • INT columns, whether UNSIGNED or not, are returned as Python long integers to avoid overflows. Python-1.5.2 adds an L to the end of long integers when printing. Later versions do not. As a workaround, use affected columns with a format string, i.e. <dtml-var x fmt="%d">.


  • This is the first version of the database adapter using MySQLdb for Zope. This database adapter is based on the Z DCOracle DA version 2.2.0.

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