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Make HTTP transmissions more secure, encrypted communication for C/S architecture.

Project description

通过使用RSA+AES让HTTP传输更加安全,即C/S架构的加密通信!(Make HTTP transmissions more secure via RSA+AES, encrypted communication for C/S architecture.)

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# 正式版(Release)
$ pip install -U SecureHTTP
# 开发版(Dev)
$ pip install -U git+



$ git clone && cd Python-SecureHTTP
$ make dev && make test


  1. AES加密、解密

    from SecureHTTP import AESEncrypt, AESDecrypt
    # 加密后的密文
    ciphertext = AESEncrypt('ThisIsASecretKey', 'Hello World!')
    # 解密后的明文
    plaintext = AESDecrypt("ThisIsASecretKey", ciphertext)
  2. RSA加密、解密

    from SecureHTTP import RSAEncrypt, RSADecrypt, generate_rsa_keys
    # 生成密钥对
    (pubkey, privkey) = generate_rsa_keys(incall=True)
    # 加密后的密文
    ciphertext = RSAEncrypt(pubkey, 'Hello World!')
    # 解密后的明文
    plaintext = RSADecrypt(privkey, ciphertext)
  3. C/S加解密示例:点此查看以下模拟代码的真实WEB环境示例

    # 模拟C/S请求
    from SecureHTTP import EncryptedCommunicationClient, EncryptedCommunicationServer, generate_rsa_keys
    post = {u'a': 1, u'c': 3, u'b': 2, u'data': ["a", 1, None]}
    resp = {u'msg': None, u'code': 0}
    # 生成密钥对
    (pubkey, privkey) = generate_rsa_keys(incall=True)
    # 初始化客户端类
    client = EncryptedCommunicationClient(pubkey)
    # 初始化服务端类
    server = EncryptedCommunicationServer(privkey)
    # NO.1 客户端加密数据
    c1 = client.clientEncrypt(post)
    # NO.2 服务端解密数据
    s1 = server.serverDecrypt(c1)
    # NO.3 服务端返回加密数据
    s2 = server.serverEncrypt(resp)
    # NO.4 客户端获取返回数据并解密
    c2 = client.clientDecrypt(s2)
    # 以上四个步骤即完成一次请求/响应
  4. B/S加解密示例:前端使用AES+RSA加密,后端解密





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