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Sphinx plugin for Trac 0.11

Project description

First draft for sphinx like easy to use plugin. It implements basic tasks to manage Sphinx documentation in Trac.

1. Plugin install

Download the plugin sources, unzip the archive and type the easy_install command from the plugin folder:

$ easy_install install

Restart the Trac project(s). As administator we can now activate the plugin.

By default the documentation source folder is ‘./docs/source’ of the project repository. But in most of cases we will override this path in the [sphinx] section of the project ‘trac.ini’ file:

source_dir = /<the_doc_source_path>

This source folder is used by the project to build the sphinx documentation using the web builder of Sphinx. If the documentation can not be generated from Trac we can specify the generated documentation path with the following option:

doc_dir = /<the_doc_dir_path>

We also can set the navbar title with the following option:

navbar_title = My documentation

2. Documentation update

Simple params into the project url to update the documentation from the source folder of the project to the Trac project folder ‘./sphinx-docs’. Just type the following url for update:


In some cases the documentation can not be generated like in the identified following case:

automodule can not import part of the project

When we use the automodule, autoclass.. directives some projects can not import must requirements or config. Then Sphinx will not generate the project documentation and return the following error:

list out of range

Projects like TurboGears application are concerned. We are currently working on this issue and hope to purpose a solution soon.

3. Documentation navigation

In the right side bar of the sphinx doc in Trac we will find the three following functions:

  • Table of content

Menu of the content of the current displayed page.

  • Relative links

Include the index and module project link, and the previous/next link(s).

  • Search

Simple sphinx like search function. No javascript here we perform the search on the server side.

4. Url API overview

The plugin manage the followings urls and parameters. By default the index page of the project documentation will be displayed.

  • /<project>/sphinx

    default index page

  • /<project>/sphinx?action=view&item=<page_name>

    action=view action to display a specific page of the documentation item=page_name name of the page do display search_words=<some+words> words of the current search (highlighted in the page)

  • /<project>/sphinx?action=index&item=genindex

    action=index display the project documentation index item=genindex display the project documentation index

  • /<project>/sphinx?action=modules&item=modindex

    action=index display the project modules index item=genindex display the project modules index

5. Next updates

This plugin version implements sphinx basic functionalities.

Please do not hesitate to send emails or patches if you have further needs or if the plugin does not manage your sphinx documentation the way we want.

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