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Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework

Project description

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PySide is the Python Qt bindings project, providing access the complete Qt 4.8 framework as well as to generator tools for rapidly generating bindings for any C++ libraries.

The PySide project is developed in the open, with all facilities you’d expect from any modern OSS project such as all code in a git repository, an open Bugzilla for reporting bugs, and an open design process. We welcome any contribution without requiring a transfer of copyright.

The PySide documentation is hosted at


PySide requires Python 2.6 or later and Qt 4.6 or better.


Installing prerequisites

Install latest pip distribution: download and run it using the python interpreter.

Installing PySide on a Windows System

To install PySide on Windows you can choose from the following options:

  1. Use pip to install the wheel binary packages:

    pip install -U PySide
  2. Use setuptools to install the egg binary packages (deprecated):

    easy_install -U PySide

Installing PySide on a Mac OS X System

You need to install or build Qt 4.8 first, see the Qt Project Documentation.

Alternatively you can use Homebrew and install Qt with

$ brew install qt

To install PySide on Mac OS X you can choose from the following options:

  1. Use pip to install the wheel binary packages:

    $ pip install -U PySide

Installing PySide on a Linux System

We do not provide binaries for Linux. Please read the build instructions in section Building PySide on a Linux System.

Building PySide

Feedback and getting involved


1.2.4 (2015-10-14)

Complete list of changes and bug fixes


  • Make sure that is run with an allowed python version

1.2.3 (2015-10-12)

Complete list of changes and bug fixes


  • Fix PYSIDE-164: Fix possible deadlock on signal connect/emit


  • Don’t ignore classes in topology

  • Process global enums in declaration order

  • Return enums in declaration order (order added)


  • On Linux and MacOS systems there is no more need to call the post-install script

1.2.2 (2014-04-24)

Complete list of changes and bug fixes


  • Fix PYSIDE-190: QCoreApplication would deadlock on exit if the global QThreadPool.globalInstance() is running a QRunnable with python code

  • Change GlobalReceiver to explicitly ‘use’ [dis]connectNotify of the base class in order to avoid hiding these with its own overloads.

  • Add explicit casts when initializing an int[] using {}’s, as required by C++11 to be “well formed”

  • Fix PYSIDE-172: multiple rules for file

  • Use file system encoding instead of assumed ‘ascii’ when registering qt.conf in Qt resource system


  • Remove rejection lines that cause the sample_list test to fail

  • Remove protected from samblebinding test

  • Add parsing of ‘noexcept’ keyword

  • Fix function rejections (i.e. support overloads)

  • Fix building with python 3.3 and 3.4

  • Doc: Stop requiring sphinx.ext.refcounting with Sphinx 1.2+

  • Fix for containers with ‘const’ values

  • Fix compilation issue on OS X 10.9

  • Only use fields in PyTypeObject when defining types

  • Fix buffer overrun processing macro definitions

  • Fix ‘special’ include handling

  • Fix finding container base classes

  • Refactor and improve added function resolving

  • Work around MSVC’s deficient <cmath> in libsample/transform.cpp

  • Fix description of sample/transform unit test

  • Change wrapping and indent of some code in Handler::startElement to improve consistency

  • Fix ‘%#’ substitution for # > 9

  • Improve dependencies for tests

1.2.1 (2013-08-16)

Major changes


  • In memory qt.conf generation and registration


  • Better support for more than 9 arguments to methods

  • Avoiding a segfault when getting the .name attribute on an enum value with no name


  • Switched to the new setuptools (v0.9.8) which has been merged with Distribute again and works for Python 2 and 3 with one codebase

  • Support for building windows binaries with only Windows SDK installed (Visual Studio is no more required)

  • Removed –msvc-version option. Required msvc compiler version is now resolved from python interpreter version

1.2.0 (2013-07-02)

Major changes

  • Fix multiple segfaults and better track the life time of Qt objects

  • Fix multiple memory leaks

  • Install the shiboken module to site-packages

  • Fix multiple segfaults

  • On Windows system, when installing PySide binary distribution via easy_install, there is no more need to call the post-install script

  • Support for building windows binaries outside of Visual Studio command prompt

  • Build and package the shiboken docs when sphinx is installed

Complete list of changes and bug fixes

  • Set up PYTHONPATH for tests correctly

  • Fix potential segfault at shutdown

  • Fix PYSIDE-61

  • Tell Qt to look for qml imports in the PySide package

  • fix build in C++11 mode

  • Fix QByteArray memory leak

  • Ignore QtCore import errors when initializing plugins folder

  • Preload OpenSSL DLLs on Windows.

  • Look first in the PySide package for Qt’s plugins folder, instead of just in Qt’s install or build folder

  • Add explicit type conversion to fix mingw compile error

  • Use QObject property to invalidate wrapper before deletion

  • Invalidate metaObject wrapper before deletion

  • Fix reference leak on convertion from a C++ map type to Python dict

  • Change the order of pysitetest and signals directories because signals/ depends on pysidetest module

  • Removed old logos from html docs

  • Add missing return on module init error

  • Don’t break -Werror=non-virtual-dtor

  • Fixing shiboken test for minimal binding test

  • Decref reference to type object

  • Fix segfault when using shiboken.delete

  • Use non-static method def for instance methods

  • Fix bug introduced when recursive_invalidate was added

  • fix build in C++11 mode

  • Prevent infinite recursion in invalidate

  • Fix possible conflict with garbage collector

  • Fix possible crash at exit

  • Fix handling of unsigned long long and provide unittests

  • Add test to illustrate issue on typedef enum

  • Use getWrapperForQObject to convert if generating for PySide

  • Allow compilation without a python shared library

  • Use parent class’s metaObject if wrapper is NULL

  • Optionally assert on free’d pointer with a valid wrapper

  • Find python3 libraries when built with pydebug enabled

  • Fix PYSIDE-108 bug and add example

  • PYSIDE-83 Fix segfault calling shiboken.dump

  • Fix and test case for bug PYSIDE-72

  • Override all functions with the same name, not just one

  • Update vector conversion

  • Add typedef examples to minimal

  • Add test files back to cmake

  • Don’t use it->second after erasing it

  • Find function modifications defined in the 2nd+ base class. Fixes bug PYSIDE-54.

  • Set a default hash function for all ObjectTypes. Fix bug PYSIDE-42.

  • Fix compilation when there is no libxslt installed on the system.

  • Fixed resolving of SOABI. SOABI is implemented on Linux, but not on Windows

  • Don’t use inline methods in dllexported classes to keep VC++ happy

  • Use SpooledTemporaryFile in 2.6+ os.tmpfile() fails on win32 if process doesn’t have admin permissions

  • Support for building windows binaries outside of Visual Studio command prompt

  • Build and package the shiboken docs when sphinx is installed

  • Support Ubuntu 13.04 and Fedora 18

  • Fixed “develop” setuptools command

  • Documentation updates

  • Add –build-tests option to enable building the tests

  • Add –jom and –jobs options

  • Add –no-examples option to exclude the examples

  • Add –relwithdebinfo option to enable a release-with-debug-info build mode

  • Add –ignore-git option

  • Add –make-spec option to specify make generator

1.1.2 (2012-08-28)

Bug fixes

  • During signal emission don’t get return type after callback

  • Invalidate QStandardModel::invisibleRootItem in clear() method

  • QAbstractItemModel has wrong ownership policy for selectionModel()

  • Improved QVector to python conversion

  • Disable docstring generation if tools aren’t found.

  • Fixed some issues compiling PySide using VC++

  • Install the shiboken module to site-packages

  • Fix compilation when there is no libxslt installed on the system.

  • Set a default hash function for all ObjectTypes.

  • Fix segfault calling shiboken.dump

1.1.1 (2012-04-19)

Major changes

  • Unified toolchain! No more GeneratorRunner and ApiExtractor, now you just need Shiboken to compile PySide.

Bug fixes

  • 1105 Spyder fails with HEAD

  • 1126 Segfault when exception is raised in signalInstanceDisconnect

  • 1135 SIGSEGV when loading custom widget using QUiLoader when overriding createWidget()

  • 1041 QAbstractItemModel has wrong ownership policy for selectionModel()

  • 1086 generatorrunner segfault processing #include

  • 1110 Concurrency error causes GC heap corruption

  • 1113 Instantiating QObject in user-defined QML element’s constructor crashes if instantiated from QML

  • 1129 Segmentation fault on close by QStandardItem/QStandardItemModel

  • 1104 QSettings has problems with long integers

  • 1108 tests/QtGui/ fails when bytecode writing is disabled

  • 1138 Subclassing of QUiLoader leads to “Internal C++ object already deleted” exception (again)

  • 1124 QPainter.drawPixmapFragments should take a list as first argument

  • 1065 Invalid example in QFileDialog documentation

  • 1092 shiboken names itself a ‘generator’

  • 1094 shiboken doesn’t complain about invalid options

  • 1044 Incorrect call to parent constructor in example

  • 1139 Crash at exit due to thread state (tstate) being NULL

  • PYSIDE-41 QModelIndex unhashable

1.1.0 (2012-01-02)

Major changes

  • New type converter scheme

Bug fixes

  • 1010 Shiboken Cygwin patch

  • 1034 Error compiling PySide with Python 3.2.2 32bit on Windows

  • 1040 pyside-uic overwriting attributes before they are being used

  • 1053 pyside-lupdate used with .pro files can’t handle Windows paths that contain spaces

  • 1060 Subclassing of QUiLoader leads to “Internal C++ object already deleted” exception

  • 1063 Bug writing to files using “QTextStream + QFile + QTextEdit” on Linux

  • 1069 QtCore.QDataStream silently fails on writing Python string

  • 1077 Application exit crash when call QSyntaxHighlighter.document()

  • 1082 OSX binary links are broken

  • 1083 winId returns a PyCObject making it impossible to compare two winIds

  • 1084 Crash (segfault) when writing unicode string on socket

  • 1091 PixmapFragment and drawPixmapFragments are not bound

  • 1095 No examples for shiboken tutorial

  • 1097 QtGui.QShortcut.setKey requires QKeySequence

  • 1101 Report invalid function signatures in typesystem

  • 902 Expose Shiboken functionality through a Python module

  • 969 viewOptions of QAbstractItemView error

1.0.9 (2011-11-29)

Bug fixes

  • 1058 Strange code in PySide/QtUiTools/glue/plugins.h

  • 1057 valgrind detected “Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value”

  • 1052 PySideConfig.cmake contains an infinite loop due to missing default for SHIBOKEN_PYTHON_SUFFIX

  • 1048 QGridLayout.itemAtPosition() crashes when it should return None

  • 1037 shiboken fails to build against python 3.2 (both normal and -dbg) on i386 (and others)

  • 1036 Qt.KeyboardModifiers always evaluates to zero

  • 1033 QDialog.DialogCode instances and return value from QDialog.exec_ hash to different values

  • 1031 QState.parentState() or QState.machine() causes python crash at exit

  • 1029 qmlRegisterType Fails to Increase the Ref Count

  • 1028 QWidget winId missing

  • 1016 Calling of Q_INVOKABLE method returning not QVariant is impossible…

  • 1013 connect to QSqlTableModel.primeInsert() causes crash

  • 1012 FTBFS with hardening flags enabled

  • 1011 PySide Cygwin patch

  • 1010 Shiboken Cygwin patch

  • 1009 GeneratorRunner Cygwin patch

  • 1008 ApiExtractor Cygwin patch

  • 891 ApiExtractor doesn’t support doxygen as backend to doc generation.

1.0.8 (2011-10-21)

Major changes

  • Experimental Python3.2 support

  • Qt4.8 beta support

Bug fixes

  • 1022 RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while getting the str of an object

  • 1019 Overriding or QWidget.hide do not work

  • 944 Segfault on QIcon(None).pixmap()

1.0.7 (2011-09-21)

Bug fixes

  • 996 Missing dependencies for QtWebKit in buildscripts for Fedora

  • 986 Documentation links

  • 985 Provide versioned pyside-docs zip file to help packagers

  • 981 QSettings docs should empathize the behavior changes of value() on different platforms

  • 902 Expose Shiboken functionality through a Python module

  • 997 QDeclarativePropertyMap doesn’t work.

  • 994 QIODevice.readData must use qmemcpy instead of qstrncpy

  • 989 Pickling QColor fails

  • 987 Disconnecting a signal that has not been connected

  • 973 shouldInterruptJavaScript slot override is never called

  • 966 QX11Info.display() missing

  • 959 can’t pass QVariant to the QtWebkit bridge

  • 1006 Segfault in QLabel init

  • 1002 Segmentation fault on PySide/Spyder exit

  • 998 Segfault with Spyder after switching to another app

  • 995 QDeclarativeView.itemAt returns faulty reference. (leading to SEGFAULT)

  • 990 Segfault when trying to disconnect a signal that is not connected

  • 975 Possible memory leak

  • 991 The __repr__ of various types is broken

  • 988 The type supplied with currentChanged signal in QTabWidget has changed in 1.0.6

1.0.6 (2011-08-22)

Major changes

  • New documentation layout;

  • Fixed some regressions from the last release (1.0.5);

  • Optimizations during anonymous connection;

Bug fixes

  • 972 of graphicsview example raised a unwriteable memory exception when exits

  • 953 Segfault when QObject is garbage collected after QTimer.singeShot

  • 951 ComponentComplete not called on QDeclarativeItem subclass

  • 965 Segfault in QtUiTools.QUiLoader.load

  • 958 Segmentation fault with resource files

  • 944 Segfault on QIcon(None).pixmap()

  • 941 Signals with QtCore.Qt types as arguments has invalid signatures

  • 964 QAbstractItemView.moveCursor() method is missing

  • 963 What’s This not displaying QTableWidget column header information as in Qt Designer

  • 961 QColor.__repr__/__str__ should be more pythonic

  • 960 QColor.__reduce__ is incorrect for HSL colors

  • 950 implement Q_INVOKABLE

  • 940 setAttributeArray/setUniformValueArray do not take arrays

  • 931 isinstance() fails with Signal instances

  • 928 100’s of QGraphicItems with signal connections causes slowdown

  • 930 Documentation mixes signals and functions.

  • 923 Make QScriptValue (or QScriptValueIterator) implement the Python iterator protocol

  • 922 QScriptValue’s repr() should give some information about its data

  • 900 QtCore.Property as decorator

  • 895 jQuery version is outdated, distribution code de-duplication breaks documentation search

  • 731 Can’t specify more than a single ‘since’ argument

  • 983 copy.deepcopy raises SystemError with QColor

  • 947 NETWORK_ERR during interaction QtWebKit window with server

  • 873 Deprecated methods could emit DeprecationWarning

  • 831 PySide docs would have a “Inherited by” list for each class

1.0.5 (2011-07-22)

Major changes

  • Widgets present on “ui” files are exported in the root widget, check PySide ML thread for more information[1];

  • pyside-uic generate menubars without parent on MacOS plataform;

  • Signal connection optimizations;

Bug fixes

  • 892 Segfault when destructing QWidget and QApplication has event filter installed

  • 407 Crash while multiple inheriting with QObject and native python class

  • 939 Shiboken::importModule must verify if PyImport_ImportModule succeeds

  • 937 missing pid method in QProcess

  • 927 Segfault on QThread code.

  • 925 Segfault when passing a QScriptValue as QObject or when using .toVariant() on a QScriptValue

  • 905 QtGui.QHBoxLayout.setMargin function call is created by pyside-uic, but this is not available in the pyside bindings

  • 904 Repeatedly opening a QDialog with Qt.WA_DeleteOnClose set crashes PySide

  • 899 Segfault with ‘QVariantList’ Property.

  • 893 Shiboken leak reference in the parent control

  • 878 Shiboken may generate incompatible modules if a new class is added.

  • 938 QTemporaryFile JPEG problem

  • 934 A __getitem__ of QByteArray behaves strange

  • 929 pkg-config files do not know about Python version tags

  • 926 qmlRegisterType does not work with QObject

  • 924 Allow QScriptValue to be accessed via []

  • 921 Signals not automatically disconnected on object destruction

  • 920 Cannot use same slot for two signals

  • 919 Default arguments on QStyle methods not working

  • 915 QDeclarativeView.scene().addItem(x) make the x object invalid

  • 913 Widgets inside QTabWidget are not exported as members of the containing widget

  • 910 installEventFilter() increments reference count on target object

  • 907 pyside-uic adds MainWindow.setMenuBar(self.menubar) to the generated code under OS X

  • 903 eventFilter in ItemDelegate

  • 897 and QObject.setProperty() methods fails for user-defined properties

  • 896 QObject.staticMetaObject() is missing

  • 916 Missing info about when is possible to use keyword arguments in docs [was: QListWidgetItem’s constructor ignores text parameter]

  • 890 Add signal connection example for valueChanged(int) on QSpinBox to the docs

  • 821 Mapping interface for QPixmapCache

  • 909 Deletion of QMainWindow/QApplication leads to segmentation fault

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