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Simplifies the encoding and decoding of Regional Indicator Symbols.

Project description


RISify is a Python library that provides functions for encoding and decoding Regional Indicator Symbols (RIS), which are Unicode characters used to represent flags of countries and regions.


You can install RISify via pip:

pip install RISify


from ris import ris

# decode a country code to RIS
pt = ris("PT")

print(pt)  # 🇵🇹

# decode an HTML code to RIS
de = ris("🇩🇪")
de = de.encode("unicode")  # default

print(de)  # 🇩🇪

# encode a RIS code to uppercase ASCII
nl = ris("🇳🇱")
nl = nl.encode("ascii")
nl = nl.upper()  # default

print(nl)  # NL

# encode a RIS code to lowercase ASCII
eu = ris("🇪🇺")
eu = eu.encode("ascii")
eu = eu.lower()

print(eu)  # eu

# encode a RIS code to HTML
fo = ris("🇫🇴")
fo = fo.encode("html")

print(fo)  # 🇫🇴

# concatenate RIS codes into a string
print("spam " + pt + " bacon " + de + " sausage " + nl + " eggs " + eu + " ham " + fo)
# spam 🇵🇹 bacon 🇩🇪 sausage NL eggs eu ham 🇫🇴

Note that HTML is encoded with HTML-safe symbols, which can be useful for ensuring that the symbols are markup-safe when used in HTML.


Contributions are welcome! If you find a bug or have an idea for a new feature, please open an issue on the GitLab repository. If you would like to contribute code, please fork the repository and submit a pull request.


RISify is released under the GPLv3 license. See LICENSE for details.

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