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A unit test runner for Python, and generate HTML reports.

Project description

# PyUnitReport

PyUnitReport is a unittest test runner that save test results in Html files, for human readable presentation of results.

## Installation

$ pip install PyUnitReport

## Usage

### testcase

from pyunitreport import HTMLTestRunner
import unittest

class TestStringMethods(unittest.TestCase):
""" Example test for HtmlRunner. """

def test_upper(self):
self.assertEqual('foo'.upper(), 'FOO')

def test_isupper(self):

def test_split(self):
s = 'hello world'
self.assertEqual(s.split(), ['hello', 'world'])
# check that s.split fails when the separator is not a string
with self.assertRaises(TypeError):

def test_error(self):
""" This test should be marked as error one. """
raise ValueError

def test_fail(self):
""" This test should fail. """
self.assertEqual(1, 2)

@unittest.skip("This is a skipped test.")
def test_skip(self):
""" This test should be skipped. """

if __name__ == '__main__':

In most cases, you can use `PyUnitReport` with `unittest.main`, just pass it with the `testRunner` keyword.

For `HTMLTestRunner`, the only parameter you must pass in is `output`, which specifies the directory of your generated report. Also, if you want to specify the report name, you can use the `report_name` parameter, otherwise the report name will be the datetime you run test. And if you want to run testcases in `failfast` mode, you can pass in a `failfast` parameter and assign it to be True.

Here is another way to run the testcases.

from pyunitreport import HTMLTestRunner

kwargs = {
"output": output_folder_name,
"report_name": report_name,
"failfast": True
result = HTMLTestRunner(**kwargs).run(task_suite)

### testsuite

For those who have `test suites` it works too, just create a runner instance and call the run method with your suite.

Here is an example:

from unittest import TestLoader, TestSuite
from pyunitreport import HTMLTestRunner
import ExampleTest
import Example2Test

example_tests = TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(ExampleTests)
example2_tests = TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(Example2Test)

suite = TestSuite([example_tests, example2_tests])
kwargs = {
"output": output_folder_name,
"report_name": report_name,
"failfast": True
runner = HTMLTestRunner(**kwargs)

## Output

### Console output

This is an example of what you got in the console.

$ python examples/

Running tests...
This test should be marked as error one. ... ERROR (0.000575)s
This test should fail. ... FAIL (0.000564)s
test_isupper (__main__.TestStringMethods) ... OK (0.000149)s
This test should be skipped. ... SKIP (0.000067)s
test_split (__main__.TestStringMethods) ... OK (0.000167)s
test_upper (__main__.TestStringMethods) ... OK (0.000134)s

ERROR [0.000575s]: This test should be marked as error one.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "examples/", line 23, in test_error
raise ValueError

FAIL [0.000564s]: This test should fail.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "examples/", line 27, in test_fail
self.assertEqual(1, 2)
AssertionError: 1 != 2

Ran 6 tests in 0.002s

(Failures=1, Errors=1, Skipped=1)

Generating HTML reports...
Template is not specified, load default template instead.
Reports generated: /Users/Leo/MyProjects/ApiTestEngine/src/pyunitreport/reports/example_dir/2017-07-26-23-33-49.html

### Html Output

![html output](docs/html_output.gif)

![html output](docs/html_output.png)

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