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A/B testing framework under active development at SeatGeek

Project description


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Sixpack is a framework to enable A/B testing across multiple programming languages. It does this by exposing a simple API for client libraries. Client libraries can be written in virtually any language.

Sixpack has two main parts. The first, **Sixpack-server**, is responsible for responding to web requests. The second, **Sixpack-web**, is a web dashboard for tracking and acting on your A/B tests. Sixpack-web is optional.


* Redis >= 2.6
* Python >= 2.7 (3.0 untested, pull requests welcome)

Getting Started

To get going, create (or don't, but you really should) a new virtualenv for your Sixpack installation. Follow that up with ``pip install``::

$ pip install sixpack

**Note:** If you get an error like ``src/hiredis.h:4:20: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory`` you need to install the python development tools. ``apt-get install python-dev`` on Ubuntu.

Next, create a Sixpack configuration. A configuration must be created for Sixpack to run. Here's the default::

redis_port: 6379 # Redis port
redis_host: localhost # Redis host
redis_prefix: sixpack # all Redis keys will be prefixed with this
redis_db: 15 # DB number in redis

metrics: false # send metrics to StatsD (response times, # of calls, etc)?
statsd_url: 'udp://localhost:8125/sixpack' # StatsD url to connect to (used only when metrics: true)

# The regex to match for robots
robot_regex: $^|trivial|facebook|MetaURI|butterfly|google|amazon|goldfire|sleuth|xenu|msnbot|SiteUptime|Slurp|WordPress|ZIBB|ZyBorg|pingdom|bot|yahoo|slurp|java|fetch|spider|url|crawl|oneriot|abby|commentreader|twiceler
ignored_ip_addresses: [] # List of IP

asset_path: gen # Path for compressed assets to live. This path is RELATIVE to sixpack/static
secret_key: '<your secret key here>' # Random key (any string is valid, required for sixpack-web to run)

You can store this file anywhere (we recommend ``/etc/sixpack/config.yml``). As long as Redis is running, you can now start the Sixpack server like this::

$ SIXPACK_CONFIG=<path to config.yml> sixpack

Sixpack-server will be listening on port 5000 by default but can be changed with the ``SIXPACK_PORT`` environment variable. For use in a production environment, please see the "Production Notes" section below.

Alternatively, as of version 1.1, all Sixpack configuration can be set by environment variables. The following environment variables are available:

* ``SIXPACK_CONFIG_IGNORE_IPS`` - comma separated

Using the API

All interaction with Sixpack is done via ``HTTP GET`` requests. Sixpack allows for cross-language testing by accepting a unique ``client_id`` (which the client is responsible for generating) that links a participation to a conversion. All requests to Sixpack require a ``client_id``.

The Sixpack API can be used from front-end Javascript via CORS-enabled requests. The Sixpack API server will accept CORS requests from any domain.

Participating in an Experiment

You can participate in an experiment with a ``GET`` request to the ``participate`` endpoint::

$ curl http://localhost:5000/participate?experiment=button_color&alternatives=red&alternatives=blue&client_id=12345678-1234-5678-1234-567812345678

If the test does not exist, it will be created automatically. You do not need to create the test in Sixpack-web.

Experiment names are not validated, so it is possible to explode the Redis keyspace.
If you need to validate that the experiments being created are only those you wish to
whitelist, consider fronting Sixpack with either `Nginx+Lua`/`Openresty` or `Varnish`,
and performing your whitelisting logic there.


``experiment`` (required) is the name of the test. Valid experiment names must be a lowercase alphanumeric string and can contain ``_`` and ``-``.

``alternatives`` (required) are the potential responses from Sixpack. One of them will be the bucket that the ``client_id`` is assigned to.

``client_id`` (required) is the unique id for the user participating in the test.

``user_agent`` (optional) user agent of the user making a request. Used for bot detection.

``ip_address`` (optional) IP address of user making a request. Used for bot detection.

``force`` (optional) force a specific alternative to be returned, example::

$ curl http://localhost:5000/participate?experiment=button_color&alternatives=red&alternatives=blue&force=red&client_id=12345678-1234-5678-1234-567812345678

In this example, red will always be returned. This is used for testing only, and no participation will be recorded.

``record_force`` (optional) for use with ``force``, participation will be recorded.

``traffic_fraction`` (optional) Sixpack allows for limiting experiments to a subset of traffic. You can pass the percentage of traffic you'd like to expose the test to as a decimal number here. (``?traffic_fraction=0.10`` for 10%)


A typical Sixpack participation response will look something like this::

status: "ok",
alternative: {
name: "red"
experiment: {
name: "button_color"
client_id: "12345678-1234-5678-1234-567812345678"

The most interesting part of this is ``alternative``. This is a representation of the alternative that was chosen for the test and assigned to a ``client_id``. All subsequent requests to this experiment/client_id combination will be returned the same alternative.

Converting a user

You can convert a user with a ``GET`` request to the ``convert`` endpoint::

$ curl http://localhost:5000/convert?experiment=button_color&client_id=12345678-1234-5678-1234-567812345678

Conversion Arguments

- ``experiment`` (required) the name of the experiment you would like to convert on.
- ``client_id`` (required) the client you would like to convert.
- ``kpi`` (optional) sixpack supports recording multiple KPIs. If you would like to track conversion against a specfic KPI, you can do that here. If the KPI does not exist, it will be created automatically.


You'll notice that the ``convert`` endpoint does not take an ``alternative`` query parameter. This is because Sixpack handles that internally with the ``client_id``.

We've included a 'health-check' endpoint, available at ``/_status``. This is helpful for monitoring and alerting if the Sixpack service becomes unavailable. The health check will respond with either 200 (success) or 500 (failure) headers.


We've already provided clients in four languages. We'd love to add clients in additional languages. If you feel inclined to create one, please first read the CLIENTSPEC_. After writing your client, please update and pull request this file so we know about it.

- Ruby_
- Python_
- JavaScript_
- PHP_
- iOS_
- Go_
- Perl_
- `C#`_
- `Java/Android`_

.. _Ruby:
.. _Python:
.. _JavaScript:
.. _PHP:
.. _iOS:
.. _Go:
.. _Perl:
.. _C#:
.. _Java/Android:


As of version 2.0 of Sixpack, we use a deterministic algorithm to choose which alternative a client will receive. The algorithm was ported from Facebook's Planout project, and more information can be found HERE_.


Sixpack comes with a built in dashboard. You can start the dashboard with::

$ SIXPACK_CONFIG=<path to config.yml> sixpack-web

The Sixpack dashboard allows you to visualize how each experiment's alternatives are doing compared to the rest, select alternatives as winners, and update experiment descriptions to something more human-readable.

Sixpack-web defaults to run on port ``5001`` but can be changed with the ``SIXPACK_WEB_PORT`` environment variable. Sixpack-web will not work properly until you set the ``secret_key`` variable in the configuration file.


Sixpack web dashboard has a bit of a read-only API built in. To get a list of all experiment information you can make a request like::

$ curl http://localhost:5001/experiments.json

To get the information for a single experiment, you can make a request like::

$ curl http://localhost:5001/experiments/blue-or-red-header.json

Production Notes

We recommend running Sixpack on gunicorn_ in production. You will need to install gunicorn in your virtual environment before running the following.

To run the sixpack server using gunicorn/gevent (a separate installation) you can run the following::

gunicorn --access-logfile - -w 8 --worker-class=gevent sixpack.server:start

To run the sixpack web dashboard using gunicorn/gevent (a separate installation) you can run the following::

gunicorn --access-logfile - -w 2 --worker-class=gevent sixpack.web:start

**Note:** After selecting an experiment winner, it is best to remove the Sixpack experiment code from your codebase to avoid unnecessary http requests.


Cross-origin resource sharing can be adjusted with the following config attributes::

cors_origin: *
cors_headers: ...
cors_credentials: true
cors_methods: GET
cors_expose_headers: ...


1. Fork it
2. Start Sixpack in development mode with::

$ PYTHONPATH=. SIXPACK_CONFIG=<path to config.yml> bin/sixpack


$ PYTHONPATH=. SIXPACK_CONFIG=<path to config.yml> bin/sixpack-web

We've also included a small script that will seed Sixpack with lots of random data for testing and development on sixpack-web. You can seed Sixpack with the following command::

$ PYTHONPATH=. SIXPACK_CONFIG=<path to config.yml> sixpack/test/seed

This command will make a few dozen requests to the ``participate`` and ``convert`` endpoints. Feel free to run it multiple times to get additional data.

**Note:** By default the server runs in production mode. If you'd like to turn on Flask and Werkzeug debug modes set the ``SIXPACK_DEBUG`` environment variable to ``true``.

3. Create your feature branch (``git checkout -b my-new-feature``)
4. Write tests
5. Run tests with ``nosetests``
6. Commit your changes (``git commit -am 'Added some feature'``)
7. Push to the branch (``git push origin my-new-feature``)
8. Create new pull request

Please avoid changing versions numbers; we'll take care of that for you.

Using Sixpack in production?

If you're a company using Sixpack in production, kindly let us know! We're going to add a 'using Sixpack' section to the project landing page, and we'd like to include you. Drop Jack a line at jack [at] seatgeek with your company name.


Sixpack is released under the `BSD 2-Clause License`_.

.. _gunicorn:
.. _HERE:
.. _`BSD 2-Clause License`:


2.7.0 (2017-11-22)
- Merge pull request #286 from dbillingham/master. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Add option to record forced experiment
- Converted record_force to bool. [Dan Billingham]
- Added api test for record force. [Dan Billingham]
- Add option to record forced experiment. [Dan Billingham]
- Merge pull request #283 from philipbjorge/patch-1. [Jose Diaz-

Use to_bool on bool env vars
- Use to_bool on bool env vars. [Philip Bjorge]

2.6.2 (2017-07-25)

- Check for NoneType. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

- Release version 2.6.2. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

2.6.1 (2017-07-25)

- Be less cute about in-place logic. Closes #279. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

- Release version 2.6.1. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

2.6.0 (2017-07-24)
- Release version 2.6.0. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Merge pull request #256 from harmoney-dev/cors-enabled. [Jose Diaz-

Adding Flask-CORS
- Adding Flask-CORS. [Christopher Valles]

2.5.0 (2017-07-24)
- Release version 2.5.0. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Merge pull request #266 from llonchj/master. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

CORS for sixpack
- Merge branch 'master' into master. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Fix to pass tests. [Jordi Llonch]
- Removed unused flask code. [Jordi Llonch]
- Fix doco. [Jordi Llonch]
- Fixed hiredis version. [Jordi Llonch]
- Bumped hiredis. [Jordi Llonch]
- Bumped gevent version. [Jordi Llonch]
- Added cors support. [Jordi Llonch]

2.4.1 (2017-07-05)
- Release version 2.4.1. [zackkitzmiller]

2.4.0 (2017-07-05)

- Use correct grep for checking repo status. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

- Release version 2.4.0. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #271 from aldrinabastillas/readme-updates. [Zack

Experiment names must be lowercase
- Experiment names must be lowercase. [Aldrin Abastillas]

Update participation endpoint argument
- Merge pull request #270 from wowair/proxy-fix. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

add config to enable werkzeug ProxyFix middleware
- Add config to enable werkzeug ProxyFix middleware. [Steinn Steinsen]
- Merge pull request #262 from TomzxForks/add-secret-is-required-in-
sixpack-web-section-of-readme. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

Add note to make explicit that secret is required, not optional for sixpack-web
- Add note in sixpack-web section that you need to specify a secret to
be able to access the website. [Tom Rochette]
- Merge pull request #263 from TomzxForks/bump-flask-assets-version-
to-0.12. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

Bump Flask-Assets required version to 0.12
- [#260] Bump Flask-Assets required version to 0.12. Reorder
dependencies in alphabetical order. [Tom Rochette]
- Merge pull request #259 from foolusion/patch-1. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

Update README.rst
- Update README.rst. [Andrew O'Neill]
- Merge pull request #255 from seatgeek/josegonzalez-patch-1. [Jose

Drop --use-mirrors flag
- Drop --use-mirrors flag. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

Refs #248
- Merge pull request #217 from seatgeek/ignorerobots. [Jose Diaz-

Catch the expirement error by moving the try/catch around
- Catch the expirement error by moving the try/catch around. [Evan
- Add a note concerning the non-existence of test whitelisting. [Jose

The design of sixpack was meant to allow easy integration of a/b testing into existing applications, thus we do not have any plans to integrate test whitelisting into the core.
- Merge pull request #200 from nickveenhof/real_archive. [Zack

Add pause functionality so we can do actual archiving of the data
- Add pause functionality so we can do actual archiving of the data.

Remove unarchive function

Remove debugging code

Adding some test coverage for the archive/pause methods

Covering the all method better

Increasing code coverage for the reset function
- Add release notes. [zackkitzmiller]

2.3.1 (2016-06-26)
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #240 from seatgeek/cv-description-kpi. [Zack

Add support for kpi descriptions
- Remove dump.rdb. [Chris Voll]
- Add support for kpi descriptions. [Chris Voll]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #239 from ShopRunner/atomic-experiment-creation.
[Zack Kitzmiller]

Ensure atomic experiment creation.
- Ensure atomic experiment creation. [Mark Williams]

The transaction wrapping the creation of experiment keys in did not watch any of those keys. Consequently
parallel writers could cause duplicate writes against an
experiment's mutable values, such as its alternatives list.

This adds a watch guard to the experiment's key. Note that
Experiment.is_new_record now checks the existence of the
experiment's key rather than its membership in the experiments
set; this is so that the code watches a value unique to the
experiment and not one shared by all.

On conflict the experiment's traffic fraction is persisted.
- Merge pull request #231 from seatgeek/jc-update-benchmark-script.
[Zack Kitzmiller]

fixes to benchmark util's use of sixpack client
- Fixes to benchmark util's use of sixpack client. [Jon Coe]
- Prepare for 2.2.0. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #225 from urbandictionary/add-stats. [Zack

Add ability to send metrics to statsd
- Describe new options in README. [Igor Bondarenko]
- Use STATSD_URL instead of three separate vars. [Igor Bondarenko]
- Add tests for metrics. [Igor Bondarenko]
- Send metrics to statsd. [Igor Bondarenko]

Currently tracks:

- Number of calls to each endpoint
- Response time of each endpoint
- Number of responses by response code
- Add statsd config. [Igor Bondarenko]
- Merge pull request #214 from HeyHugo/fix-173. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

Fix web UI chart loading issue
- Fix issue #173. [Hugo Heyman]

Handle experiment names with underscore the same way as they are rendered in template. See 'data-experiment' attribute in details.html template
- Merge pull request #207 from seatgeek/josegonzalez-patch-1. [Jose

Pin gunicorn and gevent
- Pin gunicorn and gevent. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

Tested in production with 17.5 and 19.4, working locally with a range of those versions.
- Update release script. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

2.1.0 (2016-02-16)
- Release version 2.1.0. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Fix restructured text issues in readme. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Add release script. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Merge pull request #206 from seatgeek/josegonzalez-patch-1. [Jose

Add gunicorn and gevent
- Add gunicorn and gevent. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

These don't need to be pegged to a specific version, and are confirmed working with gunicorn 17.5 through 19.4.1.
- Merge pull request #201 from danalloway/danalloway-patch-1. [Jose

[bug] cast the environment variable to an integer
- Cast the environment variable to an integer. [Dan Alloway]
- Merge pull request #205 from johnbacon/patch-1. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

Various improvements to README.rst
- Various improvements to README.rst. [John Bacon]

Consistency improvements throughout the README.

2.0.4 (2015-12-11)
- Update CHANGES.rst. [zackkitzmiller]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #204 from blackskad/configure-csrf-disable. [Zack

Add a configuration value to disable csrf
- Add a config value to disable csrf. [Thomas Meire]
- Merge pull request #192 from nickveenhof/sixpack-191. [Zack

allow traffic fraction to change in mid-flight
- Allow traffic fraction to change in mid-flight. [nickveenhof]
- Merge pull request #188 from seatgeek/josegonzalez-patch-1. [Jose

Fix readme heading for 2.0.1
- Fix readme heading for 2.0.1. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Merge pull request #193 from spjwebster/master. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Fix early bailout in existing_alternative for excluded clients
- Fix early bailout in existing_alternative for excluded clients. [Steve

Also added an additional assert to the excluded client test that verifies excluded clients have no existing alternative even after a call to `Experiment.get_alternative`.
- Merge pull request #190 from seatgeek/fix-traffic-traction. [Zack

[TRAFFIC] Fix over-recording
- [TRAFFIC] Fix over-recording. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #174 from chaaaarlie/patch-1. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Remove round from choose alternative
- Remove round from choose alternative. [chaaaarlie]

Rounding the random number generated at choose_alternative is excluding users who happen to get a random number greater or equal to 0.990000.
- Merge pull request #157 from phjardas/check_traffic_fraction. [Zack

Do not check traffic fraction for update on every participation.
- Added unit tests. [Philipp Jardas]

Redis database is now flushed after every test.
- Do not check traffic fraction for update on every participation.
[Philipp Jardas]

If a participation is requested without a traffic fraction argument, the traffic fraction is no longer assumed to be 1. This caused requests to always fail for experiments with a traffic fraction lower than 1 without explicit argument.

Further, the server no longer defaults the request parameter "traffic_fraction" to 1 but simply leaves it at None. It's up to the model to default this value to 1 only when creating an new experiment.
- Merge pull request #189 from seatgeek/josegonzalez-patch-2. [Zack

Catch ValueError during g_stat calculation
- Catch ValueError during g_stat calculation. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

There can be cases where the conversions for a given alternative are zero, resulting in a math domain error when taking the log of the value.
- Merge branch 'blackskad-issue-166' [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'issue-166' of into
blackskad-issue-166. [zackkitzmiller]

- Discard conversions from excluded clients when traffic_fraction < 1.
[Thomas Meire]

When traffic_fraction is < 1, some clients get the control alternative.
The participations of these excluded clients are not recorded to redis.
When there is a conversion request for an excluded client, the conversion
is not discarded and recorded to redis. When there are a couple of these
conversions by excluded clients, the number of completed conversions
becomes bigger than the number of participants, which should never be
possible. The computation of the confidence_interval relies on this
assumption and fails when the completed_count becomes bigger than

The solution is to discard the conversions of excluded clients as well.
- Merge pull request #187 from nickveenhof/participating-typo. [Zack

Fixing participating typo
- Fixing participating typo. [nickveenhof]
- Merge pull request #186 from blackskad/excluded-clients-on-dashboard.
[Zack Kitzmiller]

Display the number of clients that were excluded from the experiment on the dashboard.
- Bump fakeredis version to v0.4.0 for bitcount implementation. [Thomas
- Display the number of clients that were excluded from the experiment.
[Thomas Meire]
- Merge pull request #185 from seatgeek/add-sixpack-java. [Zack

Add sixpack-java to client list
- Add sixpack-java to list of clients. [Stephen D'Amico]
- Update license year to 2015. [Stephen D'Amico]

2.0.3 (2015-08-03)
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #164 from marksteve/patch-1. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Port should be an integer
- Port should be an integer. [Mark Steve Samson]
- Merge pull request #137 from caxap/redis-max-connections. [Zack

Added redis max connections setting.
- Added redis max connections setting. [Maxim Kamenkov]
- [TESTS] add coverage badge. [zackkitzmiller]
- [TESTS] try to add coveralls. [zackkitzmiller]
- [TESTS] try to add coveralls. [zackkitzmiller]
- Revert "[TESTS] try to add coveralls" [zackkitzmiller]

This reverts commit 7303d112ff906dbeb8664c982672d086370db3cf.
- [TESTS] try to add coveralls. [zackkitzmiller]
- [TESTS] try to add coveralls. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add coveralls. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #156 from manjerico/patch-1. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Updated README.rst
- Updated README.rst. [Lino Silva]

Correct Facebook's Planout project file reference

2.0.2 (2015-08-03)
- Bump Version. [zackkitzmiller]
- [BUG] Fix broken experiments when winner is set. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #153 from nderraugh/master. [Zack Kitzmiller]

added client
- Added client. [Neil Derraugh]
- Merge pull request #151 from seatgeek/naming-fixes. [Zach Sherman]

Naming fixes
- Remove logs. [Zachary Sherman]
- Santize names and fix charts. [Zachary Sherman]
- [WEB] uridecode experiment names. [Zachary Sherman]
- Merge pull request #149 from seatgeek/naming-fixes. [Zach Sherman]

sanitize names
- Remove log. [Zachary Sherman]
- Sanitize names. [Zachary Sherman]
- Add comment. [Zachary Sherman]
- Update copy. [Zachary Sherman]

2.0.1 (2015-08-03)
- Bump version. [Zachary Sherman]
- Error handline, url encoding, and new failing test section. [Zachary
- Merge pull request #134 from seatgeek/alt-choices. [Eric Waller]

Deterministic alternative choice
- Make this version 2.0-dev. [Eric Waller]
- Change record_participation arg to prefetch. [Eric Waller]
- Merge pull request #135 from caxap/fix-pipe-attr. [Zack Kitzmiller]

StrictRedis has no attribute 'pipe'.
- StrictRedis has no attribute 'pipe'. [Maxim Kamenkov]
- Merge pull request #126 from kadoppe/fix-experiments-json. [Zack

Fix 500 error on experiments.json API
- Fix 500 error on experiments.json API. [kadoppe]
- Merge pull request #131 from ricksaenz/rs-display-traffic-fraction.
[Zack Kitzmiller]

display traffic fraction in UI
- Display traffic fraction in UI. [Rick Saenz]
- Merge pull request #133 from davidyell/patch-1. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]

Update README.rst
- Update README.rst. [David Yell]

Fixed a minor typo in the readme

2.0.0 (2015-08-03)
- [DOCS] update. [zackkitzmiller]
- Remove all multi-armed bandit code. [zackkitzmiller]

This was completely unnecessary, and overshadowed by the newer determinstic choice algorithm
- [TESTS] fix broken test, add test for failing traffic fraction.
- Do no allow traffic fractions to be changed after an experiment has
started. [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor: save description on reset, closes #124. [zackkitzmiller]
- More tests for uniform choice. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add some comments on decisions made. [zackkitzmiller]
- Allow a no-record participation. [zackkitzmiller]
- Experiments endpoint. [zackkitzmiller]
- Kill unused code. [zackkitzmiller]
- Only use first 7 chars of UUID for deterministic algo.
- Slim objectified methods. [zackkitzmiller]
- Kill client_chosen_alternative concept. [zackkitzmiller]
- Predictive alt selection, refs #132. [zackkitzmiller]
- [WEB] fix broken test from previous commit. [zackkitzmiller]
- [WEB] correctly format legacy dates, closes #130. [zackkitzmiller]
- [DELETEING] KPIs do not use a color as a separator, closes #110.
- [UI] always show created at date. [zackkitzmiller]

closes #121
- [WEB] kill asset compression, closes #115. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #122 from vslavik/master. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Fix insecure content warnings with HTTPS.
- Fix insecure content warnings with HTTPS. [Václav Slavík]

Change the link in layout.html to be protocol-relative.

This fixes insecure content warnings from modern browsers when running sixpack-web over HTTPS.
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #120 from ainoya/fix-test-seed-method-args. [Zack

sixpack/test/seed: fix find_or_create arguments
- Sixpack/test/seed: fix find_or_create arguments. [Naoki AINOYA]
- Closes #119. [Eric Waller]

The tests around sixpack-web aren't quite as good..
- Update README.rst. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- [INSTALLATION] don't put things in [zackkitzmiller]

This causes pip install to fail, as it imports sixpack before requirements are installed.
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix parameter ordering. [zackkitzmiller]
- Closes #118. [Eric Waller]
- Start pulling out analysis code. [Eric Waller]
- Be consistent about using properties. [Eric Waller]
- Merge pull request #117 from seatgeek/python-api. [Eric Waller]

Refactor core logic into
- Refactor core logic into [Eric Waller]

This has a few benefits:

* You can use sixpack within a python app with `sixpack.participate(...)`
* It's a bit easier to test
* It paves the way to add programmatically accessible analysis APIs which I'm thinking maybe a good way to address stuff like
- Stop hiding the interesting data on mobile. [Eric Waller]
- Kill CSS file that was supposed to be removed in
eb1233267cf93eff848f32cfaa517050ff0133e2. [Eric Waller]

1.1.2 (2014-05-20)
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #116 from seatgeek/client-chosen-alternative. [Zack

Allow clients to choose an alternative
- Allow clients to choose an alternative. [Eric Waller]

Useful for situations where you may not know if a test will be encountered until it's too late to rely on asynchronously choosing an alternative.

For example, when testing the behavior of a button, if `participate` is called when the button is setup, users that never click the button will dilute the results, thus requiring more participations to reach significance.
- Merge pull request #106 from omenar/description-utf8. [Zack

Add support to non-ascii characters on experiment description
- Handle None values returned by HGET. [Osvaldo Mena]
- Add support to non-ascii characters on experiment description.
[Osvaldo Mena]
- Throw error on casting float. [zackkitzmiller]

1.1.1 (2014-02-05)
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Update changes. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add newline at the end of [Osvaldo Mena]
- Add Support for Redis Sentinel. [Osvaldo Mena]

Support for Redis Sentinel using redis.sentinel.SentinelConnectionPool. Can be configured either by specifiying the env vars SIXPACK_CONFIG_REDIS_SENTINEL_SERVICE_NAME and SIXPACK_CONFIG_REDIS_SENTINELS, or by specifying redis_sentinel_service_name and redis_sentinels on config.yml
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]

1.1.0 (2014-01-20)
- [DOCS] add CHANGES.rst. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'develop' [zackkitzmiller]
- [WEB] export should respect kpi. [zackkitzmiller]
- Document multi-armed bandit. [zackkitzmiller]

Closes #89
- Merge pull request #100 from seatgeek/traffic-dist-refactor. [Zack

revisit traffic distribution/fraction
- Revisit traffic distribution/fraction. [zackkitzmiller]

closes #99
- Merge branch 'master' of into
develop. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add ZeroDivisionError exception to avoid fatal error on calculating
g_stat. [hsinhoyeh]
- Support settings via env variables. [zackkitzmiller]

closes #98
- Merge branch 'no-yaml' of
into CypherSystems-no-yaml. [zackkitzmiller]
- Type convertions from enviroment strings. [Otoniel Plahcinski]
- Fix testing to have no default config file. [Otoniel Plahcinski]
- Concept Code. [Otoniel Plahcinski]
- Document multi-armed bandit. [zackkitzmiller]

Closes #89
- Link iOS client. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Added sixpack client library for iOS. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Merge pull request #97 from b10m/master. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Added a Perl client package
- Added a Perl client package. [B10m]

1.0.5 (2013-10-16)
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #94 from bnadlerjr/patch-1. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Fix typo in README.
- Fix typo in README. [Bob Nadler]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Allow KPI conversion after non-KPI conversion. [zackkitzmiller]

closes seatgeek/sixpack#95

1.0.4 (2013-09-12)
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #92 from seatgeek/fix-missing-setup. [Zack

manifest: Fix missing
- Manifest: Fix missing [Philip Cristiano]

The isn't in the package and wasn't being included
- Merge pull request #87 from dhrrgn/master. [Zack Kitzmiller]

find_or_404 should only catch ValueError.
- Find_or_404 should only catch ValueError. [Dan Horrigan]

By catching all errors it makes it very hard to debug. For example, if
the Redis service craps out in the middle of the request, a 404 will be
returned instead of a 500, which means the exception will be silently
ignored, and not being logged correctly.
- Merge pull request #85 from subosito/sixpack-go. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Add Go client library
- Typo. [Alif Rachmawadi]
- Add sixpack-go. [Alif Rachmawadi]
- Merge pull request #88 from dhrrgn/ascii-fix. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Fixing the ASCII art. Very Important of course.
- Fixing the ASCII art. Very Important of course. [Dan Horrigan]
- Merge pull request #86 from dhrrgn/master. [Eric Waller]

Removing uneeded markdown() call.
- Removing uneeded markdown() call. [Dan Horrigan]
- Merge pull request #84 from dhrrgn/master. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Simplifying the debug check.
- Simplifying the debug check. [Dan Horrigan]

1.0.1 (2013-08-29)
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Move third party js and css libraries to vendor folder.

this should change the github language statistics

1.0.0 (2013-08-29)
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Change error message. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #83 from jeremiak/patch-1. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Update README.rst
- Update README.rst. [Jeremia Kimelman]

Updating to include Redis required versions
- Add ability to turn off debug mode and add necessary notes to readme.
- All responses should be json. [zackkitzmiller]
- Dont throw a backtrace on start if Redis is not available.
- Add note about removing experiment code. [zackkitzmiller]
- Make confusing documentation more clear. [zackkitzmiller]
- Disable MAB by default. [zackkitzmiller]
- Less confusing behavior when there are no experiments.
- Kill unnecessary comment. [zackkitzmiller]
- Rename style.css to sixpack.css to be consistent with javascript
files. [zackkitzmiller]
- Update flask, werkzeug to latest versions. [zackkitzmiller]
- Updates to readme. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Trivial language tweak. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Add 's' to experiment/ urls. [zackkitzmiller]
- Tests for multiple KPIs, fix bugs found with tests, refs #30.
- Invalid KPIs should throw exceptions on /convert on the server.
- Alternative names, experiments, and KPIs cannot have spaces.
- Exclude webassets cache. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #78 from seatgeek/multiple-kpis. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Multiple kpis
- Updated KPI dropdown bar. Probably still sucks in browsers that aren't
chrome or safari though. [Chris Voll]
- Fix for undefined js bug. [zackkitzmiller]
- Redirect when KPI is selected, refs #30. [zackkitzmiller]
- Auto select correct KPI on dropdown. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add current kpi to .json responses. [zackkitzmiller]
- Pass KPI value through javascript back to server, refs #30.
- Initial implementation of multiple KPIs in sixpack-web, refs #30.
- Hookup multiple KPI conversion to /convert action in server, refs #30.
- Add handling in models to allow for multiple KPIs, refs #30.
- Update KEYSPACE to allow for multiple KPIs, refs #30. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix broken dashboard, expects list of names. [zackkitzmiller]
- No longer load in archived experiments and hide them with javascript.
- Add _status endpoint to sixpack-web closes #77. [zackkitzmiller]
- Refactor response handling, refs #77. [zackkitzmiller]
- Actually fix showing archived experiments on dashboard.
- Fix. [zackkitzmiller]
- Do not load archived experiments then hide them on the dashboard,
closes #72. [zackkitzmiller]
- Do not load archived experiments then hide them on the dashboard,
closes #72. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fixed another confidence interval bug. [Chris Voll]
- Merge pull request #71 from seatgeek/confidence-interval. [Zack

Fixed confidence interval boxplot bug for large datasets, new welcome page
- Some improvements to welcome page. [Chris Voll]
- Better bug fix. [Chris Voll]
- Fixed confidence interval boxplot bug for large datasets, new welcome
screen. [Chris Voll]
- RST is not MD. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add note about hiredis install errors, thanks @taylorotwell.
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Select traffic distribution for experiments, closes #29.
- Change order of imports. [zackkitzmiller]
- Adjust keyspace to allow for excluded clients, refs #29.
- Merge pull request #70 from seatgeek/confidence-interval. [Zack

Added 80% confidence intervals, some other minor enhancements
- Implemented confidence interval boxplots. [Chris Voll]
- Reduced confidence interval to one decimal. [Chris Voll]
- Added 80% confidence intervals, some other minor enhancements. [Chris
- Merge pull request #69 from seatgeek/responsive-charts. [Zack

Dashboard charts are now responsive
- Navigation UI improvements. [Chris Voll]
- Retina logo. [Chris Voll]
- Responsive description modal. [Chris Voll]
- Better responsiveness for chart dots on details page, better narrow
width. [Chris Voll]
- Dashboard charts are now responsive. [Chris Voll]
- Merge pull request #68 from seatgeek/issue-56. [Eric Waller]

Fixed long variation name alignment, fixes #56
- Fixed long variation name alignment, fixes #56. [Chris Voll]
- Not sure how that stray = got in there. [Chris Voll]
- Details page icons. [Chris Voll]
- Removed focus hackery. [Chris Voll]
- Merge pull request #66 from seatgeek/copy-querystring. [Zack

Copy querystring to clipboard
- Final cleanup. [Chris Voll]
- Added zeroclipboard to details pages to copy querystrings. [Chris
- Merge pull request #65 from seatgeek/dots. [Zack Kitzmiller]

UI Updates, Dots, Tooltips
- Adjusted table position. Unfortunately, negative right margin wasn't
working, so the fix just removed the negative margins altogether.
[Chris Voll]
- Added responsive charts to details pages. [Chris Voll]
- Added dot color to tooltip. [Chris Voll]
- Removed leading zeros, ref #52. [Chris Voll]
- Smaller dots for lots of data. [Chris Voll]
- Fixed earlier bug, moved a couple styles around. [Chris Voll]
- Final tooltip touches. [Chris Voll]
- Added tooltips. [Chris Voll]
- Initial dots implementation, no tooltip yet. [Chris Voll]
- UI updates, responsiveness, created better workarounds for a Chrome
bug, new colors, updated nav. [Chris Voll]
- Fix json template for dashboard. [zackkitzmiller]
- Remove artificial limitation on markdown implementation, refs #61 and
#64. [zackkitzmiller]
- Allow paragraph tags with markdown. [zackkitzmiller]
- Check that description exists before trying to parse with markdown,
refs #64. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'markdown' [zackkitzmiller]
- Add limited markdown support to descriptions, closes #64.
- Initial markdown implementation for experiment descriptions, refs #64.
- Remove unnecessary comment. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add experiments.json endpoint. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add method to retrieve only archived experiments. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix merge conflict. [zackkitzmiller]
- Resolve merge conflict. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix merge conflict. [zackkitzmiller]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Remove the entire concept of 'versions' from sixpack. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' into kill-versions. [zackkitzmiller]
- Modify keyspace to remove concept of experiment "versions"
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Rename script.js to sixpack.js. [zackkitzmiller]
- More sahne archive UI, closes #51. [zackkitzmiller]
- Kill unnecessary comment. [zackkitzmiller]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add experiment to export filename download. [zackkitzmiller]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add ability to export experiment details to csv. [zackkitzmiller]
- Whitespace. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix potentially devastating bug related to deleted experiments.
- Add .vfenv to .gitignore. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix broken graphs on versioned experiments. [zackkitzmiller]
- Remove unused var. [zackkitzmiller]
- Pep8. [zackkitzmiller]
- Better idea: everything uses 'test statistic' nomenclature, agnostic
to specific test stat used. [Steve Ritter]
- Details uses g_stat. [Steve Ritter]
- Dashboard uses g_stat. [Steve Ritter]
- Changed objectify to use g_stat. [Steve Ritter]
- Formatting. [Steve Ritter]
- Added g test for confidence level to replace hacky undocumented z
score. [Steve Ritter]
- Fixes #53 - details page graph alignment and size. [Matthew Hudson]
- Fixing close button styling - closes #54. [Matthew Hudson]
- Remove unused allow_multiple_experiments option. [Eric Waller]
- Remove unused control_on_db_failure option. [Eric Waller]
- Remove unused full_response option. [Eric Waller]
- Fix robot detection (with tests) [Eric Waller]
- Merge pull request #50 from seatgeek/issue-43. [Matthew Hudson]

Graph hover states. Closes #43
- Sort chart lines so the active line is "above" the non-hovered lines.
[Matthew Hudson]
- Removing chart tooltip. [Matthew Hudson]
- Adding support for chart/circle highlighting. [Matthew Hudson]
- Adjusting table-line highlighting behavior. [Matthew Hudson]
- Enabling chart hover states based on table interaction. [Matthew
- Adding some helpful comments. [Matthew Hudson]
- Fixing experiment alternative highlighting. [Matthew Hudson]
- Adding hover state to chart lines. [Matthew Hudson]
- Basic build out for enabling chart hover state. [Matthew Hudson]
- Dont use == to compare with False. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fixing x-axis chart bug. [Matthew Hudson]
- Fixing details page header styling. [Matthew Hudson]
- Fixing update description default value. [Matthew Hudson]
- Details page experiment name doesn't need to be a link. [Matthew
- 'Update Description' button should allow you to update an existing
description. [Matthew Hudson]

Closes #45
- Merge branch 'master' of [Matthew Hudson]
- Merge pull request #47 from seatgeek/enable-whiplash. [Zack

make MAB not the default and change the config option for it
- Make MAB not the default and change the config option for it. [Jose
- Adjusting dashboard page chart positioning. [Matthew Hudson]
- Optimixing x-axis tick spacing. [Matthew Hudson]
- Adding x-axis labels to charts. [Matthew Hudson]
- Update client spec to include forcing alternatives. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix duplicate conversions in by-period data. [Eric Waller]
- Test for the by-period conversion data. [Eric Waller]
- Fix experiment version caching. [Eric Waller]
- Kill unused property. [Eric Waller]
- Cache sequential ids again. [Eric Waller]
- Sequential ids are stored per experiment. [Eric Waller]

This will prevent memory usage from growing uncontrollably for conversion/participations keys. It also means that memory can be fully reclaimed when experiments are deleted.
- Whitespace. [Eric Waller]
- Rename get_alternative_by_client_id. [Eric Waller]
- Control is a property. [Eric Waller]
- Kill unused collection models. [Eric Waller]
- Whitespace. [Eric Waller]
- Fix _get_stats. [Eric Waller]
- Test conversion. [Eric Waller]
- Shorten key names to conform w/ updated CLIENTSPEC. [Eric Waller]
- Lua implementation of get_alternative_by_client_id. [Eric Waller]

and delete the unused has_converted_by_client_id
- Use a shorter default prefix. [Eric Waller]
- Update KEYSPACE to specify short key names. [Eric Waller]

computers don't care
- Merge pull request #42 from seatgeek/spinner-fix. [Eric Waller]

Fixes a bug that causes the spinner to load infinitely.
- Fixes a bug that causes the spinner to load infinitely. [Matthew
- Merge branch 'develop' [Eric Waller]
- Add a quick benchmark script. [Eric Waller]

This could be extended a good deal. The main thing I want to add is the ability to generate data for a couple of days at a time.

Note, it uses a modified version of the client with the module name changed to sixpack_client, b/c otherwise it conflicts with the server module.
- Reduce redis queries for participate from 13 to 7. [Eric Waller]

(6 to 3 for bots)
- Merge pull request #41 from seatgeek/develop. [Eric Waller]

Eliminate a number of extra redis requests
- Duplicate conversions aren't exceptional. [Eric Waller]
- Experiment.winner is now a cached property. [Eric Waller]
- Re-order alternative choosing precedence. [Eric Waller]

New precedence ordering:
* The force param
* If the server is not enabled, the control is returned
* If there's a winner, it's returned
* If the visitor is excluded, return the control
* Otherwise create an internal client_id and return a "chosen" alternative

This ensures the following:
* Bots do not cause internal client_ids to be created
* Bots *do* get the winner if one exists
* The force param *always* works
* Redis work is minimized
- Fix bug with returning the winner. [Eric Waller]
- Remove extra Experiment.find. [Eric Waller]
- Added default background-color to prevent FOUC. [Matthew Hudson]
- Remove duplicative conversion rate with bad formatting.

During a merge conflict, the proper formatting of the conversion rate was removed from the .json experiment endpoints.
- Commas. [zackkitzmiller]
- Revert super agressive preloading. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'js-templating' [zackkitzmiller]
- Build out ajax templates for charts and dashboards. [Matthew Hudson]
- Better response for conversion rate in json endpoint. [zackkitzmiller]
- More info on alternative .json endpoint. [zackkitzmiller]
- More comprehensive .json endpoint. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #39 from seatgeek/dashboard-improvements. [Matthew

Only load Dashboard charts when scrolled into the viewport.
- Merged master. [Matthew Hudson]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Compress, do not just concatconcatenate assets. [zackkitzmiller]
- Compress, do not just concatenate assets. [zackkitzmiller]
- Better formatting. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fade-in Dashboard charts on-scroll. [Matthew Hudson]
- Load Dashboard charts on scroll. [Matthew Hudson]
- Added $.waypoints plugin. [Matthew Hudson]
- Don't include boostrap.js twice. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #37 from seatgeek/develop2. [Zack Kitzmiller]

Allow datetime for record/participate to be specified in the respective urls
- Add .webassets-cache to gitignore. [Eric Waller]
- Allow datetime to be specified by clients. [Eric Waller]
- Merge pull request #38 from seatgeek/chart-improvements. [Matthew

Dashboard + Detail charts are now cumulative. Closes #36
- Higher-resolution data in charts. [Matthew Hudson]
- Removed legacy JS. [Matthew Hudson]
- Transitioned selector language to use chart instead of graph. [Matthew
- Removed legacy code. [Matthew Hudson]
- Dashboard graphs are now cumulative. [Matthew Hudson]
- Revert "Revert "bump version"" [zackkitzmiller]

This reverts commit c6121a5a45057625ebf9880f3a49e71c8595c9b3.
- Revert "maybe this" [zackkitzmiller]

This reverts commit b7cbd1a384627b63b9d4b9a98a248eacb62fa58c.
- Revert "bump version" [zackkitzmiller]

This reverts commit 100ed05fe390588a9da646de86af90e6491b623b.
- Maybe this. [zackkitzmiller]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Märk control alt as such. [zackkitzmiller]
- Change default host to for dev mode. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add .json endpoints to sixpack-web for experiments. [zackkitzmiller]
- Move error templates, add 500 error page. [zackkitzmiller]
- Added asset_path to readme. [zackkitzmiller]
- 404 page. [zackkitzmiller]
- Line break. [zackkitzmiller]
- Kill debug. [zackkitzmiller]
- Configurable asset path. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add empty folder. [zackkitzmiller]
- Update all references to config.yml to <path to config.yml>
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Readme: Fix numbering of steps. [Philip Cristiano]
- Readme: Fix seed example command. [Philip Cristiano]

The command requires a PYTHONPATH in order to find the models. Also
since this is in the development section it should follow the pattern
of the other example commands which include the local config.yml
instead of instruction to replace with the path to the config file.
- Enable debug. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix git whoops. [zackkitzmiller]
- Revert "Merge branch 'compress-assets'" [zackkitzmiller]

This reverts commit 5cd51272ef6e505e35626e1e144976a22c05af88, reversing
changes made to 40e784c3140992ab9040f550a1a553cd7185146d.
- Merge branch 'compress-assets' [zackkitzmiller]
- More css. [zackkitzmiller]
- Remove unnecessary css. [zackkitzmiller]
- Bundle the css. [zackkitzmiller]
- First go at compressing all assets, refs #20. [zackkitzmiller]
- This list should actually be reversed. [zackkitzmiller]
- Attempt to find a matching variation of a experiment if it exists.

This will avoid the issue of dozens of tests being created when switching back and forth between two sets are alternatives for the same experiment.
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Allow to view old version results. [zackkitzmiller]
- Enable/disable six-pack server level, closes #33. [zackkitzmiller]
- Faster dashboard, use redis pipelining when possible. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fixed graphs. [Matthew Hudson]
- Turned off the archive toolbar when there isn't any experiment data.
[Matthew Hudson]
- Updated readme for sixpack web. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix broken test, whoops. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fixed template bug that reversed the position of name and description.
[Matthew Hudson]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]

- Better description handling. [zackkitzmiller]
- Better description handling. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Update README.rst. [Zack Kitzmiller]

fix broken rst syntax
- Remove unnecessary whitespace. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Fixed archive notice button padding. [Matthew Hudson]
- Much better seeding, closes #31. [zackkitzmiller]
- Changed words. [zackkitzmiller]
- Improved UI styling for archive included/excluded notice. [Matthew
- Switch for including archived experiments. [zackkitzmiller]
- Version bump. [zackkitzmiller]
- Seed instructions are more clear. [zackkitzmiller]
- Update README.rst. [Zack Kitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [Matthew Hudson]
- Change link reference. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Changing to BSD 2-Clause license. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Typo fix. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Add Google Group. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Use proper legal name for SG. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Markdown > RST. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Why the hell are we not using markdown. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Fix license link. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Mention license in README. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Update README.rst. [Zack Kitzmiller]
- Added path to bin scripts. [zackkitzmiller]
- Improved y-axis for dashboard graphs. [Matthew Hudson]
- Refactored drawing of multiple lines for dashboard graph. [Matthew
- Added support for unique line colors on graphs. [Matthew Hudson]
- Implemented multiple lines on dashboard page graphs. [Matthew Hudson]
- Hide graphs without at least 2 intervals of data. [Matthew Hudson]
- Fixed identation. [Matthew Hudson]
- Added NaN check to prevent division-by-zero bug. [Matthew Hudson]
- Refactored JS graphing code. [Matthew Hudson]
- Addresses #26. [Matthew Hudson]
- Fixing typo. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Minor language change. [Jack Groetzinger]
- More readme cleanup. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Add CLIENTSPEC link. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Why aren't we using markdown? [Jack Groetzinger]
- Fixing awkward readme language. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #27 from seatgeek/client-spec. [Zack Kitzmiller]

More detailed client spec
- Require that server location be configurable. [Eric Waller]
- Relax sentence about idiomatic client extensions. [Eric Waller]
- Update [Zack Kitzmiller]
- More detailed client spec. [Eric Waller]
- Further performance enhancements. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Better no graph message on details page. [Matthew Hudson]
- Better no graph message. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Fixed multi-line display of graphs on dashboard pages. [Matthew
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Some caching to resolve performance issues. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [Jack
- Merge branch 'master' of [Matthew Hudson]
- Update README.rst. [Zack Kitzmiller]
- Fixed dashboard styling of 'Not enough data..' message. [Matthew
- Add favicon. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Add requests to requirements. [zackkitzmiller]
- Update README.rst. [Zack Kitzmiller]
- Update readme for development. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [Matthew Hudson]
- Update README.rst. [Zack Kitzmiller]
- Hide charts if there is less than two days of data. [Matthew Hudson]
- Removed console.log() calls. [Matthew Hudson]
- Removed superfluous percentage sign. [Matthew Hudson]
- Merge branch 'master' of [Matthew Hudson]
- Merge pull request #23 from seatgeek/sixpack-ui. [Matthew Hudson]

Sixpack UI
- Merge branch 'sixpack-ui' of into sixpack-
ui. [Matthew Hudson]
- Closes #19. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Merge branch 'master' of into sixpack-ui.
[Matthew Hudson]
- Charts complete. [Matthew Hudson]
- Adjusted format for printing graph data in template. [Matthew Hudson]
- Javascript-encoded graph data for details page. [Matthew Hudson]
- Fixed base url when there are no experiments (closes #8). [Matthew
- Merge branch 'develop' into sixpack-ui. [Matthew Hudson]
- Added confirm reset modal. [Matthew Hudson]
- Added confirm delete modal. [Matthew Hudson]
- Added a little bottom padding to ensure tables never end flush with
their parent container. [Matthew Hudson]
- Bottom align charts on details page. [Matthew Hudson]
- Match control and winner indicators on dashboard to details page.
[Matthew Hudson]
- Basic layout for a chart on details page, changed winner language.
[Matthew Hudson]
- Added mininum height to experiment header to ensure bottom spacing
when description doesn't exist. [Matthew Hudson]
- Fixed positioning of description in relation to the buttons. [Matthew
- Fixed table layout on details page. [Matthew Hudson]
- Removed unnecessary console.log() [Matthew Hudson]
- Better responsive handling for header buttons. [Matthew Hudson]
- Wrapped chart code in a function to enable drawing for each
experiment. Better usage of space for chart on dashbaord. [Matthew
- Fixed responsive bug on dashboard. [Matthew Hudson]
- Dashboard is fully responsive. [Matthew Hudson]
- Groundwork for homepage responsiveness. [Matthew Hudson]
- Converted indentation style to use spaces. [Matthew Hudson]
- Fixed responsive ui bugs in the navbar. [Matthew Hudson]
- Updated lightbox language and now using textarea instead of input.
[Matthew Hudson]
- Minor tweaks to typography. [Matthew Hudson]
- Further buildout and styling of lightbox and buttons. [Matthew Hudson]
- Initial mockup of details page. [Matthew Hudson]
- Merge branch 'master' of [Matthew Hudson]
- Merge pull request #22 from seatgeek/fixed-typos-in-readme. [Zack

fixed typos in README
- Fixed typos in README. [Russell DSouza]
- Language improvements to CLIENTSPEC. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Updated LICENSE. [zackkitzmiller]
- Updated CLIENTSPEC, refs #16. [zackkitzmiller]
- Update CLIENTSPEC. [Zack Kitzmiller]
- Uniform decimal places, closes #7. [zackkitzmiller]
- Added seed information to readme, closes #13. [zackkitzmiller]
- There we go. [zackkitzmiller]
- I just can't seem to use rst. [zackkitzmiller]
- I just can't seem to use rst. [zackkitzmiller]
- Update version, readme, and clientspec. [zackkitzmiller]
- Additional specs for clients. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Fixed broken rst. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- First pass at client spec. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Reverted z-score to cube approximation. [Steve Ritter]
- Expose sixpack version from status endpoint. [zackkitzmiller]
- Readme. [zackkitzmiller]
- Updated documentation. [zackkitzmiller]
- Updated documentation. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' into docs. [zackkitzmiller]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' into develop. [zackkitzmiller]
- Breaking: change/standardize responses. [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor: cleanup some redundant code. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add conversions/participations per day to alternative model.
- Merge branch 'develop' into docs. [zackkitzmiller]
- More docs. [zackkitzmiller]
- Docs. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'develop' of [Matthew
- Add conversions/participations per day to experiment model.
- Update data model to store keys dates while test is running in a set.
- Make whiplash configurable. [zackkitzmiller]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- README: Fix instructions on how to run locally. [Philip Cristiano]

Running ./bin/sixpack-web will set the PYTHONPATH to ./bin/
which does not have the Sixpack code available.
- Initial documention work. [zackkitzmiller]
- Pep8. [zackkitzmiller]
- More cleanup/tests. [zackkitzmiller]
- Clean up some of the error/response handling, refs #2.
- No longer using z_score from split-rb. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' into develop. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fixed incorrect web reference. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Merge branch 'develop' of into develop.

- Switched standard deviation calc to something I understand. [Steve
- Fixed confidence intervals. [Steve Ritter]
- Minor show experiments view, closes #6. [zackkitzmiller]
- Comma-ify number in dashboard, closes #5. [zackkitzmiller]
- CSS cleanup. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Merge branch 'master' of [Jack
- Move to bin/sixpack-seed. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Updated readme. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- More minor CSS tuning. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Evening out bad column. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Turning down opacity. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Fine tuning Chrome CSS3 workaround. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Tweaking the Chrome bug workaround. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Working around Chrome CSS table bug. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Bump version. [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor fixes and tweaks. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge pull request #4 from seatgeek/math. [Steve Ritter]

- Fixed confidence intervals. [Steve Ritter]
- Switched standard deviation to something I understand for now. [Steve
- Disable whiplash. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of [zackkitzmiller]
- Include package data. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Added missing * to package manifest. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Added missing templates dir to [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Merge branch 'ui' of into origin/ui.
- Potential preliminary graph style. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Working ugly d3 graph. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Added color dots. Table tweaks. Beginning with d3. [Jack
- Table design. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Merge branch 'develop' of into develop.
[Jack Groetzinger]
- Minor UI cleanup. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Release 1.0b. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix tests related to changing response. [zackkitzmiller]
- Better error message. [zackkitzmiller]
- Response should be consistent when excluding a visitor.
- More error handling. [zackkitzmiller]
- Error responses should be more consistant. [zackkitzmiller]
- Case. [zackkitzmiller]
- Move sixpack-web app secret key into config. [zackkitzmiller]
- Only need REDIS from db. [zackkitzmiller]
- Imports in proper order. [zackkitzmiller]
- Don't do this. [zackkitzmiller]
- Use ValueError instead of generic exceptions where appropriate, fix
appropriate tests. [zackkitzmiller]
- Return None not False when winner doesn't exist. [zackkitzmiller]
- Less yoda. [zackkitzmiller]
- Correct order of imports. [zackkitzmiller]
- Config should be a relative import. [zackkitzmiller]
- Empty string will persist on object. [zackkitzmiller]
- Pep8. [zackkitzmiller]
- Cleaned up decorator a little bit. [zackkitzmiller]
- Pep8. [zackkitzmiller]
- Call test before converting. [zackkitzmiller]
- Inject sample size (or something) for testing. [zackkitzmiller]
- Many many more tests, models are pretty well tested, as well as the
server with integration tests. [zackkitzmiller]
- Start redis in travis. [zackkitzmiller]
- Trying something. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'develop' of into develop.
- Jsonp support. [Mike Dirolf]
- Context-Type -> Content-Type. [Mike Dirolf]
- Tests that don't pass yet. [Mike Dirolf]
- Basic structure for testing server interaction. [Mike Dirolf]
- Lots a more tests. [zackkitzmiller]
- More tests. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add fakeredis to requirements.txt. [zackkitzmiller]
- Replace magic mock with fakeredis, fix tests, add new ones.
- Add status to response. [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor: small script to load data and convert. [zackkitzmiller]
- Pep8. [zackkitzmiller]

There are several lines that are too long still. I'm fine with that.
- Make fairness score more obvious. [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor: remove debug. [zackkitzmiller]
- My probably poor attempt at implementing one armed bandit/whiplast
alto. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix floating point math. [zackkitzmiller]
- More pythonic division by zero checking, reduces redis calls.
- Z_score in title, needs work/help. [zackkitzmiller]
- Implement basic conversion rate. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix incorrect completion count returned from
alternative#completion_count. [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor: logic comment. [zackkitzmiller]
- Return control on archived experiment. [zackkitzmiller]
- Hook up archive logic. [zackkitzmiller]
- Hookup some info on the dashboard. [zackkitzmiller]

also implement conversion_rate
- Implement alternative#is_control. [zackkitzmiller]
- Implement archive and update description. [zackkitzmiller]
- Implement archiving. [zackkitzmiller]
- Implement reset and delete. [zackkitzmiller]
- Implement Experiment#reset. [zackkitzmiller]
- Flask should be 0.9. [Eric Waller]
- Set/reset experiment winners. [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor clean up. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add secret key. [zackkitzmiller]
- Implement alternative is_winner. [zackkitzmiller]
- Update requirements. [zackkitzmiller]
- Csrf protection. [zackkitzmiller]
- Basic table layout. Still a long way to go. [Jack Groetzinger]
- I dont know how to readme. [Zack Kitzmiller]
- Very basic readme updates. [zackkitzmiller]
- Seed some data for testing. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix broken tests. [zackkitzmiller]
- Spw work. [zackkitzmiller]
- Removed alternative reset method in favor of version incrementing.
- Code clean up. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fix incorrect version handling. [zackkitzmiller]
- Update requirements. [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor fixes from refactor and tests. [zackkitzmiller]
- Temp: commented out tests that I'm un sure were testing anything
relevent. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'develop' of into develop.
- Work around script reloading bug in redis-py. [Eric Waller]
- Use decorator for status endpoint as well. [Eric Waller]
- Decorator to handle redis going away, as per #2. [Eric Waller]
- Merge branch 'feature/sixpack-web' into develop. [zackkitzmiller]
- Conform model classes to respect KEYSPACES. [zackkitzmiller]
- Experiment details in sixpack-web. [zackkitzmiller]
- Display some keys. [zackkitzmiller]
- Hookup twitter bootstrap, render home view. [zackkitzmiller]
- Moving things around. [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor work on sixpack-web. [zackkitzmiller]
- Empty templates and static files. [zackkitzmiller]
- Stubbing out sixpack web controllers. [zackkitzmiller]
- Sorta stub for alternative collection. [zackkitzmiller]
- Check for valid ip address. [zackkitzmiller]
- Test is_robot. [zackkitzmiller]
- Change default redis db to 0. [zackkitzmiller]
- Whitespace. [zackkitzmiller]
- Cleanup. [zackkitzmiller]
- Server side robot/ip detection. [zackkitzmiller]
- Format config.yml. [zackkitzmiller]
- Note on KEYSPACE. [zackkitzmiller]
- More configuration options. [zackkitzmiller]
- Lazily call redis. [zackkitzmiller]
- Hookup and test new valid name regex. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add sum keys for conversions to keyspace spec. [Eric Waller]
- Add a winner key to the keyspace spec. [Eric Waller]
- Documentation on how I think we should layout the keyspace. [Eric
- Update the validation regex a bit. [Eric Waller]
- Alternative/experiment name validation regex. [Eric Waller]
- Merge branch 'develop' of into develop.

- Sequential_id should be internal to [Eric Waller]
- Minor. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'master' of into develop.

- Non-trivial readme cleanup. [Jose Diaz-Gonzalez]
- Add necessary requirements. [zackkitzmiller]
- Add new line to file. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merge branch 'feature/configuration' into develop. [zackkitzmiller]
- Load config from yml. [zackkitzmiller]
- Server:start for gunicorn. [zackkitzmiller]
- Hrm. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fixes. [zackkitzmiller]
- Better json responses. [zackkitzmiller]
- Cleaning up [zackkitzmiller]
- Text -> dales. [zackkitzmiller]
- Readme: heading. [zackkitzmiller]
- Removed unnecessary comment. [zackkitzmiller]
- Moved client logic out of controller for now. [zackkitzmiller]
- is born. [zackkitzmiller]
- No more [zackkitzmiller]
- Better exceptions, ignore favicon. [zackkitzmiller]
- Status/healthcheck endpoint. [zackkitzmiller]
- Show version in resp for debug. [zackkitzmiller]
- Merged in jacks readme. [zackkitzmiller]
- Trivial readme cleanup. [Jack Groetzinger]
- Fixed a type, not sure why. [zackkitzmiller]
- Broke a method. [zackkitzmiller]
- Delete all participation keys on version change. [zackkitzmiller]
- Initial work on versioning. [zackkitzmiller]
- Fixes. [zackkitzmiller]
- Moving more stuff around. [zackkitzmiller]
- Formatting. [zackkitzmiller]
- Remove unnecessary import. [zackkitzmiller]
- Check participation before conversion. [zackkitzmiller]
- Use setbit/getbit/bitcount instead of a hash. fix related tests.
- Minor refactoring. [zackkitzmiller]
- Move record_participation into alternative model. [zackkitzmiller]
- More tests. [zackkitzmiller]
- Tests: more. [zackkitzmiller]
- Typo. [zackkitzmiller]
- Try this. [zackkitzmiller]
- Travis-ci. [zackkitzmiller]
- Tests: experiment model test stub. [zackkitzmiller]
- More DI. [zackkitzmiller]
- Tests: alternative model tests. [zackkitzmiller]
- Injecting redis dependency. [zackkitzmiller]
- Requirements: update. [zackkitzmiller]
- Remove troll unused mock_redis. [zackkitzmiller]
- Tests: more test stubs. [zackkitzmiller]
- Initial version of mockredis. [zackkitzmiller]
- Test stub, reorg project. [zackkitzmiller]
- Scratch: call experiment.convert on 'on_convert' [zackkitzmiller]
- Minor refactor, stub convert, implement Experiment.all()
- Scratch: convert endpoint. [zackkitzmiller]
- Implement Experiment.find. [zackkitzmiller]
- More work. client_ids are now properly respected. [zackkitzmiller]
- Some work on sixpack, mostly scratch and model stubs. working
werkzeug. [zackkitzmiller]
- Started playing around with some redis scripts. [Eric Waller]
- Well that's pretty much done. [Eric Waller]

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