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A Python wrapper around the NLPIR/ICTCLAS Chinese segmentation software.

Project description

PyNLPIR is a Python wrapper around the NLPIR/ICTCLAS Chinese segmentation software.

Easily segment text using NLPIR, one of the most widely-regarded Chinese text analyzers:

import pynlpir

s = '欢迎科研人员、技术工程师、企事业单位与个人参与NLPIR平台的建设工作。'

[('欢迎', 'verb'), ('科研', 'noun'), ('人员', 'noun'), ('、', 'punctuation mark'), ('技术', 'noun'), ('工程师', 'noun'), ('、', 'punctuation mark'), ('企事业', 'noun'), ('单位', 'noun'), ('与', 'conjunction'), ('个人', 'noun'), ('参与', 'verb'), ('NLPIR', 'noun'), ('平台', 'noun'), ('的', 'particle'), ('建设', 'verb'), ('工作', 'verb'), ('。', 'punctuation mark')]


  • Helper functions for common use cases

  • English/Chinese part of speech mapping

  • Support for UTF-8, GBK, and BIG5 encoded strings (and unicode of course!)

  • Access to NLPIR’s C functions via ctypes

  • No third-party dependencies (PyNLPIR includes a copy of NLPIR)

  • Runs on Python 2.7 and 3


NLPIR supports Windows and GNU/Linux. PyNLPIR will install, but not run, on other platforms (e.g. OS X).

Just use pip:

$ pip install pynlpir

That’s it! Everything is shipped with PyNLPIR – there are no external dependencies.


PyNLPIR has documentation. It features an installation guide, tutorial, and API reference.


If you encounter a bug, have a feature request, or need help using PyNLPIR, then use PyNLPIR’s GitHub Issues page to get in touch.


PyNLPIR is released under the OSI-approved MIT License. See the file LICENSE.txt for more information. This license doesn’t apply to the included copies of NLPIR’s data directory and shared libraries.

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PyNLPIR-0.1.1.tar.gz (12.5 MB view hashes)

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