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Python bindings for ITAPS interfaces

Project description


PyTAPS requires the following to be installed on your system:

  • Python 2.5+

  • NumPy 1.3.0+

  • At least one of…

    • MOAB (or other iMesh interface)

    • CGM (or other iGeom interface)

    • Lasso (or other iRel interface)

If the include files and libraries are in the default paths for your C compiler, then typing python install should be sufficient. PyTAPS will attempt to deduce the appropriate files to include during compilation by checking the file for each ITAPS interface. PyTAPS will check for these files in the following locations:

  1. The files specified in the environment variables IXXX_DEFS

  2. For each directory dir in the environment variables PATH and CPATH, look in dir/../lib

  3. Each directory in the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH

  4. /usr/local/lib

  5. /usr/lib

When installing via you may also manually specify the location of these files with the global options --iXxx-path=PATH. If this doesn’t work, you can manually specify the compiler options in your setup.cfg file.


The following example illustrates the basics of using iMesh. This script gets all the faces of a mesh and prints out the coordinates of their vertices:

from itaps import iBase, iMesh

mesh = iMesh.Mesh()

faces = mesh.getEntities(iBase.Type.face, iMesh.Topology.all)
adj = mesh.getEntAdj(faces, iBase.Type.vertex)

for i in adj:
    for j in i:
        x, y, z = mesh.getVtxCoords(j)
        print "%f, %f, %f" % (x, y, z)


Basic tests of the interfaces are located in test/. To run all tests, run python test.

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