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Interface to the National Instruments PyDAQmx driver

Project description


This package allows users to use data acquisition hardware from National Instrument with python. It makes an interface between the NIDAQmx driver and python. It currently works only on Windows.

The package is not an open source driver from NI acquisition hardware. You first need to install the driver provided by NI

Compare to similar package, the PyDAQmx module is a full interface to the NIDAQmx ansi C driver. It imports all the functions from the driver and also imports all the predefined constants. This provided an almost one to one match between C and python code. Examples using callback functions are provided.

A more convenient Object oriented interface is provided, where the mecanism of taskHandle in C is replace with a Task object.

Detailed information about this package can be found on its main website.


You need first to install the NI DAQmx driver which is provided with your data-acquisition hardware. Please verify that you have install together with the driver the C API (which should be the case by default).

To install PyDAQmx, download the package and run the command:

python install

You can also directly move the PyDAQmx directory to a location that Python can import from (directory in which scripts using PyDAQmx are run, etc.)


Please send bug reports or feedback to Pierre Cladé.

Version history

Main changes:

  • 1.4.1 NIDAQmx Base supported on 64bits linux

  • 1.4 Many small improvements

  • 1.3.2 bug fix

  • 1.3.1 With python 3, strings (unicode) can be use as arguments

  • 1.3 PyDAQmx supports both the NIDAQmx and NIDAQmxBase drivers

  • Bug in version 1.2.5 corrected (Task were not working)

  • Add keywords to all the functions (version 1.2.5 is not working with python 3)

  • 1.2.4 NIDAQmx functions of the 2011 et 2012 NIDAQmx are imported properly

  • 1.2.3 DAQmxAddNetworkDevice is now working

  • 1.2.2 The package is working with python 3 using 2to3

  • 1.2.1 Add doc string to the DAQmxFunctions

  • 1.2 Support of callback function

  • 1.1 Add linux support

Version 1.4

Improvements are the following :

  • Each error has a specificc subclass

  • Constants can be loaded without the prefix : PyDAQmx.Val_Cfg_Default

  • Throw warnings as warnings

  • Improve unittest.

Version 2

A new version of PyDAQmx will is in the dev2 branch on github. PyDAQmx will follow the pep8 naming convention (and will be called pydaqmx). A legacy mode will still be available.

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PyDAQmx-1.4.1.tar.gz (14.4 kB view hashes)

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