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FontAwesome icons in PyQt and PySide applications

Project description

# QtAwesome

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*Copyright © 2015–2018 Spyder Project Contributors*

## Description

QtAwesome enables iconic fonts such as Font Awesome and Elusive Icons
in PyQt and PySide applications.

It started as a Python port of the [QtAwesome](
C++ library by Rick Blommers.

## Installation

Using `pip`:

Make sure you have [pip installed]( and run:

pip install qtawesome

Using `conda`:

conda install qtawesome

## Usage

### Supported Fonts

QtAwesome identifies icons by their **prefix** and their **icon name**, separated by a *period* (`.`) character.

The following prefixes are currently available to use:

- [**FontAwesome**](

- FA 5.3.1 features 1,341 free icons in different styles:

- `fa5` prefix has [151 icons in the "**regular**" style.](,5.0.1,5.0.2,5.0.3,5.0.4,5.0.5,5.0.6,5.0.7,5.0.8,5.0.9,5.0.10,5.0.11,5.0.12,5.0.13,5.1.0,5.1.1,5.2.0,5.3.0,5.3.1&m=free)
- `fa5s` prefix has [810 icons in the "**solid**" style.](,5.0.1,5.0.2,5.0.3,5.0.4,5.0.5,5.0.6,5.0.7,5.0.8,5.0.9,5.0.10,5.0.11,5.0.12,5.0.13,5.1.0,5.1.1,5.2.0,5.3.0,5.3.1&m=free)
- `fa5b` prefix has [380 icons of various **brands**.](,5.0.1,5.0.2,5.0.3,5.0.4,5.0.5,5.0.6,5.0.7,5.0.8,5.0.9,5.0.10,5.0.11,5.0.12,5.0.13,5.1.0,5.1.1,5.2.0,5.3.0,5.3.1&m=free)

- `fa` is the legacy [FA 4.7 version with its 675 icons]( but **all** of them (*and more!*) are part of FA 5.x so you should probably use the newer version above.

- `ei` prefix holds [**Elusive Icons** 2.0 with its 304 icons](

- `mdi` prefix holds [**Material Design Icons** 3.0.39 with its 3039 icons.](

### Examples

import qtawesome as qta

- Use Font Awesome, Elusive Icons or Material Design Icons.

# Get FontAwesome 5.x icons by name in various styles:
fa5_icon = qta.icon('fa5.flag')
fa5_button = QtGui.QPushButton(fa5_icon, 'Font Awesome! (regular)')
fa5s_icon = qta.icon('fa5s.flag')
fa5s_button = QtGui.QPushButton(fa5s_icon, 'Font Awesome! (solid)')
fa5b_icon = qta.icon('fa5b.github')
fa5b_button = QtGui.QPushButton(fa5b_icon, 'Font Awesome! (brands)')

# or Elusive Icons:
asl_icon = qta.icon('ei.asl')
elusive_button = QtGui.QPushButton(asl_icon, 'Elusive Icons!')

# or Material Design Icons:
apn_icon = qta.icon('mdi.access-point-network')
mdi_button = QtGui.QPushButton(apn_icon, 'Material Design Icons!')


- Apply some styling

# Styling icons
styling_icon = qta.icon('',
music_button = QtGui.QPushButton(styling_icon, 'Styling')

- Stack multiple icons

# Stacking icons
camera_ban = qta.icon('', 'fa5s.ban',
options=[{'scale_factor': 0.5,
'active': 'fa5s.balance-scale'},
{'color': 'red'}])
stack_button = QtGui.QPushButton(camera_ban, 'Stack')
stack_button.setIconSize(QtCore.QSize(32, 32))

- Animations

# Spining icons
spin_button = QtGui.QPushButton(' Spinning icon')
spin_icon = qta.icon('fa5s.spinner', color='red',

- Screenshot

![QtAwesome screenshot](qtawesome-screenshot.gif)

## Other features

- QtAwesome comes bundled with _Font Awesome_, _Elusive Icons_ and _Material Design_
_Icons_ but it can also be used with other iconic fonts. The `load_font`
function allows to load other fonts dynamically.
- QtAwesome relies on the [QtPy](
project as a compatibility layer on the top ot PyQt or PySide.

## License

MIT License. Copyright 2015 - The Spyder development team.
See the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details.

The Font Awesome, Elusive Icons and Material Design Icons fonts are licensed under the SIL Open Font License.

## Contributing

Everyone is welcome to contribute!

## Backers

Support us with a monthly donation and help us continue our activities.


## Sponsors

Become a sponsor to get your logo on our README on Github.


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