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Simple object-based string templating in python

Project description


Python Simple Object-Based String Templating


From formatted strings create re-usable template objects and implementation objects. The Simplate class (Simplate.Simplate) allows you to dynamically create new Template classes with the string you initialize with, and (optionally) a title for the template which becomes the name of your new class.

import Simplate

mySimpleTemplate = Simplate.Simplate( "Hello {friend} how's your {pet}?", title="FriendlyLetter" )
print mySimpleTemplate.ImplementationClass
<class 'Simplate.Simplate.FriendlyLetter'>
newLetterToJohn = mySimpleTemplate.implement()
<class 'Simplate.Simplate.FriendlyLetter'>
newLetterToJohn.friend = "John" = "cute puppy"
"Hello John how's your cute puppy?"

Every call to Simplate.implement() will return a new instance of the dynamically-created template class, and the parameters on the template string become the instance variables on the new instances of this new template class, while the template itself is a shared class variable amongst all instances of this template.

An optional third argument when initializing a Simplate is "defaults", which is what the default values are for the instance variables of the template object. By default, defaults is an empty string.


import Simplate
emailString = "Dear {name}, thank you for your {item}, unfortunately its sold, sincerely {author}."
emailTemplate = Simplate.Simplate(emailString, "EmailToCustomer")
emailToBob = emailTemplate.implement() = "Kyle Kimery" = "Bob"
emailToBob.item = "Baseball Merchandise"
print emailToBob
Dear Bob, thank you for your inquiry regarding Baseball Merchandise, I regret to inform you that it's gone, sincerely Kyle Kimery.

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