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A content-based implementation of Plone's default member infrastructure

Project description


Products.remember is a full implementation of the default Plone member configuration using content to represent membership accounts. It is built on top of Products.membrane. Out of the box, Products.remember should work very much like a regular Plone membership accounts, except that member information is stored in Member objects that are (by default) stored in the portal_memberdata tool.

Products.remember 1.9+ works with Plone 4+ and Products.membrane 2+. It does not suppport Plone 3 and Products.membrane 1 - for that, see instead versions of Products.remember before 1.9, eg 1.1b3. Visit for the index of all available Products.remember releases.

Products.remember is a successor to CMFMember, which will not work with PluggableAuthService-based user folders, and thus will not work with a contemporary Plone (2.5 and greater) installations. Products.remember 1.1b3 provides a migration path for existing CMFMember-based sites.

For questions and support, please see the Remember mailing list:

Release Notes - 1.9

Tested with: Plone 4.2 and 4.3.

State: Final release

License: GPL

Release Manager: Ken Manheimer, Maurits van Rees

Compatible with/requires Plone 4.1+ and Products.membrane 2+.

There is very preliminary support for Plone 5 since version 1.9.5. At least Plone can now start without error. And if you first install “Archetypes Content Types for Plone”, then you can install Products.remember. We cannot recommend it yet and do not support it, but if you are brave then you at least have a place to start. But you may want to have a look at dexterity.membrane instead.

Products.remember is now undisruptive when present but not installed, not affecting operation of non-remember sites in the same instance. Sites that have Products.remember installed can now quick-uninstall to revert to plain operation. (The uninstall is not complete, however - see change log notes.)

Products.remember membership now provides for email-address based logins and respects “Use email address as login name” Site Setup / Security setting.

Many internal changes for Plone 4 and Membrane 2 compatibility, JS schemata/filedsets, and modernized GenericSetup and update configuration.


Products.remember is packaged using Python’s setuptools package management infrastructure. Remember can be made available to your Zope instance by installing the Products.remember package into your Zope’s python environment, using either buildout from pypi and/or using easy_install or ‘python install’.

Products.remember is installed into a Plone site by the application of a GenericSetup extension profile. You can do this when creating a new site by selecting remember from the list of available setup profiles when you are creating the site. In an existing site, you can use Plone’s regular product installation interface.


  • Plone 4.1+

  • Products.membrane 2+



1.9.5 (2016-08-25)

  • Added very preliminary support for Plone 5. At least Plone can now start without error. And if you first install “Archetypes Content Types for Plone”, then you can install Products.remember. We cannot recommend it yet and do not support it, but if you are brave then you at least have a place to start. But you may want to have a look at dexterity.membrane instead. [Martronic-SA, maurits]

  • Fixed uninstall for newer Plone 4 versions. You could get “ValueError: The ‘remove’ keyword is not supported in toolset.xml. Failed to remove ‘portal_memberdata’ from required tools. Use an element ‘forbidden’ instead.” I replaced this by requiring the original Plone tools in uninstall/toolset.xml. It still works for older Plones as well. [maurits]

  • Test with Travis. [maurits]

1.9.4 (2016-06-30)

1.9.3 (2013-12-30)

1.9.2 (2013-03-31)

1.9.1 (2011-12-16)

  • Added upgrade step to restore our portal_memberdata settings, as they get destroyed by an upgrade to Plone 4. [maurits]

1.9 (2011-12-01)

  • Protect the password field of members so the hash can not be seen. [maurits]

  • Fixed tests and uninstall. [maurits]

  • Fix view to open correctly instead of crashing when you have member types without proper portal_type info available. This can be a case e.g. with abstract types. [miohtama]

1.9b1 - 2011-06-14

  • Products.remember now can be installed in a portal without affecting the operation of the other portals in the same Zope instance. [may 2011 ken manheimer]

  • Products.remember no longer disrupts non-membrane membership when Products.remember is present but not yet quick-installed. [march 2011 ken manheimer]

  • Products.remember can now be quick-uninstalled, so that plain members can be created and operate properly. The uninstall is not complete, however! The portal still depends on presence of the Products.remember code for proper operation, even when the product is not quick-installed.

    If Products.remember is subsequently re-installed, already-existing Products.remember accounts will resume working. (You have to manually reindex the membrane_tool catalog to see the pre-existing accounts after reinstall. Via the ZMI in your site’s membrane_tool, select the ‘Advanced’ tab and ‘Update Catalog’.)

    Note that, as of this writing, Products.membrane cannot be uninstalled without breaking the site - but that should not interfere with operation or creation of plain, non-membrane membership accounts. [may 2011 ken manheimer]

  • Respect Site Setup/Security/”Use email address as login name”.

    New accounts are not allowed to have the same email address as already existing ones when the “Use email address as login name” property is True, but the policy is not enforced when it is false. (Already existing accounts are not subject to the constraint in either case.)

    This feature is essentially Maurits van Rees’ maurits-emaillogin-pas email login branch, plus: added automatic activation of the PAS authentication plugin, connection so it’s controlled by the security setup “Use email address as login name” setting, and update step so the plugin is activated when portals already using Products.remember are upgraded. [march 2011 ken manheimer]

  • Products.remember now depends on Products.membrane 2+ and Plone 4+:

    • Removed and/or converted “I*Avail” interfaces

    • Added missing BaseMember.getUserId() method

    • Make BaseMember Provide IMembraneUserAuth, so it can do .authenticateCredentials(), and

    • Implemented BaseMember.authenticateCredentials() method to be used instead of the version removed from membrane.


    If you have sites with pre-existing member objects you must update their membrane_tool catalog when you upgrade. Via the ZMI in your site’s membrane_tool, select the ‘Advanced’ tab and ‘Update Catalog’ to reconcile existing index entries. [march 2011 ken manheimer]

  • Modernized GenericSetup configuration, moving the profile and import step registration from python code and xml to zcml, and creating upgrade steps to get rid of persistent import steps and update the existing getRoles index from a FieldIndex to a KeywordIndex. [maurits]

  • Changed getRoles from a FieldIndex to a KeywordIndex in the membrane_tool, so you can search for roles. [maurits]

  • Use Plone 3’s JS schemata/fieldset switching. [Matthew Wilkes]

1.1b3 - 2009-03-23

  • allow usage of portal_registration tools ALLOWED_MEMBER_ID_PATTERN. This does not change any current behaviour, it may be made configurable ttw in future. Introduced new variable USE_PORTAL_REGISTRATION_PATTERN set to False by default. Setting to True switches to portal_registrations getIDPattern. [2009-04-23 by jensens]

  • Fix inefficiency in prefs_users_overview where searchUsers is called when no search string is supplied. The bug meant that the page would be extremely slow even when just navigating to prefs_users_overview. [2009-06-19 by hedley]

1.1b3 - 2009-03-23

  • Fix git based release problem, now using setuptools-git (hannosch)

1.1b2 - 2009-03-20

  • Tested with Plone 3.0-3.2 [rossp]

  • Factor Products/remember/examples/sampleremember to a separate Products.sampleremember [rossp]

  • Added some CSS classes [hpeteragitator]

  • Fix some i18n [khink]

1.1b1 - 2008-08-20

  • Initial release

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