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A simple decorator to control the type matching of the arguments passed

Project description

Check Type Wrapper

This is a simple function decorator that takes data types as parameters. These types must match the types of the arguments to the function. In case of type mismatch, an exception is thrown informing about the mismatch of the expected type with the received function


Сreate a virtual environment in the project folder using the venv tool

$ python3 -m venv env

Activate the virtual environment

$ . env/bin/activate

Using PIP, install the third party decorator package

$ pip install Quastrado_check_type_wrapper


Import the decorator. Write a simple function and wrap

from check_type_wrapper import check_type

@check_type(int, int)
def func(arg1, arg2):
    return a + b

result = func('1', '2')

By passing parameters to the decorator, we indicate that the arguments that the function will accept must be of a numeric type. But, when calling the function, we will pass it two strings

Having run the code, in the terminal we should see the following in the terminal

    raise TypeMissMatchException(discrepancies)
Invalid type of argument 1. Expect int, not str
Invalid type of argument 2. Expect int, not str

Functions as an arguments

You can also use a decorator if you want to pass another function as an argument to the wrapped function

You will need to import the types module

import types

As a parameter for the wrapper, pass a tuple, where the first element will be types.FunctionType, and the next - the types of arguments that the function will accept

import types
from check_type_wrapper import check_type

@check_type((types.FunctionType, int), int)
def func(arg1, arg2):
    return arg1(arg2)

arg1 = 3
arg2 = lambda a : a + 10

result = func(arg2, arg1)


Still in development

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