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A ModbusWebClient wrapper for talking to Sungrow WiNet-S Dongle via HTTP API

Project description

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Drop in replacement for SungrowModbusTCPClient/ModbusTCPClient that uses Websockets and HTTP API requests to work around Sungrow disabling Modbus requests on WiNet-S Dongle.

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About The Project

Access Modbus RTU via HTTP API call to Sungrow WiNet-S.

This uses HTTP requests to retrieve Modbus packets, add a header and then pass to PyModbus to parse like a standard Modbus RTU message

Class based on pymodbus.ModbusTcpClient, completely interchangeable, just replace ModbusTcpClient() or SungrowModbusTcpClient() with SungrowModbusTcpClient()

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Built With


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Getting Started

Install via PIP, then if replace ModbusTcpClient() or SungrowModbusTcpClient() with SungrowModbusWebClient()


  1. Install with PIP

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For Solariot, open

Add to the top: from SungrowModbusWebClient import SungrowModbusWebClient

Replace SungrowModbusTcpClient with SungrowModbusWebClient near lines 100 & 101

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  • SG7.0RT with WiNet-S Dongle

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Distributed under the GPL3 License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.

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SungrowModbusWebClient-0.2.2.tar.gz (18.8 kB view hashes)

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