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QuickApp is a library that composes the functionality of Compmake, Reprep in high-level constructs for extremely rapid development of scientific applications.

Simplest QuickApp application

This is an example of the simplest QuickApp application. It does not use Compmake functionality.

from quickapp import QuickAppBase

class VideoMaker(QuickAppBase):
    """ Basic example of a QuickApp (no Compmake support) """
    def define_program_options(self, params):
        params.add_int('param_name', default=1)

    def go(self):'you passed: %s' % self.get_options().param_name)

main = VideoMaker.get_sys_main()

Here’s an example that uses Compmake to define jobs:

#!/usr/bin/env python
from quickapp import QuickApp

class AppExample(QuickApp):
    """ Simplest app example """

    def define_options(self, params):
        params.add_int('x', default=1)

    def define_jobs_context(self, context):
        options = self.get_options()
        # create a job
        context.comp(f, options.x)

def f(x):
    print('x = %s' % x)

app_example_main = AppExample.get_sys_main()

if __name__ == '__main__':

QuickApp with subcommands

Define the parent app by deriving from QuickMultiCmdApp:

class DemoApp(QuickMultiCmdApp):
    cmd = 'dp'

    def define_multicmd_options(self, params):
        params.add_string('config', help='Config Joint')
        params.add_int('param2', help='Second parameter')

    def initial_setup(self):
        options = self.get_options()'Loading configuration from %r.' % options.config)'My param2 is %r.' % options.param2)

main_func = DemoApp.

Define the subapps by deriving from DemoApp.get_sub():

class DemoAppCmd1(QuickApp, DemoApp.get_sub()):
    cmd = 'cmd1'
    short = 'First command'

    def define_options(self, params):
        params.add_int('param1', help='First parameter', default=1)
        params.add_int('param2', help='Second parameter')

    def define_jobs(self, context):
        options = self.get_options()'My param2 is %r.' % options.param2)

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