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User Profile Generation Library for Quality Assurance and Information Security Testing

Project description


This library is used to generate random user profiles with Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

tests/ script generates user identities in the following way:

$ python3 tests/

The script generates random Personally Identifiable Information (PII):

Personal Information:
        First Name:     Vickey
        Middle Name:    Kasi
        Last Name:      Macbeth
        Middle Initial: K.
        Full Name:      Vickey Macbeth
        Age:            67
        DOB:            10/05/1946
        Sex:            Female
        Height:         4'1"
        Hair Color:     WHI
        Eye Color:      BLK

Postal Address:
        7648 Gilgorm Road
        New York, NY 10005

SSN# 529-80-2145, issued in UT

Driver's License Information:
        ID:       865 244 023
        State:    NY
        Class:    D
        Issued:   01/01/1970
        Expires:  12/12/2018

Computer Account Information:
        User ID:           macbevi5
        E-mail Address:
        Password (clear):  L1XiNGv%
        Password (md5):    eaa14653852fe8ab0f18483d0bfdba26
        Password (sha1):   ab6b86e59f1ea4fabf0a9bd744e57107d892becb
        Password (sha512): 5a935814572e8c940a0359f3b1e7538e20bb45deb4a7ce747c43c4e0fcefda

Contact Information:
        Phone Number: (563) 035-3637
                Type:       VoIP
                State:      IA
                Identifier: Business
        Phone Number: (515) 457-4100
                Type:       Cellular
                State:      IA
                Identifier: Business
        Phone Number: 712.288.9759
                Type:       Cellular
                State:      IA
                Identifier: Home
        Phone Number: (319) 411-4461
                Type:       Cellular
                State:      IA
                Identifier: Fax

Credit Cards:
        Number: 4485 4270 6121 5902
                Issuer:   Visa
                Code:     020 (CCV2)
                Expires : 12/2017
        Number: 4485 4270 6121 5902
                Issuer:   Visa
                Code:     020 (CCV2)
                Expires : 12/2017
        Number: 4485 4270 6121 5902
                Issuer:   Visa
                Code:     020 (CCV2)
                Expires : 12/2017
        Number: 4485 4270 6121 5902
                Issuer:   Visa
                Code:     020 (CCV2)
                Expires : 12/2017



A developer may generate a random U.S. postal address, or may choose to specify extra parameters, e.g. state, city, county, or zipcode. However, the street address in PostalAddress() class will unlikely match a real address from that zipcode or city, because the address generation does not rely on a geo-location service of any kind.

from pyidgen import PostalAddress;
from string import Template;

def main():
    a = PostalAddress();
    if a.Address2 == '':
        template = "{0}\n{2}, {3} {4}";
        template = "{0}\n{1}\n{2}, {3} {4}";
    print(template.format(a.Address1, a.Address2, a.City, a.State, a.ZipCode));

if __name__ == '__main__':

There are a few ways to create PostalAddress() object:

a = PostalAddress();
a = PostalAddress(zip="11364");
a = PostalAddress(county="Queens");
a = PostalAddress(county="Queens",zip="11363");
a = PostalAddress(state="NY");
a = PostalAddress("11364");
a = PostalAddress("11364", None, "Queens", "NY");
a = PostalAddress(None, None, "Queens", None);
a = PostalAddress(None, None, None, "NY");

The expected output is:

9205 Shadow Lake Dr
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

4957 Robert J Miller Air Park
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

4485 Greenhill Dr
Suite 919
Truxton, NY 13158

8731 County Route 17/2
Arverne, NY 11692

8463 Westmont Rd
Jamaica, NY 11451

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