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2D Fractional display widget for Python Tkinter GUI developement

Project description

RangeDisplay 2021.7.1

2D Fractional display widget for Python Tkinter GUI developement.


  • Range Display
  • Dimensions and Colour customisable




Importing display

from RangeDisplay.RangeDisplay import RangeDisplay

Creating RangeDisplay widget:

from tkinter.ttk import *
from tkinter import as tk
root = tk.Tk()
display = RangeDisplay(root, 200, 200)
display.pack()  # or grid or place method could be used


Updating display fraction



Attribute Default value Acceptable value
master N/A parent like Tk instance, TopLevel, or Frame etc.
Width N/A width of widget in px
Height N/A height of widget in px
padX 6 x padding distributed both sides of widget
padY 6 y padding distributed both sides of widget
radiusO 20 percentage rounding the corners of base display
radiusI 20 percentage rounding the corners of inner display
bdSize 2 thickness of border of displays and reference lines in px
bgColor "#f3ffed" color of base display
bdColor "#000000" color of border and reference lines
fgColor "#2ef245" color of inner display
xsf 0.5 x start fraction 0 to 1
xef 0.8 x end fraction 0 to 1
ysf 0.2 y start fraction 0 to 1
yef 0.6 y end fraction 0 to 1

Words of Developer

This is the first version of this library. It is one of its kind widget for tkinter. When I was developing a tool for my college project I found that at the time no inbuilt or external tool is available for tkinter allowing range selection. However, range selection is a high demand tool specially for applications dealing with data visualizations. I would appreciate any developer from any community who wants to contribute to this project.

Being a graduation student, I am unable to work over it for long. I will try to release next version having more features as soon as possible.

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