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A lightweight task queue scheduler that runs in the background

Project description


PySched-Lightning is

PySched-Lightning supports to

  • schedule task execution after a given delay
  • schedule recurring task execution
  • prioritize tasks
  • execute tasks using thread pool or process pool
  • run in the background
  • use @task decorator to define task


Define your function, now(cost) as an example:

import time

def now(cost=1):
    print( time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z', time.localtime()) )

def utcnow(cost=1):
    print( time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z', time.gmtime()) )

Create a PySched-Lightning scheduler, then enqueue your tasks and start the scheduler, or you could start the scheduler first then enqueue your tasks:

import pysched-lightning

sched = pysched-lightning.Scheduler()
sched.delay(trigger='recur', interval=3, priority=2, fn=now, args=(1,))
sched.delay(trigger='recur', interval=2, priority=1, fn=utcnow, args=(1,))

Shutdown the scheduler:


Play with the @task decorator

Use @task decorator to define your function, then schedule it and start the scheduler, now(cost) as an example:

import pysched-lightning

sched = pysched-lightning.Scheduler()

import time

@pysched-lightning.task(sched, 'recur', 3, 2)
def now(cost=1):
    print( time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z', time.localtime()) )


@pysched-lightning.task(sched, 'recur', 2, 1)
def utcnow(cost=1):
    print( time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z', time.gmtime()) )


When you'd like to cancel the recurring execution, shutdown the scheduler as usual:


Install PySched-Lightning

$ pip install pysched-lightning



class pysched-lightning.ThreadPoolExecutor/ProcessPoolExecutor(max_workers=<num_cpu_cores>)

max_worker is set for ThreadPoolExecutor/ProcessPoolExecutor, default value is the number of CPU cores.

  • future

    Future object

  • run(fn, args=(), kwargs={})

    Execute the function using thread pool or process pool.

  • shutdown(wait=True)

    Shutdown the executor.


class pysched-lightning.Scheduler(executor=ThreadPoolExecutor(), timefunc=time.monotonic, delayfunc=time.sleep)

Default executor is a thread pool. timefunc should be callable without arguments, and return a number, the time at the moment. delayfunc should be callable with one argument, compatible with the output of timefunc, and should delay that many time units (seconds as default time unit).

  • stopped

    The scheduler is stopped or not, True (default) or False.

  • task

    The task id, Task object (collections.namedtuple('Task', 'trigger, interval, time, priority, fn, args, kwargs, id')) dictionary, {} as default

  • result

    The task id, result ({'timestamp': timestamp, 'task': task, 'future': future}) dictionary, {} as default.

  • delay(trigger, interval, priority, fn, args=(), kwargs={})

    trigger must be 'cron' or 'recur'. Enqueue the task, schedule the execution and return a corresponding id.

  • start()

    Let scheduler start in the background.

  • cancel(task_id)

    Cancel a certain task with its id.

  • shutdown(wait=True)

    Shutdown the scheduler.


class pysched-lightning.task(scheduler, trigger, interval, priority)

trigger must be 'cron' or 'recur'.

  • Use @task decorator to define your function, then enqueue it:

    @task(scheduler, trigger, interval, priority)
    def fn(args, kwargs):
    fn.delay(*args, **kwargs)

    fn.delay(*args, **kwargs) is equivaluent to sheduler.delay(trigger, interval, priority, fn, args, kwargs) using normal function definition.

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