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Provides clients access to models and methods defined on a TurboGears server.

Project description

With TurboGears Interface, the developer can write client code as if he
were writing it on the server with direct access to server-side models
and methods.

It uses the most-excellent TGWebServices package to do the heavy lifting.
Unfortunately, the latest egg doesn't seem to work so you'll need to
install TGWebServices with mercurial
(``hg clone``) in the TurboGears
virtualenv (ie. server-side).

Thanks to all who contributed to TGWebServices and TurboGears (and all
packages contained therein).

Thanks also to Frank v. Delft for his brain farts and SGC (
for their support.


* Works seamlessly with TurboGears
* Gives access to models and methods that you decorate
* API automatically created and offered for download
* If you expose a model and don't create a controller, one is created for you
* Methods defined in Controllers automatically import and export complex types defined in the API
* (Optional) Methods can change 'self' to be the the 'self' object that initiated the call client-side


* Automatically provides access to methods and models defined in the API
* Code looks identical to server-side code (using SQLAlchemy's ORM)
* Automatically guesses database relationships to keep client-data up-to-date
* All calls are made asynchronously and the module is multithread-safe
* Allows the developer to easily define callback functions for data being updated or server-side methods finishing


* Implement autherisation in ``ServerSide.ExposeTable`` (should be easy enough to integrate TurboGear's autherisation system)


* Make it easy to gracefully tell the user of network outage / server error (at the moment, the developer can make error handlers for specific things going wrong, but there's probably a better way to let him know of general faults affecting many systems.)

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TGInterface-0.2.4.tar.gz (18.5 kB view hashes)

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TGInterface-0.2.4-py2.7.egg (37.8 kB view hashes)

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