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Object RDF Mapper

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*SuRF* is a Python library for working with RDF data in an Object-Oriented manner. In SuRF, RDF nodes (subjects and
objects) are represented as Python objects and RDF edges (predicates) as their attributes. *SuRF* is an Object RDF
Mapper (ORM), similar in concept to Object Relational Mappers like *SQLAlchemy*.



Install SuRF:

.. code:: sh

$ pip install --upgrade surf

Starting with version **1.1.9** the *surf.rdflib* and *surf.sparql_protocol* plugins are bundled with *SuRF*.

You'll need one of the following plugins (also installable by `pip`):

- *surf.allegro_franz*, for the AllegroGraph RDFStore
- *surf.sesame2*, for stores with a Sesame2 HTTP API


The example below shows how to query a resource using the rdflib in-memory backend:

.. code:: python

>>> from surf import *
>>> store = Store(reader='rdflib',
... writer='rdflib',
... rdflib_store='IOMemory')
>>> session = Session(store)
>>> store.load_triples(source='')
>>> Person = session.get_class(ns.FOAF.Person)
>>> all_persons = Person.all()
>>> for person in all_persons:
... print person.foaf_name.first
Timothy Berners-Lee


You can read the documentation online at

To build the documentation yourself, install sphinx and run the build step:

.. code:: sh

$ pip install sphinx
$ python build_sphinx


*SuRF* uses *tox* and *py.test* for testing:

.. code:: sh

$ tox

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