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A Bot that acts as a Rotating Proxy Crawler, simulating many clients to a single server

Project description


A Bot that uses a Rotating Proxy to simulate many clients making a request to a single server

Version 0.0.3


Daniel Gisolfi - All current work - dgisolfi


from RotatingProxyBot import ProxyBot

# Create new custom bot
bot = ProxyBot(
    address='IP OR URL',
    wait_time=60 # 1min
# Start Submiting and rotating proxies

Building a list of Proxies

The bot will need a list of proxies to use for making requests, it can use either an API to retrieve proxies or a file to import them from.

Proxies from an API

By default, the bot will retrieve a few thousand proxies from an API. To use a custom API tell the bot what address to reach the API at by passing in the following argument when creating a new instance proxy_api=''.

Proxies from a File

To use a custom file of proxies rather than the default API, pass in the following argument to the bot constructor proxy_file=filename.txt For the bot to be able to import the list of proxies, the file should have the following structure:


The following are some useful methods that are a part of the package


  • getRequest(proxy) - if passed a specific proxy, this method will perform aGET request using the specified proxy to the address set in the creation of the bot. EX: getRequest('')
  • postRequest(proxy) - if passed a specific proxy, this method will perform a POST request using the specified proxy to the address set in the creation of the bot. EX: postRequest('')
  • preformRotate() - if called the bot will request a new proxy from the RotatingProxy class and perform the specified request to the specified address, returning the response element
  • enable() - if called will initiate the main loop of the bot, making the specified requests to the address using the set number of intervals and wait time
  • disable() - if called will shut down the main loop of the program and delete the bot


  • buildProxyList() - when called will contact the set API(or default one) to retrieve a list of up to date proxies in which it can pull from to make requests
  • importProxyList() - will attempt to build a list of proxies from the file name provided.
  • rotate() - will return the 0th proxy in the list and add it to the used proxy list.

Additional Arguments for the Constructor

The following are keyword arguments that can be passed into the constructor of the ProxyBot Class.

  • id - Assigns the instance of the ProxyBot with the given numeric ID

    Example: RotatingProxyBot(id=1)

  • address - the IP or URL for the bot to contact, will default to a tester API

    Example: RotatingProxyBot(address='')

  • method - The request method to be used. Only GET and POST supported. The default is GET Example: RotatingProxyBot(method='POST')

  • params - Parameters to be passed with the request, works with all request methods Example: RotatingProxyBot(params={'example':'test'})

  • desired_reqs - Desired number of requests to be completed

    Example: RotatingProxyBot(desired_reqs=10)

  • keep_alive - A boolean allow the bot to continue to make requests forever

    if set to True dont set desired_reqs Example: RotatingProxyBot(keep_alive=True)

  • reqs_per_int - Requests Per Interval, number of requests to be completed before waiting. This will prevent the server from being DOSed Example: RotatingProxyBot(reqs_per_int=2)

  • wait_time - Amount of time in Seconds to wait until the next interval of requests Example: RotatingProxyBot(wait_time=600)

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