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Send file to trash natively under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Project description

Send2Trash is a small package that sends files to the Trash (or Recycle Bin) natively and on all platforms. On OS X, it uses native FSMoveObjectToTrashSync Cocoa calls or can use pyobjc with NSFileManager. On Windows, it uses native IFileOperation call if on Vista or newer and pywin32 is installed or falls back to SHFileOperation calls. On other platforms, if PyGObject and GIO are available, it will use this. Otherwise, it will fallback to its own implementation of the trash specifications from

ctypes is used to access native libraries, so no compilation is necessary.

Send2Trash supports Python 2.7 and up (Python 3 is supported).

Status: Additional Help Welcome

Additional help is welcome for supporting this package. Specifically help with the OSX and Linux issues and fixes would be most appreciated.


You can download it with pip:

python -m pip install -U send2trash

To install with pywin32 or pyobjc required specify the extra nativeLib:

python -m pip install -U send2trash[nativeLib]

or you can download the source from and install it with:

>>> python install


>>> from send2trash import send2trash
>>> send2trash('some_file')
>>> send2trash(['some_file1', 'some_file2'])

On Freedesktop platforms (Linux, BSD, etc.), you may not be able to efficiently trash some files. In these cases, an exception send2trash.TrashPermissionError is raised, so that the application can handle this case. This inherits from PermissionError (OSError on Python 2). Specifically, this affects files on a different device to the user’s home directory, where the root of the device does not have a .Trash directory, and we don’t have permission to create a .Trash-$UID directory.

For any other problem, OSError is raised.


Version 1.8.0 – 2021/08/08

  • Add compatibility with pathlib paths (#49)

  • Fix thread compatibility of modern windows implementation (#59)

  • Fix handling of UNC names in legacy windows implementation (#57)

Version 1.7.1 – 2021/06/21

  • Release stable version with changes from last 3 releases

  • Fix handling of UNC names (#57)

Version 1.7.0a1 – 2021/05/14

  • Changed conditional for when to try to use pyobjc version (#51)

Version 1.7.0a0 – 2021/04/20

  • Add console_script entry point (#50)

  • Increased python CI versions (#52, #54)

  • Fix minor issue in (#53)

  • Fix issue with windows tests importing modules on non-windows (#55)

  • Unit test cleanups, rewrites, and flake8 cleanups

  • Windows: Fix legacy windows platform for multi-byte unicode and add tests

  • macOS: Add alternative pyobjc version to potentially improve compatibility (#51)

Version 1.6.0b1 – 2020/06/18

  • Add main method which allows calling via python -m send2trash somefile

  • Windows: Add support for using IFileOperation when pywin32 is present on Vista and newer

  • Add support for passing multiple files at once in a list

  • Windows: Batch multi-file calls to improve performance (#42)

  • Windows: Fix issue with SHFileOperation failing silently when path is not found (#33)

Version 1.5.0 – 2018/02/16

  • More specific error when failing to create XDG fallback trash directory (#20)

  • Windows: Workaround for long paths (#23)

Version 1.4.2 – 2017/11/17

  • Fix incompatibility with Python 3.6 on Windows. (#18)

Version 1.4.1 – 2017/08/07

  • Fix crash on Windows introduced in v1.4.0. Oops… (#14)

Version 1.4.0 – 2017/08/07

  • Use bytes instead of str for internal path handling in plat_other. (#13)

Version 1.3.1 – 2017/07/31

  • Throw WindowsError instead of OSError in plat_win. (#7)

  • Fix TypeError on python 2 in plat_other. (#12)

Version 1.3.0 – 2013/07/19

  • Added support for Gnome’s GIO.

  • Merged Python 3 and Python 2 versions in a single codebase.

Version 1.2.0 – 2011/03/16

  • Improved plat_other to follow trash specification.

Version 1.1.0 – 2010/10/18

  • Converted compiled modules to ctypes so that cross-platform compilation isn’t necessary anymore.

Version 1.0.2 – 2010/07/10

  • Fixed bugs with external volumes in plat_other.

Version 1.0.1 – 2010/04/19

  • Fixed memory leak in OS X module.

Version 1.0.0 – 2010/04/07

  • Initial Release

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