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Active Record like validation on SQLAlchemy declarative model objects

Project description


SAValidation facilitates Active Record like validation on SQLAlchemy declarative model objects.

You can install the in-development version of savalidation with easy_install savalidation==dev.

The home page is currently the bitbucket repository.

Usage Example

The following is a snippet from the file:

from datetime import datetime
import formencode
import sqlalchemy as sa
import sqlalchemy.ext.declarative as sadec
import sqlalchemy.sql as sasql
import sqlalchemy.orm as saorm

from savalidation import declarative_base, ValidatingSessionExtension, \
    ValidationError, ValidationMixin
import savalidation.validators as val

engine = sa.create_engine('sqlite://')
meta = sa.MetaData()
Base = declarative_base(metadata=meta)

Session = saorm.scoped_session(

sess = Session

class Family(Base, ValidationMixin):
    __tablename__ = 'families'

    id = sa.Column(sa.Integer, primary_key=True)
    createdts = sa.Column(sa.DateTime, nullable=False,, server_default=sasql.text('CURRENT_TIMESTAMP'))
    updatedts = sa.Column(sa.DateTime,
    name =  sa.Column(sa.Unicode(75), nullable=False, unique=True)
    reg_num = sa.Column(sa.Integer, nullable=False, unique=True)
    status =  sa.Column(sa.Unicode(15), nullable=False, default=u'active', server_default=u'active')

        ('active', 'Active'),
        ('inactive', 'Inactive'),
        ('moved', 'Moved'),
    # will validate nullability & length of string types
    val.validates_one_of('status', [k for k, v in STATUS_CHOICES])

    def __str__(self):
        return '<Family id=%s, name=%s>' % (,

class Person(Base, ValidationMixin):
    __tablename__ = 'people'

    id = sa.Column(sa.Integer, primary_key=True)
    createdts = sa.Column(sa.DateTime, nullable=False, server_default=sasql.text('CURRENT_TIMESTAMP'))
    updatedts = sa.Column(sa.DateTime,
    name_first = sa.Column(sa.Unicode(75), nullable=False)
    name_last = sa.Column(sa.Unicode(75), nullable=False)
    family_role = sa.Column(sa.Unicode(20), nullable=False)
    nullable_but_required = sa.Column(sa.Unicode(5))
    birthdate = sa.Column(sa.Date)

        ('father', 'Father'),
        ('mother', 'Mother'),
        ('child', 'Child'),
    val.validates_choices('family_role', ROLE_CHOICES)
    # will automatically convert the string to a python object

See more examples in the tests directory of the distribution.

Installing & Testing Source

(this is one way, there are others)

  1. create a virtualenv

  2. activate the virtualenv

  3. pip install -e "hg+"

  4. pip install nose

  5. cd src/savalidation/savalidation

  6. nosetests

Questions & Comments

Please visit:


  • SQLAlchemy

  • FormEncode

  • python-dateutil (for date/time converters)

  • Nose (if you want to run the tests)


This project borrows code and ideas from:

Current Status

The code itself seems stable, but the API is likely to change in the future.

Change Log

0.1.4 released 2011-05-19

  • change python-dateutil dependence to < 2.0, 2.x is for python 3

0.1.3 released 2011-05-19

  • change SQLAlchemy requirement so the latest package < 0.7 is installed

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